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Demon Of The Day: Lust

Posted by Job on February 25, 2007

Unfortunately, the word lust is almost always used in conjuction with sexual sin, and that is incorrect. Because of that, the “official” dictionary definition has now taken on its “out of context” meaning, with the original meaning almost lost. Well, realize that the first mention of the sin of lust in the Bible was with Eve desiring the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden; the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life(I John 2:16). Now I am mindful that many allege that the encounter between Eve, Adam, and the forbidden fruit is an allegory for forbidden sexual activity with Satan, and the fact that the Hebrew word “naga”, which according to the Strong’s Concordance means to touch in a sexual manner is used in Genesis 3:3, gives it some support, but we are going to stick to the straight text. Also, recall that when the children of Israel demanded meat in the desert instead of manna, the Bible says that they lusted (Numbers 11:33 – 34, Psalm 106:13 – 15). So, let us instead consider the TRUE meaning of the word, which is “to have a yearning or desire; have a strong or excessive craving.” My working definition is to want anything more than you want to please or obey God, or to want anything in any measure that you should not have. The second part is particularly relevant, especially when you consider the words of Yeshua HaMashiach in the gospels when He said that even to look at a woman or girl in a sexual manner was the same sin as committing adultery with her. Why? Because since that woman or girl is not your wife, wanting her sexually or deriving personal pleasure from looking at or fantasizing about her body (the undressing – or as Holocaust concentration camp survivor Corrie Ten Boom described, the raping – of someone with the eyes, which I suppose IS the sin of “the lust of the eyes” as Eve committed)  or even her company and intimacy (which is a far bigger problem with women; where men desire sex to please physical needs, women desire romance and intimacy to meet emotional ones, but then again that WAS the case before these strange and evil days in which women actually now consume more pornography and are more frequent visitors to the adult shops for the “toys” and such than men) is sinful, not because of anything that you did, but because you wanted something that you should not have and that God has not seen fit to give you.

Oh great, in an essay about how lust should not be viewed in terms of sex, I use nothing but sexual illustrations. Ah well. It must be understood, however, that wanting anything that you are not supposed to have even in any least way, or loving anything more than you love God is a sin. It is an important principle because of the world and culture that we live in. Our culture literally worships and is built around wanting things and ideas, and often not even things that we cannot have but ESPECIALLY things that we cannot have. We even have our own little slogans for them: “Shoot for the stars, reach the moon at minimum” and “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey” that justifies people throwing their lives away on the unattainable.

Now lust should not be confused with the sin of coveting (which also should not be confused with the sin of jealousy). Coveting is wanting something else that another has. So, wanting something that someone else has is immediately the double sin, the sin of coveting PLUS the sin of lust because if it is something that someone else has you are not supposed to desire it, which is a desire for something that you ought not have. And jealousy is actually a sin of hatred; hating someone else because they have something whether you want that thing or not. Now that may often lead to sins of lust and coveting, because your hatred of that person might drive you to to want and try to get something that you would have never even wanted and even disliked until someone else got it and you became jealous of them. But in a culture that teaches people to and rewards them for wanting something that they should not have, Christians should be wary of all three, and flee the temptation associated with all three. In order to do that, we have to hate the world and all that the world values and respects. We have to decide that we do not want what the world wants, and we do not want what the world tells us what we should want, most prominently the approval of the world. The world is telling you to go desiring and chasing after things that God does not want you to have, and regards you crazy if you do not desire and chase those things. What is more, the world expects you to be filled with a burning rage or fear for lack of the things that the world expects you to have. Again, those things can either be tangible possessions, or they can be abstract emotions or concepts. The world will push you not so much to seek these things, but to feel angry or violated because you do not have them. If you proclaim to the world that you do not have need or want of those things, the first thing they will accuse you of is being “controlled”, “oppressed”, or “repressed” by your religion. You should respond, truthfully, that I am set free by Yeshua HaMashiach, but you are the one bound by your demonic lustful desire for something that you should not have, will never have, and moreover will not make you happy even if you do get it, and the only reason why you are this way is because you have allowed your mindset to be cultivated by a bunch of people who have never met you and would have no regard for you if you did to think that you should want these things.

And this opens us up to how it really gets sinister: lust in the church. You have whole church movements, i. e. the Word of Faith movement, that is built on the notion that because we are Christians and God loves us we should have the things that we want. Even worse, this false doctrine tells us that God wants us to have the things that we want, and that the reason why we want them is because God made us to have these wants; He “put them in us”, and that we are to engage in “spiritual warfare” to contend against Satan and demons to “release the things that God has in store for us.” The very sad thing is that, like so many of Satan’s deceptions, this is a perversion of a true spiritual principle. There are things that God has laid up in store for us, and we do have to battle Satan to get them. However, the biggest spiritual battle that we have to overcome to get these things is NOT against Satan so that we can receive them, but rather to conquer our own corrupt selfish worldly fleshly desires – our LUSTS – so that we can clearly perceive what God has given us and wants for us.

The first part in realizing this essential first step on the road of spiritual maturity – and Satan’s biggest fear is not a Christian with many gifts of the spirit but a Christian with strong mature FRUITS of the spirit – is to stop wanting all these different things (even if you tell yourself that they are “things for God”) and to instead realize, be thankful for, and properly use the things that God has given you already. Take the parable of the talents. The ruler (representing God) gave each man 5, 2, and 1 talent according to his ability. If the ones who had been given the 5 and 2 talents had been consumed with lust over the talents that had not been given to them, they would have never done great works using that which God has given you already, and therefore would have been like the 1 person who never multiplied that which he had, and they would have shared the same fate as he. To think that there is a whole spiritual movement designed around hindering people from not lusting through valuing what God has already accomplished within them through Yeshua HaMashiach, and using it to do His Will? This is not to say that God will not give you other things once you have proven yourself profitable with that what He already gave you. Indeed, the person with 5 talents received 10 cities, the person who initially received 2 talents received 4 cities. But you have to overcome the spirit of lust that not only the world but these false doctrinal movements are putting in Christians today. So long as lust is in your heart, causing you to want something that you should not have, you will never be fruitful and multiply, you will always be a dry vine. And you know what the Bible says will happen to that which does not produce fruit, don’t you? It gets chopped down, pruned away, and cast into the unquenchable flame to destroy that which is evil and to create space for those who WILL produce fruit.

Do not let this happen to you. Obey God, be thankful, believe and follow your Bible, and start realizing and using what God has already given to you today in order to keep the lust demons from becoming active in your life.


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