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Anyone Believe That Pelosi Had No Authorization To Talk Israel Peace Deal With Syria?

Posted by Job on April 6, 2007

See link here. If you do, then I have a bridge and beachfront property to sell you in Death Valley, real cheap. (Then again, if this report is true, all of the southwest will basically be Death Valley.) Come on, Nancy Pelosi isn’t this stupid. This was all about putting more pressure on Israel to sign a peace deal while giving the Bush administration – and the “official” America – plausible deniability, not so much to Israel, but to the Christian Zionists, AIPAC Jews, and the right wing (and admittedly not a few left wing) “supporters of the only democracy in the Middle East.” See, this is why she was elevated to speaker of the House to begin with. She will be able to do the agenda of the anti – Christ in situations like this while the “real America” ignores her because she is a liberal woman representing the liberal party from an ultra – liberal city, and she has carefully built up her image of a shrill less than competent shrew with questionable judgment right after catapulting her to power seemingly overnight. In other words, she is the other side of the coin to the Council on Foreign Relations’ point man during the 1990s, Newt Gingrich, who willfully took one for the team by totally humilating himself every time the public got fed up with Bill Clinton (you know, the same role that John Kerry and, er, Usama bin Laden has played for George W. Bush).  In an attempt to keep the game going, the Washington Post ran this idiotic editorial, pretending that A) the person who is third in line from the Presidency does not represent the foreign policy interests of our country and B) a person could somehow acquire that position without the person AND the people who put her there not knowing that A) is a lie. Make no mistake, America is pressuring Israel to sign a peace deal under George W. Bush just as they did under Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush Jr. The parties may change, but the policy doesn’t, because the people who are REALLY in charge never do. Believe it. Most of the American people may be duped into thinking that George W. Bush is an empty suit and Nancy Pelosi (Catholic) is a California nut with a fruity flavor, but you had better believe that Israel, the Middle East, and the rest of the international community doesn’t know what is going on.


2 Responses to “Anyone Believe That Pelosi Had No Authorization To Talk Israel Peace Deal With Syria?”

  1. impartialview said

    The pro Palestinians US Policy & the Arab oil lobby

    Why do Arabists propagandists keep talking about “pro Israel” US policy?

    Not any other nation, was and is so active in attempting to create a ‘Palestinian’ state [even though there was never an Arab sovereign state in Israel ‘palestine’, in history.

    Tell me one Arab country that was so much on behalf of a ‘Palestinian’ state, not to mention that ‘Palestinian plight’ is mainly [1] due to the Arab leaders’ behavior since 1948 of playing with this Arab population [that are refered to as “Palestinians” since the 1960’s], it’s historical terrible “interset” in keeping them in shambles, as a cynical propaganda tool against Israel, and [2] their own self destructive hatred & Jihad.

    Sure the most powerful lobby in America, the Arab Saudi oil is pushing to that too, yet it’s US’ will to go ahead with it , especially in a clear goal to eradicate another one of Jihadists’ favorite excuses in their war on the infidels, that goes on with or without excuses anyway.

    Or is it that supporting ALSO Israel is still not “good enough” in anti Israel bigots of the fascists in the Arab Muslim world?


    ‘supporting Israel’ means, shielding it’s innocent citizens from genocide by “good tolerant neighbors”.

  2. Impartialview:
    You should change your name.

    Do you really believe that America wants to create a Palestinian state?
    America does NOT! It is a front for more violence and unrest, which allows the “State of Israel” to stay in a perpetual state of emergency. If they stay in that state of emegency they can get more funds, press for war, and feel justified about what they did in 1948 in stealing the land from an unsuspecting people. What they did, was not according to Torah and it was not a move that they consulted G_d about before going ahead and invading Palestine. They violated the Torah, and the movement was a secular movement anyway…this had nothing to do with G_d or the jewish people. If you would like to know what is going on in Israel, and what is really going on, take a look at what “Israel” does to those who are poor, and to the immigrants and to holocost survivers. What they have done to my people goes beyond disgusting, and when Zionist try to equate themselves with my people Israel, that adds even more insult to injury. Zionism does not equal Israel. It is not anti-semetic to say such things. It is a fact that zionism has taken everyone hostage through fear. They have caused endless problems for my people Israel. I am not talking about those who call them selves “jewish”. I am talking about my people Israel, who calls on the name of our L_rd, cry out to him, long to know the messiah, and are in poverty, homeless, and have been rejected by the state of “Israel.” Let’s be clear, I would like you to get your facts together, before you start sympathizing with communist loving Zionist! Do your research. If you want to stand for justice, start standing on the side of G_d, and stop believing everything that the government wants you to believe about this subject.

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