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One Thing That The Hollywood Liberals Are Right About: Fascism

Posted by Job on March 4, 2007

Not long ago – less than a couple of years ago in fact – when I was living my prior existence as a far right wing ultraconservative hyperpartisan Republican, one of the things that so irritated me about the left – liberal types in Hollywood, academia, media, etc. was their attempts to – in my opinion – plunge the nation into fearmongering over fascism. This coincided with the election of George W. Bush, of course, and everything that Bush and his supporters purported to stand for – from capitalism to entitlement cuts to deregulation to (of course) Christianity – represented some pillar of the fascist regime that Bush and company were going to bring in. It was trotted out in virtually every oped column, scholarly paper, talk show, political speech, etc. and got so pervasive that even kids’ cartoons began to indulge in “fascism” fearmongering. Of course, what the left was doing was trying to recreate the same type of “McCarthyism” and “red scare” anticommunist environment that they believe that the right cooked up to wrest power from the Roosevelt – Truman – Kennedy Democrats. The left to this day feels that communism was never a threat – and indeed had a great many positive points – and that the right knew it, and pretended otherwise to A) scare and divide the electorate in order to steal political power that rightfully belonged to the left that the right would have never gained by legitimate means and B) to “discredit” and prevent the universal adoption of “communism’s good parts.” So, they felt it very appropriate to do the same regarding “the Christian right” that Bush supposedly represents (but as I conjecture REALLY does not), especially since unlike the peace – loving harmless communists, the Christian right IS a threat! So I regret to admit that my zeal to defend right wing GOP conservative causes and candidates at the time caused me to hatefully resent their “fascism bashing”, all of their bleating and scaremongering about “coming fascism”, etc. and ultimately became, well, SOFT ON FASCISM!

Now that I have abandoned GOP religious right politics and my eyes have cleared as a result, I must admit something: the liberals were right! After a fashion only and not in the way that they believe, of course, but they were right: fascism is coming. Whose fascism? Why the beast’s (or the anti – Christ’s!) of course! Again, turn your Bible to the book of Revelation and read its description of the reign of the beast and the false prophet, and remember that this evil person’s reign was mentioned in the book of Daniel as well. Allow your analytical mind to show you how the picture of how the prophetic apocalyptic language description of the reign of the beast on earth given in Daniel and Revelation would be implemented in practical terms in the real world, and you would quickly come to the realization that the beast’s regime IS INDEED FASCISTIC. It will be A) extremely imperialistic, B) built on authoritarian control enforced by brutal violence and the threat and fear of such violence, C) the beast will have not only total military and political control but ECONOMIC control as well (i.e. you will not be able to buy or sell without “the mark”) and D) the unifying force will be A STATE RELIGION (the false prophet will cause everyone to worship the beast and the image of the beast).

This is even better: study Nazi Germany! No, not the version given in Hollywood movies and the leftist “history books” that teach you that Hitler and his regime were just “religious right” types who hated Jews, homosexuals, immigrants, minorities, and (of course) communists. (And do not buy the “Hitler was a liberal” right wing revisionism that I myself used to peddle either; the truth is both the left and the right, both Republicans and Democrats, hold views that were espoused by Hitler. As a matter of fact, these “Left Behind” folks like Tim LaHaye who portray the anti – Christ as some liberal UN or EU type because the UN and the EU are their opponents in worldly politics is doing a great disservice … in fact it furthers the anti – Christ agenda. Do these people honestly think that if you are a right – wing conservative Republican you will be less likely to follow the anti – Christ and more likely to be taken in the rapture? Well, let me just say that Satan is more than pleased with that type of worldly self – righteousness where people believe that they are justified by their views, culture, and lifestyle rather than by grace and faith. Believe me, the right wingers will be eating out of the beast’s hand – and taking his mark on their own hand or forehead – just as will be the left wingers, Marxists, libertarians, anarchists, etc.) Just as the destruction of the first temple by Nebuchadnezzar was a foreshadowing of the destruction of the second temple and the end of the Jewish Age in 70 AD, and the desecration of the second temple by Antiochus Epiphanes in 168 BC was a foreshadowing of the desecration of the third temple that the beast will do (and as stated earlier, some Jews have begun speaking of restarting the animal sacrifices that the beast will halt), I am convinced that Nazi Germany was a foreshadowing of the reign of the beast. 

And yes, Nazi Germany did have a STRONG RELIGIOUS ELEMENT. This fact is currently obscured by the dishonest political debates of the day, with the left calling Hitler a Christian, hoping to thereby discredit Bible – believing Christians and drive them from politics and the public square. Rather than fighting their lies by standing for the truth, the “religious right” responds in kind, after a wordly manner, by claiming that because Hitler supported abortion, evolution, social programs, gun control, government ownership/control of private property and enterprise, wage and price controls, and unions that he and Democrats – especially the Clintons! – are one and the same. Instead, we have to talk about WHAT HITLER REALLY DID WITH RELIGION IN HIS EMPIRE: a very strong element of the Nazi regime was HITLER CREATING A PERVERTED FORM OF CHRISTIANITY THAT REPLACED THE WORSHIP OF GOD WITH THE WORSHIP OF THE STATE AND OF “THE HUMAN IDEAL OR THE SUPERIOR/PERFECT HUMAN” AND HAVING GERMANY ADOPT IT AS ITS STATE RELIGION! (Now even though this weblog does not shy away with the many problems regarding Roman Catholicism and Orthodox Christian Church, we are not among those who call the Catholic Church “the beast”, especially since the ones most famous for going around proclaiming that are the very same Seventh Day Adventists who claim that Jesus Christ and the archangel Michael are one and the same because they have to defend Ellen White’s “special revelations”, although it is curious to note that Catholic dogma itself) teaches that the beast will be an invalidly elected pope.) And part of parcel of Hitler doing so was conducting a reign of terror against the legitimate churches of the time – and rumor has it that there were not that many, and such was part of the problem that facilitated Hitler’s rise, and by the way such is the same climate today! – by having pastors who opposed Hitler’s idolatry imprisoned or murdered, their congregants terrorized, and churches burned. One fascinating – and terrifying – part of Hitler’s program was compelling churches to replace images of Yeshua HaMashiach and the saints with those of “gods” from Nordic mythology (and other things that represented Hitler’s notion of idealized humanity) and HAVING PATRIOTIC SONGS SUNG IN CHURCH in place of hymns honoring God. Again, I should point out that the state of Christianity in Germany at the time was in such a state of disrepair with a great many people practicing religion through traditions, rituals, and doctrines rather than actually attempting to honor or know God that (save the few instances where resistance was attempted) the changes went virtually unnoticed; people could not tell that the icons that they were praying to had been changed from Christ, “Virgin” Mary, the angels, and the saints to Thor, Odin, and whoever, and did not mind much the hymnal and liturgical changes. Yet, the spiritual consequences of this behavior plunged the whole nation into a state of darkness that made all of the Nazi crimes, including the Holocaust, happen.

Again, lots of professed Protestant Christians have tried to use Hitler’s crimes to indict Roman Catholicism, but in doing so they conveniently forget that the largest percentage of German Christians were actually LUTHERAN; that indeed Lutheranism and not Catholicism was the prior state or “official” (meaning tax – supported) form of Christianity. This is fitting, because Martin Luther himself was German, and the REFORMATION BEGAN IN GERMANY! So, instead of pointing the finger at one group of Christians that abandons the Bible and blaming the coming fascism of the beast and false prophet on THEM, instead what needs to be done is to hold up a MIRROR, and thereby examine our own beliefs and lifestyles that fail to conform to the teachings and example of Christ. How many churches have become social clubs, welfare centers, and political action committees? How many churches have abandoned the gospel of grace and mercy and redemption for legalism and works; the “holiness or hell” nonsense that was originated by the anti – Trinitarian Pentecostals but is now popular throughout Christendom because it encourages people to put their trust in works and outward signs rather than in faith (“whew, I spoke in tongues last night, so that means that I am really saved!”). What about the social gospel, the empowerment gospel, liberation theology, the prosperity gospel, and all of these other doctrines that teach men to seek and store up their treasure on earth rather than in Heaven? And what about this “purpose driven your best life now seeker power of positive thinking megachurch” religion that is nothing more than a New Age self – help motivational speaking movement with Christian windowdressing? (These folks are actually inviting the leading “self – help gurus” to come participate in their conferences and address their congregations.) What about the “many paths to heaven” universalism that has gripped most of our mainline denominations (and that speaks nothing of the ones who have up and decided that the Bible is just a bunch of stories and metaphors). And what about all of these “prosperity Word of Faith” people with their special revelations, claiming that Jesus Christ was made perfect when He received the Holy Spirit, or that He was born again in hell AFTER He died on the cross (if so, how did He resist Satan’s temptation during His fast? with the power of His own sinful flesh? And if His flesh was sinful BEFORE He went to the cross, what did His death on the cross accomplish that the death of Barabbas would not have? And since He was born not of Adam but of God, then does not that make God the original sinner who Himself is evil and depraved and needs a Saviour? See how this stuff negates the Bible?) So, you can just imagine how a charismatic (after the original sense, not the Christian, Holy Spirit sense) leader could get all of these church folk to worship HIM in place of God. How? Because they aren’t worshipping God NOW, that’s how. And as for all of the other religions: well they aren’t worshipping God either, remember? Either you worship God through Yeshua HaMashiach exclusively or you worship Satan every way else. There is no middle ground!

The Bible says: “where there are two or three gathered together in My Name there am I also in the midst of them.” Well, the converse of this statement is: “whenever a group of people get together around a common purpose whose goal is anything else BUT worshipping God only, then Satan just walks right in and takes over.” That was the lesson of the tower of Babel, that was the lesson in Nazi Germany, and that is what will come to fruition once again during the reign of the beast and the false prophet. The only question in my mind that remains: which side are you on? Let me give you a hint: if you are unsure, then you are on Satan’s side! I urgently entreat you to get on the right side: the winning team, which is God’s, right now! And if you already are on the right side, to start respresenting God in every facet of your life.  technorati tag:


2 Responses to “One Thing That The Hollywood Liberals Are Right About: Fascism”

  1. Laz said

    I like what CS Lewis said in “Mere Christianity”:

    But a Christian must not be either a Totalitarian or an Individualist. I feel a strong desire to tell you-and I expect you feel a strong desire to tell me-which of these two errors is the worse. That is the devil getting at us. He always sends errors into the world in pairs-pairs of opposites. And he always encourages us to spend a lot of time thinking which is the worse. You see why, of course? He relies on your extra dislike of the one error to draw you gradually into the opposite one. But do not let us be fooled. We have to keep our eyes on the goal and go straight through between both errors. We have no other concern than that with either of them.

    This is how I’ve been looking at the conservative v. liberal thing as of late…

  2. Laz: That is correct. This whole right/left thing is of the world, and Christians are to wholly avoid worldliness, not try to bend worldliness or use worldliness to our own ends and lie to ourselves that they are to God’s end.

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