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New York Times Portrays Teenage Christians As Hatemongers

Posted by Job on March 9, 2007

The city of San Francisco is trying to impose restrictions on BattleCry, a convention designed to motivate teenagers to stand for the faith and against the enemy. I have seen these people before, and though I am 100% in favor of their goals, I question their methods. I mean, if a middle aged Biblical literalist like myself looks at them on Trinity Broadcasting Network and says: “Wow that’s corny”, then you can imagine what teenagers struggling with their faith, their emotions, and a thoroughly wicked culture are going through. Isn’t there an effective ministry for teenagers out there? Then again, when you consider the snake – oil false Christianity that so many of their PARENTS are falling for and the church scandals (the vast majority of which do not make the news, trust me) that their PARENTS put up with, then I really cannot blame them. Maybe instead of trying to get these kids excited about propping up a broken religious system in America with events like BattleCry and Aquire the Fire, they should get kids excited by warring against and trying to fix the broken religious system that has them feeling so empty and disaffected in the first place? And that IS part of the problem. These people blaming all of these kids’ problems on sin in the culture, well these are CHURCH KIDS. They aren’t the ones swimming through the cultural sewage, or at least if they are they aren’t in nearly as deep as the Trench Coat Mafia Columbine killer kids. So, a great deal of the depression, social problems, low grades, drug and sexual activity, etc. that church kids face is obviously a reaction against the spiritual deadness and wickedness in their own churches, and also in their own families.

In any event, you can say that BattleCry and Acquire The Fire are at least trying, and from the quotes in the article they are doing some good. And I especially like their going to San Francisco. The article mentioned that the ministry originates from Texas as much as they can, to imply that everything would be so much better if they would just stay there. But it is good that some Christians are willing to emerge off the Christian ghettoes and plantations from their subculture of suburban megachurches and “conferences” that are held in areas where a large percentage of the population is fundamentalist or evangelical, and are instead targeting places like San Francisco and New York, going straight to where Satan’s seat is. BattleCry in San Francisco, Acquire the Fire in New York City, Kings College moving to New York City (despite the best attempts of the enemy to stop it), televangelist Bill Keller going on the Howard Stern show, and a much – criticized “Bibleman Live” event in New York City as well. So, let us pray for and support these attempts by Christians to go head to head against the enemy.

Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, we praise You and give you thanks for these ministries, and we ask that the Ruach Hakadosh would inspire them and give them boldness and creativity in making themselves more effective at gaining the lost, inspiring the found, and being as willing to address problems within the church system as they are in the world. May they be willing to admit and publicly proclaim that the problem with Christian children today are a direct reflection of the problems with these churches, and if these churches are not acting according to or standing for righteousness, then they are not only part of the world themselves, but the most wicked part of it! And Lord, please give them the victory over the forces of the enemy that seek to hinder their service to You. In the Name and by the Blood of Yeshua HaMashiach, Amen.


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