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European Religious Leaders Urge Churches To Work With Governments On AIDS

Posted by Job on March 27, 2007

See link here. What they are leaving out is that the “AIDS agendas” of many governments is actually the gay rights agenda, where AIDS is supposedly fought by giving out condoms and encouraging people to use them in homosexual sex, and demanding that the religious leaders of these countries stop teaching that the Bible calls homosexuality and autoeroticism sinful (please recall how Jocelyn Elders was forced out as surgeon general because her proposed sex education to prevent AIDS and teen pregnancy curriculum included teaching middle school girls how to pleasure themselves). Many say that AIDS was actually the best thing that ever happened to gay rights activists and people with libertine attitudes towards sexuality, because it allows them to claim that it is the people who promote following God’s commandments concerning sexuality that are the ones killing people by “stigmatizing them” and by “withholding lifesaving medical information from them.” Instead of helping the government promote homosexuality and other forms of sexually hedonistic sin, churches should avoid this anti – Christ system and fight AIDS the same way that the church should fight everything else: with the gospel. All you have to do is look at the “holiness or hell” anti – Trinitarian anti – grace heretic TD Jakes get on Nightline and claim that “the Bible didn’t give us instructions on how to handle AIDS” and see how strong the spirit of anti – Christ is moving in churches that have rejected the Bible, and see that if you reject the Bible through compromising one way in your doctrine and practice, pretty soon you reject the Bible completely. It is your job not to follow after people who choose worldliness, compromise, and convenience over true Bible doctrine. Why? Because why else would we choose those things if it is not in pursuit of money, fame, and power? If we were pursuing the things of God, we would have no need of anything else, but it is because we are pursuing the things that WE want that we turn aside from the right path in our ministries and lives.


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