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Demon Of The Day: Lasciviousness

Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Remember, demons have names, and the name given to a demon describes what it is, or rather how it causes a person to behave. Now when binding, rebuking, and casting out demons, we often have to call it by its name in order to be effective. Unless you are a person who has a Holy Spirit gift of discernment in this area where you can pray to God and He will reveal to you which particular demon it is, you are going to have to rely on observation to deduce the name of the demon, and develop a trained eye for it. But that would be hindered if you do not know the proper name for the behavior that you are observing. And like the jealousy/envy/coveting issue, the word lasciviousness has taken on a new meaning. The current meaning for the term is sexual in nature; specifically lewd, vulgar, lustful behavior in a sexual manner, especially inappropriate public displays of sexuality, and sexual teasing.

But the actual meaning of the word is A LACK OF SELF – CONTROL. This absence of self inhibition may be either voluntary or involuntary. Now, the reason why the word lasciviousness took on a sexual connotation is because it was most often or prominently used to describe people who could not or would not control themselves sexually. This is easy to understand when one considers that public displays of sexuality were once socially unacceptable. When this word was evolving its current accepted definition, we did not have movies like “Little Miss Sunshine” depicting a 7 year old beauty pageant contestant performs a striptease routine taught to her by her grandfather. So it fits our current “days of Noah” culture that the term “lasciviousness” is applied without any real moral or spiritual connotations to a 7 year old being taught to strip by her grandfather, making it seem that in some contexts this behavior is acceptable (and the movie goes to great lengths to depict this family as so dysfunctional that the behavior is not only acceptable, but desired and applauded!). But applying its original meaning to the situation, and the moral and spiritual connotation is clear: a man who loves the Lord would restrain himself from teaching his 7 year old to strip, and a girl who has been brought up with Yeshua HaMashiach as her personal Saviour and best friend would not have the need to please and be accepted by her grandfather so much that she would degrade herself and offend her Lord in such a manner. This is a clear example of how Satan and the kingdom of darkness alters the worldly environment, including the very language, to their liking for the purposes of gaining control over not only the hearts of individual men but whole cultures, nations, etc. For example, right now if a magazine advertised itself as featuring “lascivious ladies”, that would actually be an effective advertising campaign, as men and boys – and some homosexual women and girls – would rush to feed their prurient imaginations with images of scantily clad women in sexually provocative poses. But had lasciviousness retained its original meaning, it would have indicted the women for allowing themselves to be photographed in such a manner, the men for desiring to see such a lack of self – control, and the magazine for making merchandise off women who lack self control and men who like to witness it.

The reason why this is significant is because most of the other words describing sexual behavior outside of the natural union between a man and wife are incontrovertibly negative. Lust. Adultery. Fornication. Molestation. Rape. Unnatural affection. Lewd. Harlot. Altering the definition of “lasciviousness” gives you a way of describing sinful behavior in a manner that doesn’t sound quite so bad; it allows you to avoid calling sin sin, or it allows you to think that some sins “aren’t quite so bad” and “really doesn’t hurt anybody.” It is the equivalent of taking premeditated dishonesty and calling it “a little white lie.” The word “sensual” has had its meaning changed to indicate a morally neutral – and in many contexts a morally positive! – sexual connotation as a way to avoid describing evil as it should be: as evil.

I will revisit this demon in a future post by discussing the nature of the lack of self control itself. In the meantime, the total depravity of this SHOULD make you want to ask Yeshua HaMashiach to be Your Lord and Saviour with The Three Step Salvation Plan!
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2 Responses to “Demon Of The Day: Lasciviousness”

  1. […] it is indeed a blessing from the Lord. But there is PLENTY wrong with provoking lust via sins of lasciviousness, harlotry, etc. It just shows how we have gotten to where we call good (people restricting their […]

  2. Saderlius said

    I just drove this spirit from a woman. It’s name is “Re”, or “Ray”, it has a feminine quality, and it says its area of infection is lasciviousness or fleshliness.

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