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World – Loving Christians Watch I: Homosexuals And Religious Schools

Posted by Job on March 17, 2007

The Three Step Salvation Plan

See link here. Religious right GOP Christian conservative world idolator types, YOU might think that it is a TERRIBLE THING that gay rights activists are trying to deny state funding to Christian schools in the UK that oppose homosexuality. I SAY why were these religious schools taking money from the state in the first place? Seriously, what did you people THINK was going to happen? What do you people THINK that Yeshua HaMashiach, your own Lord and Saviour, meant when He said “evil trees cannot produce good fruit”? I know that you do not think that the state is good! (Even socialists and statists would admit that the state is not good in a SPIRITUAL sense!) So, all of you folks IN AMERICA who are champing at the bit for “faith – based programs” and “school vouchers” … well realize that the very thing that Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Muslims, Wiccans, Scientologists, New Agers, etc. need to gain legitimacy and the tens of millions of converts to go with it is for the government to fund their schools and charities. Or did you people honestly think that only CHRISTIANS would be able to get the money and that it would be possible to deny it to anyone else? Excuse me … that’s DISCRIMINATION! By the way CHRISTIANS … DISCRIMINATION IS NOT ONLY AGAINST THE LAW, IT IS ALSO A SIN! ONE OF THE EARLIEST CRISES IN THE CHURCH WAS IN ACTS WHEN THE HEBREW CHRISTIANS WERE DISCRIMINATING AGAINST THE GREEK WIDOWS! PETER DISCRIMINATED AGAINST GENTILE CHRISTIANS WHO CAME TO HIS HOUSE AND PAUL HAD TO COME REBUKE HIM FOR IT! So, Christians, no no no, you won’t be able to take money from the government while denying it to everyone else. The way to AVOID sticky situations like this IS TO NOT SET UP PROGRAMS LIKE THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE, AND TO OPPOSE THE GOVERNMENT WHEN IT TRIES! Do not delude yourself into thinking that EVEN IF other religions participate, the Christians will win, and will be able to use the money to win converts more easily and faster. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Let me tell you something: CHRISTIANITY IS ALREADY THE OVERWHELMING MAJORITY RELIGION IN THIS COUNTRY! CHRISTIANS ALREADY HAVE PLENTY OF MONEY! IF WE AREN’T WINNING CONVERTS WITH THE NUMBERS, MONEY, CHURCHES, (and oh yeah) WITH GOD ON OUR SIDE, THEN MORE MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENT ISN’T GOING TO DO ANY GOOD! But the other religions, meanwhile … give them A FRACTION of the money that TV evangelists blow on their huge half – empty arenas (monuments to themselves), TV budgets (watched 99% by other Christians), huge mansions (and they aren’t using all those rooms to give the poor free housing, most of them do not even adopt kids or take in foster children), and jet planes, AND THEY WILL DECEIVE MILLIONS! And they will do it A) with your tax dollars and B) in programs made possible by your votes. Think about it. Or better yet pray about it to your God!  


One Response to “World – Loving Christians Watch I: Homosexuals And Religious Schools”

  1. Alex said

    Only one correction. Mormons don’t take money from the government.

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