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Lots Of Good Stuff On Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s September 11th – Justifying Church

Posted by Job on March 10, 2007

See link here, and pay attention to a lot of the other links contained in the article. This church has as much to do with Christianity as does the white supremacist “Worldwide Church of the Creator” (run by an admitted atheist who rejects Christianity because Christianity makes him equal to black people) does, and interestingly enough that church is near Chicago too. Even better: Oprah Winfrey, the queen of new age, is in that church. So, no, you do not have to make a statement of confession to worship Yeshua HaMashiach exclusively or at all to be in that church. When you add to to that the fact that Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s “pastor” made comments that can be easily construed as to saying that 9/11 was justifiable because it was an act of minority self – defense against a white capitalist nation (typical liberation theology stuff) and that when he studied religion at Howard University his emphasis was ISLAM, then that is just so much more evidence for my assertion that Obama is an undercover Muslim member of the Muslim Brotherhood (I admit that I did not create this line of thinking but rather Debbie Schlussel – of whom I am not a fan – did, and I just decided to run with it.  


4 Responses to “Lots Of Good Stuff On Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s September 11th – Justifying Church”

  1. Survivor said

    It is always amazing to me when Whites and others immediately say they are not racist…they have many Black friends.

    The Church is the cornerstone of the Black Community, and as doc stated, it has taken on many roles throughout the years, including that of parent. Dr. Wright’s sermons appear to be a little “left” for my taste..but is Barack running for president or is Jeremiah? Is it correct to assume that each member of the congregation shares Dr. Wright’s viewpoints in totality? I have several catholic friends on birth control pills…and we see just how well abstinence is working out for the priests. I have been given, and have accepted many opportunities that were made possible by the blood, sweat, and tears of my forefathers. I only blame myself for what I lack. However, I will always have to be twice as good, twice as persistent, and twice as strong for the same management position held by a Caucasian middle-aged male because I represent the double minority, a Black-female. Unfortunately, we are all racist to a degree and therefore victims of racism. Until you have lived the day-to-day life in a Black person’s shoes, we would not expect you to understand the need for a Black Value System, to understand the impact of years of oppression, or to understand our culture. My parents did not teach me that I was Black and my friends were White…I was taught by my second grade White teacher when a student called me a “n____” and her response when I told on my classmate…”But you are.”

  2. Dear Survivor:

    I am myself a black male born, raised, educated, and currently living in the deep south and as such have experienced racism firsthand. So, I have walked in those shoes. Now, I walking in the shoes of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ), and thereby warring against the sins and evils of the world, of which racism is incontrovertibly one but not the only one. The racism, discrimination, poverty, etc. that blacks experience is no excuse for turning your back on God. I would have little problem with this group that Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey chooses to hang out with if it were a secular organisation. I would not like it or approve of it because I sincerely believe it to be not in accordance with how the Bible says that you should live your life, but tthat is them. But when a bunch of people come together for the purpose of rejecting or defying the Word of God and call themselves a Christian church, then that makes it an issue for this website, whose only role is to promote and defend the faith, to comment on. I made this post to defend running your church according to Bible doctrine, and promote following Yeshua HaMashiach as the only way that racism can be dealt with. Liberation theology is concerned with this life; Yeshua HaMashiach specifically told us to be concerned with the next one. On judgment day, no allowances to American blacks because of the racism that we suffered are going to be made. Instead, we will be judged according to OUR WORKS, which means whether we worshipped the God of the Bible the way the Bible intends, which is the only way that our own sins will be forgiven and forgotten. Black people should not let the sins of whites fill them with such anger and resentment that it causes them to reject the Bible and go to the lake of fire. At the very best, one who does such a thing will receive the very same punishment as the white racist and therefore be no better off. At the very worst, the same white racists whose anger against sent you to the lake of fire will themselves repent, be forgiven, and avoid your fate! So, it is not an issue of whether all the congregation agrees with Jeremiah Wright, but the question of why they are even in a church whose doctrine so transgresses the Bible that the question of whether to agree with the pastor is an issue. If the pastor is following the Bible, then everyone in the congregation – and indeed everyone who calls himself a Christian whether in the congregation or not – SHOULD agree with him. And in the pastor is not following the Bible, then there should be no one in the congregation to even have an opinion on what this rejecter of God has to say one way or another.

  3. Carl Habibuw said

    I wish and pray that all men one day due to respect to our Heavenly Father and to His will ,believe in The Cornerstone
    Yehua HaMashiach
    So that we willing to be grafted(Romans11:10through32) and it will be one fold(John10:16) one Mediator(1Timothy2:5)That the scrptures may be fulfilled You will not see Me untill you will say,Bless is he that come in the name of The Lord
    Yeshua HaMashiach and to go on our knee (Philippians2:9,10,11)
    and to believe in one genuine name Yehua HaMashiach

  4. Carl: Thank you for the sincere and powerful prayer.

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