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Why Churches And Ministries Should Not Take State Money Part II

Posted by Job on March 13, 2007

 Here is an example of what I was speaking of in Part I. Yes, it is terrible that the ACLU is trying to stop an excellent Christian ministry from helping foster kids, and the result of their evil deeds will be the foster kids that they were providing love and stability to will now have the usual foster child lifestyle of going from home to home, often to foster parents who cannot handle them because of the state restrictions imposed on them and to “parents” who are only in it for the money and thereby neglect and abuse them. But ultimately, why is this a surprise? The ACLU is a Satanic organization, and Satan comes but to kill, steal, and the destroy, and especially likes destroying children, even the unborn. The real problem is that Christian ministries like these have not done enough to make themselves IMMUNE to the attacks of the enemy that will inevitably come, and will only increase in the last days as the combination of Yeshua HaMashiach’s glorious return will make Satan even more angry and desperate, and the increasing evil in the world and the weakening of the church makes him become even more bold and depraved. Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children is clearly a victim of Christian persecution, but does not the Bible say that the forces of evil will persecute the saints?

By their own admission, if the ACLU gets their way, this fine ministry will have to repay the state millions of dollars that it never should have accepted in the first place, and that will force them to close their doors. Now, of all these megarich megapreachers and Christian broadcasters who have millions, hundreds of millions, and in some cases BILLIONS of dollars in their bank accounts and at their fingertips, would any of them write a check to keep this place open? Well, if that were the case, these people wouldn’t have needed to be taking money from the beast (the government, which is to be part of the beast, read Revelation and Daniel!) in the first place.

Tom DeLay had many problems, but one of the (few) good things that he did was to start a Christian foster home that would decline money from the state. Churches and ministries need to follow suit, and quickly. The big churches and ministries need to start by reorganizing so that they are no longer tax – exempt; perhaps even petitioning Congress to create a low tax category for churches and foundation that are nonprofit but do not wish to abide by the regulations that they are certainly going to start imposing on nonprofits very shortly (i.e. “having to be in compliance with the civil rights act”). The smaller churches, especially the ones who already have part – time pastors for whom ministry is not their primary means of support, need to start converting to home churches. People, the battle is already on, and the enemy is getting ever emboldened. What Christians need to do is recognize the war and start fighting it. Christians in Muslim and Marxist nations already do this, so did the early church back when they were being persecuted by the Jews and Romans. Are we better than them?

Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, please lead your pastors and children to seek You for guidance concerning the future of their churches and ministries. Please may they realize that they are going to have to shortly change their operations in order to prevent being ensnared by the beast system; that they will not become complacent and be devoured by the spirit of strong delusion that will come into the land, along with it the false belief that it will be OK to change and compromise to accommodate the beast. May those who truly love You and are willing to sacrifice and face persecution to obey You and spread the true gospel of Your Son’s Resurrection and Deity stand up and do so. In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, amen.


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