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Satan Is Real And Is After Your Children II: Poor Youth Dies From Tooth Infection

Posted by Job on February 28, 2007

There are tons of social, economic, racial, and political issues that can be raised by this tragic case (click on this link). Those certainly will be discussed by far more worthy bloggers than I. There are smarter bloggers out there who will ask if this kid had a father, why did not the mother have a job, whether she made sure her kids practiced good dental hygiene, why she lives in urban Maryland rather than trying to move to a more livable area, and why this nation treats blacks and poor people so horribly. And of course whether the media actually cares about this child, or is merely exploiting him to push the agenda of universal healthcare. Well, I will leave those issues to those people with great intellect and who are skilled in philosophy, debate, and all manners of intellectual contending. But this is what I know about, and this is really all I care about: what happens to this boy now? Oh, we know what will happen to his physical body; it will be buried and ultimately be reduced to dust by natural processes. But is that all there is? Does this boy have a soul, or spirit, that will live forever? If so, is there an eternal reward? And if there is an eternal reward, is there an eternal punishment? And what determines whether this boy receives eternal reward or punishment? What I am getting down to is DID THIS BOY KNOW YESHUA HAMASHIACH AS THE SON OF GOD WHO IS GOD, ASK HIM TO FORGIVE HIS SINS, AND ACCEPT HIM THROUGH FAITH ALONE AS HIS PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOR? Now go back to the first entry in this series about a similar tragedy in the same area. You know the position of this weblog; it is the same position as given in the Bible: the only way to be sure of this child’s eternal fate is if he accepted Yeshua HaMashiach as his savior. Yes, I know that this kid obviously had a hard live. So did the poor man Lazarus in the parable of Yeshua HaMashiach. In that parable, Lazarus was a begger who according to Yeshua HaMashiach suffered only evil in this life, but received good in the next one. I know that the “liberation theologists” and all that use such parables to try to claim that Yeshua HaMashiach was a mere political philosopher who advocated for the poor, but they are missing the point of the parable. The point was, what good is it to suffer good in this life to suffer evil in the next? And if you are already suffering evil in this life, why do you want to suffer a much worse evil forever in the next? Regardless of your station in this life, going to the lake of fire in the next is a terrible fate. If you have not accepted Yeshua HaMashiach as your Lord, your God, and your Savior and are not reconciled with the Father YHVH and have not received the indwelling Ruach Hakadosh through Him, then do so now with The Three Step Salvation Plan. Afterwards, become an evangelist to all men, starting with your own house, and especially with your children. Do not believe the ones who hate and have rejected God and claim that bringing your kids to Yeshua HaMashiach is compulsion, child abuse, etc., and who claim that kids have to make a decision to “choose their religion on their own.” They only feel that way because they do not believe, and desperately hope that your children will join them in their rebellion against God and His Christ. They know that they have constructed a huge education and media complex that will do everything possible to turn your kids away from God. And note that they have no problem “proselytzing” small children on issues like abortion, homosexuality, sexual liberation, socialism, multiculturalism, moral relativism, humanism, evolution, etc. If you ask one of those people to give their true and honest opinion regarding the age which you can tell your child about Yeshua HaMashiach and their need for them to accept the debt that He paid so that they can be saved, their answer will be NEVER! So do not listen to them. Instead, remember horrors like this, and bring your kids to salvation through Yeshua HaMashiach today. Please have them follow The Three Step Salvation Plan!

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