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Demon Of The Day: Blasphemy

Posted by Job on March 25, 2007

In the lasciviousness demon of the day topic (Part I and Part II), I mentioned how Satan’s changing of the language masked people’s awareness of sin. Not that such is an excuse for sin, for anyone who loves God will still avoid it despite their lack of knowledge. What it does, however, is make avoidance of sin harder because, let us face it, not only the overall culture but even the Christian church culture is not made up of people who love and want to please God. Instead, even the Christian church culture seeks mostly to do what is right in the eyes of other people, including other Christians. So, if behavior is commonly accepted as decent or moral, such Christians will engage in or not oppose it. If behavior is commonly looked down upon, such Christians will not openly indulge in or support it. This creates what can be called a “secular religion” where even Christians – or should I say especially Christians – care more about morals, values, culture, appearances, order, etc.

And one of the words whose meaning has changed over time is blasphemy. It’s current meaning, given to it by theologians, is to assume to oneself the rights or qualities of God, or to claim to be God or Godlike. That is not the original meaning given by God Himself to man in the Bible. That meaning was CLEARLY to curse or revile God or to disrespect or mock His Name or His Word. Now consider that in Biblical times, the easiest way to tell if a Hebrew was possessed by a demon was if he began to curse or mock God or the scriptures. Why? Because A) the Hebrews entire culture was built upon a great respect for God and B) because doing so meant death on the law. In our modern world, anyone with experience in deliverance will tell you that when a demon manifests, it will cause the person that it is indwelling or possessing to say some of the most vile things against God, so that has not changed. What has changed is the culture, which is now one where showing God all manner of disrespect and defiance is such routine behavior that it is done without thinking. Indeed, the person who ABSTAINS from such behavior actually appears to be strange and odd. And sadly, this is not limited to “the world”, but the coarse, vulgar, playful, rebellious attitude that people have towards God as represented in the persons of His Will, His Word, and His Spirit even in the church is shocking. This is important because blasphemy is not just a demon in and of itself, but spitting on, hating, rejecting, defying, denying, rebelling against, etc. God with your lips and actions gives a host of other demons a legal right to enter and torment you.

A lot of Christians do this apparently unwittingly, for curses against God have crept into everyday speech that is now acceptable even for small children. Well, the power of life and death is STILL in the tongue (Proverbs 18:21) and words STILL mean things whether you think about, are aware of, or mean what you say! Further, a lot of this is done through permutations and replacements of curses and swear words. A lot of Christians think that it is OK for them – and their kids – to say “goshdarnit!” Well, it isn’t, because everyone knows that that word or phrase replaces, and the SPIRITUAL AND EMOTIONAL INTENT of the word is still the same (more on that later) . If by some chance you are using this word WITHOUT knowing what it replaces or means (or if you are using any number of other similar expressions such as “doggone it” and “dadgum it”), then you really are being unwise to use a word or phrase without knowing its meaning, especially when you consider the CONTEXT in which they are used (in frustration and anger, for emphasis, OR AS AN OATH). Now back to the INTENT of the word being the same giving it the same spiritual power: well you call on the Name of Jesus Christ, don’t you? Surely you must know that it is not His Real Name (and not even the only Name given to Him in the Bible)! Even if you leave apart the English transliteration versus the actual Hebrew name issue, Yeshua HaMashiach Himself said in Revelation that His Real Name would not be known or spoken on this earth, but only by the saints who get to be in the new heaven and the new earth (Revelation 2:17)! Yet people are still able to be be saved, preach, heal, and cast out devils in the name of Jesus Christ (and its many variants in other languages and cultures) because of THE SPIRITUAL MEANING OF WHAT THEY ARE SAYING AND USING. Father YHVH knows what we mean when we say “God”, “Lord”, or “Jehovah”, so you better know what is meant when we say “goshdarnit” as well. That is precisely why so much is written in the Bible concerning being able to control your tongue and not speaking in anger (Matthew 5:37, 1 Corinthians 15:33, Ephesians 4:29, Colossians 3:8). Look, everything that we do is supposed to PLEASE GOD, and by speaking in such manners, we seek not to please God but ourselves, and not only that but to please ourselves with the same type of communication that we see and hear other people use, or see and hear on TV and in the movies. Yes, that is true. Swearing and profanity in public became much more acceptable first after the ratings systems for movies came out allowing the dialogue to be as filthy as they desired, and more still after the language degradation on broadcast television. It was just a generation or two ago where schoolchildren were actually PUNISHED for “saying bad words” in public schools, now such a thing has become impractical in even a great many CHRISTIAN schools.

But that is just one way. Truthfully, even outside of cursing, Christians have become very cavalier and irreverent, even mocking with the way they use the Name of God and refer to scripture. “Fundamentalist” preachers actually get up in the pulpit and talk about God in any manner they choose (click on the “more” section on the link to see what I am talking about). These people actually do not seem to recognize that this is GOD that they are talking about. The one who created heaven and earth. THE ONE WHO WILL CAST PEOPLE INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE! Now when I was a child, I was often told “do not talk about God like that unless you want Him to throw a lightning bolt at you and strike you down.” Forget that, that’s this life. If CHRISTIANS DO NOT FEAR THE ONE WHO CAN SEND THEM TO THE LAKE OF FIRE FOR ETERNITY (Matthew 10:28) THEN THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY INSANE! Don’t come telling me about how God’s grace will cover this, or how it is no big deal, or how God will forgive. How many of you allow your kids to talk to you any old kind of way? How many of you would allow your co – worker or any random person off the street to talk to or about you or a member of your family any old kind of way? So many of you would quickly rise up in your own defense even to the point of physical violence and then turn around and disrespect God in the very same manner that you yourself are unwilling to put up with, and that is a classic sign of having more regard for yourself than you do for God.

And there is yet another way: denying the nature of God and God’s Word. Look, people, God IS His Word. Yeshua HaMashiach is God’s Word in the flesh. It is one thing if you say something in error about God’s Word without knowing or understanding. Then again, that is your fault if you do, because you need to dedicate a great portion of your life to reading God’s Word and researching what you have read. Let me state it again. You need to dedicate a great portion of your life to reading God’s Word YOURSELF, NOT listening to sermons or relying on other men’s interpretations, but reading it yourself. And then AFTER you have read, you need to RESEARCH what you have read. And until you have done that enough to have a solid firm foundation and grasp of understanding on what is actually in the Bible, then just keep your mouth shut. Just stick to John 3:16 , Psalm 25, and your own testimony (which is all you need to win converts), and keep your mouth closed about the rest until you have read the whole thing other than to ask a question. If you have some burning desire to discuss matters concerning scripture, then that just ought to motivate you to read the book through and through again. And this is yet another reason why you should not just go around repeating what preachers, church members, your parents, or whoever else have said, because they make plenty of mistakes. Loads of things are circulating out there that purportedly come from the Bible but do not; indeed most of it contradicts the Bible. Want to know the biggest one? The commonly retold story of nativity, of Yeshua HaMashiach’s birth. Virtually all of it is contradicted by Luke. But virtually anyone who is familiar with the Bible can just sit and watch or listen to Christian TV or radio and spot the errors made by prominent preachers.

But again, those are errors. The bigger problem is what is done on purpose. Again, God is His Word. God’s Word clearly says that the Bible is inerrant and the final authority. So why do people blaspheme by saying that it isn’t? Now that does not mean that there are not problems with a particular translation or interpretation, but every word of the text is inspired and true. People who say otherwise are blaspheming His Word. People who make up stuff that isn’t in the Bible are blaspheming His Word. Traditions and doctrines that add to, remove from, or oppose scripture is blaspheming His Word. Denying not only scripture but that the true nature of God is pre – existing eternally in Tri – Unity is blaspheming His Word. Claiming that salvation, sanctification, justification, etc. are in any way dependent upon works rather than grace is blaspheming His Word, and claiming that faith without works is anything other than dead is blaspheming His Word. Going after extrabiblical revelation such as whatever the Christian Scientists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Muslims, Jews, etc. have or denying any portion of scripture (including you Christians who proclaim the Old Testament is irrelevant) is blaspheming His Word. Claiming that we are still under the law in any way or still receive blessings and/or cursings according to the law is blaspheming His Word, claiming that it is not very expedient to be knowledgeable and respectful of the meaning and intent of the law is blaspheming His Word. And so on (and yes it does go on!)

As a matter of fact, perhaps the best reason to turn off the secular TV which brings into your house, mind, and spirit and desensitizes you to all manner of blasphemy and to turn of Christian TV which has all manner of blasphemy through false doctrine and to do the same with your secular and Christian radio, CDs, books, magazines, Internet, etc. and also to CLOSE YOUR MOUTH and instead read your Bible (or listen to audio Bible CDs and use the Bible software on your computer and visit the Bible websites on the Internet) and whatever else you need to understand and edify what you are reading is because if you do that, then it greatly reduces your opportunity to commit the sin of blasphemy. Thereby, you greatly reduce the chances of a demon of blasphemy and an assortment of other demons being able to lay a claim on you. What are you thinking? That you can be a fan of some popular TV preacher like and many others who blaspheme God and His Word by denying Trinity and by preaching Word of Faith/prosperity heresy or who refuses to preach about judgment of sin and not be affected? Or that you can follow any politician like and that is willing to go around claiming Jesus Christ as their savior when you KNOW that they are not doing so according to the Bible and not be affected? Do not be deceived, people, this is serious business! Either speak truthfully and well concerning your God, speak the will of God, or learn to love silence. Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, may your people learn to love You and Your Word. Please Lord may they request from You control over their minds and tongues, and please grant it to them. Lord, may they desire to blaspheme no more and to no longer tolerate blasphemy from anyone else. Amen.


3 Responses to “Demon Of The Day: Blasphemy”


  2. Nada said

    i found your website whilst searching for the word bLASPHEMY the LORD Blessed be His Glorous Name placed it on my heart to the a search, when i asked the Holy Spirit, “What is the Blasphemy JESUS was speaking about, now how do i know if i have not done this, how do i know, GOD the Holy Ghost said, “Talk about Me, when i began to speak of GOD’S Goodness i could not stop, i knew i was safe in the arms of mr Father by the Power of His SON’S Blood.
    it good to see that people like yourself can see truth from false, so many churches today has become nothing more than a hang out place for people – no longer do hear the preacher crying out for your soul.

    GOD bless you ad protect you

  3. Job said


    Thank you for your encouragement! May the blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ be upon you and your ministry.

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