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Robots Gaining Rights While Abortion Culture Kills Babies!

Posted by Job on March 8, 2007

Even as the uncontested right to kill babies is becoming more and more entrenched, robots are gaining rights! And no, this is not the antiabortion lingo that calls fetuses babies; they are actually killing babies out there (see link, another link, and another)! See what happens when you discard the notion that humans are made in the image of God? You start to value machines (and animals!) over people. You know, in India, some people starve to death in no small part because they refuse to eat cows, which they worship and regard as sacred. And in many cultures, they have long worshipped inanimate objects like rocks and trees (and this speaks nothing of the environmentalist New Age and naturalist earth worshippers in ours), so worshipping a moving talking robot is no big deal. People, can we deny the state of depravity which mankind is now falling into? Are you still going to deny that the thoughts of man are becoming only evil continually as the days of Noah? Or that a spirit of strong delusion causing men to believe a lie is not moving across the globe? Those are both key endtimes prophecies in the New Testament folks, one by Saul who became Paul and another by Yeshua HaMashiach. Father YHVH, in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach and by Ruach Hakadosh, may people be aware of and warned concerning the wickedness of the times, and may it cause the saved to seek a place of refuge within Your Word and Your Righteousness, and the unsaved to come to repentance so that both may be spared the wrath that is soon to come. In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, so let it be.


2 Responses to “Robots Gaining Rights While Abortion Culture Kills Babies!”

  1. Ken said

    Asimov’s three laws actually elevate humanity. The purpose of the three laws are not to protect robots, but to protect humans and ensure a hierarchy above them. Even the last law, against self-destruction, protects humans by insisting that machines below us remain reliable and viable so long as we command. (that is, not only can a robot in Asimov’s science fiction not disobey but it must also not commit the ultimate disobedience of unmaking its manufactured self)

    The bigger ethical question is can man create life? Scientists continue to brag that true AI is only years away, but these proposed rules will only exist in science fiction. They are only required (as pre-programmed mechanisms) if the robot is sentient and could have the possibility of exercising it’s will in different ways to start with. Since true self-awareness is the gift of God, the best that scientists can do is create really really simple animals whose every function is determined by a programmer.

  2. Ken:

    Perhaps man can create life. We were, after all, created in God’s image! But even if man could create life, the one thing that we cannot do is give any life an eternal soul that will be judged by God one day. That is what makes us special, and that is why the Psalms said about us “Ye are gods, children of the most high” (Psalm 82:6) and “God has made us a little higher than the angels (Psalm 8:5).” That is why the animal rights movement, the vegetarian/vegan movement, evolution, and anything else that denies man’s special position given by God, and the fact that man alone has an eternal soul that will be judged by God and will enter heaven or be destroyed in the lake of fire based on it, is evil and hence the spirit of anti – Christ. The Bible does not say that man should not make life or should not try. But it DOES say that man is special, in the image of God, and therefore man should not be murdered or perverted. So, any ethical questions posed by man creating life pale to the spiritual consequences of man doing anything that denies or opposes our special place in creation, and that is what killing fetuses through abortion while giving rights to machines (“living” or not) and putting people in jail for 10 years for killing dogs does; defying God by claiming that there is anything other than God greater than, equal to, or as special or important and precious as man, and by extension man’s soul. All of this is towards the interests of denying that man has a soul, because if man has no soul then there is nothing for God to execute judgment based on our acceptance or rejection of him.

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