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Demon Of The Day: Gluttony

Posted by Job on March 10, 2007

Gluttony is not merely overeating, eating unhealthily, or eating when you are not hungry, although all of those are signs of gluttony and can give a demon of gluttony a legal right of entry to you. (The fact that evil spirits are legalists should prevent Christians from walking after their ways!) Make no mistake, gluttony is an evil spirits, and evil spirits are depraved and irredeemably evil with no positive characteristics. So, a person bound by a spirit of gluttony will have unnatural eating habits, compulsions, and cravings. Not only being denied food, but being denied the type of food and the amount of food that the demon is motivating to crave will cause such a person severe emotional, mental, or even physical distress. The person afflicted with this will not only think but fantasize about food all the time. He will use food as a motivation and reward. He will use eating as a way to mask his problems and as an escape. He will believe that eating and eating certain things will make him happy. At first, eating will make him happy for a time, but the happiness will go away. Then, the eating will not make him happy, but he will continue to eat anyway chasing the happiness that it USED to give him, plus he knows nothing else to do and cannot control himself. Whenever such a person is sad, lonely, nervous, stressed out, fearful, is having financial/health/relationship problems, food will be the refuge. The person will also allow himself to be trapped in bad situations, because rather than taking the steps required to extricate himself from it, he will just be passive, accept defeat, and just go eat something.

It is easy to mock or even hate the image that comes in your mind of a lonely pig hiding from the world eating a large amount of food while sitting on the couch in his stained underwear or pajamas, but the fact is that these are real people under demonic oppression, and they are in real pain! A great many of these people commit suicide, and if it is not by using a gun or pills it is just by eating themselves to death. So make no mistake, gluttony is no joke.

Another terrible truth is that this spirit seems to be hard at work in the church. There is the stereotype of the overweight church man or lady, and it is not a stereotype! Though it is not much remarked on inside or outside of the church in polite company, privately many worldly people attempt to psychoanalyze church people by claiming that the reason why so many Christians overeat (and why charismatics “shout” for that matter) is because it is an outlet for people who are inhibited and repressed, especially sexually. Of course that is nonsense and the reason for the gluttony is demonic, but the fact that it is common enough for the world to observe it and come up with strange theories for it only shows how common it is. The truth is, however, that people who are trying to live for God will not do the same things or go the same places that the world does, and that can lead to a lot of rejection, stress, and loneliness. And there is also great pressure to “be holy” after the manner of religious appearances, and to religious folk looking the wrong way or saying the wrong thing “will send you straight to hell” but getting thirds and fourths from the church buffet table is just fine.

There are also other definitions of gluttony that are not limited to food. One is wanting more pleasure from something than it was made for, another is having to have things our own special way (delicacy), and a third is demanding too much from people (excessive desire for other people’s time or presence). In other words, an inordinate desire for pleasure, or living to please oneself.

The question is how does this spirit enter. Most evil spirits enter as a result of a reaction to a person being wounded, neglected, or harmed emotionally or mentally in some way. A small child, for instance, may suffer a great loss, and resort to eating his or her favorite food in order to cope with the grief, make it go away. A child being abused or molested may do the same. A person who frequently experiences social rejection, academic, professional, or relationship failures will often take refuge in food. Parents may even expose their children to gluttony by allowing them to overindulge in food, sometimes as a result of the parent feeling guilty for neglecting the child for work or for being a single parent. Any person who has not developed the ability to cope with daily life and will run to the refrigerator rather than deal with problems is either a glutton already or is in danger of being one.

Of course, such a person will need not only spiritual deliverance, but a complete and total change in their lifestyle and the way that they look at life. Even with the demon gone, the physical, psychological, and emotional need for food will almost certainly still be there, as will the gaping wound, unresoved issue, or unmet need that the person was trying to cover up with food in the first place. Until those are dealt with, the person will be at risk for allowing the demon to re – enter. For the former, a rigorous but attainable and non – legalistic program of fasting is often necessary to break the person’s physical, psychological, and emotional addiction, and to build self – control. In most cases, this will be arduous, must be done over long periods of time, and the person will experience any number of failures and disappointments along the way, but the good news is that it almost always works! The dependency goes first, then the habits, then the craving. After one is done, he will discover that he didn’t even LIKE a lot of the food that he was eating! And as for the unmet need that was being covered up by the wound, well a lot of people will find out that the fasting to break themselves from the food was easier. It will involve confronting painful incidents from the past, especially childhood, including things long forgotten or more accurately repressed and buried under piles of food. The person who is eating because of failures must realize that the reason for the failures is his unwillingness to do only that which God wants him to do; a failure to submit to God and let God run his life. Up till that point, his life has been driven by his own desire to experience pleasure! But once a person stops living to please himself and starts living to please God, he will see that he will never fail. Also, the person who runs and eats because of fear and therefore never does this thing or that thing needs to realize that in many cases this is a demonic trap to keep him from doing what God wants him to do, and therefore this gluttony demon has been acting to hinder God’s plan. Imagine if David had gone off and eaten something when it was time to face Goliath, or Moses had done so when it was time to lead Israel out of Egypt, or John the Baptist had done so when it was time to proclaim the coming of Yeshua HaMashiach and baptize many of the people who would follow Him and ultimately preach His resurrection to prepare the way! If a demon of gluttony could have delayed those works being done, it most certainly would have, and that is precisely what many glutton demons are doing to hinder the people that they are oppressing in their service to God. But the thing is that even when the demon is gone, the fear is still there. The way to overcome it is to remember Bible verses such as “perfect love casts out fear” and “God has not given us the spirit of fear but of a sound mind” and then go forth and do EXACTLY what we are most afraid of, because often that will be the thing that God wants us to do, and what Satan DOESN’T want us to do.

Remember, Yeshua HaMashiach got the victory over all demons for us on the cross through His shed Blood. In order to claim that victory, we must first be saved and reconciled with Father YHVH by that same Yeshua HaMashiach, and then be honest about our behavior and need for deliverance, and then further be honest about what the root cause or issue of the behavior is and deal with that as well. There is no reason to be ashamed. Quite the contrary, you should be thrilled, liberated! Why? Because many gluttons are consumed with guilt over their behavior and self – loathing over their appearance. But finding out that it isn’t YOU, that there isn’t anything wrong with YOU, that YOU are not a filthy disgusting pig but rather there is a filthy disgusting pig defiling your temple of the Holy Spirit – your body – that is making you act that way and that once you are free of that demon you can finally take on a lifestyle and eating habits that God intended ought to thrill you. Knowing that once that is done you will be able to take on healthy eating habits and have the ability to exercise to improve your health and appearance ought to motivate you! Remember, all demons are liars. So if you have some glutton demon telling you that you are just worthless, useless, a pig and a slob, and that God will never love or accept something gross and disgusting like you, then know that this demon is LYING. Actually, what the demon is describing is ITSELF. The DEMON is gross and disgusting. The DEMON is what God will never accept. Why? Because the DEMON REBELLED AGAINST GOD! But that is not you. You are not a rebel against God, you are reconciled to God (or at least you can be, if you want to be please follow this link). So do not believe the lying demon, but rather know that your reconciliation with God makes your deliverance possible right now!

Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, please reveal it to people with gluttony what they have inside them, and motivate them not to feel ashamed but instead to seek deliverance so that they can be free. Please lead them Lord to wise, patient, loving counselors who can perform deliverance and then help them with the recovery process of fasting and teaching them how to let the Ruach Hakadosh conquer their fears, eliminate their self – hate and guit, and heal their wounds. Let them know, Lord, that victory is already theirs and all they need is to step forward and claim it! In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, Amen! In the Name and by the Blood of Yeshua HaMashiach, I bind and rebuke every demon of gluttony that is operating or trying to operate within the Body of Christ, or has its design on any child, and in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach I command you to loose and free from the Body of Christ and from all children.


31 Responses to “Demon Of The Day: Gluttony”

  1. Heidi said

    I agree with you that there is a spirit of gluttony. The question I want to ask, have you ever encountered this spirit when leading someone in deliverance? Did the Holy Spirit actually say “There is a spirit of gluttony responsible for this person’s weight.” Or was it just assumed there was an evil spirit?

    Is the demon that causes someone to be overweight always gluttony in your experience, or sometimes other spirits? Is every overweight or obese person possessed or oppressed? It would be interesting to read of encounters with this spirit and what it said or argued before it came out. On good book on the subject is Bill Bank’s “Deliverance from fat and eating disorders.”

    I was wondering your name, who wrote this article, because I would like to reference this web page for something I am writing. Thankyou.


  2. WAYNE said


  3. Melissa said

    I am blessed to have found this article tonight, this is my second time writing a comment, I felt embarrassed and ashamed and forget that it noted that my email would not even be published. I have been struggling with a Glutton spirit for so, too long now. I can see myself throughout the writings of this article. Even when I try to set up a plan I fail, again and again. I really need and want to see myself as God does. I hope and pray that the light that has been shed from the Truths in the article will help me to overcome and defeat this demon once and for all. I pray that I will make the choice to stand on the Word and the power of the holy Spirit that I may fulfill the plans and purposes of God.

  4. Nalini said

    Please Pray for me… I was overweight before my salvation. In 3-1/2 months after salvation I became slim through fasting and prayer in my Bible training. but after I came back, i have again started gaining weight and I am not able to have self control. I decide not to eat and have control but once the food is cooked I lose control and eat till i am stuffed. Then I feel guilty. Fasting also has become tuff for me. Today i cried in my personal time with the Lord and said, ” Daddy, I confess that I have craving for food but my spirit does not want, Kinldy deliver me, Me head was paining, so I sensed something was wrong”, I cried bitterly for deliverance. A voice tugged my heart which said, “Go ahead, and search of Spirit of gluttony” I searched and landed up on this site, which truly gave me peace in heart. Kindly pray for complete deliverance.

    • Avocadess said

      I relate so much to what you are saying. Dealing with gluttony has been something I have wrestled with since childhood. There are times I stayed very slim especially in my teens and twenties, but at those times gluttony was replaced by vanity and/or self-obsession. One of the things I really love about the message on this page is how it talks about how these demons work to do ANYTHING to keep us from serving God. This is so true! And fasting IS the easiest way to deal with gluttony — though the DECISION to fast can be very difficult! I fasted for the first time in over a year a few days ago — just from nighttime through about 6:00 p.m. the next day (I guess about 16-18 hours of fasting on water only). It was surprisingly easy and the challenges were not with my stomach but with my mind.

      I am working on a lifestyle of what might be called intermittent fasting — that is, fasting until noon and also fasting after 8:00 p.m. on all days. Some doctors say this is also a very healthy way to eat, especially when working to keep down portion size and avoiding junk food. My body can totally handle this. It is my mind that goes wild, and I appreciate this page so much. I have written down prayers from it that I will repeat.

      In my life the demons of gluttony and vanity have played “catch” with me. When not being a glutton and getting slim the demons traded off encouraging me to be vain and selfish. But now I have Jesus. Please pray for me. I need all the prayers I can get, as this has been going on in my life for over 50 years. “LET ME KNOW, LORD, THAT VICTORY IS MINE AND THAT ALL I NEED TO DO IS STEP FORWARD AND CLAIM IT, IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, AMEN!” I will add to my prayers all of my Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ who have been beaten up by these demons.

  5. t.rodgers said

    I had a nervous breakdown nine years ago and i suffered from depression I currently weigh 260 pounds and i am not happy with my weight. And I am ashamed of how my eating has got out of control i am glad that i have came across this article i hope that you wqould pray for me on this path i know that God has me in his hands and he will work all things out for my good but it wont hurt ti have other people praying for me.

  6. Marissa said

    I was a fallen away Catholic until 4 1/2 months ago. I attended a Faith in the Fire retreat held by the Catholic Charismatic Center of Houston, it was at this retreat that I was Baptized in the fire of the Holy Spirit and pulled out of Bondage. I instantly lost 10lbs that weekend and noticed that my appetite was very minimal. For a whole two weeks all I wanted to eat were vegetables and could not eat more than a fist full. That experience made me aware that I had been release from the bondage of a demon. The demon has come back because food is something I’ve always used to find comfort….now when I get hungry after I just ate I find myself wondering where the hunger is coming from. So after reading this article and all of your responses I realize that we are likely in bondage of more than one demon, Gluttony, Hunger, Guilt etc these are all demons. I’m 240 lbs I Love God with all my heart and all my might and want to be an obedient child. I’m going to take this binding prayer with me where ever I go and fight these demons. Much Love to all of you out there that are waking up from sleep and into the “INVISIBLE WAR”….Put on your “ARMOUR OF GOD” Ephesians 6 and go to battle for your lives. Jesus already defeated evil and death…so lets follow his lead.
    Immeasurable Blessings to you all and I’ll see you on the Battle Field

  7. siouxzan said

    Recently I have been responding to a friend who is morbidly obese in a poor manner. As I repented to them and to God and sought to understand where all this reaction was coming from in me God spoke to me in many ways that this is not only about the one friends struggle with gluttony. It is as you say in your article, a battle over the Body of Christ. It partially has to do with the fact that you mentioned that we as Christians have an idea of what sins are socially acceptable and what are not. We would not have sex with five people in public but we would eat the food of five people publicly or at Thanksgiving and Christmas and justify every bite. I do not think this is only about self control. The people I know who struggle with food are very self controlled in many other areas of their lives, very generous and giving. I think there is a deeper root of sin in which we do not believe something about God or his character and the fact that we do not believe opens us to the enemy. Basically that somewhere in some aspect (many are mentioned in the article) we have chosen to believe a lie and we are bound to that lie, we feed that lie every time we choose to believe it.
    I ache for the fact that we as a body are killing ourselves with the very gift God gave to bring us health, life and healing. Of course when we write it out we see it HAS to be demonic but in our heart of hearts we justify it and do not call it sin because there is always someone doing something less acceptable around us that makes us feel better about ourselves since all we are doing is simply having a second (third or fourth) helping of cake.

  8. siouxzan said

    ps: all the notes people have written have made me so aware of the greater impact of this oppression and I thank you each one for being vulnerable. I am praying for our body and standing with each of you in prayer. This is a Body struggle not an individual one and will only be broken with the whole body asking for truth to come and heal and set us free.
    I love the Eph prayer Marissa wrote about and have been praying it for two weeks every morning before even setting my feet on the floor.
    We are an army of God and we are going to be victorious! Have hope friends. He is faithful and is our Deliverer.

  9. Tanaz said

    I am so happy i found this site. I can identify and empathize with every comment. As i read each heart confession my heart is filled with compassion for each of you. I totally agree that gluttony is a demonic spirit which finds its occassion to enter the wounded, rejected, and those that most often did not receive love and validation from those who were parents or caregivers. I myself was molested by a babysitter when i was maybe about 5yrs old. I had repressed this so deep inside me. though i have openly confessed that i have forgiven this person and my parents for not protecting me or giving me the love i so desperately craved and still crave in many ways, i still battle with the symptoms of gluttony and other addictions learnt early in childhood to compensate for my emotions of insecurity and instability. That being said, the Lord has been gracious and compassionate to me and my family. The word of God validates his love for me and all of us. The Lord is teaching me the difference in truth between the way I may feel vs. what is actually true according to his word. The enemy will try to sidetrack with the lust of the flesh but we must remember that the word of God is the sword of the Spirit which cuts every lying word of the enemy to pieces. True when I fall because of lack of vigilance the enemy may get a blow of guilt and shame but the Holy Spirit always in his faithfulness throws a bucket of cold, refreshing water of the Word over and in me, which wakes me up and reminds me of who I am in Jesus. He reminds me that I am a daughter of the Most High God who always causes me to triumph in Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit of Christ shows me in my spirit how I am approved and equipped to fight the good fight of faith. It is a fight and we have the victory which overcomes the world even our faith. So, I see myself like Rocky, in the ring with these evil spirits and sure they may get some good punches in and for a while i may hurt and be a little dismayed, even get a black eye that may obscure my vision for a moment, but i walk by faith not by sight. When i get weary i go to my corner of the ring where Father, Son and Holy Spirit massages my shoulders, wipes the blood of my face, wakes me up w/ some smelling salts and reminds me of who i am: They tell me: “All the promises of God are yea and amen and thanks be unto God who always causes you to triumph, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.They remind me that I am blessed, happy, joyful, selfcontrolled, temperate, faithful and powerful in the Spirit of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. I can go and on. My point is whenever the enemy throws a blow at me or you, and he will, he is trying to steal what we already have, our faith, the word, our hope. The wonderful thing is that we are a definite threat or he would not be messing with us and if we stay in the ring and fight the good fight of faith our spiritual muscles become stronger with each blow and resistance. To all my brothers and sisters in Christ, be strong in the Lord and in the Power of His Might. You are dearly loved and you already have the victory in Jesus, now walk in it. Tanaz.

  10. TJ said

    Praise God for being led to this article! For many years I have carried 320+ lbs. My knees hurt so badly most days that I have to fight back tears. I was a straight-A student who never achieved much because of the stigma attached to being obese. Now 30 or more years later, I look back and know that more often than not, I was the one who attached the stigma because of embarrassment and self-loathing. I have called the overeating “compulsive”, but now as a baptized, Holy Ghost-filled Child of the Most High God, I take authority in the Name of Jesus and call out this foul demon by it’s name! I shall NOT die but live, and declare the works of the Lord. My prayers will include all of my brothers and sisters whose struggle is the same as mine. We have victory in Jesus!

    • Jane said

      Thankyou for Posting this…I have been lacking on my calling because of eating when I was bored,stressed,to run from my problems goliath (gluttony) I am ready to defeat you in Jesus name.Thankyou LORD,Theyre are people inside the body of Christ who care for Gods children,very touching.Thankyou a Million for Posting this. I also have been guided few months ago about the 5 bite diet I need to loose weight not only that …change the habits and this is kinda like a fasting program,so the spiritual mixed with physical dicipline in JESUS name with the Help of teh Holy Spirit I declare I Conquered for GODS Glory! AMEN ,Best Wishes in Christ to ALL!!! JESUS LOVES US ALL.

  11. Anel du Preez said

    I have walked a 2 year extreme self-deliverance road with Jesus by my side. I can mention out of self experience that the “fat” demon resides in: Your colon, Your abdomen, Your tongue, Your nose, Your ears, Your eyes. The one in the belly looks like a short fat king (kingly robe and all). Chop his head off prophetically and blow the dust away. The one in the ears (the sound of cooking food etc opens this door) – comes out with a bubbly sound in the ears. The one in the eyes (comes in from seeing food) – comes out by eye-whites turing white and tears comes out. The one in the nose comes out with LOADS of mucus – lots and lots and lots. The one in the tongue comes out with LOADS of bubbles and watery stuff. Rebuke it. You WILL feel very dissy and have a huge headache. Welcome to email me – I am busy with a teaching on this stuff. Lost 30.8 pounds (14kg) since 1 February 2012. Its going easy and I am not falling back on old habits.

    Prayer and fasting is needed to chuck these demons. Remember – it started with EVE wanting more out of food than what God permitted.

    Anel –

    • William Cooper said

      Not only prayer and fasting but the casting out of the demonic forces by which these spirits use as mediums in this world such social networks, mobile phone communications aka spirits of gossip etc.

    • Barb said

      I would like to learn more of your teaching on spirit of gluttony…Thanks!

  12. Gloria said

    This is really helpful thank you very much

  13. Luanne Berger said

    what a blessing this article is for me. Today, Nov. 1, 2012, I have been delivered from the demon of gluttony! Praise the name of Jesus!!!!

  14. Raquel said

    Thank you for uncovering this evil spirit. I have been a slave since I remember, eating to calm the pain of loneliness and abuse as a child. I now know that that pig is gone and I don’t live to please that ugly pig, but to please my Lord. Thank you Jesus for the victory is mine and I declare my family will be delivered from this evil spirit. The victory is ours in the name of Jesus AMEN!

  15. jenifer said

    you just won’t believe it but for some days i have been crying to god to help me fight this gluttony problem that i have. yes, even when am not hungry, i feel the need to eat and afterwards, i really feel bad about myself. may god be with me in my fight against that spirit..before today, i never thought even once that such a spirit existed. thanks for your posts

  16. William Cooper said

    Also take note that living in society as a Christian you are highly exposed to worldly issues on a daily basis and have to tune your mind in and out of holiness back and forth here in America to make a living and this contributes to a great inner imbalance that can cause a spirit of gluttony to over take an individual. Let’s face it America does not promote a true dedicated life style to Jesus Christ!

  17. I am so grateful to have found this site, I usually am not one to comment on any type of blog post or forum online, but this article really spoke to my situation at the right time! The Lord has been calling me to fast but every time i have succumbed to over eating at the end of the day. Please keep me in your prayers because I know the Lord has given me grace for this I just have to walk in it and I know He will deliver me if I find refuge in Him and His Word and His Spirit!!!!! I am a firm believer that Jesus STILL delivers!!!!!

  18. Carisa said

    This was right on time! The spirit of the Lord told me this in my sleep and then encouraged me to read on it. I’m amazed to realize that gluttony ISN’T just about food! I pride myself on exercising and not gaining too much weight BUT food, earthly pleasures and acceptance are still comforting. I truly realize that ONLY GOD is my comforter and ONLY HIM shall I depend! I will always remember, when I’m down to nothing, God is up to something! Be blessed!

  19. maria said

    I am thankful to God for using the author to write this article. Blessings!

  20. K.S. said

    The Holy Spirit led me to this article at 3:00 am I know that I have been oppressed and bound by the spirit of gluttony in the past but I decree and declare by the authority of the blood of Jesus that today is a new day I will be the woman of God that The Holy Spirit has ordained for me to be and I will no longer be hindered, distracted and controlled by this filthy spirit of gluttony in Jesus name!Lord I also ask that you will cover and bless each one of my brothers and sisters that have posted on this site in the precious blood of Jesus and I praise you for making us free in Jesus name!

  21. Gideon said


  22. Nun said

    Please, can you til us about the fasting to be delivered? You mention this but forgot to tell us how. Please do.

  23. Thank you for allowing God to use you to expose the truth. This reading was perfect timing. Thank you. I went through your site after reading this and came across what you wrote about preparing for spiritual warfare. So between the two readings, I know I need to fast and dig deep into the Word of God. Will start with Psalms and Proverbs. Thank you!!!

  24. Hi I’m a momma of a sweet 4 month old baby boy. I recently started my weight loss journey a week ago. I have 25 pounds to lose… This is my first week of “clean eating” but I haven’t been eating clean. I am obsessed with food. I think about it all day. I can’t wait to eat. I can’t get out of the kitchen (I’m a stay at home mom)… I was cleaning up after dinner (I stuffed myself at dinner and had a coke with my dinner then had some hot chocolate later -I was feeling so guilty and ashamed-) and the Lord spoke saying… Google demon of Gluttony and I was blessed to find this. It makes complete sense. And I am so glad to have found this. I prayed and felt the holy spirit annoint me. I felt the burden become lighter. My God is bigger than anything. I hope & pray for y’all that you would be delivered of this evil spirit in the Mighty Name of Jesus. I am breastfeeding (have been lied to by the glutton demon saying that it’s okay for me to eat as much as I want since I burn 500+ calories by breastfeeding) so I’m not able to fast necessarily but I need to cut out sugar. I have always felt like sugar was the best thing ever. Well it isn’t. I realize that JESUS IS THE BEST THING EVER. I DON’T NEED SUGAR TO MAKE ME HAPPY! Praying for everyone who commented on this & others who are struggling. Remember our victory has already been won! Thanks for posting this! God bless you!

  25. daniel said

    it seems that a lot of people who are called to belong to the lord have eating problems. I think that gluttony makes us lose reward. this is certainly DEMONIC

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