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What Simcha Jacobovici Will Never Make A Movie About

Posted by Job on March 13, 2007

Amazing that James Cameron is taking all the heat for trying to peddle the “tomb of Jesus discovered” fraud, and none is being directed at the DIRECTOR of the film, ultra – Zionist Simcha Jacobovici. (I suppose that would make “Christian Zionists” like John Hagee, who is getting hammered all over the blogosphere as a nutcase and anti – Semite for cozying up to every Christ denier that he can find in the hopes that he can push along the fulfillment of the Ezekiel prophecies and MAKE Yeshua HaMashiach come back quicker, fellow travelers with a man who is trying his best to destroy the faith that he hates like Jacobovici.) We all know why; the media and the left want to do all that they can to mask the deep antipathy that many Jews have for Christianity, and when people like John Hagee could and SHOULD be telling their people the truth, they go after the power, money, and connections (mammon).   I already mentioned the foolishness of people like Hagee for sidling up to people who view us as no different from Mormons, Muslims, and Jehovah’s Witnesses (and quite frankly prefer Muslims to us even though it is the MUSLIMS who are trying to kill them and US who is defending them), and how as a condition for being accepted by the likes of AIPAC and of Jewish rabbis and political leaders who are willing to APPEAR to be conciliatory he had to A) promise not to proselytize Jews (though Jews are accusing him of doing it anyway) and claim that Yeshua HaMashiach was a political rebel killed by Rome as opposed to BEING GOD AND THE JEWISH MESSIAH (though Jews are calling him an anti – Semite anyway).

I have to admit, I fell for the “Christian Zionism” scam until I started reading Jewish and Israeli newspapers and blogs and saw what Jews actually think of us and our religion. News flash: THEY REALLY DO NOT LIKE US! THEY ACTUALLY DO PREFER ISLAM TO CHRISTIANITY, BECAUSE ISLAM DOES NOT OFFEND THEIR RELIGION BY PROCLAIMING YESHUA HAMASHIACH AS THE MESSIAH, GOD IN THE FLESH! WHATEVER THEY CAN DO TO UNDERMINE AND DESTROY TRUE CHRISTIANITY, THEY DO IT! They do so claiming to fear the threat of persecution – and yes we Christians HAVE violated the Bible and persecuted Jews – and of conversion – and yes we Christians HAVE violated the Bible and forced Jews to convert or be killed and even stolen their children for the purposes of converting them. Yes, Christians have committed real crimes against Jews ever since Constantine. BUT THAT IS NOT THE REAL REASON WHY JEWS LOATHE CHRISTIANITY! THAT IS NOT THE REAL REASON WHY JEWS STOPPED NAMING THEIR BOYS JOSHUA! THE REAL REASON IS BECAUSE OUR RELIGION DEEPLY PERSONALLY OFFENDS THEM! Now go back to the gospels. Why were there severe ethnic tensions going on between the Samaritans and the Israelis? Because the Samaritans claimed to be worshipping the same God as the Jews were. And that was, you know, just about it! Just as the Jews of that time would really have rather the Samaritans been Greek and Roman pagans than try to worship their God, modern Jews would rather us be Muslims stealing the land that God gave them forever, raining rockets on their cities, and doing our best to get chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons to REALLY get after them than go around claiming that YESHUA HAMASHIACH WAS THEIR GOD IN THE FLESH!

Make no mistake, hating and mistreating Jews is a sin. But Christian leaders who refuse to deal with the deep antipathy that Jews have towards our religion and take part in these “interfaith dialogues” and anything else designed to get them to water down and refuse to promote and defend the faith (as John Hagee has done) in order to avoid offending them are doing a disservice to the job that God called them to do. So yes, fight anti – Semitism, defend Israel, but do not hate your own God in the process!

The good news is that right when Simcha Jacobovici is making movies claiming that Christianity is a lie because he thinks that stripping the world of its Christians and leaving Jews and Israel at the mercy of the Muslims, the Marxists, and the ACLU would somehow advance their agenda, the truth still wins out: remains of the oldest church ever found in the Holy Land. While it is not old enough to tie to the era of Yeshua HaMashiach and the New Testament writers (it is 300 – 400 AD as opposed to 1st century AD), it is early enough to discredit the main thrust of conspiracy theorists like Jacobovici (and Dan Brown) who claim that Yeshua HaMashiach’s divinity was invented by Constantine. Which is, of course, why people like these are never going to make a movie about the early churches not only in the Holy Land, but all over Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. In order to continue to try to cause people to believe that Christianity is a lie, the truth is too inconvenient, and there are far too many “Christian Zionists” like John Hagee (as well as fearful publications like Christianity Today, who also puts the bulk of the blame on Cameron) who are unwilling to confront the enemies of Christianity by calling them on it.


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  4. unconvined said

    Hmmmm…..Constantine converted in 312, and the earliest church dates from the 4th century. And this *undermines* the claim that Jesus’ divinity was invented by Constantine?

  5. Job said


    The earliest church was a Messianic Jewish synagogue found near Jerusalem from the 1st century. Several Asian churches have been found from at least the early 2nd second century. And this speaks nothing of the 1st and 2nd century documents that we have, from not only Christian but anti – Christian Jewish and Roman sources. The evidence does not line up with your position.

  6. Carnie Ahsada said

    God’s command to go into all the world and preach the gospel should be this web site’s goal not atacking fellow Christians as you have done here.The Jews are God’s chosen people and in his word he states he will bless those that help them and curse those who do not.Perhaps you should remove the moat from your own eye before you attempt to remove the moat from your brothers eye.

  7. DIANA R. AVERSA said

    Hello I am a simple mother of 4 grandmother of 7. When I came across this I got very ill. My family come form middle Asiz and the othe from united states(native american) I was alway taught to have repect for the dead. I know, I know, I know, the spirit resurected and the body stays. But now I realize If you believe GOOD!!! But if you don’t I AM Sorry. But PLEASE CONTINUE YOUR STUDIES AND SEARCH MY FAMILY AND I ARE VERY INTERESTED IN YOUR FIND. THE DVD AND BOOK LEFT US WANTING TO KNOW MORE. OUR PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU ALL.

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