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The Connection Between The Bush Family And Mitt Romney: Mammon!

Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

I couldn’t figure out why Jeb Bush (Catholic), George W. Bush (Methodist), and George H.W. Bush (Episcopalian) would endorse Mitt Romney, especially so early (see here and see here) and heavily. (Romney is trailing in the polls now behind Giuliani, but that will change once GOP voters learn of Giuliani’s extreme anti – Christian views and actions, and when the legendary Bush money and organization kicks in.) It does seem strange; you never hear George H. W. Bush talk much about his religion, but by all accounts he is a regular faithful church attendee. By contrast, George W. Bush and Jeb Bush both wear their religion on their sleeves, talk publicly about their private faith (though Jeb in much more specific terms than George; and George in more dramatic terms than Jeb) and incorporate it in their policy whenever possible. So why would any of the three of them get behind the campaign of an anti – Christian apostate and heretic knowing that his candidacy will have the inevitable result of more people getting trapped into a Mormon cult that will fill them with demons and send them to the lake of fire? (Even if it is going to happen anyway, being someone who helped them is NOT something that you would want to answer for on judgment day.) Then finally today it hit me: big business! Of the GOPers in the race, Mitt Romney is the one with by far the closest connection to Wall Street and big business, especially banking. How far? Well consider that #2, Rudy Giuliani, came to fame by putting Wall Street types in jail during his career as a grandstanding federal prosecutor. And #3, John McCain, is reviled by Wall Street for supporting tax increases, campaign finance reform, and “global warming legislation” and opposing corporate welfare. The other guys in the race (Huckabee, who evangelicals like George W. Bush SHOULD be supporting, and Brownback, whom Catholics and Episcopalians like Jeb Bush and George H. W. Bush SHOULD be supporting, Duncan Hunter, et al) are not hated by Wall Street, but just unknown to them, which is why they have been unable to raise money.

Make no mistake: an investment banker by trade, Romney is part and parcel of the Wall Street crowd, and so are the Bushes! Oh, George W. and George H. W. may claim Texas as their home, and Jeb may claim Florida, but in reality they located to those places from the northeast, where the family had a long history in investment banking, especially in the international markets. Now these folks were once establishment country club Wall Street Republicans after the manner of Senator Prescott Bush and similar, but they all moved rightward after the Reagan Revolution; Jeb becoming a traditional “Reagan Republican”, George W. more of a Pat Robertson/Jerry Falwell one. But one thing that never changed was their absolute commitment to the corporate and banking interests, both domestic and international! And groups like the Council On Foreign Relations? That’s them; Rockefeller Republicans lock stock and barrel. Their goal is to use the power of the state to transfer as much political and economic power to the international corporate interests as they can. And yes, I did say international. George H. W. Bush was never shy about his love and respect for the United Nations; George W. Bush plays the game of pretending to hate it, but in desperately seeking U.N. approval before invading Iraq, he did as much to cement the “international law” lie as any President ever has.

Now the Democrats have different reasons for wanting political, economic, and social globalism than the Bush Republicans – and those like them – but the result is the same. Why? Because they serve the same master, which is the beast, commonly called the anti – Christ. The beast will consolidate all economic, military, political, religious, etc. power into his hands, and people like the Bushes, Clintons, and Romney are setting the stage. Again, the Clintons have their own reasons, but with the Bushes it is mammon: the demon of money and power. It is so strong in that family that it is causing them not only to back a Mormon at the expense of their own beliefs, but also risk the political futures of the family. Jeb Bush will want to run for President one day, so why risk alienating the support of the religious right by backing a Mormon, and doing it so early and heavily?

And again, one must look at how the younger Bushes have courted Bible – believing Christians. Once in office, they pretty much betrayed the interests of those Christians in favor of the interests of the international moneychangers, just as they are doing now by backing the Mormon Wall Street investment banker. It reminds me of how Prescott Bush and George H. W. Bush once heavily courted blacks. (Yes, there was a time when a large percentage of the black population voted Republican; Reagan for instance received 20% of the black vote!) Of course, once in office, these “civil rights Republicans” would either ignore the interests of blacks, or only advance them in ways that would benefit the financial markets. Case in point: enterprise zones, a way to funnel tax dollars to private corporations. This is not to say that there were no Republicans legitimately interested in helping blacks, but rather to mention that the Rockefeller Republican crowd seemed expert at finding ways to help blacks that JUST HAPPENED to dovetail with their international moneychanger agneda. So, have the Bushes been using evangelicals all this time? I still remember Bush’s pre – 9/11 agenda: huge wealth transfer programs to corporate America via Social Security reform, Medicare reform, and subsidies to energy companies. Things of interest to Christians were, um, way down the list. Even Bush’s judicial nominees are EXTREMELY pro – corporate. One of the reasons why Bush chose Harriet Miers as an attempt to mollify fundamentalist Christians instead of Michael McConnell (a fundamentalist Christian with excellent credentials who would have been easily confirmed) is because Miers is very pro – corporate and McConnell has this strange habit of applying the law to corporations just like everyone else. For this reason, even some very liberal Democrats began to circulate the idea of being willing to accept antiabortion judges who were reasonable on corporate issues as being “the best we can do.” But as far as can be guessed, McConnell, whose pro – life and pro – Christianity in the public square views are much better known than those of Miers, Roberts, or Scalia was never a serious candidate!

This shows more than anything else why Christians should watch and pray when voting and otherwise supporting political candidates. Do not be duped into supporting candidates bound to the anti – Christ/beast system by mammon or anything else, and if you have been fooled in the past, do not let it happen again. And this also shows why YOU NEED TO BE SAVED THROUGH YESHUA HAMASHIACH, making Him your LORD, YOUR GOD, and YOUR SAVIOUR! Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan


4 Responses to “The Connection Between The Bush Family And Mitt Romney: Mammon!”

  1. stephanie said

    Why oh why do you continue to bash Mitt Romney and his faith? You have got to be joking, ” the Anti Christ” Have you met Mitt??? He is Christ like, NOT anti Christ! Mormons are not “filled with demons”. Where do you get this stuff??? You need to stop reading anti Mormon garbage and let Mormons speak for themselves regarding their beliefs. We believe in Christ he is our Savior!!! Mitt is a wonderful leader and he will make an AWESOME president! Please stop spreading these untruths about Mormons. Thank you!!!!!!

  2. Stephanie, I have to remain true to my own faith. And no, it is not a lie that Mormons reject the deity of Christ. It is not a lie that Mormons adhere to the special revelation known as the Book of Mormon. As I said in my earlier post, the apostle Paul said that if anyone came along preaching another gospel than this, even if it is an angel from Heaven let him be accursed! And again, I am not saying anything about Romney the person here. (Instead, I am talking about the character of the Bush family, professed fundamentalists of my own religion.) And if you have seen my weblog, I do not just warn Christians about Mormons. Not only do I also speak of Muslims, Hindus, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientologists, atheists of all stripes, etc. but I actually spend far more time criticizing the false doctrines and movements among people who call themselves Christians than I do with any other religion. Those people come on to defend themselves too – although not nearly so often as the Mormons I must admit – and I treat everyone the same, with the exception that I am generally harder on people who have the Bible and deny it (i.e. the Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jews, anti – Trinitarian “Christians”) and much harder on Christians who do not deny the Bible but still do not follow it. Naturally I am going to go easier on a person such as a Muslim, Buddhist, or unchurched person who is rather unfamiliar with the Christian Bible and therefore have not had a full chance to know the truth and reject it. But Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and anti – Trinitarians … you all have read Genesis 1. You all have read John 1. You all have read Isaiah, Ezekiel Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, and the Psalms. And still you choose to go another way! So how else should I reat people who go around adhering to another doctrine or revelation that contradicts the Bible, which thereby puts God at odds with Himself and negates Himself? Or did you not know that? You did KNOW that God IS His Word, and if God’s Word is proven to be contradictory or untrue then there is no God, didn’t you? That is something that even the world knows! Doug Adams, the atheist who wrote “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” depicted God negating and disproving Himself in the book. And though Kevin Smith claims to be Catholic (who themselves have issues with their own special revelations that I also attend to from time to time), in the movie “Dogma” he had two demons attempt to trick God and re – enter Heaven, which would have had the effect of undoing creation and undermining God Himself.

    So, dear Mormon friend, God IS His Word. God IS His Word. That is why there can be no books and no revelations out there that contradict – excuse me, “supersede” – the Old Testament or the New Testament, or anything in them. Any book that gives a completely different plan of salvation and description of God and creation than is given in the Old and/or the New Testament makes God into a LIE, and since GOD IS HIS WORD (remember, in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word WAS GOD? You know, John 1:1? that, you know, means stuff) THEN IT MEANS THAT ACCORDING TO THE CONTENTS OF HIS OWN BOOK THERE HE IS NO GOD AND THERE IS NO GOD!

    And that is what I am talking about when I say “judgment” and “conviction.” When I say that someone is a sinner headed to the lake of fire, it is not according to my words, but rather according to what is written in the Bible. Such people that I am speaking of are convicted and judged according to what is in the Bible. And you know what? Since God is just and true, He holds Himself to the same standard that He holds us to. So if God were to put out some book “superseding” the Old and New Testaments – whether it be the Book of Mormon, the Koran, the Talmud, Rambam, Maimodes (sp), Kabbalah, Watchtower magazines, Catholic dogma, etc. then HE WOULD BE CONVICTED AND JUDGED AS BEING UNRIGHTEOUS AND NOT BEING THE ONE TRUE GOD BY HIS OWN WORDS! Satan’s whole plan from the beginning has been to try to prove God fallible or unjust, and thereby use that to stake a claim on God’s throne. You know what the word “Satan” means? Accuser. He works constantly to oppose God to get God to either transgress Himself or to cause one of His Promises not to come to fruition, so that when it happens He can challenge God for His Throne. Remember the “there was a war in Heaven” scripture in Revelation 12:7? Well, that happened after Jesus Christ died on the cross. Satan thought that he had won; that God had sent Jesus Christ on earth to redeem mankind and set up the Kingdom of Heaven, and had failed: the Jews rejected Israel and Jesus Christ died on the cross. So he felt that by making God’s Word untrue, then by God’s own words His being God was undone, and that gave Satan the right to “supersede” him. But what does it say in Revelation 12:11? THEY OVERCAME HIM WITH THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB AND THE WORD OF THE TESTIMONY! Which testimony was that? THE GOSPEL given in the NEW TESTAMENT of the RESURRECTED CHRIST! When Christ resurrected, Satan knew that he had lost; man had been redeemed and the law – God’s Word again – had been fulfilled, and man was free from the punishment of sin, which was death. That is why Revelation 12:12 says that “Satan is angry because he knows he only has a short time!” It wasn’t the Mormon gospel or the Koran gospel, but the gospel given to the Jews, to whom salvation is given and is through (John 4:22). THAT was the only gospel that had the power to defeat Satan in his attack on Heaven, and THAT is the only gospel that gives us power over Satan while we are still on earth. And do you know that in the whole Bible, that is the ONLY place where “salvation” and “Jew” are mentioned in the same sentence? Seriously, did you know that? And do you know what it means? NO SALVATION THROUGH THE LAW! NO SALVATION THROUGH WORKS!

    Another verse that is in the Bible which means that it, you know, means something important – Romans 3:4. Know what it says? Let every man be a lie but God be true. That includes these men with special revelations. Why? Because if a man lies, he can have his sin paid for and covered by Christ if he so chooses. But if God lies, then THERE IS NO GOD, AND SATAN RULES CREATION FOREVER IN HIS PLACE! So you see? Don’t you realize the stakes of Romans 3:4? The real meaning of it? Has anyone sat down and explained it to you? Of course not, because you have been following Mormonism, and everything in the Book of Mormon denies what is in the Old and New Testament, starting with Genesis 1:1 which is the statement of the PRE – EXISTENCE OF GOD.

    Deal with the fact that God’s own book says that He must remain true to Himself; that He cannot transgress or revoke His Own Word, and then come back and tell me what that fact does to your Book of Mormon.

  3. Geoff said

    I found it interesting, being an ex-Evangelical turn muslim, that you make this race about religion more than politics. People are tired of the religious right wing trying to force their morality on everyone, in some cases i agree, but most im republican because of politics and government, not religion.
    Plus i suggest you go to to learn truew mormon beliefs, because some are right and some are wrong. It almost seems pointless yo argue with you, but just said what i did.
    P.S. dont try to “save” me, i rejected christianity willing and embraced Islam willingly

  4. Geoff:

    If you read my prior posts, you will see that I have been to And being a former Mormon yourself, you know that what the Mormons actually believe and what they publicly claim to are different, and you also know that Mormon “beliefs” change from time to time to suit their needs. And second, this is not a political site, and this is not a religious site either. This site is 100% about God. Now, the people of God do live in this world, and politics is part of the world that we live in, so it is fitting that I comment on politics, science, sports, entertainment and popular culture, art, and everything else that man by his own free will chooses to either worship and embrace God or sin against and reject Him. As far as “religious right wing trying to force their morality on everyone”; get real. Like everyone else doesn’t do that. What do you expect: for Christians to vote AGAINST their beliefs? And why should CHRISTIANS ALONE act in this manner when no one else does? And fellow, I have to tell you, if you are a Republican, Democrat, or anything else because of “politics and government”, well go read the same books of Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Revelation that you ignored when you were a Mormon. Those things are of the beast and are not to be trusted, and people who believe that God’s righteousness can be advanced by those things do so to their own hurt and also by their words and actions cause many to be deceived and led astray from the true path. If government was the answer to our problems, then Jesus Christ, the person whose deity and Oneness with God (in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God; the Father, the Son, and the Spirit are one … remember that from John’s books?) that you rejected first as a Mormon and then as a Muslim, would have heeded the will of the people and become their earthly king and led a revolt against the Romans when they demanded it of him and even tried to seize Him and make Him king by force after He fed the five thousand with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. But to show people that the answer to our problems is not through government, politics, economics, religion, etc. He subjected Himself to the Will of the First Person of the same Trinity that your former existence as a Mormon and your current existence as a Muslim rejects, Father YHVH, and went to the cross, and changed things by fulfilling the law and freeing man from the curse thereof – which is death – and opening heaven to sinners with His life on it, and then rose again so that sinners who accept Him as He is and what He did for us can rise again as He did. So, instead of making a difference artificially or on the surface or temporarily man’s way, He made a real difference forever God’s Way, and the only way that those who are called by His Name can make a difference is not through politics or the vain works of religion, but by doing as He did; submitting to the Father, loving Him by keeping His Commandments, and by preaching the gospel to every man of what He did. That is what I am about, that is what this weblog is about, and therefore all of you can keep your Mitt Romneys, Barack HUSSEIN Obamas, your liberation theology empowerment works based “churches” and religions, and everyone else in which you want to invest your false hopes.

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