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Muslim Former Sailor Arrested On Terror Charges

Posted by Job on March 8, 2007

A lot of weblogs are probably going to link to this story and similar about a Muslim former sailor accused of supporting terrorism by disclosing secret information about the location of Navy ships and the best ways to attack them, and how this means that Muslims are this global threat and an internal threat, how we need to profile and spy on them, prevent them from joining the military and start deporting them, etc. But going after Muslims, 90+% of them are law – abiding people, is not what Heal The Land is about. I have nothing against Muslims; I love Muslims! And if there is anyone of you out there who hate and want to discriminate against law – abiding Muslims, you either need salvation or you need spiritual deliverance from demons of hate and racism. And if you are a Muslim, well let me tell you, you are practicing a false religion. Have you read the story of the encounter between Muhammed and the spirit that he perceived to be an angel? Well, it was an angel alright, but of the fallen variety; a DEMON! The encounter was very violent, and the thing took hold of Muhammed by force, and forced the unwilling Muhammed to be his oracle by nearly choking him to death twice. After the encounter, Muhammed was convinced that he was possessed by an evil spirit, and fell into a deep depression, becoming suicidal. It was only after some time, when that evil spirit wore down his resistance, that he began to believe that the demon was the angel Gabriel, and that what he had been given was from the true God. See this link to see that I am not making this up; and I first heard it on a TV show discussing a book authored by a liberal scholar who actually LIKES AND SUPPORTS ISLAM! Any reading of the Christian or Hebrew scriptures show that this is not how legitimate angels deal with righteous people. So Muslim friends, do not be deceived. You too need a Saviour. Do not put your trust in the “points system” in your works religion; works cannot cover a man’s sin, and no man’s sum total of righteous acts can exceed his evil thoughts and deeds, especially when you consider the vast sum of the number of the former, and yes that includes your dreams! Do not trust a religion where unless you die in jihad, you enter eternity not even knowing your fate. I entreat you Muslims, as well as anyone who has hate against Muslims in your heart, to have your sins forgiven and be saved through Yeshua HaMashiach, who was not a mere prophet as not only Muslims but Jews and many other religions teach, but is part of the Holy Trinity, the One God who is not 1 +1 + 1 paganism but exists eternally as 1 x 1 x 1 Tri – Unity. It is interesting that the Koran holds that Yeshua HaMashiach, whom you call Issa, was born of a virgin. How else could that have been except He was born of the Holy Spirit, the Ruach Hakadosh, with the Word of God taking the place of the male seed? And if the Word of God took the place of the male seed, does that not make Issa God in the flesh? Please, both Muslims and Muslim haters, click on this link, follow its instructions, believe, and be saved from your sins and empowered to be with God for eternity! Now the irony is that some people, including not a few Muslims, would really have rather this post been one bashing Muslims as evil untrustworthy terrorists than one being a call to salvation. Well people, that is the difference between having the love of Issa in your heart and the hate of a demon.


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  1. Fang said

    God bless your article. 🙂

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