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Why Churches And Ministries Should Not Take State Money Part I

Posted by Job on March 13, 2007

When I was a member of the religious right – which means when I was out of my mind – I supported school vouchers, charitable choice, faith – based programs, etc. Then I read Frank Peretti’s Darkness series (This Present Darkness, Piercing the Darkness) and saw EXACTLY how out of my mind I was. The inevitable result of churches accepting state funds is A) our churches and ministries having to abide by regulations created by Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi and B) churches and ministries who are NOT willing to abide by the anti – Christ rules being unable to compete with the ones who get taxpayer dollars. This is already happening to a degree in the fine state of Georgia. A church can run a daycare and receive taxpayer dollars from the LOTTERY FUNDED “PeachCare” programs SO LONG AS THEY DO NOT TEACH RELIGION. Of course, virtually every working parent looking to save money AND put their children in a “PeachCare certified childcare facility” AND benefit from the “seamless transition from PeachCare daycares that offer the approved Georgia Department of Education curriculum to Georgia public schools” is going to patronize the daycares that receive tax money. Of course, the megachurches with deep pockets and affluent congregations are not being threatened by this, but the smaller churches and ministries are having to choose between going the PeachCare route and not only being forbidden to teach Jesus but being ultimately forced to promote the anti – Christ agenda (they are indoctrinating kindergartners with pro – homosexual lies in Massachussets among other places, and though “conservatives” are running Georgia NOW, do not forget that Georgia has a very large and powerful liberal community) or close their doors. Look, churches and ministries should not only stop seeking state money, they should also start declining tax – exempt status. Otherwise, they will be relying on the beast, the government (read Revelation, it is true, the government is part of the beast’s system) for their survival, and the beast’s support will inevitably come with anti – Christ strings attached. The Christian right’s pushing “faith based programs” is nothing but fattening frogs for snakes, or should I say dragons. 

Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, please lead your pastors and children to seek You for guidance concerning the future of their churches and ministries. Please may they realize that they are going to have to shortly change their operations in order to prevent being ensnared by the beast system; that they will not become complacent and be devoured by the spirit of strong delusion that will come into the land, along with it the false belief that it will be OK to change and compromise to accommodate the beast. May those who truly love You and are willing to sacrifice and face persecution to obey You and spread the true gospel of Your Son’s Resurrection and Deity stand up and do so. In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, amen.


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