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Demon Of The Day: Ungratefulness

Posted by Job on March 17, 2007

Not only can other demons enter through the sin of ungratefulness, but ungratefulness is also a demon in and of itself. I was flabbergasted as I was listening to the radio this morning, and Dr. Michael Youssef of the Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, Georgia stated that the Apostle Paul gave as one of the signs of the endtimes a pervasive attitude of ungratefulness gripping the world! He then mentioned the depths, the thorough depravity, that an ungrateful person can sink into by referencing the children of Israel. God had led them out of cruel slavery at the hands of the mightiest empire on earth, saved them from the Egyptian army, guided them through the desert giving them food, water, and shelter from the heat, none of their clothes and shoes wore out, none of them got sick or injured, and yet they complained every step of the way. Every step of the way they grumbled. Every step of the way they rebelled. Every step of the way, they reminisced about Egypt. They continually provoked God and Moses to the point where only the intercession of Moses kept them from being slaughtered by God in the wilderness, and God stayed His Hand not so much for their sake or the sake of Moses or even Abraham, but because Moses reminded God that by enduring the stiff – necked Israelis long enough to bring them into Canaan it would bring great honor to His Name throughout the whole world, and that same honor could thereby be used to broadcast the fame of His mighty acts to all the world for all generations so that thereby men might hear, marvel, and be saved!

And this is the amazing thing. The children of Israel did not FORGET how they cried out to God when they were being cruelly afflicted. The mothers still rememberd how their little boys were thrown into the river, and the men remembered how they were worked to death. The children of Israel did not FORGET the plagues that God sent on Egypt to totally destroy the land. The children of Israel did not FORGET how God parted the Red Sea, or how he met they every need. They did not forget; they just did not care! God did all of those things for them, and they just threw it back in His Face!

And some people are just like that. No matter what you do for them, they are never going to change their attitude or how they treat you. No matter what good comes into their lives, their disposition never improves. You can give them a great treasure, such as a virtuous spouse or a healthy loving child, and they will just use, abuse, and neglect it. These people are like this for a reason. They are like this because they have a spirit of ungratefulness working in their lives. This is not like coveting and greed, where no matter what you get you always want more. This is not like jealousy and envy, where something that someone else has either makes you angry or causes you to desire it. For instance, take the greedy person. Give him 1 billion dollars. He isn’t going to say that there is anything wrong with the billion dollars. That is not his problem. His problem is that he wants five billion more! It is not that he does not like what he has, but rather that it does not satisfy him. But the ungrateful person? Give him a billion dollars, and he will just say “more money more problems.” He will not have the mindset to try to use that billion to multiply it. He will not have the mindset to take that billion and hoard it. He will not have the mindset to take that billion and try to do good works like helping the poor. He will just take that money and complain until the day that he dies how horrible it is to be a rich person! He will complain about his taxes. He will complain about how his wife spends his money. He will complain about how lazy and idle his kids are. And he will complain that he has no true friends, for if he were to lose all his money, they would abandon him. He will complain that his accountants are stabbing him in the back and stealing his money. And you know what? The power of life and death are in the tongue. So, because of his complaining, his wife will be wounded and rejected and go spend money to feel better. His kids will never amount to anything because they were never encouraged and challenged. He will only be surrounded with people who want his money because people with character who desire true friendship will not suffer his bitterness. And the people that steal from him will be those whom he himself hired, because his mind is so addled with demons that he is unable to recognize or value someone with integrity to set him over his affairs.

Because you see, the demon of ungratefulness is one of those where once he gets in, he lets in a whole lot more. The ungrateful person because of what he does rejects everything that God has done for him. The primary thing that God does is protect someone, and not only from harm, but from evil spirits. Reject the protection from evil spirits, and the covering goes away, and anything and everything has a license to come in and oppress and torment the ungrateful person. Remember the person in the parable of Yeshua HaMashiach who was forgiven the huge debt hat he owed but would not forgive the small debt that was owed to him? Yeshua HaMashiach said that he was delivered to the TORMENTORS, which means that his protective covering was removed from him, and any and all demons were given license to come into him and do what they wanted. The same is what will be done to an ungrateful person.

How does this start? Some would say that it starts with complaining; while that opens the door, you have to look at what causes the complaining in the first place. When a person complains about something, it is because he is not satisfied with his situation, and wants to REBEL against it. So you see, the root of ungratefulness is REBELLION. What can cause you to rebel? Pride and arrogance. You think that you are better than everyone else and that you are so unique, gifted, and talented and everyone else in the universe is lucky that you even exist. Such a person is not going to be want to told what to do. They are going to resent it, and rebel against it. When their rebellion still does not remove God’s authority from them, they complain about it. But despite their rebellion and complaining, God does not go anywhere. God is still there, in heaven, on the throne, ruling the universe. No matter what you do, God was there before you were and will be there when you were gone. So you have two choices. You can deny God’s existence and live a lie. Or you can get back at God by hardening your heart towards and spurning everything that He gives you! You are so angry at the fact that God exists, that God is in control that, that God will not bow to you and worship you, that He is the center of the universe and not you, that you will call all of the good that He has given You evil. Everything that He has given you is faulty. Everything that He has protected you from, you could have done a better job handling it yourself. Whenever it rains, you want it to be dry, whenever the wind blows it messes up your hair, and not that you like the hair that God gave you anyway because your ends are always splitting.

But at its root, it all comes back to your desire to receive the worship that ought to go to God. You want to receive worship, not give it. You want to be the god of the universe, and since you cannot e that you settle for being the god of your own mind. And that means that you cannot be thankful for anything that you are, have, or get, because that would mean bowing to the real God and giving Him the glory for it! And consider what was said about the wicked people during the great tribulation in Revelation 16. These men were scorched with fire, covered with sores, all the water had turned to blood, afflicted with darkness, and these people still would not repent to give God the glory! Why? Because THEY WANT THE GLORY FOR THEMSELVES! And that is an ungrateful person: he is ungrateful because he will not give gratitude away but wants to keep it to himself, for gratitude is PRAISE. Look at the Psalms of praise i.e. Psalm 100. What do they all contain? SONGS AND PRAYERS OF THANKSGIVING! GIVING THANKS TO GOD! So, the way to prevent worshipping God is by making sure that you will never feel thankfulness in your heart, and ungratefulness does this.

And that is what the beast, the anti – Christ will give people: a way to worship themselves. Self – worship, self – idolatry. Except that with the worship of self, you cannot be grateful. You do not cause the sun to rise. You do not cause the rains to come or the crops to grow. You cannot give thanks to yourself, for you are not the creator of the things for which you ought to give thanks. You cannot do good, only evil! Therefore, because you are worshipping a dead god (yourself), you will be spiritually unable to praise the real living God. Thus, you will go through life finding fault with and rejecting everything. Now in the endtimes, everyone is going to go after a religion or mindset that tells them “it is all about me.” Oh sure, they will still be Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, atheists, CHRISTIANS, and whatever by name. But the point of the religion will go from worshipping God to making the worshipper feel good about himself, to give the worshipper what HE wants. (Sound like a lot of religious, political, social, and philosophical movements today?) And that is going to plunge the world into a morass of ungratefulness, which will literally cause hell to belch out a phalanx of demons that will plunge the world into a state of spiritual darkness not seen since the time of Noah. The thoughts of man will be only evil continually because, well, the thoughts of man will be only on HIMSELF continually! And then the end shall come.

Do not be a person who goes after this madness. Know that there is One God who exists eternally as the Father YHVH, His Word Yeshua HaMashiach, and His Spirit Ruach Hakadosh. Know that you serve Him, and not He you. And do not go after false doctrines that encourages you to doubt, blame, or resent God for all the evil in your life and the world. Keep on doing that mess and you will start calling the blessings that God gives you curses! Praise God for not only the good, but even that which seems bad. Now a lot of Christians say that God cannot do evil, so He is not responsible for the incontrovertibly bad things that happen in your life (death, sickness, poverty, mental illness, family breakdown, etc.) but rather those are the doings of Satan and of sin. That is fine with me. So, even if you are not going to thank God for the bad things that happened in your life, thank Him for giving you the strength to endure them! If you let the joy of the Lord be your strength, you will never be ungrateful. Even if you have totally completely lost your joy, hope, and faith, find some way to thank God even if it is in the least small way (so long as it is honest and not sarcastic, ironic, or back – handed). Why? Because no matter what you are going through, it is not worth allowing the demon of ungratefulness get ahold of you. That is something that even Job realized. When his wife told him to curse God and die, Job replied to her “is it right for me to receive good from the Lord and not also evil(Job 2:9-10) ?” As marginal as that sounds, it means that if only in the slightest flicker glimmer of a way, Job still acknowledged that God had been good to him. And that was giving God the slightest flicker glimmer of praise. That meant that there was just the slightest flicker glimmer that God accounted to Job for righteousness, and that was just enough to save his soul! So you see, dear Christian, the sin of ungratefulness is very serious, and is why Christians should make as part of their daily habit giving God thanks and praise lest they fall into it. Read and recite the Psalms daily, and make up your own little psalms of praise to add to them, even if they are silly little bouncy childish chants that make you giggle and feel good. It may seem ridiculous to the outside world, but that is the point: they’re the world, of course they are going to reject it! If you are able to get all silly and happy with it, then that means that it is sincere, the praise and love for God that you are having and experiencing is real! Sure, it is emotionalism, but so what … it drives demons nuts, and they get filled with so much torment (for all demons wish to be worshipped and cannot STAND when God gets real worship, sure fake worship or religious habitual worship they can stand, but REAL WORSHIP, no!) that they have to flee for the sake of their own envy! Even saying prayers of thanks over your food and thanking God that he allowed you to sleep through the night and get up in the morning (which means that he preserved your life, health, and mind, serious stuff!), things that you learned (or should have learned) as a small child counts!  Get this: realize that kids were once taught to say their prayers of thanks at the start of each day and before each meal in public schools, but then came the atheists, the ACLU, and the Jewish activists … you had no idea what serious business this stuff is, especially for kids whose parents don’t take them to church, didn’t you? It is all about getting into a lifestyle of being thankful, and by doing all that he can to hinder that, Satan knows what he is doing. Now that you know his game and the stakes, it is up to you, Christian, to always thank your God no matter what and fight back! A simple prayer of thanksgiving, especially in times of great sorrow and trial and particularly when the things that you are experiencing are really unfair (or at least seem to you to be at the time) is the most basic fundamental form of spiritual warfare there is. I bet you didn’t know that by teaching your kids to “say grace” before each meal that you were using them as spiritual warriors against Satan and his kingdom of darkness, did you? Well, Christian, now you know the TRUE power of God, and of being ever thankful to Him!


4 Responses to “Demon Of The Day: Ungratefulness”

  1. Kayla said

    This is such an uplifting article. To know that someone is still telling the true utterances of God in this late day and age. It really opened my eyes in areas where I needed to be more serious when I see ungratefulness in ANY area of my life. God has been too good to me for me not to give Him total praise. I thank God for this article and I will pass it to my friends and family.

  2. david alozie said

    this is so good to me i was preparing a talk on the sin of ungratefulness to my wife and i went to google and here iam .i will just print this out and share with her.nagging is as a result of this sin.

  3. Thanks for a great article packed with truths. Preparing to give a talk today at the Women’s Meeting in my church, so this is where my search ends. Thank you i know God will move in a mighty way today and the power of the enemy will be broken over many. Thank you

  4. Prophet Daniel said

    I was preparing a teaching and exhortation on “THE SPIRIT OF UNGRATEFULNESS”, and i landed on this material. This is a great resource and i will put out sometime to digest it as i want to bookmark it right now. God bless the servant of his that shared this in Jesus name. Amen.

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