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The Great Harlot TBN Is Expanding Its Idolatry, Apostasy, Blasphemy, And Heresy

Posted by Job on March 26, 2007

See link here. Now I could justify – and have tried in the past back when I was still defending TBN – toning down the bashing of the majority religions of the nations that TBN is trying to access. But what I cannot abide is TBN’s promoting “the Koran is the word of God too” act (which makes me certain that Mormons will be on TBN soon, all they have to do is write big enough checks; word is that they are already laying the groundwork by giving money). And oh yeah, the long line of “preachers” who deny Trinity, preach the prosperity/Word of Faith heresy, and just make merchandise out of the saints. If it was about spreading the gospel, TBN would have long ago done something about the fact that 99% of the viewers of Christian television are already Christian and the vast majority (I believe 90%) are over 50. And oh yeah, they would do something about the fact that the 1% that is being “converted” are going after preachers whose false doctrines will make them twice the son of hell that they were before, AND a lot of the people who are already Christians and are hurting because of attacks of Satan and the world are being seduced by these snake oil salesmen (and women) to abandon sound doctrine for the “name it and claim it and then get caught up in the rapture” ear – tickling (do not get me wrong, I believe in the rapture, but the fact that like 99.99999% of these prosperity televangelists JUST HAPPEN to also be pre – tribulationists make me believe that they did not adopt this doctrine because of sincere and thorough examination of scripture). So, is TBN actually helping the cause of speeding the return of Yeshua HaMashiach (which will happen by EVANGELISM, not by pushing Israel and the United States on a Christian Zionist mission to attack Iran, JOHN HAGEE) by spreading FALSE CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE? If so, it will only be by virtue of helping bring the anti – Christ into power. technorati tag:


6 Responses to “The Great Harlot TBN Is Expanding Its Idolatry, Apostasy, Blasphemy, And Heresy”

  1. michael edds said

    by Michael Edds

    In my continued research on the “old wells of revival” I have discovered some incredibly contrasting bits of information. One of the top televangelists in the nation was recently invited to preach in Baltimore, Maryland. His terms for coming were:

    #1. That he must be picked up by a limousine at the airport, #2. That he must have $1,000 spending money,
    #3. That he must be guaranteed at least $10,000 in offerings.

    This same televangelist/ pastor lives in a multi million-dollar mansion, eats in the finest restaurants and wears the most expensive tailor-made suits. His writings and speaking engagements have garnered millions of dollars. He brags that he is a role model of the prosperity message of our day. He pastors a mega church, appears on national and international television, has authored many books and draws tens of thousands to hear him. To his credit, he is a powerful, commanding speaker. However, please contrast this to the following life and ministry of the great circuit rider, Francis Asbury in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

    While still in his 20’s, Francis Asbury left his home and family forever in England to come to a wilderness called America. He came to be a traveling preacher/evangelist in a nation with little infrastructure such as roads, decent housing, few hotels and restaurants, poor sanitation and dangerous drinking water, few medical professionals and limited law enforcement. The nation had recently plunged into a violent war of independence against Asbury’s native land of England. The American frontier was also ablaze with war between the colonist and Native Americans tribes.

    Asbury was not greeted upon his arrival by a limo. He had to purchase a horse on which he traveled 6,000 a year for over 40 years. His financial reward was $60 a year, much of which he gave away or sent back to England to help his parents. He wore hand-me-downs not tailor made suits. He had no retirement, no insurance, no dental plan, and no 401 k. He set no fee for his ministry.

    What he did receive, he often gave away. He traveled on “roads” on which his horse sank many times knee-deep in mud. If a road did not exist, he would lead his horse over the steep, rocky incline s of the Appalachians to reach a pioneer community. Many times, his feet and legs were bloodied and bruised by the horrific journey. When he came to a river where there was no bridge or ferry, he would swim his horse across. Numerous times, he was nearly drowned by an angry, swollen stream. His “hotel” on many occasions was on a dirt floor in an overcrowded, rat-infested frontier cabin. Often times he slept in the woods, on a mountain ledge or in damp cave. Many days he would travel over 60 miles with nothing to eat. The paths and roads he traveled were full of dangers from murderers, thieves, wolves, bears, poisonous snakes and roaming bands of Native Americans with whom the frontiersmen were at war. If he met someone who needed a cloak, food or money, he would take what he had and give it to the person in need. Asbury sought out the forgotten, hidden places of early America. He traveled from New England, to the Midwest, and to the Deep South spreading the Gospel of Christ. When he would meet a person who was ill, he would minister to their physical needs with the last medication he had. He demanded nothing of others in order to come into a community. The demands he made were on himself. Frequently, his body would be racked with pain, illness, fever, hunger and weakness. His physical being would cry out for rest and nourishment. However, his spirit ruled his body. When truly unable to travel, he would mount his horse and ride for 8 hours or more through blinding snowstorms, torrential rain or in oppressive heat.

    He too had been invited to Baltimore. In 1816 he was traveling by buggy through Virginia headed to the annual conference in Baltimore. However, he was dying. His last sermon was preached in Richmond. He had to be carried into the meeting room. He commented, “I am too weak t o walk but not to preach.” They sat him on a small table and he ministered the Word for the last time. He made it as far as Spotsylvania twenty miles north of Richmond. He body was rapidly failing. He stopped at a friend’s house on Saturday. Shortly before he left this world he was asked, “Do you feel Jesus precious?” Summoning his last remaining strength, the great circuit rider raised both hands in victory. Minutes later he laid his head on a friend’s hand and gently slipped away to be with the Lord. He owned no mansion, no land, and no bank account. His net worth was what he wore on his body. He was buried in a borrowed grave plot.

    When Asbury came to America, there were few Methodist believers and fewer preachers. At the end of his ministry, there were over 240,000 Methodist believers and almost 8,000 ministers. He affected lives of thousands upon thousands. He changed the very course of American history. Among his converts were poor farmers, merchants, Governors of several states, frontiersmen, slaves, Native Americans, State Supreme Court Justices, attorneys, physicians, housewives, children, youth and people from all walks of life. He gave all he had. He sought nothing for himself. His passion was to bring salvation and the Light of the Gospel to those in darkness of sin. He loved a nation and made it his own even though he was not her native son.

    Quite a CONTRAST between the CIRCUIT RIDER and the TELEVANGELIST!

    One was selfless, the other selfish. One was people-centered, the other ego-centered. One was a Kingdom builder, the other an empire builder. One drew souls into the Kingdom of God; the other drew the masses into an arena. One demanded of him, the other demanded of others. One gave freely, the other commanded a price. One was a servant, the other a celebrity.

    Hebrews 11:32-38 speaks about the real heroes of the faith: They were…”tortured, not accepting deliverance, that they might obtain a better resurrection. Still others had trial of mocking and beatings, and of chains and imprisonment. They were stoned, they were
    sawn in two, were tempted, were slain with the sword. They wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins, being destitute, afflicted, tormented… they wandered in deserts, and mountains, in dens and caves of the earth…. of whom the world was not worthy.”

    How long are we going to tolerate the “superstar syndrome” in the church? How long are we going to feed the ego and pocketbooks of these self-seeking charlatans, regardless of how articulate they are? How long will we continue to pack their arenas and buy their CDs, DVDs and books? How long will we pick them up in limos, and line their wallets with thousands and thousands of dollars to spend on self? How long will we tolerate apostasy?

    My God, how far we have fallen! God is calling on us as His people to repent and turn from our wicked ways. He is calling us to seek HIS face. I am praying that God will overthrow this current, perverted religious system and will fulfill Jeremiah 3:15 and give us shepherds after His own heart…

    • Beth Adams said

      HOW LONG ?
      As long as we leave posts & articles that do not EXPOSE these TELEVANGELISTS NAMES !!!
      You gladly gave us the CIRCUIT RIDER’S NAME … no personal risk there… then when it comes to naming
      the TELEVANGELIST…well; aahhh we see…personal risk.

      EPHESIANS 5:11 ” And have no fellowship with the fruitless works of darkness,but rather CONVICT THEM.”

  2. Thank you very much for wonderful story of Francis Ashbury. It is so heart-warming and it reminds us all of the life we ought to emulate.
    May the Lord bless you and your oganization

  3. Behold A White Horse

    Click for larger image

    Behold A White Horse
    Cisco Wheeler
    RELIGION – Christian Living

    Price: 25.99

    Book overview
    Book overview
    “My people are destroyed for lack of Knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). This book is not meant for those who refuse to step out of their box, but instead cling onto their blinders, believing that the world is exactly as they have always been taught it is. Rather, it is specially written for those who discern that things are not exactly as they seem, and are dedicated to the pursuit of truth and knowledge. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”(Ephesians 6:12). “Behold a White Horse” is a roller coaster ride engaged in a myriad of related topics. The reader will be taken all the way back to ancient Babylon – the foundation of all secret societies, and continue on through Egypt and Rome. Other topics covered are ceremonial magick, kundalini power and evil spirits, the Talmud, Kabbalah, the apostasy of the Christian church today, alchemy, Papal Rome and the Catholic church, false prophets of the world, televangelists – wolves in sheep’s clothing, & pagans in the pulpit.” ” Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the creator, who is blessed forever. Amen” (Romans 1:25) “This work is spiritually based, using many scriptures. It is the prayer of the author that through careful reading of these pages, the reader can connect the dots into a whole new level of discernment to help guard against demon traps and the many devices of Satan. Knowledge is power and the truth really does set you free.”

    Thank You Cisco Wheeler

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: SouthCoastISP support
    Date: Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 12:18 PM
    Subject: The other side of the beast!!

    The below is just a example of Cisco Wheeler book. I have never read a author that describes the left arm(Protestants) of the Vatican and makes it so clear that witchcraft and demonic spirits run the Protestant world. Rome’s harlots(protestants)at work. Cisco ties it all together. Her book makes John Daniel’s and Tupper Saussy history research true history. There research shows that Protestantism is the back side of Rome. American store front was Protestant, but was founded by Rome and today it has a Rome store front and is run by Rome. Protestants are just part of history and not part of our reality at the present time. Cisco’s Book puts EVERY piece together.

    Behold A White Horse
    Chapter Twenty-Eight
    Vain Deceit
    author Cisco Wheeler

    Vain’ means ’empty nothing,’ and the word ‘deceit’ refers to deception. In addition, ‘vain’ speaks of the pride of life. Man’s pride is always in opposition to God and His ways. A half century ago the world knew that America was a Christian nation. This is no longer the message heard among the many nations. Over the last forty years the church has forgotten that Christianity is not a philosophy, it is a Person–the one and only

    Colossians 2:8

    Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world , and not after Christ.

    Christ Yahashua Messiah. It is a relationship with Christ that is personal and life changing. The church leaders abandoned their struggle between good and evil and slowly the people in this country began to attribute their blessings not so much to God, but to men: for many, God was put in the back seat of the church and man elevated himself to be his own god. Drowning themselves in materialism, self-centeredness and vain deceit the church has departed from God’ truth. Human wisdom and philosophy always leads one away from Christ. The church began to disguise sin with new terminology. What God called drunkenness, today the church calls alcoholism; God said it was a sin, but today the church calls it is a disease. What God called sodomy; the church calls being gay. God calls it a perversion, and abomination, but the church calls it an altered lifestyle. What God called immorality; the church is calling it a new morality. God calls lying, cheating, stealing, a sin but in todays’ church they are called abnormal social behavior.
    Our churches are, for the most part, as heretical as our government. Can the sick heal the sick, or the blind lead the blind? Through moral decay one cannot separate the church from the world for the church is filled with witchcraft, child abuse, divorce, drunkenness, aids, teenage suicide, drugs, illegitimacy, abortion, sexual disorientation, and political corruption.
    Through worldly compromise the majority of American churches are sleeping with the enemy as they have become an incorporated, state-controlled church under IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. When a church body accepts IRS 501(c) (3) non-profit status, it agrees to relinquish its authority as a local branch of Christ’s church. It accepts restructuring as a state regulated ‘religious organization.’

    [1] Woe to them that go down to Egypt for help; and stay on horses, and trust in chariots, because they are many; and in horsemen, because they are very strong; but they look not unto the Holy One of Israel, neither seek the LORD!

    The state is the creator of all corporations. When a church contracts with civil government to gain the benefits of incorporation, it signs over final authority in church matters to the state.The Church grants headship to the civil government and allows it to dictate the limits of church authority, autonomy, and action.
    Biblical separation results if a church maintains its original structure. But when it is reestablished as a state church, a boundary shift occurs. Now one-way separation is the demand of the creator-state to separate state church from state, so the state may easily preempt God’s sovereignty.

    Greg Szymanski, JD

    Words you will find in the text

    America ancient Antichrist apostate Baal Babylon Babylonian beast believe Benny Hinn Bible Biblical Billy Graham bloodlines Cabbala called Catholic Church Catholicism Christian commandments covenant Crusade Dajjal demons divine doctrines dragon earth Egypt evil faith false prophet father Freemason Freemasonry Gnosticism God’s goddess gods gospel harlot heaven Hebrew Holy Ibid Illuminati Isaiah Isis Israel Jerusalem Jesus Christ Jewish Jews John Judah Kenneth Copeland King kingdom Knights Templar leaders Lord Lucifer magic Masonic Masonry means ministry Moses mother Mount Weather movie mysteries mystical nation Nimrod Noahide occult occultist pagan Pope President priests prophecy religion religious Revelation ritual Roman Catholic Roman Catholic Church Rome Sabbath Satan scriptures secret Semiramis serpent spirit stars symbol Talmud teaching Temple Texe Marrs thee things thou truth United unto Vatican Virgin word World Order worship

  4. Feb 09, 2010 10:40PM

    Cisco asked a group of ladies if they would comment on her book Behold A White Horse. My name is Julie, after we met at her home today after talking about her book. I have so many questions. I keep asking myself why I was so blinded from so many truths she has written about.I feel like I’ve lived on a different planet. Yes, I knew something was wrong in this world. But I stayed so busy with family and work I never took the time to go out of my box of denial. Maybe I thought it would all go away and I would live to be a grandma and the problems the world has would never touch me. Well the rug has been pulled out from under me and I want to know truth. As I write I feel guilty that I have not prepared my family for what is happening in America. Just the thought that America might loose it’s sovereignty is very hard to grasp when you have been in denial all your life. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights will be gone. The America we once thought we new will be gone. And so many people like me will have no idea what is happening when America is on her knees. Please take the time to read Cisco Wheeler book “Behold A White Horse” and prepare those you love for what is happening in America. Thank You Julie

    Hi my name is Jasmin,and I’m at Cisco Wheelers, doing a interview with her. I had more questions for her and it was such a blessing to be able to set with her and discuss her book. She has the ability to take a subject and fine tune it so the average person can understand the deeper issues that have so deeply effected the ministries as a whole. Ok,People its time to get out of your denial. But first your going to have to read “Behold A White Horse” by Cisco Wheeler. When you read it your eyes will be opened to the apostasies that we have been taught since are childhood. Because, the churches don’t want to tell you about the sexual act between Lucifer and Eve in the garden of Eden because if you know these truths then you know what the Masons and Luciferian’s know and their job responsibilities from the pulpit is to teach a false doc-trin and to keep these truths hidden from the people and they have done a good job in lying to the masses.

    I found confusion when I would go to listen to different preachers and to study the word of God and I ask God to lead me into TRUTH and as I would flick to the cable channels I would pray and God lead me to Sheperd’s Chapel over the months of sitting under Pastor Murrays ministry the word of God came alive in my heart, Then a friend suggested because I had so many Questions and couldn’t talk to him personally that I should read BEHOLD A WHITE HORSE so I started to glean her book What a eye opener the word of God opened unto me and finally Gods word came a live and now I understand the earth ages, the fall of the angels ,the separation of God from man because of the fall of Lucifer and the sexual seduction of Lucifer in the garden of Eden to destroy the seed of righteousness, and until you understand Lucifer’s seed line you will never understand the Bible or whats behind the teachings within all secret societies. So now we have twins Cain and Able who were the first born of Eve , they were not identical, we know that twins can be conceived by to different seed as long as they are not identical which the word tells us these twins were opposites. The word tells us about the seed of Cain in many scriptures you will find the references in Cisco book I will not take time to post them but in Geneses you will find the geneology of Cain, in Geneses #4 and Abel’s in Geneses #5 they are not of the same linage! In Geneses Strong’s Concordance when she was in labor she had Cain first. Satan had seduced eve before Adam could even know his wife as God had ordained. The word tells us again she was in labor and had Able, the Word in Strong’s for the Word ‘again’ means to continue , so she gave birth to Able second child. But the second child was out of the righteous seed of Adam. You do not find any male seed -line for Adam until Seth was born a hundred years later because Cain had killed his half brother Able and Cain was of the seed of Lucifer just one last note beguiled in the Strong’s concordance means seduced and it was not a apple it was a tree that stands for man and Lucifer can manifest himself anyway he chooses and you are going to see this as you read her book . In the Bible we have the father of lies, first sin, then we have sexual seductions, jealousy, hatred , pride, and then we have murder and then more lies. And as you read her book you will have the sin revealed up to today’s date. May you be blessed as I’ve been blessed. I could go on forever telling you how her book has enlightened me to the truths of the scriptures, but you really do need to have this book in your library for future references come out of Babylon! Her Book is a 5 ***** With Love Jasmin

    My name is Clara;
    Jasmin I was reading your comment on BEHOLD A WHITE HORSE by Cisco Wheeler. I use to have fear as to what was coming upon the earth but the Lord has given me peace because now I have a deeper understanding of why things seemed so mixed up. How Satan has caused so much confusion. How the pulpits are full of the apostasy’s of witchcraft that I believe are taught in the Bible colleges to detour our loved ones from understanding the true Word. You have authors that are spirit filled like Cisco Wheeler, that are washed in the blood and are fearless to expose the truths. God said in the end times he was going to bring-forth Josephs with boldness to expose Lucifer’s corruption’s and believe me she has done it. If you had a hard time understanding the traditions of man and the Bible, your in for a real awakening because when you get through reading her book all these pagan holidays we have been celebrating for years and the bondage they have put us financially under with our up counts down counts on the count that we have accounts they could only be man made traditions . Because God is not a God of bondage. They even put christmas trees in the churches and say its ok. Rabbits and Easter egg hunts, on the pagan sabbath day egg colaring bunnies baskets and Santa and Christmas trees. then of course Satan’s birthday and the eating of the apple instead of the seducing sin it really was. No wonder our youth are confused! This is Satans way of confusing us. It is not Biblical at all. YASHUA hates these traditions. We need to get back to the jewish feasts. I am so excited about the millinium. Oh Lord come Quickly. The rapture never made since to me but now I understand where that BABYLONIAN witchcraft came from makes perfect since. How do we get these aposticies out of the churches of today when we have pastors in denial of these truths. Are they really in denial or are our pastors setting under man traditions and to afraid to come out of BABYLON in fear of losing finacial support from their sheep. Gods judgment starts in the house of the LORD and his word tells us to judge all things but in the churches of America its the blind leading the blind. How will they survive the Tribulation! When they haven’t a clue as to really what is coming down like the return of the Nephilim s as in the days of Noah. You can mention that it light conversation and it goes right over their heads. (BLANK STARES} Not a clue.Im stoping here: “our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of the world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. I give her book a 5*****+++YOUR SISTER IN CHRIST CLARA

  5. john kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    I just read your interview regarding the Illumanti. I think you are missing several key points. The primary thing is that the hierarchy is not a cohesive unit. The nature of Lucifer is to exalt oneself. As you know this group does not work out of Love. Instead they sell their souls in return for power. They may be able to wait and know some things but they are not paitent nor wise. All these people want to be number one just like Little Lou. (Isaiah 14:12-15) In fact the Illumanati is a building full of cracks just waiting to implode. I know this as both the Illuminati and the New World Order were purposely designed with major flaws in both their foundations and structures. What these are I do not comment now. God’s purpose for these people is just like the Tower of Babel. They will fall with a mighty crash to the Glory of God.

    Let me warn you about the maze outside the maze. Look up the word subtle or subtilty in the King James Bible and examine the circumstances. It is how the devil, the adversary works. Keep looking into the scriputres, keep fighting with the Sword of the Spirt, keep Loving and do not give up hope.

    Finally these groups work on terror and fear. They would like to promote themselves as all powerful. They are far from it!!! In fact it is actually a congreagtion of weaklings and cowards. A thief always sees a thief as evil see evil. Titus 1:15. This basic distrust that exists in these people is one of their greatest flaws, among many.



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