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Posted by Job on February 23, 2007

Now this is in Atlanta, Georgia, where a national mobilization of media and civil rights groups got some black 17 year old star athlete with a history of disturbing sexual activity against girls released after a jury convicted him of raping a white 13 year old virgin in a school trailer where she was volunteering by cleaning up after school. Well, where are they on this case? NOWHERE! Why? Because it has never been about helping black people. No, it has always been about PROMOTING THE SPIRIT OF ANTI – CHRIST! So, it is fully the spirit of anti – Christ the notion that it is perfectly OK for 17 year old boys to force themselves on 13 year old girls in dark trailers. I mean come on, why was she a virgin anyway? Is it because she is an – ugh! – CHRISTIAN? Well, the rape and sexual assault demons in our star athlete (250 lbs., and is a monster on defense especially when it comes to, er, “rushing the passer”) took care of that, didn’t they? Look, black Christians, see how they use THE RACE ISSUE to get your mind off Christ? You did not even know that there were SEVERAL OTHER SEXUAL ASSAULT CHARGES FILED AGAINST THIS PERSON THAT WERE DROPPED DUE TO PUBLIC PRESSURE FROM THE MEDIA AND CIVIL RIGHTS GROUPS! All you know is when Oprah Winfrey, the queen of New Age, put her on her TV show and reduced the girl to tears, but only after getting her to say – in typical small town southern drawl of course – “I ain’t prejudiced, I likes colored folks, they’ze muh friends!” Well, here’s to let you know something: in Germany, what they do in middle school over there is turn off the lights, play romantic New Age music, have the kids lie down next to each other and spend a good hour fondling each other (they encourage them to make a special effort to touch the other kid’s sex organs) and then they get up and write an essay about “their feelings” afterwards. When Christian parents naturally objected to this and tried to homeschool their kids to protect them from being filled with every demon of sexual perversion imaginable, the state put the parents in jail and threatened to put their kids in the foster system! So yes, the spirit of anti – Christ is totally against your child going through his or her school years and remaining a virgin, and does not care whether that virginity is lost by choice or not. Speaking of which, you know what goes on in juvenile detention centers, right? Especially to the really young kids? Why don’t they take simple steps to prevent that, such as installing security cameras and severely punishing whoever violates someone else, making it an automatic transferral to adult prison with a 10 year rape and child molestation charge added on (and we all know how they hate – or should I say LOVE – child molesters in jail)? Could it be, perhaps, BECAUSE THE STATE DOES NOT WANT TO? Hmmm …

But now you see what is going on. In the great city of Atlanta, birthplace of the civil rights movement, two teenagers received sentences more severe than what many get for committing rape, severe assaults and attempted murders that will leave the victim crippled and incapacitated for life, and in many cases ACTUALLY KILLING A HUMAN BEING (especially if the charge is reduced from murder to manslaughter) for the “crime” of KILLING A PUPPY! AND THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO PUBLIC OUTRAGE FROM THE NAACP, THE ACLU, (who lest we forget held a protest to get a bunch of kids who were expelled for starting a dangerous melee at a high school football game back in school), , or any of the other groups that supposedly defend the rights of blacks, criminal defendants, etc.! Where are all the people who take ANY OPPORTUNITY to INSIST that ANY SENTENCE IS “TOO HARSH” and HOW WE NEED TO “SHOW MORE COMPASSION” whenever the crime is against PEOPLE? Whenever the judgment and punishment is based on what God gave to Moses in the Torah? But it appears that completely violating the Bible by making a crime against a man equal to a crime against A DOG, WHICH IN MANY CULTURES IS EATEN FOR FOOD, THESE LIBERAL CIVIL RIGHTS GROUPS ARE WELL PLEASED!

Of course, this was a test case. They did it to see what they could get away with, and to establish precedent. And it was perfect. Since these were two young black males who were in and out of foster care, you aren’t going to see any of the professional conservative religious right type activists, Jay Sekulow, Gary Bauer, and a bunch of other people who in a few weeks will be choosing which devil to dance with from among Mitt Romney, John McCain, and Rudy Giuliani (and they seem to be more and more leaning towards the Mormon Romney) shedding any tears. And why should they? Helping at – risk black males by advocating them when the cruel rulers who are after the same manner of the Pharisees who sent Christ to the Romans want to oppress them, you know, doing what Christ actually told us to do, isn’t how you raise money or win votes from the religious right crowd. As a matter of fact, locking young black males up and throwing away the key for the same crime that suburban whites get probation and diversion programs for has LONG been a cornerstone position of the religious right. That is why so many are giving a long look at the thrice – divorced (and committed adultery every single time) supporter of even partial birth abortion AND gay rights (moved in with two gay men while divorcing his third wife after publicly humiliating her by hiring his adulteress in a six figure job for the city) AND cross dresser Rudy Giuliani: if you want someone with a record of putting black men in jail and occasionally shooting them dead on the streets, Giuliani’s your man! So, this was to see if THE LEFT and BLACK PEOPLE would get upset. Well, the left, of course, was not going to raise a peep, because elevating animals to equality with humans has long been their agenda. And black people? Well, I gotta be honest, had it been a 13 year old white virgin Christian girl from a 99% southern town that had been beaten, abused every which way, and then thrown into a gas oven instead of a puppy, these guys would have far more support from the black community. At the very least Oprah Winfrey would be on their side. Why? Because black people have been programmed to show outrage only when race is a factor, and even then only when we are told to by “our leaders.” Boy, the civil rights movement was great for us, wasn’t it? You want to talk about black history month? Well, these boys made history by being the first used by our judiciary system to make man equal with animals.

So because there is NO OUTRAGE and because of the notoriously liberal Georgia judiciary which WON’T overturn it, this case has been used to LEGALLY ENSHRINE EQUALITY BETWEEN ANIMALS AND PEOPLE. So, the process that started with Darwin and evolution is now complete. Animals now have as many rights – and in many contexts more rights – than people do. Kill a puppy, get 10 years. Bring an 8 month 3 week old “fetus” down the birth canal, drill a hole in its skull and drain out its brains, and then deliver the dead child, get a medical license. That is America today folks.

Now let us pray for these two young men, who are indeed extremely troubled and very much need Yeshua HaMashiach for salvation and deliverance. Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, may these two young men, Justin and Joshua Moulder, receive salvation, deliverance, and healing. May they repent of and turn from their past crimes against people and animals, and admit that they need a Saviour, and that only You can save and change them; only the Blood of Yeshua HaMashiach can cover their past, future, and current sins and cause you to forget them on judgment day. Only the Blood of Yeshua HaMashiach can take them out of their torment and drive those demons out of them. Let them know that no matter what they have done, no matter what has been done to them, they do not have to be destroyed in the lake of fire for eternity like those demons will be. Let them know that they can be saved, changed, redeemed, and be with You forever. How can they hear the gospel unless someone is sent to preach it to them? In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, I humbly ask You, Father YHVH, to send someone to preach them the gospel. I petition you for their souls, their wills, their spirit men right now. I ask you to have mercy on them, two people born of Adam who was created in Your Image but fell. I ask You to trouble them, touch them, afflict them so that when the time comes that they hear the gospel, the soil of their hearts will be tilled and fresh, free of stones and vines, so that when the seed is planted it will not burn up, be eaten by crows, or be choked and strangled but rather take root, grow, and bring forth fruit 30 and 60 fold. May they receive the gospel when it is preached to them, may they be saved from their sins and the wicked world, enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, and be with You for Eternity. In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach and by Your Spirit Ruach Hakadosh, so let it be.


49 Responses to “Two Teenage Black Males Get TEN YEARS IN PRISON FOR KILLING PUPPY!”

  1. kipper jones said

    the one main reason i’ve found that deters most ‘non-christians’ from recieving evangelism in it’s truest sense, is the ‘doom and gloom’, ‘God is not love, but a vengeful villifying creator who has nothing but disdain for those who don’t submit to ‘your’ brand of compassionless, misdeirected, but somehow desirable salvation. God has healed me, delivered me, and shown me that LOVE, not brow-beating, fire and brimstone threats of everlasting hellfire and damnation, is what salvation was all about from the beginninig.
    the young woman you spoke of as a ‘virgin’ was only deemed so because her oral activities which she had been performing did not somehow in your eyes de-classify her ‘virgin’ status. that young woman had as much culpability as the young man you’re ready to, (in your christianess), hang and ruin. where do you get off? he killed no one or nothing. ‘Thou shalt not kill’. kill, men or women or children or animals… where indeed do you draw the line?

    in closing, i would just like to say if being as negative and downtrodden as i find your diatribe to be, is what salvation is all about, then i’m so very glad that i know God for myself. and am not depending on you or your types to usher me in to salvation. i’m sorry, i mean the gates of hell!
    because that is not love.

  2. Kipper Jones:

    Sir, the God that you know is not the God of the Bible, for I speak after the manner of the Bible. Precisely the same way that Paul spoke, John spoke, Jesus Christ spoke, Jeremiah spoke, Moses spoke, etc. is the way that I do. But you are of those who have decided that the Bible is not good enough for you. You have decided to go after another gospel, a gospel that tickles the ears and tells people that it is OK not only for you to sin, but to allow everyone else to die in their sins. This gloom and doom of which you speak? It is in the Bible, friend. It is in Ezekiel. It is in Jeremiah. It is in Isaiah. It is in Revelation. It is in the gospels. It is all over the Bible. And you know who will face that gloom and doom? Sin, and sinners. Those who are unwilling to cast off unrighteousness and be born again. And those who are unwilling to preach righteousness as did Noah, so that others will not die in their sins. You want to talk about gloom and doom, how about Noah? The entire human AND animal population of the world, including little babies, died except for eight people and some animals on that boat. But you don’t want to talk about Noah, do you? You don’t want to talk about the great tribulation and the anti – Christ, do you? Or the people who each day are falling victim to deadly diseases, wars, car accidents, and crime. If it is the real life and the Bible, why cannot we talk about it?

    And as for that little girl committing oral sex (incidentally, if you have a link to a reputable news source where this was reported, provide it to me), that makes it OK for a 260 lb. football player to force her into a trailer and do whatever he wanted to her? Would you feel the same way if it were your mother? Your sister? Your daughter? You? Or have you allowed this black/white nonsense to blind your eyes to the injustice of it all?

    And since what happened to the football player was a long history of sexual assault (I suppose all of his other victims were committing oral sex too?) was an injustice, then where is your outrage over two black males getting ten years for killing a puppy? My good man, people with God’s love in them NEVER DEFEND UNRIGHTEOUSNESS. You say that you have been delivered? From what? You say that you have been healed? From what? Well let me tell you: I have been healed from asthma, acid reflux, and kidney disease. I have been delivered from pornography addiction and many more evil spirits. So, I know that the God that I serve is real and that I am doing what He called me to do. Can you say the same?

    So ultimately I ask you, what are you saying? Are you saying that the Bible is not true? If you are, then what have you seen, what have you heard, and what experience have you had that made you think that the Bible was not good enough for you?

  3. Karin C said

    Why is race even an issue? Why does it always have to be an issue? If you get mad or frustrated at a (white) person for no reason, you are having a bad day, if you get mad or frustrated with a black person there is always racism in play? I didn’t even know that that these two boys were black when I first heard about this crime and have since not been able to get it out of my head. The facts of this cases are that these boys took a helpless puppy and bound it’s feet and mouth with tape so that the puppy had no chance to escape and then put it in the oven and watched it die a slow agonizing death. Then they showed this horrific sight to other children an threatened them if they told. This case would be just as disgusting if my grandmother had been the accused. And even if we go with your argument that we are putting more value on an animals life than we do on a human’s life, then it boils down to the countless studies and psychological profiles of serial killers who all had some sort of past carrying out sadistic acts on animals. What if someone had taken notice of the fact that Ted Bundy tortured animals and put him away for ten years? How many young women would still be alive today if Ted Bundy was not around to commit those crimes? God has a plan for every creature he placed on this earth. Yes, we are at the top of the food chain and animals were put on this earth to serve us. Horses carry us, cows feed us with their meat, their milk, and keep us warm with their skin. The list goes on an on. Dogs purpose is to protect us, assist us, and be our companions. I don’t think God for one second created dogs with the intention that two boys would pass time one day by taking it’s life in a cruel manner. This has NOTHING to do with race. In fact, this is the only posting I have seen that even addresses the race “issue”. All citizens that display this kind of behavior need to be brought to justice and monitored for future signs.

  4. Karin:

    Well, as one who was bound by the evil spirit of racism for many years (I am black and hated whites, Asians, and Jews) before God cleansed my evil mind and spirit, I actually do believe that race is an issue a lot more than we like to admit. This was a “test case” to see how the public would react and to set a precedent. They knew that if it had been a couple of blonde blue – eyed white girls from the suburbs (and I live in the suburbs by the way; my subdivision was 90% white when my family moved in but is now 95% black), giving them ten years for killing a puppy would have created a massive public outrage. But a couple of black male teenage foster kids? Throw them under the jail and no one cares, especially those civil rights groups who are probably very happy that a precedent was set where killing a puppy gets you more jail time than involuntary manslaughter, because they are into the anti – Christ agenda to deny that man was created in the image of God and the risen Jesus Christ is God and the only way to Heaven just like everyone else. Again, where was REVEREND Jesse Jackson? Where was REVEREND Al Sharpton? All of those other REVERENDS in the civil rights movement? In Atlanta we have this leftist group named “Concerned Black Clergy.” They were all involved in getting that rapist off, but nowhere to be found in this case.

    And I am sorry if their treatment of that puppy so disturbed you, but you are aware that in many cultures they eat dogs, don’t you? And hey, I am from a small town and am very familiar with the agriculture industry. Do you eat pork, chicken, or beef by any chance? Have you seen the conditions that those animals are exposed to, not only when they are killed for food but while they are being raised?

    A human killing a puppy getting ten years in jail because he MIGHT harm another human is not justice. All that does is create the notion that harming an animal is in any way the same as harming a person, which denies your book of Genesis when it said that God created Adam and Eve in His own image and breathed a spirit into them. Denying that God created us is part of denying God’s authority over us, and thereby allows the world to do whatever they choose as they did in the days of Noah. This sentence – and the lack of public outcry over it – represented a major victory for the anti – Christ in this country, and the race of these kids played a role in it.

    And you do realize that the media is responsible in a great way. The dehumanizing image of black males that the media pushes through movies, TV shows, music videos, etc. is designed specifically to scare white people just so they can get away with stuff like this. And in case you didn’t notice: it worked. No, you didn’t know the race of these guys, but only because they were black. If they had been white, you would have known their race, because Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and virtually everyone else would have never stopped until they let everyone in America know what even the POSSIBILITY that someone could get 10 years for mistreating what would be no more than a tasty snack in many areas of the world. Kill a puppy? Get 10 years. Kill a baby? Get a medical license as an abortion doctor. Speaking of abortion, let me tell you a story. When I was in college, I had a temp job as a push – poller for the Bob Dole presidential campaign. So, I called this white lady from Ohio and she was very nice and wanting to be interviewed concerning her political and social beliefs, and I was reading my script and everything was going fine. Up until I got to the ABORTION question. Do you know what her response was? “I know that abortion is murder, BUT IF IT WAS ILLEGAL THERE WOULD BE TOO MANY BLACK PEOPLE, SO FOR THAT REASON I SUPPORT IT.” (I am one of those blacks who “talks white”, as they say, so she had no clue as to my race.) So, this woman supported the destruction of innocent people created in the image of God, depriving them of the chance to know, serve, and praise God and experience His love (which is Satan’s goal by the way) because of THE RACE ISSUE. So yes, dear Karin, race IS an issue because it is an integral part of Satan’s war against God and the church, and I know because I was once completely under his control doing his commands, including walking down the street dressed like a thug and looking all mean disrespecting police officers, harassing people who worked at the supermarket, and trying to scare teenage girls and the elderly. And when Christians deny that fact, it just makes Satan’s job easier. And that is why I talk about race so often: to warn Christians of just that fact.

  5. Amanda said

    I followed the story on the local news where I live, from start to finish. The boys deserved what they got.
    There is NO excuse for animal cruelty.

  6. Amanda:

    Of course you think that. You are a witch. You prefer animals over man because your interactions with humans are more complex and painful because humans have used their free will to neglect, abuse, and hurt you. Well, God created and loves animals, but animals do not have souls. Animals cannot give God the service and praise that God desires, service and praise that comes not from flesh that is temporary, but service and praise from the spirit that will live for eternity. That is why, as Jesus Christ Himself said, each one of us is more important than many animals.

    But Amanda, let me tell you the truth. I was hurting once like myself. During my junior year of college, I became so despondent that I was considering suicide. After that phase was over, the next phase, my ten year addiction to Internet pornography, started. But God saved me from my torment. Why? Because He loves me. How? Because He is love. God can rescue you from what you are going through too. It won’t be easy, and it won’t happen overnight, and you will have to fight for it like nothing you have ever fought for before. But in the end, it will be worth it. Are you a fighter, Amanda? Do you like taking on challenges and battles? I am not talking about fake battles like those over politics or animal rights. I am talking about real battles over the souls of people who have been neglected, abandoned, abused, raped, molested, and have been abandoned by their parents and a society that worships money, power, and self – satisfaction over all else. Are you ready to begin that battle for yourself, so that you can start fighting for others?

  7. danny said

    NO God would allow such brutal torture and killing of a puppy by ANY person regardless of race or background. It is well known that killers start with animals and work up their confidence to kill children and adults. 10 years was nothing for what these boys did. they expressed no remorse. they were quite aware of what they were doing. there are plenty of abused kids that do NOT grow up to do these heinous acts. This is NOT about race NOT about religion. It is about cold blooded murder. and if you think a puppy should not have justice service, then you are a speciest and that my dear is as bad as being a racist.

  8. danny said

    Oh, and on the Michael Vick case. if you think that it’s ok for this monster to run a facility that includes a “RAPE STAND” and a torture and kill camp for dogs, then you really need to wake up. Why does it have to be viewed tht society values animals over people. go to and see just how much society values animals. it will make your stomach turn. these people START with animals. if we can stop them and punish them for this, they may not graduate to humans. What is there NOT to get. I guess will just have to pray that you see the light instead of being blinded by it.

  9. Danny: “It is well known that killers start with animals and work up their confidence to kill children and adults.” A lot of people say this. Can you provide me with some statistics to back that stand up? And you are correct, this is not about race in the sense of “they used animal cruelty as an excuse to put otherwise innocent black men in jail.” No, it was used in the sense of “let us use these two black men to see if we can get away with giving them a stiffer sentence for killing an animal than we give for killing people a lot of times.” Now I do believe that wanton cruelty against animals is a sin. But should a society protect animals when it doesn’t protect people? Of course not. That is a sign of a wicked society that has completely turned its back against God. You are right, this may have nothing to do with religion, but it has EVERYTHING to do with a lack of relationship with God, and a total rebellion against him. Thank you.

  10. G W Day said

    I disagree with the Amanda. People slaughter unborn and nearly born humans daily and the doctors get richer and get no jail time. Is it because humans are less valuable than animals?

  11. Dianne said

    I read your one sided comments. They sickened me as usual. All that I ever hear about in this town and in am from Cleveland is the poor young black men. They have been afforded many more opportunities than the white youth of this community. I can tell you this for certain.. The black youth in this town have no fear. They walk down the streets in our white neighborhoods late at night never worrying about getting robbed or mugged. We can not do the same in their neighborhoods. They use and abuse their girlfriend’s. In fact they are the only races that flaunt the fact in their music. In the neighborhood where I work, my window has been broken out of my car three times. I am stopped on a daily basis and asked for change. If I refuse I am called vulgar names. Most of the good paying city jobs in this City are taken by Blacks. Yet I still hear the complaints. Slavery. That was many years ago and this generation never dealt with it…. Stop crying and asking for hand outs you already get to many!!!. Those brutal beasts that killed that little puppy are on there way to becoming serial killers. I am glad those scum bags got ten years, they should have gotten a whole lot more.

  12. Charles said


    Whose comments have you read and why do you think they are one-sided? Your comment: “I am glad those scum bags got ten years, they should have gotten a whole lot more.” is typical of the cops in Cleveland and that is one of the reasons for the problems you perceive.

    Another thing, you say: “They walk down the streets in our white neighborhoods” can you see the problem with that statement? When you can, then, you will be on your way to understanding and maybe helping to resolve outstanding issues. Until that time, I can see you contending with huge problems that have nothing to do with animal cruelty.


  13. Job said


    “They have been afforded many more opportunities than the white youth of this community.” Verify that this is true.

    “Most of the good paying city jobs in this City are taken by Blacks.” This is generally true because the government – mandated affirmative action programs makes city governments far more willing to hire blacks than private business.

    “I am glad those scum bags got ten years, they should have gotten a whole lot more.” Why, because they are black?

    Dianne, I am glad you stop by because you represent exactly what I am speaking of. You – and scores of black, white, Hispanic, etc. people like you – are so filled with racial hatred and resentment that Satan is using it to sift you like wheat. Satan is eating you like a lunch sandwich right now, and when he is through he is going to pop the bag.

    You are so blinded that you could not even see the real point of this entry. Yes, I do happen to be a black male that lives in the deep south and has experienced legitimate racism, but this post was not about the plight of the black man. Though I am black I am Christian first, and this post was 100% about Christianity. It is about how Satan is deceiving people into regarding animals as being equal with people. It is happening in the education system, in the media, and in our courts. An Ivy League law professor beat his wife to death with a pipe and last month was sentenced to 7 years. He can get out in 5 for good behavior. That woman was HIS WIFE, the daughter of their child. He beat her to a point to where she was no longer even recognizable as a human after an argument over who was going to pick up their daughter from an afterschool activity. When this Ivy League professor, who killed the mother of his child, gets out of jail, these two boys will still be in jail FOR KILLING A DOG.

    Where is the outrage over evil such as this? It does not exist because just as the Holy Spirit speaking through the apostle Paul predicted (and as Jesus Christ predicted as well) in the last days the world is going to become so evil that natural affections will be removed. Don’t you call regarding the life of an animal more than regarding the life of a mother and wife unnatural? Evil? I notice by your name that you are in fact a woman. Are you a wife, per chance? The mother of a child? So does not this fact concern you? Even if you are not a wife or mother, do you not have compassion for the daughter of this Ivy League professor, knowing that if some murderer bashes her body in with a pipe she will get less time than the killers of a dog?

    The only angle where race played a role in this story was the fact that they were able to use these low income (please recall that Jesus Christ spoke up for the poor) fatherless (please recall that Jesus Christ spoke up for them as well) hated minorities (please recall that Jesus Christ spoke up for the Samaritians) as a test case. Had it been a couple of upper middle class suburban white females, say a Britney Spears or a Lindsay Lohan or maybe a Jessica Simpson and a Paris Hilton, they wouldn’t have done any time at all, because their getting ten years over killing an animal where people who rape and murder people get far less and in some cases go scot free (remember OJ?) would have resulted in a public outcry. So instead they use teenaged black males to set this precedent to exploit the demonic passions of people like you and your “I am glad those scum bags got ten years, they should have gotten a whole lot more.” That is right, you obviously want them locked up and for the key to be thrown away because they are black, not because of the crime that they did. Well do you not realize that such a thing is unjust, and that all things that are unjust are demonic?

    I must ask you this, Dianne, are you a Christian? Do you believe that the Bible is true? Do you believe that there is a God in heaven that created the heavens and the earth, and you with it, and will one day judge you? Do you believe that if you are found lacking in this judgment that you will be cast into the lake of fire? Do you believe that the only way to be found acceptable on that judgment is by believing in and accepting Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God who also is God, as your personal savior so that He might forgive your sins, including that of racism? And that evidence of your salvation is that you will begin to love God first with all your heart, soul, and strength instead of loving yourself and then loving your neighbor, which includes all of these black male beggars and criminals?

    If you have accepted salvation through Jesus Christ, then you are in serious need of the renewing of your mind to conquer the evil effects of this fallen world and the flesh so that you will no longer hate or be driven by ungodly passions. You need to immerse yourself in studying the Bible and prayer so that you will get to where you can submit to God and allow Him to change your thinking.

    If not, I sincerely urge you to. These things of this world like grief, poverty, pain, hate, and racism will be cast into the lake of fire and not be part of the new heaven and the new earth. But if you do not reject these worldly things to worship the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit only, then instead of being part of the new creation where none of the things of this world that so torment you will be a part of it, you will be in the lake of fire where all that stuff will be in eternity. That is right, you will be in the lake of fire with all of the racists that ever lived! It will be you and all of those black, white, Asian, Hispanic, etc. racists hating each other and hating yourselves for eternity!

    So if you are not born again through Jesus Christ, please follow this link and it will explain salvation to you. It also shows you how to contact me by email if you need to. But if you are already saved and need for your mind to be renewed, well that is the primary reason why this weblog exists! I urge you to study the content that I have on here. I am not a minister, but that is fine, most of it is information from other ministers. One of them that I prominently display is R.C. Sproul, whose ministry is called, appropriately, Renewing Your Mind. His website is You do seem to be a lady with strong opinions, I desire that you would convert the passions that you have into a passion for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and the things and works of God.

    The Three Step Salvation Plan

  14. Mike (Johnson) said

    Job/Charles, I disagree with you. Evil is color blind. Justice should also be color blind. Though I do not support all of Dianne statements, there are some candid facts that black people (I am a black male) need to deal with especially if we are professing to be Christians.

    We (African Americans) have been given a lot. If you don’t believe me, ask any Asian, African or Latino immigrant. They cannot believe the opportunities that abound in this country and are shocked that black people are still complaining. Why we sit and complain, they take advantage of the untaped opportunities. I personally hate affirmative action because it does not solve the root problem. It just allows for this type of discord year after year. There is only one reason why other races and immigrants fare better than us. FAMILY. You cannot destroy the family structure of any race and expect any progress. When God created the family structure and left man as the head, it was for a reason. Now I do know and understand very clearly how racism has destroyed the black family but it is time to do something about it.

    So who is going to resurrect the black family….white people? No we do it ourselves. Sadly enough this is where we fail again. We idolize rappers who do nothing but spit meaningless images of what love and life is. Our sports stars are selfish mega-millionaires who are more concerned with their next contract than the community they came from. Our churches which used to be a foothold in the community have no credibility. (We can thank Reverend Al Sharpton, Reverend Jackson and the rest of their ilk for that). I could go on…but you get my point.

    Point is this…Dianne is not the reason why there is so much animosity towards black people. Sure the media celebrates us on TV because as entertainers and athletes, we bring the $$$ they crave. However, I pray that God restores the black family and gives us the foundation that we need to compete with everyone else.

  15. Charles D. said

    First of all Mike; how are you?

    Certainly you have the right to disagree, but, what is confusing to me is that you group together the comments that Job and I both made. What would help me immensely (if I am to do a self inventory to see if I agree that I should change my point of view); on what points exactly, do you disagree with what I said to Dianne? I am grateful for your prompt response.

    Oh! and while you are at it, maybe you could answer a question about something that you said as below:

    “We (African Americans) have been given a lot.” By whom and what were we given? I really want and need to know.

    In Christ,


  16. Dianne said

    I would have never guessed you were a Black Man…I would have called anyone white or black scum bags that did that to a poor defenseless animal. If you believed in God then you know that these animals are created by God and trust us there masters, they give unconditional love to us so called Humans, they do not have a mouth to speak for themselves, so we need to speak for them when we see such terrible abuse. I was not missing the point of your letter and yes I do understand the importance of human life versus animal. Were they not important when God created them ? Or do you appoint yourself as spokes person for God, and say that they don’t matter as much as your little black boy’s?? That is why when you see a wild animal you cage it. You train it and restrain it to fit into society. As far as I am concerned white, black, any race they deserve nothing better than a cage. These violent acts against defenseless little animals just show what kind of trash these people really are. How could anyone listen to a animal crying and yelping as it is being tortured and continue on. They have no regard for any form of life… and anyone that makes light of these type of acts I feel are equally as guilty..

  17. Eden Hadassah said

    I don’t agree with Dianne. I am sorry. There are many “dividers” in our country, along with preconcieved ideas about who and what we see coming our way. What I see from my point of view is an “inconvienance.”
    Someone moves into an area, and all the sudden there are “less than desireables” hangin on the street corner.
    I guess I see a less then charitable attitude, and a judgement without really knowing what is going on. Yes, some can use the excuse of slavery, and others constantly might say “the white man holds me down,” but in the end, we still have devistated humans. People who may not have ever been tenderly touched or spoken to with gentleness and compassion. We witness the human condition every day. We need sometimes to try to look deeper, and if they are with in our reach, stretch out alittle further to reach them. Regardless of color. I don’t agree that the black family or the lack thereof is the problem…this too is a stereotype. The distruction of the family comes to all equally, and each of us have most likely dealt with it at some point in our lives. It hurts. Sometimes it just takes one kind person. I know that is over simplified and maybe a little stupid, or even naive, but it’s not. It takes the right heart to reach out, and it takes the discernment of God to know how best to minister to them.

  18. johnkaniecki said


    I have read every comment here. I read the comments in reverse order, somehow that works better for me.

    Where are the former slaves’leaders? MLK, Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Bobby Seals, Mumia Abu Jamal. In jail or in prison or dead.

    Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, sold out to the system.

    One way or the other the leaders are done away with.

    I am of European descent. I do my best to love all people as it is God’s greatest command. Injustice is wrong and Christians should live a righteous life. Judge a society not by how it treats its best but how it treats its worst.

    The USA has more people in jail than any other nation including Red China and they have over four times our population.

    I forsee one last rising before the end. A Christian tide that will be met with violent opposition. They cannot take away our conviction. They cannot take away the truth and the love. They can only take away our lives and that is but a temporary thing.

    These words you have written fill me with courage and determination. I’ll take my candle and hold it next to your and the flame will glow four times the brighter.



  19. Charles D. said

    Dianne’ exactly what hours or when do you all allow anyone other than animals to “They walk down the streets in our white neighborhoods”?


  20. Mike (Johnson) said

    Charles, I read your post very quickly and lumped your comments alongside Job’s. I apologize for that.

    The giver in my statement “We (African Americans) have been given a lot” is God. Slavery was a crime beyond human comprehension but today African Americans have reached heights that is simply unprecedented. Our living standards are still far and above the standard of black people anywhere on the planet.

    So I am sick of the victim mentality that is constantly being sold to African Americans. So much so that you can’t even condemn a black crime without bringing up the race factor. This is the devil’s work. Enough already. A crime is a crime.

    Eden Hadassah, you think the break down of the black family is not the problem. Well I respect your opinion. However, I will say this in response. In 2000 one out of three young black men were either in prison, on parole or on probation. I am scared to think of the statistics today and petrified of what effect it will have on the black family years down the road. In the history of mankind, no race has ever survived without an intact family structure. Liberals will have you believe otherwise but the bible is very clear on this topic.

  21. Charles D. said

    Mike my Brother;

    Certainly I understood what you were saying in the first place. My point is there are two mentalites at play and I wanted you to see your own. God gave, given, and will continue to give for that is His promise for those who love Him. AND, He gives irrespective of race, e.g., to Whites as well as Blacks.

    My point is in terms of salvery and previous conditions of servitude, as well as civil rights, Blacks weren’t given anything. They fought and died for it and are still fighting. The fight, however, would be somewhat easier if we ALL knew where we came from in order to have an idea wither we shall go.

    In Chrsit Jesus,


    Dianne doesn’t speak as if she realizes where she came, she is holding on to the dream (or nightmare for us), the same as things were, long, long ago.

  22. T.M. said


    From the comments you made, you are straight up prejudice, and you have an issue of the heart.

    I see all races doing evil. Unclean spirits will operate in whom ever allow them in. Those that are outside of Christ are prime candidates.

    It seems to me that you are allowing a prejudice spirit to use you. Do you think the spirits see color?

    It’s not flesh and blood that is creating all the havoc.

    Where do you think you are and who do you think you’re talking to, and I’m not speaking of race.

    You have showed your true colors and I don’t mean white.

  23. Job said


    “Or do you appoint yourself as spokes person for God, and say that they don’t matter as much as your little black boy’s??” Yes, I have the right to speak for God. All born again Christians do. You probably have been taught that speaking for God required some sort of special training or office. Well it did in the Old Testament. But in the New Testament, anyone that is born again has the authority and blessing to speak for God. The New Testament makes it clear that all Christians are priests, the priesthood of the body of believers. Have you not heard that before?

    And all we have to do in order to speak for God is to 1) read the Bible, 2) understand it in context and 3) apply it to the context of our daily lives. And I am doing it in this case. The Bible makes it abundantly clear many times over that the lives of people are worth more than the lives of animals. The best example was when Jesus Christ told His disciples “You are worth more than many sparrows.” It is in Matthew. Look it up.

    So yes, little black boys are worth more than dogs. So are little white girls, including you. People eat dogs, you know. That should not strike you as bizarre in any way, because dogs are worth no more than chicken, fish, pigs, or cows, and unless you are a completely psychotic vegan you eat those too.

    Look, I am from the country. I used to hunt and fish, and my relatives farmed and raised livestock for a living. I know a little about what these animals go through in order for them to wind up on your plate as nice neat little pieces of bacon, sausage, fish fillets, and steak, ok? If causing animals pain and suffering is a crime, you would have to put every farmer, hunter, and fisherman in this country in jail.

    That is what is so evil and sinister about the demonic mindset. It is chaotic, arbitrary, and unjust. It is unjust to put a couple of teenagers in jail for 10 years while IN THE VERY SAME STATE hunters are blasting holes in Bambis and letting them bleed to death, people are tearing up the insides of fish (as well as the occasional dolphin) with steel hooks and nets, and we use steel traps to catch rodents for their fur. Do you understand what I am talking about now?

    You have just made it clear to me that you fully agree with the state’s giving more time to the killers of a dog than the man who beats his wife and mother of his child to death. Your problem is not that you are a racist. Your problem is that you need to first give your life to Jesus Christ, and then commit your life to studying and living His Word. Why not? What do you have to lose? This great life that you have right now? Well I hate to be the one to tell you, but if you are going around railing against black males, things are not going so hot for you. Medical science has proven that holding in all that anger and stress ruins your quality of life, makes you vulnerable to all sorts of diseases, and will take you to an early grave. It is far better to give all that stuff up and learn to live in and enjoy the love of Jesus Christ. Let me tell you … I used to be a “hate whitey” sort myself. I was all filled with hate, fear, paranoia, rage, etc. But then I started loving Jesus Christ and I am much happier: a better father and husband, a much more productive employee, etc. Now we should not give our lives to Jesus Christ for those reasons, I am just telling you that if I could go from being a stressed out miserable hater of whites, Asians, Jews, etc. to loving people and having compassion, so can you. You have everything (eternity with Jesus Christ) and nothing to lose except an eternity in the lake of fire. So again, I urge you, please follow this link and take it very seriously.

  24. Eden Hadassah said

    Good morning all,

    There is absolutely no difference between six pennyless black men hanging out on the corner making trouble, going into someones home or stealing their car, gang raping a woman AND six WHITE (OR LETS MIX IT UP A LITTLE, 2WHITE,2ASIAN,2MIDDLE EASTERN) CORPORATE executives in the board room making trouble, charging 20-30% interest on a mortgage or car and then repossesing it when they CAN’T pay, gang raping another “corporation” through a hostile take over!
    Listen, why is the lack of money the determining factor when it comes to racial divides? IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE LACK OF MONEY! It looks on the outside like it does, but when we strip the money away, what we get is mirror images. For every poor “black man or youth” you see hanging out on the street “making trouble”, there is his exact twin in the board room, doing the same thing! Money has blinded the eyes from seeing the fact poverty is the same riches. HOW? With poverty, a person feels powerless to change their lives, depends on money and others to help them, and some times this leads to crime, out of shear frustration…With riches, a person feels powerless to change their lives, depends on money and others to help them, and some times this leads to crime! Money and things are the illusion that one person has it “more together” than another. It has the ability to color our perseption on matters of morality and goodness, godliness and charity. I have often seen more godliness and goodness, charity and morality among the poor. Wealth, status, “family values” and race are all skewed by our own want or need for money and how we esteem it. For those who feel it is important, they may look at the world as a “bevy of great opportunities” just waiting to be had. They become angry when others don’t take advantage of it. For those who esteem it as a means of “security”, they may view others with suspicion for NOT seeming to have it, therefore they must want yours. For those who feel it is necessary to “provide for the family”, every broken family to them has to do with the lack.
    Money is the root of all kinds of evil, including racism. We look at the world through our own perceptions with out realizing that often we too have been “colored.”

    The problem existing with “black families” is NO different than what is happening with white ones. That was a lop sided statistic posted. Focusing on one race of people and saying that crime is happening because of the lack of the family unit is flat out wrong. It happens in the wealthiest families. Actually, it’s just as bad with wealthy rich families REGARDLESS OF THE RACE, because wealthy families in crisis, keep things very quiet. The children suffer in silence, perpetuating the crimes of their parents upon their own children…if they even have any at all. They can be ruthless to each other, yet when out in public, they look like they “love each other SO much.”
    Strip it all away, and have a rich woman (who’s husband is always working) with three children talk to a poor woman who has no husband at all with three children, and you will have two woman who feel devistated, abandoned, unsupported. Strip the children of the illusion as well, and when they come together they will talk to each other about the lack of love, support and warmth from one parent or even both parents, because either the parent isn’t there mentally or sometimes even physically.
    The person who has to work three jobs to put food on the table is the same as the one who works 16 hours a day and on the weekends in some big company.
    I have lived many types of ways. As a child, in a broken and totally immoral home, poor as dirt…then taken from that life into a moderate life of the middle class…then in my teen years, my dad remarried a wealthy woman and I lived an upper middle class life…then in my early adult years got married into the “rich life”, with all the wealth at my fingertips. What I have learned from my “failed” marriage with all the security of wealth, is that my children were left devistated by their father who thought money was the answer to everything. It colored his perception of others, of me and our children. He became abusive, intolerant, adulterous. We kept it quiet. (FAlSE WITNESS) My children kept quiet their abuses by him when I wasn’t around. And on the outside every thing looked “perfect!” When I had enough and said “no more”, that is when the pain really kicked into gear. Abuse and adultery are not a family value, and when I filed for divorce, I told no one what he had done. Not even my own family. They loved him, and when he told them lies about me, and isolated me from my own family and all my friends at church, our lives became like a prison. Money was used as a tool to try to win my children. They chose poverty over abuse. I didn’t defend myself or try to counter the lies, I chose to show grace and mercy and not gossip about him or his conquests at work or outside the home, and let the Lord take care of the rest. (DID HE EVER!)
    They chose my love and tenderness over money and privledged life. The Lord began to restore them and me during that time, and heal the wounds inflicted for so long. Then, the Lord brought someone into my life, and finished the restoration. But even if the Lord hadn’t brought him into our lives, the Lord is always the one that perserves and sustains us. The family unit is nothing with out God, and it is also nothing with a family who are all saved by the grace of God, and acting like everything is perfect while crimes are being committed and keeping a false witness about homelife. I am not saying that we need to air all the dirty laundry, but I have also learned that I can not be a false witness about my life by having things be hard at home and then when in public looking like everything is perfect. It is deceptive, for which I had to repent.
    We live a very different life now. At one point it was on blow up mattresses. They never complained. We went from living in a huge seven bedroom home in a beautiful neighborhood, to living in a “less than desireable” neighborhood with crime, drugs, and poverty. The happiest our children were was in the latter.
    What is the family unit with out God as the center? And if a family has God, having deep issues at home, and covering them up, isn’t the family still broken? Living in poverty and in wealth, and everything in between, and being a witness to other people’s lives, I can say that at the heart of racism is the evil root of money.

  25. Dianne said

    I am not a racist. Which probably most of you think. I am just a very angry white woman, who is sick and tired of being pushed and shoved around by these bleeding hearts that think the world owes them a living because of what their poor ancestors went through..My grandfather was a carpenter, who worked no less than fourteen hours everyday. He could never afford to buy a home for my grandmother and himself because of excess medical bills and medicine that he bought and paid for my grandmother…Never asking the State for a dime. He died at 72 years old with a total of $245.00 in the bank. He owed no one and never asked for a hand out. That’s why I am sickened by the opportunities that are afforded the people, especially the blacks in this town and they are never satisfied. It’s never enough.
    My son was killed by a Drunk Driver in the early 90’s just after that my sister was found murdered and raped ( head decapitated ).Not to long after that my 24 year old brother was found hanging in a jail cell in a prison in Ohio . We were told he probably was murdered also. The state has never helped my family resolve anything. We are white.. I thought we according to you get special treatment… What a joke.. Bitter you bet I am..

  26. Job said


    So Dianne, since you have experienced so much evil in this life which will only last a short time, why would you experience an immeasurably greater evil and torment in the life to come that will last an eternity? I am not denying that what you feel is real. I am only trying to let you know that despite everything that has happened to you, despite everything that you have been through, despite all of the evil and pain and heartache that has been inflicted upon you, you are still going to have to stand before God one day. And on that day your life experience will not be an excuse if for no other reason than no matter what you have gone through there are multitudes throughout history that have experienced just as bad or worse. Do you know who one of those people were, by the way? It was Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ gave up the glory of heaven to bear all the sins, sicknesses, and pains of humanity while dying the humiliating death of a criminal while hanging naked on a cross. You know, the Bible says “cursed is every man that hangs on a tree.” So the God who created all things was willing to take being cursed according to the words of His own book for you.

    Look, the fact that your experiences are real and your grievances legitimate only adds to the urgency. Your pain and anger are not going to go away. Time will not be enough to heal the wounds. Money cannot replace what you have lost. Psychologists and psychiatrists with their hypnotic tricks and drugs will not help you. Unless a major change occurs, you are consigned to experiencing this pain, resentment, and hopelessness for the rest of this life and as I said earlier those same things troubling you on an even worse scale for eternity. Even now, despite all that you have gone through, you are a beneficiary of the grace of God. It is because of that grace that you are even yet alive! Trust me, without that grace, your pain, sorrow, and misery would be far too much for you to bear and it would quickly overcome and drain your life from you. But when your life does end, so will your experience of God’s grace, and what you will experience in eternity cannot even be compared to the evil that you are experiencing right now.

    So why not allow God to make this major change in your life? If you stop resisting God now, He can begin to heal you this very instant, and that will continue throughout this life until you pass into the next one, when God will wipe ALL of the tears from your eyes and even the memory of the horrible things that you have been through will be no more.

    I speak of this because it is my own hope and reality. See, my plight was actually worse than yours. You are only dealing with things that have been done TO you. I was dealing primarily with guilt because of the bad things that had been done TO OTHERS: people that I had grievously betrayed and harmed, and there was no one else to blame for all the people that I had hurt but myself. In addition to the guilt I also began to experience fear … a paralyzing dread that I would one day be repaid for all the bad things that I had done; that others would do to me what I had done to them! Or I feared that the people that I had harmed would never be able to get over it, and that it would lead them to lives of misery and sadness, and that it would be all my fault. But my testimony in this life is that God has mostly removed the guilt and fear from me (and I have only legitimately been a Christian for about three years) and my hope is my knowledge that in the next life I will no longer be troubled by the evil that I have committed at all!

    Don’t you want the same testimony? Don’t you want the same hope? Are you telling me that you do not have need for it in your life? If not, why not?
    The Three Step Salvation Plan

  27. Eden Hadassah said

    I am sorry to hear about the tragedies in your family. But by putting those experiences on the head of everyone not white, I would have to say maybe you are racist.
    That is the tricky thing about it. My daughter’s former boyfriend was a beautiful black boy, with a heart of gold. He was one of the guy’s you might mistaken as “a freeloader” taking everything this world has for granted because you might have seen him out on the streets. But I tell you what, that wouldn’t be the case with this young man! This was a young man who never knew his father, lived with his grandmother, mother and auntie’s, and had a PASSION for the poor and the lost. His standing on the street corner had NOTHING TO DO WITH DRUGS, CRIME, SEX or anything else you could conjure up in your head about people. He dressed like them, looked like them, and he loved them. He did more for them, this “poor” black boy with no father (in jail) than any other person I have met. (of any color). He doesn’t live in their neighborhood, but goes down there after school every day. Not only has he brought love and hope to them, but my own daughter has also spent time with them. There is a whole world that you have no idea about concerning these young people. Pain, abandonment issues, loss of innocense, with out hope or anyone understanding some of the toughest feelings of inadequacy. Yet my daughter is safe with them. I know this for a fact. I have met them, and they are beautiful people with issues that they face like everyone else. These kids were’nt looking for a “hand out” or to make trouble. Actually, he and my daughter were their advocates in getting higher wages in Baltimore. They brought alot to the community, and neither one come from that life or lifestyle. They brought them together with music and listened to their stories of their lives. If that is bleeding heart stuff, then by all accounts what you just posted should be eliminated, because you bled your own story of pain and loss too. We all have things happen to us in life, and just as you have expressed your pain, others have the right to express theirs.
    Our family is not black, but I, in no way shape or form will ever blame the tragedies of my life on another race of people.
    What if I put you into the same category as a white neo-nazi skin head? Have you ever gone to one of their websites?
    I had a racist grandmother, and I tell you what, you sound just like her.
    I really don’t care if they want to claim “slavery” as their excuse for not wanting to get a job. To me it is no different than the white high maintance woman who was “daddy’s little girl” not wanting to work because she was his “little princess” who was always taken care of and as a girl was molested by her “uncle.” THEIR JUST EXCUSES AND EVERYONE WITHOUT EXCEPTION DOES IT. It is a part of the human condition and nobody is immune from it. We all say the same thing…”It’s because I am black”, “It’s because I am white”.
    As far as animals go, I truly hope you don’t eat meat, wear leather or any products that have been tested on animals, other wise you are also a hypocrite, aiding and abetting corporations that are cruel to animals every day. In that case you would have to also file your self in the “scum bag” category…according to your own words and sentiments. I will post in the next box a little clip of what cows go through. If you eat kosher beef, then this clip is perfect for you.

  28. Eden Hadassah said

  29. Charles said

    Following your comment; I haven’t seen any advice or comments that were either out of line or untrue. You describe some tough experiences, however, none that are uncommon to all men irrespective of color. Given the experiences that you have described, I cannot imagine just what your neihborhood would look like that you would make a comment like: ““They walk down the streets in our white neighborhoods”?

    One problem that is very apparent and that is you are in major denial. And if that wasn’t bad enough, you are a racist, almost by self-admission. You need God. You are not alone in this, but you need Christ in your life.


  30. Dianne said

    Thank everyone for your comments and taking the time to read mine .I am truly sorry if I have offended anyone , as it was not intented. My choice of words are not as eliquant as I would like them to be at times. The comment I made about walking down the streets at night was to make a point . Tell the truth…any woman reading this be you black, white, hispanic,etc. Would you walk down any major city’s neighborhood in a lower income Black neighborhood, late at night and feel safe? Take that same major city’s lower income white neighborhood. Do you think that your chances of being robber or mugged are the same. So why do you think that people are paranoid and afraid. Why are the songs that black youth sing geard to be so violent. Thus that brings us back to the torturing of little animals.What those boys did was inhuman. To bind an animals legs and mouth with duct tape and dip it into paint, and then put it into an oven. Does that sound like a normal person? That has nothing to do with eating meat. And no i don’t eat meat…..

  31. Job said


    Actually, their behavior sounds normal to me. So do your words. It is normal because it is sin, and sin is the natural state of man. If we do not sin by committing robbery murder and rape, if we do not sin by torturing animals, we sin by lying, cheating, and stealing. Those boys actions to me only demonstrated that they need Jesus Christ just as your words do the same. Dianne, you have discussed everything but your relationship with Jesus Christ and whether you are willing to submit to Him. Are you willing to leave apart the race, politics, class, animal rights, etc. issues and deal with the one thing that will truly matter in eternity? Do you believe in God? Do you believe that there will be a judgment day? Or do you believe that all of the wickedness in this world, including the people that harmed you and your family members, will just go unpunished?

  32. Eden Hadassah said

    Dianne, I am a woman, and I have gotten stranded in “bad” neighborhoods late at night, AND didn’t get mugged or robbed or raped. Actually I was helped. AND I AM NOT BLACK. I was raped in my own home by a WHITE MAN. Another one of my friends was also raped in her home and he tried to murder her by beating her in the head with a brick, and torturing her…he was also white. Another friend was gang raped by white men, and still another friend of mine was raped by a white man in the parking lot of a supermarket in an affluent neighborhood in broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon with people (all white) that watched and did NOTHING as she was raped and sodomized in front of them. AND HE GOT AWAY WITH IT THAT DAY TOOK HER PURSE…he later decided to come back for more that night. He was finally caught. And those are my friends…not apart of the rape crisis group, but people that the Lord brought into my life. But when I did used to attend rape crisis group counciling, only one woman in the group of about 15 was raped by a black man. All the rest were white.
    There are priests, rabbi’s, pastors and other clergy robbing and raping people and children every day. With all the people that I know that have been harmed by white people, I should be afraid to walk through white neighborhoods like yours and mine. But I am not.

  33. Dianne said

    To the last person about rape .. I am no stranger to rape either, that to happened in my life at 8 years old and again at 13 so I am very familar with that too. Yes they were white….I was in counseling for over ten years…. Enough about that. Is everyone missing my point. Obviously…..I understand there is pain in everyones life but no one wants to admit the truth. As far as religion goes, I was raised in the church. Now I question daily if there truly is a God. How could he let such cruel acts continue on this earth when he has the power to bring it to an end. I wish some nights that it would all just come to an end…I will stop wasting you time for obviously you can not hear me.

  34. Eden Hadassah said

    I hear you Dianne,
    And my point was that sterotyping people doesn’t bring true justice!
    I don’t agree with the torture of animals either. I worked on a dairy farm (I was a proud milker) until a farmer who was having trouble getting a calf out of it’s mother, decided to tie the babies legs to the bumper of his pickup truck, and drag both of them to their death!
    Being brought up in a church doesn’t mean that you have the peace of the Lord, and I hear you. If you believe that no one here is listening to you, there still is ONE that is! It is the Lord, and calling upon him, repenting and accepting Him is the first step to the peace that evades you right now. Life is not peachy, I can attest to that, being saved, but it is his love that begins to heal whats hurting you right now.
    Would you take the chance and accept Him? If you have been raised in the church, you have heard of him, but would you like to know him? He has been calling to you, and maybe he has even given you this burden on your heart to bring change, but only he can show you how. Everyone has a calling on their lives, whether they take that calling is up to them. It is his gracious love and mercy that reaches out to you in this time. He longs to give you peace and to whisper his joys into your ears. He wants to quiet you with his love and rejoice over you with singing. He watches over you and cares for you, even in the midst of suffering. He is amazing and his desire is for you.
    Let him heal you, and comfort you. Share with him your sorrows and joys. His way is wonderful and full of gentleness.
    I will be praying for you. We have a lot in common and it has been a pleasure talking with you.

  35. Job said


    Oh no, you are not wasting my time. What better use of my time is there than this? About the continuation of evil, it is actually because of God’s grace. If God were to end the world right now or at any time in the past, how many fewer would be saved? God allows evil to continue in order to give every chance for every person that will be saved to have a chance to come to Him. That is a mighty gracious loving thing to do. This wicked evil creation is a stench in the eyes of God, it pains and grieves Him more than you can imagine. Yet He is willing to endure it so that He might save people. So Dianne, the answer to your question of why God lets this evil world continue is because He wants you to be saved from it. Now is wanting you to do to heaven instead of the lake of fire a just cause for God to let evil continue? No! Does your personal worth justify Jesus Christ having to take on humiliation and lie down His life? NO! But God did it because He loves you. All He wants is for you to believe in Him enough to love Him back.

  36. Mike (Johnson) said

    Eden Hadassah, you said this amongst others…

    “The problem existing with “black families” is NO different than what is happening with white ones.”
    Really? Do you have stats to back that up?

    “That was a lop sided statistic posted.” I don’t think there is anyone who disagrees that African Americans have a disproportionate number of men in jail. What is lopsided about that?

    “Focusing on one race of people and saying that crime is happening because of the lack of the family unit is flat out wrong”
    Why is that wrong? When are people going to wake up and realize that God set the family as the unit structure upon which we build our society. Like I said before, no society has ever progressed without an intact family unit.

    “Actually, it’s just as bad with wealthy rich families REGARDLESS OF THE RACE, because wealthy families in crisis, keep things very quiet”
    If you have facts to back that up, I would like to see it.

  37. Eden Hadassah said

    Mike, these are some statistics by the Department of Justice. Hopefully my copy and paste doesn’t get all messed up when I post this…if it does I will post the website.
    When we look at statistics, check out the difference between black and white. In many cases, you will find that whites commit more crime than blacks, and that includes within the family. It doesn’t matter whether everyone agrees that blacks commit more crime, when we look at the statistics, in many cases if blacks are in the lead, white people are not far behind. The gap is not as vast as others may have thought. What I posted earlier was from almost forty years of living in different neighborhoods, and different economic settings. I have lived in latino, all black, all white, all jewish/white, and totally mixed neighborhoods. We have even been homeless. I have gotten to know the families and the kids in each of the places that I have lived. And regardless of what neighborhood, or economic status, the story is always the same! It is the cry of the heart that longs for acceptance and love, blackened by sin or victimization and longing to know that there is a God. What I said in an earlier post is a principle, which statistics don’t seem to bare. Rich people steal the same as poor, white people harm the same as black and on and on. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE, SIN IS SIN. And as I said also, if God is not at the center of the family unit, it is broken. But I also believe that where a father or a mother may be absent, the Lord is not. He doesn’t forsake us. And all the family values in the world, with “we stay together for the children”, doesn’t mean diddly if the Lord is not King in the home.

    Homicide Type by Race, 1976-2005
    Victims Offenders
    White Black Other White Black Other
    All homicides 50.9% 46.9% 2.1% 45.8% 52.2% 2.0%
    Victim/offender relationship
    Intimate 56.6% 41.2% 2.2% 54.4% 43.4% 2.2%
    Family 60.7% 36.9% 2.4% 59.2% 38.5% 2.3%
    Infanticide 55.9% 41.6% 2.5% 55.4% 42.1% 2.5%
    Eldercide 69.2% 29.1% 1.6% 54.5% 43.8% 1.6%
    Felony murder 54.7% 42.7% 2.6% 39.1% 59.3% 1.6%
    Sex related 66.9% 30.5% 2.5% 54.7% 43.4% 1.9%
    Drug related 37.4% 61.6% .9% 33.9% 65.0% 1.1%
    Gang related 57.5% 39.0% 3.5% 54.3% 41.2% 4.4%
    Argument 48.6% 49.3% 2.1% 46.8% 51.1% 2.2%
    Workplace 84.6% 12.2% 3.2% 70.5% 26.7% 2.8%
    Gun homicide 47.2% 50.9% 1.9% 41.9% 56.4% 1.7%
    Arson 58.9% 38.1% 2.9% 55.7% 42.0% 2.3%
    Poison 80.6% 16.9% 2.5% 79.8% 18.4% 1.8%
    Multiple victims or offenders
    Multiple victims 63.4% 33.2% 3.3% 55.7% 40.8% 3.5%
    Multiple offenders 54.8% 42.5% 2.7% 44.6% 53.0% 2.4%

  38. Eden Hadassah said

    Check out the top of the website about “blacks” and then check out the actual statistics when scrolling down.

  39. Eden Hadassah said

    Shoot, it happened again with a post…got another error!

    Check out what it says at the top of this website and then scroll down and read the stats…

  40. Eden Hadassah said

    Ok…last attempt, and I will add an article for good measure! If it doesn’t post, I guess I will try again tomorrow.
    I am up waaaay past my bedtime. 😦
    Hopefully this goes through…

  41. T.M. said


    In your comment #32, concerning the supermarket parking lot rape, Did you get carried away? Sounds like fiction. Could you maybe be strecthing it a little to far. Did you get caught up in the moment just for a minute?

    Don’t bother to answer, already know what’s up. Not in the mood for one of your essays.

  42. Mike (Johnson) said

    Eden Hadassah you said,

    “When we look at statistics, check out the difference between black and white. In many cases, you will find that whites commit more crime than blacks, and that includes within the family…”
    No one is arguing that the total number of crimes by blacks may be any different than any other race. It is the number/percentage of blacks committing crimes when compared to their population overall that is scary. We only account for about 13% of the population but we make up close to 50% of inmates in jail. There is a serious problem.

    “Rich people steal the same as poor, white people harm the same as black and on and on. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE, SIN IS SIN”
    Ditto as above.

    “And as I said also, if God is not at the center of the family unit, it is broken. But I also believe that where a father or a mother may be absent, the Lord is not. He doesn’t forsake us. And all the family values in the world, with “we stay together for the children”, doesn’t mean diddly if the Lord is not King in the home”
    Like I said in my original post (#20), despite the ravages of slavery we have been blessed. But it is time to stop the rhetoric and focus on the problem. How can anyone think that we are going to go anywhere when a large percentage of our males are in jail? The downstream effects are horrendous. Unfortunately, as I alluded earlier, the traditional leaders in the black community have become opportunists. The liberal media and their same sex agenda will never talk about this.

  43. Mike (Johnson) said

    Reposted for clarity

    Eden Hadassah you said,

    “When we look at statistics, check out the difference between black and white. In many cases, you will find that whites commit more crime than blacks, and that includes within the family…”
    No one is arguing that the total number of crimes by blacks may be any different than any other race. It is the number/percentage of blacks committing crimes when compared to their population overall that is scary. We only account for about 13% of the population but we make up close to 50% of inmates in jail. There is a serious problem.

    “Rich people steal the same as poor, white people harm the same as black and on and on. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE, SIN IS SIN”
    Ditto as above.

    “And as I said also, if God is not at the center of the family unit, it is broken. But I also believe that where a father or a mother may be absent, the Lord is not. He doesn’t forsake us. And all the family values in the world, with “we stay together for the children”, doesn’t mean diddly if the Lord is not King in the home”
    Like I said in my original post (#20), despite the ravages of slavery we have been blessed. But it is time to stop the rhetoric and focus on the problem. How can anyone think that we are going to go anywhere when a large percentage of our males are in jail? The downstream effects are horrendous. Unfortunately, as I alluded earlier, the traditional leaders in the black community have become opportunists. The liberal media and their same sex agenda will never talk about this.

  44. Eden Hadassah said

    TM, no I didn’t get carried away, the truth is colorful enough! 🙂
    It looks like a lot of details, but I actually kept ALL the details at a minimum concerning my friend in the parking lot.
    Was that a short enough answer for you dear?

    We come from two different schools of thought. You, I believe have still singled your race out, and I am saying it isn’t much different than any other race. I understand what you are saying, but to me, until there is no more line of demarkation for you, the problem will always look the same. As far as the jails go, are you just looking at regular jails when you are making the 50% assessment? Or have you added in the “country club prisons” for white collar criminals? What might be the total population of blacks there?
    I am NOT making excuses for any crimes of race, or economic status, but I do try to look at the big picture.
    Last night I also added the website and the other statistics that you asked for, but they didn’t get posted. I did it twice.
    At this point, I don’t think it really matters, because everyone sees them as they want to see them, including me.

  45. Charles D. said


    I think this is a different Dianne. I truly hope so.


  46. Job said

    Charles D. and Fran:

    It is a different Diane. I have no idea where Diane went. I have not seen her participate since that Niles fellow dropped by.

  47. Sebastian Perez said

    I disagree with this posting. I am so glad that the justice system came through and put those two black teenage ******** in prison. They should have gotten life. Killing a helpless animal is nothing but a cowardly act. I hope that those two parasites get killed in prison. The @#$% with humans, save the animals. The same thing goes if they were white. Had those two evil little @#$%s tortured my dog by putting it in the oven, had I gotten my hands on them, I would have gouged out their eyes and then cut their @#$%ing heads off. I would have MURDERED them. @#$% THEM. Hope they rot.

  48. Job said

    Sebastian Perez:

    Thank you for illustrating an example of a heart that hates Jesus Christ.

  49. Johnny Don't Do It said

    I’m sorry. I know this is a late post but 10 years for killing a puppy is bull. Some people don’t even get 10 years for killing a human. Life for killing a puppy is bull. You don’t even get life for raping one woman. Rapists, paedophiles, and murderers are OK but killing one puppy? That’s the worst. C’mon. It seems like only religion understands that animals aren’t on the level of humans. And I’m not even defending these guys actions at all. They should serve time but anything more than a couple of months for a first time offense is over-the-top and pure evil.

    “The @#$% with humans, save the animals.”

    I think that’s all I need to know about that scumbag, Sebastian Perez. You’re a horrible person.

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