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A Challenge To All Sinners (YES THIS MEANS YOU)!

Posted by Job on April 1, 2007

Yes, I called you a sinner. But so what? We are ALL sinners. So why deny it, or be ashamed of it? There is nothing special about that fact at all. Proof: I work in the technological field, and part of my education was classes in logic. When classifying things according to logic, a characteristic that all of the items being classified shares in common becomes irrelevant: it is ignored. Take, for example, cars and elephants. All cars have tires. All elephants have trunks. So, there is nothing exceptional about a car having a tire and an elephant having a trunk, and no reason to dwell on that fact or take offense at it. Just admit it: you are a car. You have tires. You are an elephant. You have a trunk. You are a human, and that makes a sinner. Admit it and move on.

How does move on exactly? Well, God is righteous and hates sin, and will one day destroy all of it. That creates a problem for the sinner, of course! The only way to be protected from a God who hates sin and will destroy it is to be saved from destruction by that same God. How is that possible? Let me give you a hint: one of the names of God is Yeshua, which means GOD SAVES! A better known version of that name is Jesus, which is the name of the Word of God person of the God who exists eternally as Father, Son, and Spirit. We refer to Jesus as “son” because God sent the Word person of the Trinity to earth as a human. When God’s earthly existence died, it made a way for you to be saved when God destroys all sin despite still being a sinner. How? BY FOLLOWING THE THREE STEP SALVATION PLAN! Try it today for no money down (or actually, no money EVER)! Now though the benefits of this deal – the greatest deal in history actually – last forever, the deal itself won’t! So get it now, today!


24 Responses to “A Challenge To All Sinners (YES THIS MEANS YOU)!”

  1. steffielynn said

    I am so thankful for my relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his perfect example. I am thankful beyond any words for the sacrifice he made for me, an imperfect sinner, so that I may be with him again one day!!!!!!!!

  2. steffielynn:

    Jesus Christ cannot be your savior without being your God. John 20:28 – “And Thomas answered and said unto him, My LORD and my God.” If the apostle Thomas worshipped Jesus Christ as part of God’s Holy Trinity, why do you follow after false doctrine created by man that denies it? John 4:22 said that salvation comes from the Jews. Joseph Smith was not Jewish, but rather lived 1800+ years after the time of Christ. If Mormonism was true, it would have been revealed to the Jews first, and then the Gentiles. Christ cannot be your savior unless you believe the Bible, which first declares Him to be God. Romans 14:11 says that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and God. Unfortunately, for most people, it will be too late, after they die, right before they are cast into eternal flame because they heard the gospel and rejected it while on earth. Unless you cease following after your false doctrine of man that is totally at odds with the Bible, that will happen to you.

    The Bible says that Jesus Christ is God who was not created but rather pre – existed “In the Beginning Was the Word, and the Word was With God, and the Word was God, and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us in John 1” 1 John 5:7 and Matthew 28:19 says that Jesus Christ, Father YHVH, and the Ruach Hakadosh are three – in – one. Which is true, Steffielynn? They cannot both be true, because the Book of Mormon specifically contradicts the Bible on these points. The Book of Mormon cannot “supersede” or be “the final revelation” on these points, because that would mean that that the earlier revelations were false, or that the nature and existence of God changed.

    All you have been doing is looking at how the Bible (and only the King James version by the way, which did not exist until 1611, and there are competing versions incidentally) supposedly confirms the Book of Mormon, and pretending that the many ways that the Book of Mormon and the Bible oppose each other have been “taken out of context” or are “improperly understood.” Well how about this, Steffie. If we are misinterpreting the scriptures that speak of the Trinity, how come the first word used for God in the Bible in its original Hebrew, Elohim, is plural? Funny thing though, even though the noun Elohim is plural in the original Hebrew, the verbs that reference it are singular. It says “Elohim creates” instead of “Elohim create.” Is that in the Book of Mormon, Steffielynn? Do the Mormons teach that? Or is Genesis 1 just wrong about that point? And the first verse in the Bible gets even the very name of God wrong, the same name that was translated into “God” for your English King James Version, what pray tell is it right about? If the verses that refer to the deity of Christ and the Trinity of God were rendered moot by the Book of Mormon, then what is remains? Only the verses that you all teach point to the Book of Mormon?

    So, which is true, Steffie Lynn. The Bible verses that say that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Your God and part of one in three (in other words, the ENTIRE) Bible? Or the Book of Mormon? It is time to quit pretending that you can believe in both. Did you know that studying the Bible in its original Hebrew and Greek would totally invalidate 99% of the transliterations, translation errors, and scribal errors in the King James Version that supposedly confirm Jehovah’s Witnesses, Oneness Pentecostalism/modalism, Mormonism, and all of these other cults. That is, unless the transliterations, translation errors, scribal errors, etc. were all “God’s Will” and it was the original texts that are false.

    SteffieLynn, you are going to have to make your choice between the Bible that plain as day declares Jesus Christ as God, and the Book of Mormon which denies that claim with the claim that He was a created being. Which do you choose? You are going to have to make your choice between the Bible that declares that all who reject the deity of Christ being anti – Christ with the demon of anti – Christ in them, or the Book of Mormon which represents one of the demon of anti – Christ’s greatest works. Which, SteffieLynn, do you choose?

  3. steffielynn said

    Heal the Land, my mind is too small to understand all that God and His Son are. I won’t know until I am in Their presence, I will not debate your translation against my beliefs, you just don’t get it. …You say, ” All you have been doing is looking at how the Bible (and only the King James version by the way, which did not exist until 1611, and there are competing versions incidentally) supposedly confirms the Book of Mormon, and pretending that the many ways that the Book of Mormon and the Bible oppose each other have been “taken out of context” or are “improperly understood.”… Sorry but you are totally incorrect, All I had to do was pray to my Heavenly Father and ask him if these things were true. He healed my heart, He answered my prayers. There is no “pretending”, Jesus Christ is infact my Savior. When He was on this Earth, He prayed to our Heavenly Father. His Heavenly Father is my Heavenly Father. You cannot say I do not know Him. I know Him 100 times better than I did before I joined The LDS church. My heart has changed. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am doing what He wants me to do. I love Him. He is my Lord, my God, MY SAVIOR!!!

  4. steffielynn:

    Now we are getting somewhere. ” He is my Lord, my God, MY SAVIOR!!!” I am very glad to hear that. But what of stuff like this, from the site?

    God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” (John 4:22–24; italics added.)

    By revelation, the Prophet Joseph Smith translated verse 24 to read “For unto such hath God promised his Spirit. And they who worship him, must worship in spirit and in truth.” (JST, John 4:26.)

    So “by revelation”, Joseph Smith, a mere man, rendered meaningless the words of YOUR GOD? Now pray tell, what right does Joseph Smith have TO MAKE GOD INTO A LIAR?

  5. steffielynn said

    Heal the Land,this is also from … “The Miracle of the Holy Bible
    Elder M. Russell Ballard
    Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles…

    “We are true and full believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and in His revealed word through the Holy Bible. And those who think that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints do not believe in Jesus Christ or in the Bible should take time to understand the Church, the significance of its name, and the power of its message.

    I am puzzled by any who would question this Church’s belief in the Bible and our position as Christians. The name of the Church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In our last general conference, here in this building, our Church leaders quoted from the Bible nearly 200 times. This Church is organized and functions like the Church that Christ and His Apostles established in the New Testament. Seated on the stand today are the prophet and the apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ. I bear solemn witness that we are true and full believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and in His revealed word through the Holy Bible. We not only believe the Bible—we strive to follow its precepts and to teach its message. The message of our missionaries is Christ and His gospel and His Atonement, and the scriptures are the text of that message. We say to all people, We extend our love to you and invite you to come. Let us share all that God has revealed.”……. This was a quote from Elder M. Russell Ballard in our most recent conference, Heal the Land we DO love our LORD AND SAVIOR!!!!! We believe he is The Lords only begotten Son. We strive to follow his perfect example, and most of all we are thankful for His precious gift of salvation!!!!!!!!

  6. Healtheland, brother you should be careful when entertaining speakers of poison in your house. Which is why I don’t suffer them long. All these Mormons believe that God the Father is flesh and bone, lived a perfect life to become God the Father and then had “spirit children” such as Jesus. How they can claim Jesus is the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON yet claim Satan is his brother is some twisted mess, but they believe it. Because they have twisted who the Father and Jesus are from the start. They believe God the Father was FATHERED HIMSELF by some other god and this process goes back through the infinity of “god” history. They believe that they themselves will become gods if they are perfect in all they do. So they can take part in this process of making “spirit children” to become gods. I guess their men hope to impregnate a human woman with one of their imaginary “spirit children” after they supposedly become a “god” and hope to claim they have an “only begotten son” separate from their other “spirit children”. It’s twisted mess that only a deranged sex maniac, like polygamist Joseph Smith would dream of!

    Satan was cast into Hell for such blasphemy and trying to be God.

    I’ve noticed you go back and forth with you thoughts on these folks. Be careful.

    You’ve given them the truth, they choose to hold on to a lie and work to entice you into feeling they are in agreement with you.

  7. Independent Conservative:

    I understand where you are coming from, but I have an agenda. I wish to have their lies presented side by side with the truth so that people can see that they are lies. That way, all who have a desire for the truth will follow after it, and those who have become reprobate in their desire to reject God, well we know where they are going anyway. Also, I wish for people who are following after false forms of Christianity (especially “holiness or hell” and “Word of Faith” and the “extrabiblical revelation” folks and the ritualistic Christians) to see just how close their beliefs are to Mormonism and similar, and who better to show them than Mormons themselves?

  8. steffielynn said

    Can I ask why you insist on trying to explain OUR beliefs?! You are not LDS so you really don’t understand OUR beliefs well enough to tell others OUR beliefs!!! What are you? Maybe you are a baptist? Should I sit here and write about what a baptist believes? Of course not because I should only tell others what I believe. I am not baptist, I am LDS. Do ya’ll get that????? This Independent Conservative person is a trip!!!! He says FOUR times, “they believe…” He is NOT Mormon so how can he be an authority on Mormon beliefs?????? He says, “I guess their men hope to impregnate a human woman with one of their imaginary “spirit children” after they supposedly become a “god” and hope to claim they have an “only begotten son” separate from their other “spirit children”.’ WHAT!!?????? How ridiculous is THAT!!!!! So now you get to “guess” our beliefs???? You are mocking something only because your mind is to closed to understand the true beauty of the Gospel. That is very sad. He does not “suffer them long”????? WHY??? Because he is hateful and judgemental, and yet claims to be “Christian”. But we can not call ourselves Christian. I do not understand people like you. If you want to know what a Mormon believes just ask a MORMON!!!!!! We do NOT lie, if there is any lying going on it is by those who twist our beliefs and speak as though they know our beliefs better than we do. It is totally fine if you do not agree with us, but do not twist our beliefs to suit you! LET THE PEOPLE WHO ARE LATTER DAY SAINTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES!!!!!!!

  9. Steffielynn:

    All right then. This document ( links to a page on that was written by MORMONS. That document does not contradict A SINGLE THING THAT I HAVE SAID. As a matter of fact, that document WRITTEN BY MORMONS CONFIRMS EVERYTHING THAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING, INCLUDING THE THINGS WHICH MORMONS HAVE BEEN COMING ON HERE CLAIMING NOT TO BE TRUE! And get this article as well (! Mitt Romney isn’t going around telling fundamentalist Christians what Mormons REALLY BELIEVE, is he? Well, this article, written by someone who is no friend to people like me, urges him to start doing just that. Look, if Romney levels with people concerning the wide divergences that his religion has with Christianity and stops trying to trick people, 90% of my problems with him would go away (that would still leave the other 10%, but that 10% would not be enough for me to give him any time on my weblog other than to discuss how his international investment banking background ties him to the Bushes, which ties him to the Council on Foreign Relations and similar). And for the record, I am not a Baptist or a member of any denomination. I am merely someone who believes that the Bible starts with Genesis and ends in Revelation, and was completed there. And you are not. That is why this conflict between us is irresolvable. I am obliged to respect your beliefs, but I am equally obliged to talk about the differences between the two TOTALLY SEPARATE belief systems, especially when a guy running for President (and doing quite well) is out there trying his best to blur the lines in order to A) seek political support and B) WIN CONVERTS.

  10. Steffielynn acts as if we must accept her public spin of her cult because she claims it. We get our views on the cult direct from the source. For example, I asked the cult’s web site about God and they blasphemed to me that God the Father has a body of flesh and bone. When all scripture notes that God is spirit, with the exception of once Jesus came in flesh and now one of the Trinity that Mormons don’t believe in has glorified flesh.

    And let’s talk about that liar named Joseph Smith. He claims he had a vision and from that was given additional information, that he claims was previously lost or hidden. But nobody came up with this information but him. He made it all up and put in it whatever he liked. Including justification for his adultery. He claims the Bible is scripture, but his made up material does not line up with the Bible at all. The New Testament builds on the Old, but the Book of Mormon does not “build” on the Bible, it makes up concepts and actions that are totally contrary to scripture. And unlike the Bible, nothing mentioned in the Book of Mormon can be historically verified.

    This man made up a total lie and people still buy it. Show them the cult has no basis and they continue to defend it.

    And just like a pack of pimps the cult’s leaders are, they reclaimed tithing as some sort of prophetic restoration. Instead of living under the new covenant of liberty and giving as the Lord leads each person, they’ve brought back the one thing from Mosaic law that keeps pimps rolling in money, a law about a mandatory percentage. But you can’t honestly live under the new covenant liberty when living under total lies. They make it up as they go along. They depend on “prophets” to establish their current doctrine, when Hebrews 1 eliminated them from being the necessity for proper doctrine.

    Smith made up mess. And the “prophets” of this cult make up more. And like sheep to the slaughter, some of them go right along with it and even speak against anyone that tells them otherwise. Show them one who left the cult and suddenly anything that person says is no longer valid information.

    Steffielynn like her cult’s leaders plays a “no you must get it from me so I can spin it my way” game. Anything for the cult!

    No matter where you source material from, they will claim you didn’t get it correct unless you let them tell it to you. This is the SUPERIORITY COMPLEX that Mormons have. That nobody can read their materials and make a conclusion but they themselves.

    I hope everyone noticed how healtheland asked Mormon Steffielynn a specific question in comment #5 and she spun out an answer in comment #6 that ignored the question. Then of course I chimed in, because this cult follower is bogus and playing the old Mormon game of I’ll tell you what you should have asked, by giving you an answer that suits the question I feel you should have asked. It’s ridiculous.

    That’s some powerful mind control those cult leaders are pulling over these people. Pray that Lord helps them see the truth. And Mormons, once you start trusting the Bible minus the Book of Mormon, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

  11. IndependentConservative:

    Sadly, I do not believe that Smith made it up. Rather, I am certain that it was something that he got from a demon, just like Muhammed. But you are right: we DO need to pray for Mormons to come to salvation.

  12. steffielynn said

    Oh goodness Independent Conservative I am so sorry that I did not answer a question the way YOU wanted me to. (by the way what exactly was the question???) So should I, from now on, go by YOUR interpretations of MY beliefs. Is that what you want???? Because that does make so much sense! Geez people, you just don’t get it. Let me ask you a question, (and you can answer as you please…I will not dictate your beliefs as you do me!) You believe in the Trinity, that the Father and Son are one person. Then why do you call Him the Father AND the Son? And Heal The Land, if you believe only what the bible tells you, as you say, than how can you believe in the Trinity, which is not scripture????????

    Healtheland, why should Romney NEED to explain his beliefs???? He believes he is a Christian, so how exactly is he lying???

    Independent Conservative says “Steffielynn acts as if we must accept her public spin of her cult because she claims it” HOW IS MY BELIEF A SPIN??????

    This is my belief… My Heavenly Father created me and loves me, He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to come to this earth to teach us how to return to our Father in Heaven. Jesus Christ is my Savior, I love Him with all my heart and all my soul. This is my belief. No spin.

    And thank you for your prayers!!!

  13. Steffielynn again avoids the question that I already stated is in comment #5 above and tries to spin by asking us about the Trinity. Again she comes up lame!

    The Trinity is proven by definition in the true scripture, which is the Bible. Isaiah 9:6 explains the coming of the Mighty God. John chapter 1 explains The Word is Jesus who was WITH GOD AND WAS GOD. As in, he was and was with God from the start. He didn’t work his way up on the job for a promotion. And to be WITH GOD AND WAS GOD does not mean he was in a holy scrotum sack! He as he said in John 10:30, he and his Father are one.

    Luke 5 notes how Jesus was forgiving sins while on Earth in flesh. That’s pre-crucifixion! And even the scribes and the Pharisees said “Who can forgive sins but God alone?”

    Jesus speaking as God is why they were so upset with him! It’s why some Jews today won’t accept him. They wanted him to do things the way they expected them to be done. So someone not doing what THEY wanted and speaking in such a manner was not acceptable.

    Act 5 explains how to lie to the Holy Spirit is to lie to God, making the Holy Spirit God. A Holy Trinity.

    Jesus notes in Matthew 19:5 that a married couple (not a polygamist pack) is one flesh. So it’s interesting how Mormons claim that God is not ONE spirit of 3. Oh wait, but given that polygamy thing… Maybe the history of that is why they can’t get it? They were not properly taught regarding 2 being 1 flesh and now they can understand 3 being ONE in Spirit and Truth.

    Now lets watch Mormon Steffielynn’s next spin move! The question still stands Steffie!

    Healtheland I agree, he wrote it under the council of some demonic activity. Maybe he got a direct visit from the one they claim is the brother of Jesus?

    Smith claims he had to translate his Book of lies (Book of Mormon), but nobody was able to see the material he gathered information from. With the Bible, all original writings are on display for the entire world to see! Smith claimed a language that was never in existence and no form of Egyptian language ever existed on this side of the earth. I can learn Greek and other languages to read original Biblical texts, but Mormons, are they teaching classes in this language that Joseph Smith made up? Of course we don’t have to worry about Steffielynn answering.

    I heard that some papyrus was once found that Mormon texts was supposedly written from and it was found to be bogus. The Mormons display nothing, because there is nothing. Nothing but a cult, with “prophets” who make up what they want.

    At least when people like Creflo Dollar lie about money, scripture can be used to refute him. With the Mormons, they allow their “prophets” to enforce tithing and because the “prophets” can make up whatever they want, nobody can refute them. There’s no cult like a financially solvent cult!

    With REAL Christians we cite SCRIPTURE, NOT OLD PERVERTS WHO CALL THEMSELVES PROPHETS as the final authority.

    Now let’s see if old Steffie who claims the Bible as scripture can do more than babble.

  14. Healtheland, check this out.

    Note the creator makes a correction in the comments, but it’s another example of how bogus the cult of Mormonism is.

  15. steffielynn said

    “Now let’s see if old Steffie who claims the Bible as scripture can do more than babble.”
    First off I’m not old, Just so you know 🙂 and second I don’t know what the question is in comment 5 so if you clearly ask me the question again I will do my best to answer you!!!!
    Thanks….steffielynn 🙂

  16. I will answer the question because it’s plainly documented by Morons. They worship a God of flesh, not Spirit. Which is why Joseph Smith had to alter scripture with his own translation.

    Mormon text that they respect as scripture in their Doctrine and Covenants (D&C) details it.

    D&C 130: 22

    22 The Father has a body of flesh and bones as tangible as man’s; the Son also; but the Holy Ghost has not a body of flesh and bones, but is a personage of Spirit. Were it not so, the Holy Ghost could not dwell in us.

    They also feel angels have fleshly bodies:
    D&C 129: 1

    1 There are two kinds of beings in heaven, namely: Angels, who are resurrected personages, having bodies of flesh and bones—

    Jesus explained in Matthew 22:23-30, that there is no concept of marriage in heaven, because we will be like angels. But the MORMONS, since they feel everything up there except the “spirit babies” have flesh and bone, they indulge in fleshly concerns and not only say there will be marriage in heaven, but your marriage and not committing murder is how you will become a “god” and surpass the angels. They feel YOU will have ALL POWER if you can follow their rules. Total blasphemy. But they’ve got it fully documented in D&C 132:15-20. Verse 20 says:

    20 Then shall they be gods, because they have no end; therefore shall they be from everlasting to everlasting, because they continue; then shall they be above all, because all things are subject unto them. Then shall they be gods, because they have all power, and the angels are subject unto them.

    Notice, Jesus Christ said we will be like angels of God, while Mormon so-called scripture claims they will be gods, above all, with all power and angels subject to them.

  17. steffielynn said

    We believe in Eternal Families and Eternal Marriage. We believe we can be with our loved ones forever. I am so thankful for that, beyond words. My family is my life. I love them more than I could ever explain. I know my Heavenly Father loves me this much and wants me to be with him and my family. We believe as it says in Matthew 16:19, what we bind on earth will be bound in heaven.

    We believe that God has a body, a perfect glorified body. But he also has a spirit, so its pretty simple to be able to worship him in spirit.

    We do believe we CAN become LIKE God. We will never surpass or become GOD. But as you asked I will quote scripture for you…

    Psalms 82:6 ” I have said ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.”

    Psalms 82:1 says ” God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; He judgeth amoung the gods.”

    John 10:34 says “Jesus said is it not written in your law, I said ye are gods?”

    Romans 8:17 “And if children then heirs; heirs of God, and joint heirs with Christ.”

    and we can go on and on but it really wont matter cause you and I disagree and we will probably never see eye to eye, BUT the difference between you and me, is that I respect you and your beliefs. Sadly I do not recieve the same respect from you.

    I believe Joseph Smith was a true Prophet. I do not know him personally, I have never met him. All we have are two sides to the story of Joseph. There is the side from those who were there, that knew him and loved him, and there is the side from those who hated and persecuted him. I was not there so I cannot determine which side is correct unless I had been there myself. The scriptures tell us we will know a true prophet by his fruits. So this is all I have to go by. The fruits of Joseph Smith are Good, therefore I know he is a true prophet of God.

    You can disagree because that is your perogative. But you should try to be a bit nicer. Your hatefulness is very obvious and it makes you look like a big jerk.

  18. Ah, finally the Mormon stops the babble so we can get into some scripture.

    Of course we all love our families and we should love our neighbor as our self, hmmm…. On top of Matthew 22:23-30. Mormons claim celestial marriage, which Jesus said won’t be going on. These things put Mormonism out of line with scripture (The Bible).

    The whole Father God with a body of flesh and bone matches the Mormon’s view that they themselves will be “gods”. And they feel the Father, Jesus and all them who hope to be “gods” all worked their way up to perfection. It’s interesting that their D&C claims one must marry to reach the highest level, but there is no evidence Jesus was ever married. No true historical evidence and no scriptural evidence. Hmmm….

    The scripture Mormon Steffielynn cites about the term “god” is a sort of translational error for our modern use of the term. The term more appropriate when the term “god” was used in scripture regarding humans for our modern language is “mighty ones”. It is a term that was used regarding many earthly authorities. Not at all like Mormons claim they hope to be with “all power” and angels subject to them. Which goes directly against Jesus saying we will be like the angles. And angels don’t have a reason for marriage. In Heaven everyone loves everyone, in a non-sexual way. And without this mortal flesh there is no sex, oh but Mormons believe they’ll be getting their “freak on”. To make some “spirit babies”.

    The abuse of the term “god” is well detailed, refuted and explained in write-ups like this one, which was written for people caught in the Jehovah’s Witness cult, but is perfectly applicable to Mormons and people like the lying pimps on TBN as well.

    Steffielynn, do not agree, but I do respect you as a person. You are correct that I don’t respect your belief in the cult of Joseph Smith. Just the same, when we discuss matters with our foundation for our positions in scripture we better prove the point. I’ve repeatedly proven through scripture that you are caught in a cult. You take offense to this, but the scripture is true.

    Hebrews 1 showed that the age of the prophets ended with the birth of Jesus Christ in flesh.

    Steffielynn I have a few questions for you related to Smith:

    1) Shouldn’t fruits agree with scripture?

    2) Should prophets and “martyrs” fight in their own self defense? Do you consider Joseph Smith to be a martyr? Do we agree that in scripture, no prophet of God who was being personally attacked (even when attacked to the point of death.) or apprehended for their beliefs ever fought back with violent force? I am sure we agree that none of the apostles fought back when being apprehended and murdered for their belief.

    3) If Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God, comparatively speaking, isn’t it true that he would have been the lowest formerly educated of all the prophets?

    I disagree with you, because you’re not in line with the truth. The cult of Joseph Smith totally falls out of line with scripture.

  19. steffielynn said

    I’m going to have to get back to you tommorrow, my husband is leaving for Iraq in the morning, But I will try to respond as soon as possible!

  20. steffielynn said

    Well I’m back, sadly I had to see my husband off again 😦 But I wanted to get back to our discussion so…
    You say,
    “I’ve repeatedly proven through scripture that you are caught in a cult. You take offense to this, but the scripture is true.”

    I say, sir.. I do not take offense, because you have not “PROVEN” anything!

    The only thing I take any offense to is things like, “Mormons believe they’ll be getting their “freak on”. To make some “spirit babies”.” That is just silly. Why do you put freak on in qoutes like we say that or something. Those are the kind of things that show your true character and ignorance and it is not very flattering on your behalf!!!

    The questions you’ve asked, all I can say is YES, I do believe Joseph was a prophet. I don’t know what other prophets did when they were being killed. I do know that prophets are human, some even betrayed Christ. I also know that they are the first to admit that they are not perfect. But prophets are able to receive revelation from God. I believe that our Father in Heaven still speaks to His children. No where in the bible does it say He will no longer speak to us.

    Independant Conservative, The Gospel has changed my life. I know with all my heart and all my soul that The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints is His true church which He restored on the earth. My heart and life have changed, Such a change of heart does not come from anyone but our Father in Heaven. I love Him with all my heart and I love His son Jesus Christ and I am beyond grateful for his ultimate sacrifce for a sinner like me!

  21. Steffielynn:

    Does God have flesh and bone, or is He a spirit as Jesus Christ said in The Book of John? Is Jesus Christ God, who exists and pre – exists eternally as part of the Triune Godhead as it says in the Book of John and in the epistles of James, or is Jesus Christ a created being like the Book of Mormon (and the Jehovah’s Witnesses) say? Are you monotheistic (knowing that there is only one God and all other gods and claims to godhood are false) as the Bible DEMANDS us to be, or are you henotheistic (claiming that there are many gods but choosing to worship only one) as the Book of Mormon claims and teaches? These issues (and many more) are direct irreconcilable differences between the Book of Mormon and the Bible, which is why one cannot claim to regard both as being true.

  22. Well I’ve done what I came to do on this thread. I’m just saying a couple quick things and I’m moving on to other work.

    For others, I’ll mention that Mormons mention things like “some even betrayed Christ”, because to them the term “prophet” is applied to WAY MORE PEOPLE than a Christian would ever grant the title to.

    And Joseph Smith is viewed as a martyr by Mormons, but the facts show that he went down with his guns blazing, quite literally!

    They feel Joseph Smith is literally the greatest man that ever lived and only Jesus is greater.

    That’s interesting given what Jesus said about John the Baptist in Matthew 11:11 and the mention that even he was less than the least in Heaven.

    Today God can speak through the Holy Spirit to anyone who abides in Christ Jesus and in any such case the words they claim are from the Lord must line up with scripture. With the coming of Christ, there is no more concentration of communication to a so-called “prophet”. Jesus speaks to any and all of us, see Hebrews 1. Most of all he’s speaking to us via His Word, AS RECORDED IN THE BIBLE. Claims to follow a “prophet” are old covenant theology, we follow Jesus Christ.

    To my fellow Christians, remember Mark 13:22

  23. Tim said

    The one question which begs answering.
    Why is there no evidence of any civilizations which are desendents of Hebrew in the Americas?
    None. The American Indians are of asiatic decent and this is proven beyond the shadow of a doubt by DNA, they are not lamanites. So by that truth alone, the book of mormon falls apart because it claims to be faultless. By comparison,the locations in the bible are all traceable by archealogical evidence and extrabiblical writings by Josephas among others.
    We love you and want you to know the truth. Dig deep and read the evidence against the book of mormon, be objective.Understand how Judaism works and why mormonism can not mesh with it. Search the scriptures as the Bereans did.
    For in them you will find the truth.
    Grace and peace.

  24. steffielynn said

    I think we would agree that only a prophet can write scripture. They must be inspired. The people I was speaking of betraying Christ wrote scripture, so what are they to you? I would most certainly call them prophets!!
    I went to the sight where you quoted :
    “And Joseph Smith is viewed as a martyr by Mormons, but the facts show that he went down with his guns blazing, quite literally!”

    This was also on this sight but you copy and pasted what sounded good to you, so let me quote the rest…

    “You seem to imply that there is something wrong or immoral about defending either yourself or others from unlawful attacks. When the mob of 150-200 persons attacked the room in which he and his associates were staying, Joseph managed to fire just three shots at the mob before he was killed. The entire event only lasted a few minutes. You describe the encounter as a “blazing gun battle.” One man, armed only with a small revolver and defending himself against 200 armed foes, does not describe a “blazing gun battle.” IT DESCRIBES A SLAUGHTER.”

    Also, you seem to believe that the early Christians martyrs all died willingly without any resistance. Somehow I suspect that they did not step willingly into the mouths of lions. When they were alone with the lions in the arena, I imagine that they tried to run, hide, or even fight back. Their resistence did not disqualify them from being martyrs. Furthermore, your question reminded me of an episode in the life of Paul the Apostle. When Paul faced a similar mob who had decided “it is not fit that he should live.” (Acts 22:22), he used his Roman citizenship for protection instead of meekly submitting to scourging and death (Acts 22:25). Are you claiming that the Apostle Paul was not a true Christian martyr?”

    I do feel Joseph was a great man. You are correct. But that is what he was, a man. We do not worship him, we appreciate him.

    You are absolutely correct that God can speak to us through the Holy Spirit. But a prophet has the ability to lead ALL men. We can only recieve revelation for ourselves, not for the world.

    Heal the Land:
    I believe that God does have a body, but a body thet is perfect. Remember we are created in His image, if He was just a spirit how could that be? In the bible it doesn’t say He does NOT have a body!!!!

    Tim: thank you for your concern! I did find the truth and it has changed my life!!! Regarding the DNA thing, well I encourage you to check this out…

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