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Demon Of The Day: Poverty

Posted by Job on March 9, 2007

Did you know that poverty can have demonic causes? For one thing, prince demons of poverty can afflict entire nations. For another, poverty demons of inheritance can plague entire family lines. This can be a particular problem if social or governmental policies force the poor to congregate together in a single geographic area and people with these sorts of demons have children with each other; the result is that even in wealthy nations you have these areas afflicted by generational poverty because you have these areas where there are high concentrations of people afflicted with these demons. It is similar to how there are high concentrations of people afflicted with mammon demons in areas that serve as seats of power for financial and governmental interests.

It is a sensitive topic, but there are reasons why nations, regions, and individuals are poor. A nation that is chronically poor even where there is great economic potential in terms of able workers and natural resources is generally so because of the corruption and incompetence of the leaders, and the willingness of a large percentage of the population to be governed by them. Of course, you can visualize how demonic oppression can cause the elevation of corrupt or incompetent leaders – or even ruin leaders that were originally good – and make people passive and hopeless and accept such leadership without challenging it or leaving. This same dynamic can come into play in regions within nations, where large swaths of geography are unable to produce or attract compassionate or effective leaders, and the mindsets of the people within those areas are so addled that they are unable to seek greener pastures that is sometimes less than a few hours driving distance away, or even exploit opportunities to better themselves where they are, such as to learn a trade or become an entrepreneur.

What actually exacerbates the poverty in these areas is that wherever there are large groups of poor people, false religions proliferate to exploit them. Voodoo, roots, black magic, fortune telling, and even false “Christian” charismatic teachers pop up promising easy free money: for a price. Not only does the services of these charlatans cost already poor people hard – earned money that could be saved, invested, or pooled to provide a degree of economic uplift, but there is a spiritual price as well: not only do the people who patronize these spiritual criminals add more demons to what they already have, but even worse it adds to the forces of spiritual darkness over an area, giving the poverty demons an even firmer grip. Also, demons of disease, depression, crime, gluttony, lethargy, drug addiction, and sexual immorality are attracted and add to the misery and poverty.

On an individual level, again not to be insensitive, but poor people often get trapped in a lifestyle of bad choices, and this is made ever so worse when social and political policies force poor people to congregate, which creates an entire culture of people trapped in this lifestyle. Now a hard – hearted worldly perspective that denies the reality of the spirit realm insists that the bad choices cause the poverty, but a person who acknowledges the reality of evil spirits realizes that evil spirits cause the bad choices! If you have ever encountered a person that about whom it can be said “would mess up a free lunch” and just makes mystifyingly bad choices over and over again, then that person is a candidate for one potentially possessed or oppressed by demons of poverty, especially if such a person comes into a great opportunity or a large amount of money and soon finds himself with no opportunity or money.

I theorize that such spirits are much more widespread in the population than one would believe, but it is masked because A) our society is so wealthy and forgiving that it allows a person to still enjoy a reasonably good lifestyle even when making poor decisions and B) such people are often able to find a family member, especially a spouse, to handle their financial affairs for them. Consider, for instance, a fellow who works for his father – in – law’s company (although calling it work is a stretch though he really does try!) and his wife handles the bills. And the result of this union, thanks to demons of inheritance, will be children who are “the black sheep of the family” and will be similarly supported by others. Now transpose this situation to poorer families and nations. Suppose this same fellow lives in an area wracked by poverty. Instead of a father – in – law to give him an income and a wife to manage it and give him social support and stability (and if he is exceptionally blessed makes him go to church), he would be the sort who fathers children out of wedlock by several women and would be in and out of jail, on and off public assistance, drifting from job to job, and his social structure would be other similar males. And in an entire nation oppressed by poverty, there is just no opportunity for a person who lacks what is required to compete for and retain desirable steady employment and is irresponsible in financial dealings to maintain any sort of desirable lifestyle.

One must also study the scriptures, especially the Psalms and Proverbs. These are the ones often quoted by the false prosperity teachers, but there is some basis in fact: sin causes poverty. Turning away from God causes poverty. Corrupting your Christianity with false doctrines and teachings and other religions cause poverty. Why? Because when you obey God, there is a hedge of protection around you that keeps the poverty demon – as well as others – away. But turn away from God, and that hedge goes, and furthermore your sinful behavior gives demons – again including poverty – a legal right to enter and oppress you. Now also consider this: if you come into wealth by virtue of obeying God, everyone benefits. That is what we saw during the reigns of David and Solomon. But if you obtain wealth by sin, even if you are one of those who get to keep your wealth and pass it on to your children, everyone else does not benefit. Instead, you very likely got your wealth in the first place by oppressing the poor and polluting the land, and also the dark spirits that you will be empowering and unleashing will go forth into the region and cause the widows to cry out in their misery and the orphans to whimper in hunger. If you are one of these liberal Christians who refuse to believe that poverty is caused by demons that influence behavior and instead blame everything on governmental and economic systems, then consider the word of God in Proverbs 23:20 – 22, which reads “Be not among winebibbers; among riotous eaters of flesh: For the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty: and drowsiness shall clothe a man with rags.” And Proverbs 13:18 explicitly states that poverty comes to the disobedient. Other Bible verses also strongly correlate poverty with disobedience to parents.

So if you look at the world today, you will see that the wealthy nations of the world are those who have a strong Judeo – Christian tradition. Indeed, “the west” and “Judeo – Christian” are synonymous with each other. While there are certainly poor Christian nations, and there are also wealthy non – Christian nations, they are exceptions that prove the rule. Yet, as America and many of these other nations turn away from God with their abortions, homosexuality and other sexual immorality, violence, subversion of authority, disrespect of parents, cruel treatment of the poor, the growth of atheism, secularism, and other false religions and sinful philosophies, and even the Christians turning from true Christianity to strange doctrines and bizarre cults and sects that have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof, and the economic fortunes go down. For instance, in 1900 when the Anglican Church was still strong, England was the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world! Now they are not even considered the leaders of Europe, and when you consider the chronic economic ills of that region, that is saying quite a bit. What happened? England, France, Germany … western Europe were once strongholds of Christianity, but they went after Marxism and atheism, especially among their rulling classes, and then to save themselves economically they did not return to God but instead formed the EU and opened their borders to immigrants and their strange religions, especially Islam. And now Europe is one big mess, trying their best to stave off collapse.

 And the same is true of America. Oh sure, the stock market goes up and up and we still have our celebrity rich that cavort through our TV shows and magazines. But look behind the veneer and we see that personal, corporate, and government debt is at an all time high. Our manufacturing sector has virtually disappeared, and our knowledge/information sector isn’t producing anywhere near the marketable innovations that they were as recently as the 80s, and our schools are falling further behind. What has really been keeping our economy afloat all this time – aside from the borrowing money – is foreigners: both foreign workers and investors. And what happens when the workers start finding jobs at home, and the investors lose confidence that America will pay off?

And keep in mind: China, India, Japan, the Arab nations, and a great many of these other foreign investors (competitors) do not follow God either. Save Japan, all of these nations certainly have their rich that are capable of buying into American markets and loaning us money, but the overwhelming percentages of these populations are desperately poor, meaning that even their wealth is precarious indeed. So, the combination of the formerly Christian nations that have turned against God and the poor nations (even if they do have some rich in them) that have never followed God and the fact that the global financial markets are basically governed by the arbitrary decisions of international bankers and moneychangers – a longrunning global scam that keeps people working and buying useless products even if it means going into debt – means that we are all teetering on thin ice. The current global economic situation is unsustainable, and at the time of my writing this the global financial markets had only recently recovered from a large plunge triggered by worries that we are on the verge of a global recession. Of course, things such as another massive disease outbreak the likes of which has already decimated Africa (which fortunately for the global economy was not a large economic player), an outbreak of wars in economically sensitive areas like the Middle East, or the simultaneous elevation of bad political economic or political leaders in key nations, and a longterm global recession would surely result. What is even worse is that emerging from it would be extremely difficult, because it would be impossible to reconstruct the sham global economy that has been ruling the world since World War II. For instance, right now the vast majority of the nations of the world are striving towards the singular goal of being respected by the western financial markets with the hopes that it will lead to prosperity for their nations, but if the western financial markets collapse and are discredited, who will be there to lend “developing nations” credibility, to sign trade deals exchanging materials and goods for cheap labor and access for markets? Would we be back to the regional economy model where currency was backed by mineral wealth and tradable finished goods, as was the case before the World Wars? No, because A) the social and political structures that made that economic model viable are long gone in western nations and have never existed elsewhere, and B) its foundation was societies that were heavily dependent upon agriculture. So, we would quickly be reduced to what was prophesied in Revelation 6:6:
And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine. That is a picture of widespread extreme economic blight, where everyone except the very rich has to work an entire day just to feed himself for that day! Consider that where now a “middle class” person in a western country earns enough not only to support himself and his family, but to tell the truth enough to support SEVERAL families if they would all settle for a subsistence standard of living (essential food, clothing, and shelter). Well, Revelation 6:6 speaks of this same person only earns enough to feed HIMSELF. Not several families or even his own families but HIMSELF, and that is not even clothing and shelter for himself either!

So at that time, the only economic hope for the world that has turned against God and thereby totally messed up its economic, political, and social structures in every nation (or at least in every nation that had viable ones to begin with) will be for every nation to give complete economic and political control to a global entity that will manage the markets and means of production just so everyone on the planet will not starve to death. And as this is a literalist Christian weblog, you can already guess who that global entity will be.


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