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Satan Is Real And After Your Children IV: Body Of 6 Year Old Found, Registered Sex Offender Arrested

Posted by Job on March 16, 2007

Here is the link to this tragedy. See Part I, Part II, and Part III! Now, atheists use incidents like this to claim that there is no God, for if there were a God He would not allow the innocent to be victimized in this fashion. I say the opposite. I say that the innocent are victimized like this because the world fell into sin, which gives evil, Satan, reign over the earth. Whether it is a Holocaust of 6 million Jews or a horrible crime that happens to one person, it is clearly the work of evil, with demons and people who have given themselves over to them no doubt involved. So, in order for such great evil to exist, evil that does not even spare innocent children from depraved acts of homosexual rape and murder, then a great good must exist also, and the Bible tells us that there is none good but God. The humanists want to look at things such as this and say that God does not exist, or if He does then He is not good if He allows this to happen. I say who are we to point the finger? God has never done any evil; if He has, show me. But man has done evil. Each and every man born of Adam that has walked this earth has done evil. We have lied, cheated, stolen, used people, etc. And those are just our actions. What about the contents of our hearts? We all know that when we turn the lights out, pull the covers over our heads, and retreat into our own little worlds inside our heads, we are capable of thinking of some very bad things. No, I am not talking about merely “naughty thoughts”, but rather acts of unspeakable hurt, violence, and depravity against other people, especially those who we feel have caused some injury to us. Do not deny that this is true. One of the things about the anonymity of the Internet is that with discussion boards, chatrooms, weblogs, etc. people are able to pour out SOME of the dark contents of their minds. But we all know that we have had thoughts that we even dare not to mention in that forum. So, if we are capable of not only having these thoughts but entertaining them, then the only difference between us and criminals like these is that they actually act on their thoughts while we do not. That is why the Bible says that whoever even LOOKS at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery, and whoever hates someone else is a murderer! So, all men have the nature of Adam inside them whether we want to admit it or not. So no, humanists, man is not good. Only God is.

And this is why we need to evangelize our children, tell them about Yeshua HaMashiach and encourage them to accept Him as their Saviour at very young ages. If public schools are now teaching kindergartners homosexual propaganda, then the notion that “it is wrong to indoctrinate such thoughts on impressionable young minds; wait until they are old and mature enough to decide for themselves” argument now null and void. Now, I am not going to say that if you get your child to accept Yeshua HaMashiach as his or her personal Saviour that this will not happen to them. I personally happen to be that it will be an extra layer of protection, but the truth is that tragedies like this happen to children who love the Lord too. No, I am going to be honest with you: the reason why parents should have their children accept Father YHVH through Yeshua HaMashiach is the fate of their eternal soul IF something like this were to happen. People have their theories about what happens to the souls of children; the truth is that the Bible really does not deal with it. So why leave it to chance just because you are afraid of offending sensibilities? And I am not talking about the haters of God, including “Christian” liberals”, who equate such things with brainwashing and child abuse. No, I am talking about a lot of churches, pastors, and theologians out there who preach that children are too young to be saved because they do not know what they are doing; because they do not know that they are sinners. Or they just say that “there’s no rush.” You know what that means? THESE PEOPLE ARE ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL! Would you withhold nice clothes from a child? A warm bed from a child? A hot nutritious meal from a child? Would you say that you are not going to give a child medicine because he doesn’t understand the difference between being sick and being well at that age, or because you do not want to indoctrinate him into preferring commercially manufactured medicines over natural herbal remedies! OF COURSE NOT! So why on earth would you withhold from a child what they REALLY NEED? Why are so many churches erecting barriers between kids and the best thing that is going to happen to them in their whole lives?

And this is my biggest problem that I have with children’s “Christian” entertainment. They don’t talk about salvation. They do not talk about Satan, the lake of fire, or judgment. The vast majority of them don’t even talk about Yeshua HaMashiach! Nope, it is all about “values.” Oh, they will give you a Bible verse or two, but they never tell you what the Bible IS or why they should care about what the Bible says! Look, we start training up children practically from the moment they are born how to fit into western culture: how they should dress, how they should behave, etc. Well why do not even CHRISTIAN parents involve God and the Bible with their children’s activity on a daily basis so that thinking about and serving God is second nature? Instead, we raise our children up as we were raised: to turn our relationship with God into a religion and compartmentalize it. God is only for a few hours a day on Sunday, plus maybe a prayer before each meal and before bedtime. Well let me tell you something: SATAN DOES NOT COMPARTMENTALIZE! He is after your children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 1/4 days a year! Most parents simply do not want to deal with that fact. Well, your child’s eternity could be at stake, so you had better start dealing with it. You remember the parable of the talents. A lot of us parents are one talent types whom the only people that God put us on this planet to evangelize are our own kids. And like the guy in the parable, we aren’t even doing that! We need to get our minds out of this worldly “our children are our future” nonsense. Forget the future; tomorrow’s not promised to you or your child. That’s right, I said it: TOMORROW’S NOT PROMISED TO YOUR CHILD! Your child is not “the future”, your child is TODAY, so TODAY you need to start telling your child about how he or she needs Yeshua HaMashiach. You can read this article, and break it down to their level to explain to your child or children everything that they need to know. Do not worry about this notion that telling them about the lake of fire will upset them. Anyone who has seen what children watch on cartoons these days: the violence, the monsters, the pagan spirituality, etc. who then wants to claim that talk of judgment will somehow scare or harm a child is someone who obviously has decided that the world is more righteous than God is.

Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, please protect the children from hurt, harm, danger, disease, and death. Please motivate the parents to tell their children, even very small children, that they need to accept salvation through Yeshua HaMashiach so that their eternal fates can be secure. Amen.


2 Responses to “Satan Is Real And After Your Children IV: Body Of 6 Year Old Found, Registered Sex Offender Arrested”

  1. anonymous said

    The moment Guantanamo happened, it was clearly known that there are highly advanced people (The White Race) that have taken over the planet. This genetically highly advanced white race is famous for just one thing – They Unanimously Hate Human Beings. The White Race just can’t understand human beings. They Hate Human Beings, no matter who it is. They Hated Black and Brown people and committed Slavery, Racism, and Bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Now this century, they have their licence to anninhillate human beings, extended by the motherfucking God who has cheated us. And yes, forgot to say one more line:

    God Has had a deal with the white race! And it says : ” You wan’t human flesh for torture, i create various races and religions only for you to torture and enjoy”

    This is the nature of MotherFucking God

    Forget the rest of it. The Jews and White Race have Won. It is time we bend our ass and take it! What is the use of talking about people when God himself has Cheated us

  2. Jai said

    I’ve read this post and it was scary. What is this world will turn into?

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