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Autism Gene Breakthrough Hailed: Are Evil Spirits The Cause Of Autism?

Posted by Job on February 22, 2007

UPDATE: The author of this blog no longer believes in, supports or promotes the doctrines espoused by “Pigs In The Parlor.” However, the author continues to believe that SOME instances of mental illness are caused by evil spirits and can be healed by casting the evil spirits out in the Name of Jesus Christ, and other instances of mental illness can be healed by Jesus Christ through other means.

I repeat: despite what a great many false teachers claim, according to the best evidence available from the Bible, not all instances of mental illness are due to demon possession. Also, despite what a great many false teachers claim, it is not God’s Will for every illness or troubling condition to be healed. Evidence of this is the “thorn in the flesh” (a messenger of Satan!) that afflicted and tormented none other than the Apostle Paul! For those suffering any number of conditions and issues, God’s grace is more than sufficient!

The Bible, specifically the healing narratives in the gospels, supports the author’s current position. I attempted to “rehabilitate” this post to better reflect the Bible, as opposed to the doctrines of certain teachers, but decided that it was impossible. Instead, it has been replaced with a simple prayer. Thank you.

Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ, please heal those children afflicted with autism for whom it is Your will that they be healed, regardless of whether the cause is spiritual or physical, and may this healing be to Your glory alone. For those whom it is not Your will that they be healed, please provide them and their family members with comfort, peace and joy that surpasses all understanding in the midst of their trials. Also God, may it be your will that many among these children be saved, them and their families. Amen.

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82 Responses to “Autism Gene Breakthrough Hailed: Are Evil Spirits The Cause Of Autism?”

  1. isnt true that demons can not possess christians because the holy spirit lives inside of us.thats what i was always taught to believe.

    • Ash said

      Not long ago I got possessed by a powerful demon with a nasty thrist for blood and I was a christian who believed in the word of god so much, even meet an angel once because i asked god to let me meet one and he did it. After my deliverance, I was annointed and the gift of healing was given to me and God used me to heal one of my Kindergarten kids who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I believe christians can have demons and I also believe that when the holy spirit abides in us nothing contrary to it can remain. Its either him or the demon and he lets you choose. And I believe once the holy spirit abides in us, it begins to purify, purge and cleanse. Because St. John tell us that the spirit comes to reprove us of sin, of righteousness and judgement. Once the holy spirit convicts u of sin and you accept the conviction and repent he begins a healing process or a deliverance. Sometimes the deliverance can be done alone when he begins a purging but if the spirit is strong a deliverance minster and elders are required to pray and fast. Remember what jesus said about some spirits can only go through prayer and fasting. I dunno if this makes sense to you, and i totally get where youre coming from, but man im telling u i was christian and that thing somehow some way got into me and almost took my life. But its one thing I know itll NEVER happen again. Im gunna cleave closer to him than ever before I wont take his grace for granted anymore its tooooooooooooo precious. I pissed off some scientologists hahaha and made satan mad… but w/e man no weapon formed against me is gunna prosper. Amen!

      • Tamara said

        AMEN brotha!

      • Wow! Amen to that…thanks for sharing.

      • Lee Y. said

        Amen to you, my friend!

        • autistic/scientific enthusiast. said

          I dont buy it. I think before saying it is the devil and it is confirmed %100 do more research. I have autism. And I am just as smart as everyone in the class when it comes to physics or astronomy, my friend is more of a history enthusiast/expert. He knows a lot, and I am amazed by the things I learn from him. I’m not here to rant about how I don’t believe in god, because it would be a waste of time, what would I prove besides that, if that was what I was ranting on about. I dont mind that people here believe in a god. I think it is fine, to a point, and that point is when someone disagrees with you and you decide to have an outburst and kamikaze their existence into oblivion. But instead of saying everything is caused by the devil which is not going to be proved or disproved anytime soon since it has nothing to offer as evidence, nor does it provide people with the means to disprove such a concept. I would instead spend more time doing research,on how the human brain develops rather then throwing away our precious time on silly concepts like satan. And no i haven’t been offended, but anyone else with autism could run the chance of being very offended, which I would try my best to avoid. We are humans, we are capable of doing more than assuming things, we can look into the nature of events, and end up finding out what the cause of an event is. I am just giving my honest opinion and if you don’t like it than too bad, I am changing my mind. There might be some people who understand that finding out something involves more than just ones religion, it involves time and effort which is what scientists have, but most of all people here seem to have fallen under control of their expectations. And at least give me a little respect, I have been fighting against spellcheck the last four minutes, and its not an easy battle. But I hope everyone understands what I meant, read through it and try to understand if you still think I’m just insulting people. Because I gave no specific religion ,but instead said this is something which requires more than ones religion.

        • one more little comment. said

          I also want to say autism is not an affliction, it is who I am, its part,of my personality and I am glad I have it.

  2. I am living evidence that such is not true, for I have had a countless number cast out of me personally! Consider it this way: when a sinner cannot control his sinful behavior, we say that it is possibly demonic, right? So, what do we say when a CHRISTIAN cannot control his sinful behavior? You have lots of people who were immersed in sin who become saved through Christ, but cannot break free of their evil ways until they receive deliverance, and you have other Christians who never receive deliverance and follow God for years and still cannot stop sinning. What they typically do is follow after or create for themselves false doctrines that excuses their sin.

    A demon cannot totally take over a Christian, because you are owned by Christ. But it can still inhabit you, and greatly influence you. It can make you the “double minded” person spoken of in James 1:8 and James 4:8 (King James Version please; you are smart enough to handle Elizabethan English).

    Consider the book of Job, which you encouraged me to read. Job was a righteous man in action, but in his heart, he was self – righteous. That gave Satan the legal right to accuse and torment him, and God, being just, granted Satan his legal right. Now Satan could not overpower Job’s will and make him sin, nor could he kill Job. Why? Because Job was considered saved under the old covenant. The same as a Christian. If a Christian does something sinful, especially if he knows something is wrong but does it anyway, that gives a demon a legal right to enter into a Christian and wreak all sorts of havoc. That is why you REALLY SHOULDN’T watch certain TV shows, look at certain movies, go to certain Internet sites, read certain books and magazines, etc. Look, if you are a Christian and go and read a Harry Potter book for your own entertainment rather than for legitimate service to God (i.e. conducting research so that you can warn your friends regarding the evils of witchcraft), then that will give a demon of witchcraft, divination, occult, rebellion, etc. to enter you. The same if you like to watch that junk on MTV, BET, or even the cartoon channels.

    And then there are the demons that may already be in you when you get saved! You have generational curses and demons of inheritance, and stuff that passes from mother to child, and from mother to father to child. A lot of mental diseases, addictions, criminal tendencies, etc. that people try to claim are “genetic” or “environmental” are actually generational curses and inheritance demons. For that reason, a lot of ministries that are involved in deliverance will often offer deliverance to a Christian immediately upon their salvation.

    There are a lot of books out there on the subject that you can get at any Christian bookstore, or even in public libraries. Pigs in the Parlor in particular has a lot of great scriptural references. I earnestly entreat you to pursue the subject.

    As far as what your church teaches you; well I have to tell you, when we first encountered each other you were suggesting that I was being too harsh to a bunch of people who were directing towards both me AND our God all manners of vile mocking and curses. Did you learn to “be nice” to people who were playing with their own destruction with their blasphemy rather than warning them of the wrath of God to come in your church? If so, then I would really start comparing what your church is teaching you with what the Bible actually says if I were you. I must ask you; have you read the Bible all the way through, starting with Genesis and ending in Revelation? No person is truly equipped to get out there and contend for Christ against Satan unless he has, and based on what you have hinted to me concerning your school (and your church) it looks like you indeed are on the front lines, and need to be very much strong and confident in what the Word of your God actually says … and often more importantly what it doesn’t say.

  3. mathematician10 said

    I STRONGLY urge you to not link autism with demon possession!

    For one, the Bible clearly teaches against being quick to blame things on demonic influence.

    “Bold and arrogant, these men are not afraid to slander celestial beings; yet even angels, although they are stronger and more powerful, do not bring slanderous accusations against such beings in the presence of the Lord. But these men blaspheme in matters they do not understand.”

    -II Peter 2:10-12

    “In the very same way, these dreamers pollute their bodies, reject authority, and slander celestial beings. But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing the devil about the body of Moses, did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation against him, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!” Yet these men speak abusively against whatever they do not understand;”

    -Jude 8-10

    We all know that Satan is causing a lot of problems in the world because the Bible teaches that, but the Bible clearly teaches that it is WRONG to say that Satan is responsible for something that we cannot prove he is responsible for. The only one who has the authority to do that is God, and the only people who have the place to do it is people like who God gave that authority to, for example the writers of the Bible.

    Let me mention though that I have been guilty before of hastily slandering celestial beings and going against the Bible. I believe it is a forgivable sin like others are.

    On a more personal level though, I URGE you to not equate autism with demon possession. I have a high-functioning form of autism myself.

    • Find out the truth said

      If you really knew what is on this Earth you would not make that statement. Many Devils (not just Satan/Lucifer) dwell here. They are the ones spoken of in the Book of Enoch. Demons are the spirits of Nephilum that will dwell here until judgement day, just like the devils. People trust the evils of science over what the Lord says. He casted out many dumb spirits. Those evil spirit still plague man to this day. Demonic possession is real.
      Concerning Austism: Explain to me and tell me WHY most autistic children are: violent, don’t want to hear the name of Jesus, display lewdness, are selfish, manipulative, & act like they own(instead of love) the parent(s). Jesus never said that demons/devils would not inhabit people in this modern day. He said that people can be delivered from them in His name if their will is for that, and not against His deliverance. Even an autistic child can make that choice in their heart because every person born here is given knowledge of good and evil(right and wrong)in the simpliest form at birth, you don’t need to speak with your mouth to call on the Lord He knows your heart from birth perfect example is ( I Samuel verse 13). He knew us all before we were even born here, people choose to know Him or not to know Him. Free will can go either way, if an autistic child doesn’t lean towards the Lord there is a problem with that childs heart and soul, their salvation is still THEIR choice period.

      • Jo said

        Wow… Please think before you post something like this again. Autistic people have extreme difficulty with sensory integration. PLEASE educate yourself. It is hard enough for those with disabilities and their families to cope with troubles in their day to day lives. The last thing they need is people spreading “unchristian” ideas about developmental disabilities. Jesus would not have judged an autistic person in the way that you do…

    • Tamara said

      You see, I am on the autistic spectrum, too. But i can tell you, the best form of treatment for ME thus far has been being raised in a christian home with parents who sought God about my behavior (and we didn’t even KNOW i was autistic until just recently) AND deliverance from demonic influences. Not two long ago, I was delivered from a manipulative spirit along with an over-analytical one. These two demons I knew all too well, it turns out, and they had been tormenting me for years so that I had no peace in my mind and often made terrible choices because I gave up trying to make the right choice amidst all the confusion in my mind. Needless to say, I am an entirely different person as a result, and I can tell you that many “autistic symptoms” have gone away, almost instantaneously. Now, it’s true that there are other symptoms God hasn’t chosen to root out yet (like extreme and disabling emotional fits and some physically self destructive habits) or is healing me of gradually, but I can tell you that I have come to learn that, for ME personally, that crazy, uncontrollable, unstable freak that I have considered myself to be all my life is NOT me, nor who God has called me to be for Him. So, although it really is a touchy subject, especially with something as wide-ranged, common, and sketchy as autism, please don’t just accept it. If there’s something about it that you feel trapped or suppressed by, you CAN claim God’s deliverance in Jesus name. SO yeah, hope that helps some…

  4. mathematician10:

    My assertion is consistent with what I have studied regarding spiritual warfare, especially Frank and Ida Mae Hammond’s writings on schizophrenia.

  5. mathematician10 said

    I AM AUTISTIC. And I am not sick. I can talk with people, go to school, drive a car, and hold a job. Autism has advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages are well-known, but I have found that autism has been a help at times in ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  6. mathematician10:

    I believe you. But I spent most of my life severely mentally troubled, including but not limited to an Internet pornography addiction that lasted 10 years, and even then the Internet pornography’s purpose was to feed a compulsive masturbation problem (I could not quit no matter how hard I tried) that began the day I had a “sex education talk” from my PE teacher in middle school. So what was that … 22 years I was bound by that. And that included all of the sexual and violent images and fantasies that I constantly had in my mind, resulting in my sometimes losing control over my speech and actions. I would be sitting in class or working on my job, and some long repressed memory would come up and provoke such mental anguish that I would scream and/or flail my arms. And I just could not stop staring at women no matter how hard I tried. Sometimes I could not refrain myself from touching them, even if it was “accidentally” bumping into them. Later, I investigated some of the things that my family was keeping secret (I still do not know everything and don’t want to know) and discovered a pattern of sexual immorality, including but not limited to child molestation. Whether it happened to me I do not know; if it did I was very young and have repressed it. I do know that I have no memories whatsoever of anything that happened before the day I started kindergarten a few weeks before I turned six. I remember finding a turtle in my backyard when I was about 4, and a birthday cake or something, and a couple of other very brief fuzzy memories (both involving incidents at daycare) but that is it. And it isn’t stuff that I have forgotten; I NEVER HAD THOSE MEMORIES. So, when I was SIX OR SEVEN I was unable to recall or tell anyone what went on when I was 4 or 5. I actually thought that it was natural and that everyone else was that way too until I was told otherwise.

    So, the sex education thing? It was what deliverance ministers call an external action that triggered a demon of inheritance. Because, see, I exhibited absolutely no sexual problems before that class (other than an unnatural morbid fear of the opposite sex, which continued thereafter … made dating and stuff very challenging if you can imagine).

    But then my wife and I read Pigs In The Parlor (actually my wife more than I) plus some other books (Fast Your Way To Health, because I was also experiencing health problems that were starting to get serious) and started spiritual deliverance. The masturbation stopped immediately (God actually blinded my wife to it, and she did not know what was going on, but I could not be free of it until I confessed it to her, and she was EXTREMELY ANGRY because she told me that she never would have married me if I had told her about my problems beforehand, and when she told that to God He said that it was not His Will for her to know, for it was His Will for she to marry me precisely because He knew that once married she would obey Him and help me), the pornography took a little longer (especially if you count the relapse that I had) but my troubled, tormented mind (and the resulting outbursts of lack of control of my body) was the biggest battle. First, I had to hear for the first time in my life Andrew Wommack ( explain what salvation and grace meant. See, I had grown up in the church, but the “church” in question was all condemnation and legalism, which actually made my problems worse. Then, I read about how Keith Butler ( said that God cured children that were brought to his church suffering from mental illnesses (I believe that autism was one of them but not sure) by playing audio Bibles through headphones to them 8 hours or more a day every day (Keith Butler runs a private school, so that was how they were able to pull it off without the authorities asking why they weren’t in school). Now my mental torment was strongest at night, and it got even worse after I no longer had pornography and masturbation as an “outlet.” So, I put “Revelation” in my bedroom CD player (the entire book was on one disc), set it to repeat, and that took care of most of it; the worst of it. To take care of the rest, I bought an I – pod, put Revelation and Psalms on it, and went to sleep with it playing through headphones. I really didn’t start to consider myself fully delivered until a few months ago, and the entire process took over 3 years.

    Now Mathematician10, you are the first person – other than my wife – to have been made aware of my complete testimony, because I have been filled with too much shame and embarrassment until now. And I did this for the purpose of letting you know that I KNOW that evil spirits are real. I KNOW what they can do. I KNOW how they can torment a person’s mind and wreck their body. And I also KNOW that demons can be cast out and a person can be set free, even if it takes years as it did me. And that is why I cannot take this post down. Not everyone’s autism is caused by evil spirits, but I have absolutely no doubt that some of it is. And it is for those people – and their parents – that I have it up. If God can supernaturally heal my troubled mind and sick body by expelling evil spirits from them both, then He can and will do it for someone else as well. Now clicking “Submit Comment” and exposing my true history to the world is going to be one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do, and something that quite frankly I hoped that I would never have to do. But for your sake and the sakes of others, so that it will help you and others know and believe that spiritual deliverance is real, I shall cross the Red Sea and press this button right now.

  7. mathematician10 said

    Well thanks for sharing your story. That took a lot of courage. I feel sort of speechless that you have shared such a personal story with me, speechless in a way of wondering “Why Me?” in a good way that is. Wondering what I did to be the only other person to hear such a personal story.


    What church did you grow up in? you can e-mail me about it at

    Also, so are you saying that Christians should be possessed by demons? I know people can be possessed by demons of course. Is your basis mostly from experience or do you also have Scripture on Christians being possessed. Also, to what extent do you think a demon can have control of a Christian?

  8. mathematician10:

    Well, to be honest, I have been running various websites for two years and TRYING to tell my story all that time, but have been unable to. I came very close a few times, even had it written, but never saved or uploaded it. But when I read your story, I finally decided: “Well, its time.” It was a spiritual hurdle that I had to get over to finally be free, and now I am completely free and can share my story to others so that I can move on. As to the church that I grew up in, here is their website (

    As far as whether a Christian can be possessed by a demon, consider that the term “possessed” is problematic to begin with. The Greek term in the New Testament to describe such a condition would be better translated as “demonized”, or “to have demons.” So, no demons cannot POSSESS a Christian, because a Christian is owned by God and indwelled with the Holy Spirit. But a Christian can certainly have demons both indwelling them and hanging around them, and they can exert considerable influence, especially if they indwell you. As far as scripture references to demons influencing Christians, there is but one indirect one, and it is fascinating: Galatians 3:1 – “O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you?” Bewitched is a term that describes someone deceived or influenced with demonic activity (as obviously witchcraft is all about evil spirits). Further evidence is the other contexts that “bewitched” is used in the Bible. Acts 8:9 – 11 “But there was a certain man, called Simon, which beforetime in the same city used sorcery, and bewitched the people of Samaria, giving out that himself was some great one: To whom they all gave heed, from the least to the greatest, saying, This man is the great power of God. And to him they had regard, because that of long time he had bewitched them with sorceries.” So, Paul was challenging the church in Galatia as to whether some demonic influence was causing them to be deceived into thinking that salvation was by any way other than grace; that caused them to believe the Judaizers who told them that if they wanted to believe upon Christ’s resurrection fine, but they still needed to be circumcised and follow the law to please YHVH. Galatians 1:6 “I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel.” What kind of influence? Why evil spirits of legalism, doctrinal error, and false teaching (and others in that group). How else could you explain so many Christians still today denying grace in favor of legalism and works despite grace being explicitly spelled out over and over again in the New Testament with legalism and works being explicitly rejected over and over again? Now realize that Paul wasn’t just using strong or colorful language here: when he said bewitched he meant BEWITCHED, and the term had real meaning back then because he was writing to a church surrounded by paganism where there were plenty of sorcerers, witches, fortune tellers, diviners, etc. who dealt in all manners of spirits and would use them to influence people. As a matter of fact, the many references to false doctrines in the epistles and in Revelation that operate in churches are often referred to as evil spirits: anti – Christ, Balaam, Jezebel, Nicolataine, etc. Recall that it was not said about the Galatians or the other people in these instances that they were not saved, but rather that they needed to repent and turn aside from false doctrines.

    But yes, in addition to the scripture, I have had plenty of personal experience, and also know of plenty of people who have had that same experience. And this is not something “new” that the charismatics brought in, though yes I am after the charismatic fashion. The church believed in demon possession and practiced and casting out demons right up until the modern age, when the church began to start accepting modernism and the scientific explanations for everything. That was when the churches that still purported to be fundamentalist began to play games, claiming that demons and demonic possession was rare (then why did the gospels mention evil spirits so often and prominently?) or that a person is immediately and forever spiritually cleansed and has no need of considering demons after salvation (first, where does the Bible say such a thing, and if that is the case why on earth is Ephesians 6:10 – 15 in there)?

    The biggest deliverance need for Christians is to concerning evil spirits that entered them before they were saved, and also from demons of inheritance. Now that was DEFINITELY the case in my instance. After that, it is Christians who for whatever reason decide to get mixed up in withcraft, the occult, with psychics, and similar (you would be shocked at how big a problem this is, even among Christians who admit that they know better). And bringing that back to me again, I was ABSOLUTELY HOOKED on anime, the fantasy movie genre, etc.

    I attempted to provoke a discussion on evil spirits recently with a very studied and devout Christian co – worker, and he asserted that even the references to Jesus Christ casting out evil spirits in the Bible were “probably just people who had epilepsy” (and no he didn’t mean that demons cause epilepsy, but rather that even the references to evil spirits in the Bible weren’t REALLY evil spirits). I am convinced that the only reason why more fundamentalist Christians do not talk about this anymore is because they do not want to appear to be fanatics and fools before the rest of the world. They are ignoring that Jesus Christ Himself said that such was exactly how we would – and should – be viewed.

  9. G W Day said

    Mathematician10 (post #3)

    IIPeter and Jude that you referenced…is about false prophets,lust and covetousness. How did you get “slander celestial beings?”

    All illness and disease has its beginnings with the fall of Adam. Thus, people are born with conditions, being innocent. Some are caused by environment and diet and life choices and some medical rx and procedures. At one time children ate homecooked meals. Now it’s microwave dinners or eating out. Microwave meals have no nutritional value because it is nuked. So people are not getting necessary minerals and vitamins necessary to cause the mind and body to function properly. It even causes physical damage. Even restuarants nuke food.

    Finally, I believe demons are behind a lot of sickness.

  10. Michelle said

    I came upon this site bc I wanted more info on Autism and the possibility of Demonic Activity. I believe that we haveto use balance and wisdom. Jesus cast out numerous demons which cannot be denied, however just because he cast out a demon which caused a man to be mute doesn’t mean that all people with mute conditions have demons. Furthermore, just because Jesus healed the lame man so that he could walk, doesn’t mean that all lame individuals are out of God’s Will if they are lame. My advice and belief is to pray for wisdom and discernment on all issues, case by case. Realize and distinguish the difference btw the absolute concepts verses the relative concepts. In otherwords, just because Jesus healed many, doesn’t mean that all get healed (look at Lazarus, Jesus purposely waited to heal him). Job didn’t get healed when he wanted to, bc God had a greater purpose. I believe that Autism can be used by God to bring him Glory, and that it is possible that demonic activity could be a contributing factor to Autism (just like other diseases), however, I don’t believe that it is always the case. Sometimes God purposely allows challenging, undesirable physical features as characteristics in the making of human beings. See Exodus 4:10,11 “And Moses said unto the Lord, Oh my Lord, I am not eloquent, niether before or since thou has spoken unto thy servant: but I am slow to speech, and of a slow tongue. And the Lord said unto him, Who hath made man’s mouth? Or who maketh the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind? Have not I the Lord?” WOW! God just spoke to my heart. God then gave Moses his brother Aaron to help aid him in his inadequecies. Furthermore, Moses was in God’s will (faltering in speech and all!). Read your Bibles! God will give you the ability to distinguish btw the real and the fake. The meaningful and meaningless. Wisdom is accessible to you between the pages of Genesis and Revelation. His word is where you will know the Truth. Compare every teacher with what you read, does it line up? If not, don’t shout it to the world and slander the pastor’s name, but pray for them and their listeners and trust that God will allow them to see the light all they need to do is compare what they hear their preachers preach with the bible…. the truth will be exposed in the end. Amen? Spend more time in intecessory than verbalizing your disapproval (this is confronting the other attributes of this website that I have become aware of…. I realize my subject has changed slightly from Autism). Be blessed and filled with TRUTH.

  11. j (10) c (3) = m (13) said

    well, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are the “evil” spirits. the original mutation is common, undiagnosed and affects the self-other discrimination and the ability for compassion, their social perception is not functional, so they consider them self and others as objects. the ego is imitation of ASD. that’s why this species thinks about me and myself, a cleavage in everyone that brings mankind perpetual in a state termed by Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud as collective psychosis. also the stonewalling in everybody and the ignorance and the illusion of self and separation is a consequence of two genotypes imitating each other, not realizing they’re one in god and share the spirit. next step in the evolution is from subconsciousness to consciousness, most likely catalyzed by a highly conscious lord jesus christ.

  12. Sharyn said

    Hi to all my fellow lovers of Jesus out there. After reading above, I just wanted to comment on demon posession and Christians:

    I have a very personal relationship with Christ and am filled with his Holy Spirit. Before I recieved the Holy Spirit I had given my life to Christ and been saved. Later I was pouring my heart and soul into worshipping Jesus and I felt overcome by the Holy Spirit. As for myself, the Holy Spirt really changed the way I percieve everyday life.

    Once I got It, I could definately feel It leading me and giving me the feeling to go forward or hold back in certain situations, to pray at certain times, or who to approach with the gospel and who to avoid, and all kinds of new intuition like “call Jenny, I’ve used her to work something out for you.” Also, things that are not of God exude a very ominous feeling. Certain people, shows, places, situations, and I feel the Spirit saying, “avoid this, its trouble.” Sometimes the feeling is subtle and sometimes its overwhelmingly strong.

    This I know for sure about myself, there is no way that demons can co-exist with the Holy Spirit within me. The moment I come into proximity of something that is unholy or demonic, the Holy Spirit lets me know it and I’m repelled by it. The two simply do not want to mix. Now I can’t speak for everybody, but that’s just my experience. And for all those Christian who don’t have the Holy Spirt, I personally recommend asking God for It. It makes such a huge difference.

    Also, when you get the Holy Spirit you know it because you can feel it. And though I didn’t believe it at first, I have noticed that most people with the Holy Spirit, including myself now, are compelled to speak in a different language when they’re pouring their hearts into genuine thankfulness and worship. This isn’t necessary to be saved but it is extremely fascinating (at least to me anyway). That’s all, God bless and may all of us worship Him with all our hearts and all our souls and all our Minds in the most High name of Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Messiah!

    • Chloe said

      You have the Holy Spirit once you are saved. The Holy Spirit is not just a feeling. You can be baptised with and outpouring of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues as they were on the day of Pentecost. This is found deep in intercesorry prayer and is a prayer language. Be very careful in saying that other Christians do not have the Holy Spirit. It was a gift given to us all upon the day of our Salvation.

      My son was recently diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and I have been praying for his healing. I have also been praying that God give me spiritual eyes. Yesterday when my son was stricken with another “fear attack” I saw for the first time that I may be dealing with something outside of the medical realm. My child was child gripped in fear bc he felt something following him and it was buzzing. Not a medical condition. He is being tormented. I am doing my research today.

      • Albert Soo said

        Chloe, just saw ur post. If u want a crash course in healing the sick. You can search out Curry Blake DHT. It will show u how to heal the sick, and also correct a lot of the wrong mind sets which stops God healing the sick. If u r up against anything medical or not, I will show u a quick tip, just believe it when u say it, and u will see results. In the name of Jesus, I command “whatever the problem” to get out now! Ie in the name of Jesus Christ I command fear to get out of Tommy now.! You r speaking with intent at the problem. And the problem will have to listen to the command u give in Jesus name.

  13. Cheryl said

    OK…so if demon possession is related to autism, what can I, as the mother of a child with Asperger’s Syndrome, do now? He’s 12 years old and takes meds to ‘control the uncontrollable’. He is outcasted by other kids in general, but admired by the way he prays and can relate to the other people at our church. So what can I do? And please don’t insult my intelligence and tell me to pray without ceasing because I’ve been praying since he was 5 years old. Any comments can be submitted to my e-mail. Just ask for it.

  14. toni pugh said

    For a great look at deliverance read “A Step Into Deliverance” by toni pugh. It’s a riveting autobiographical of a pastor’s battle with and ultimate defeat over the spirit of Jezebel. It’s a real page turner.

  15. Job said

    toni pugh:

    I will do it if you return the favor by reading “Institutes of The Christian Faith” by John Calvin.

  16. Charles D. said


    My experiences are similar to yours; enough so, that I both understand and believe what you’ve written here. Thanks.

  17. Eden Hadassah said

    I personally don’t believe in attributing every thing that is “abnormal” with in the human body as demonic.
    I have known two families, both godly in everyway, who have had children with autism. Neurological disorders are commonly linked to aluminum, heavy metals and mercury poisoning, and the suffering that these families go through is very difficult.
    The same can be said about other environmental factors that many may be forced to endure. One example I can give is the amount of violence in poor neighborhoods as it relates to lead levels in old apartments and homes. There is a direct correlation between violence and exposure to lead, which takes about 20-25 years to manifest. During the early years of a child who is exposed to lead, they can develop ADD/ADHD, asthma, debilitating illnesses, kidney problems, blood diseases, etc. By the age of 20, those who have been constantly exposed to lead, usually have committed violent acts of murder and exibit psycotic behavior. By this point the damage is already done.
    The reason I say this, is that I am not quick to give a demon credit (which could be considered praising)for work that man has done. That goes for greed, or any other type of sin man may be guilty of. To do so, in my eyes, just leads to the often claimed phrase…”the devil made me do it.”
    All will be held accountable for their actions. I am not trying to lessen the influence that the spirit world may have on people, I am just trying to give it the proper prospective.
    While we do have authority to cast out demons, I believe that we can become too fixated on them and label everything “demonic.” There are also other forces at work, by way of the Lord’s angels, and in this, I believe that nothing goes unchecked.
    I personally do not believe in transmitting demons through sexual intercourse, and it is not biblically based to for any one to make such a claim. Anyone who would believe this should wonder where such thoughts come from. I have read about such things in the Kabbalah, and because of that, in my mind, it begs the question, where do people get their knowledge of angels and demons if it is not written in the word of God? The bible does not have occurances of sexual demons or raping demons…but the Kabbalah does. In the Kabbalah there are methods of keeping a demon out of a man…demons that enter the seed of a woman and lie in her womb trying to kill both mother and child at childbirth, and just about every other type of occultic majic for conjuring up demons or calling on angels in that accursed book. Is it possible that such occultic tales have worked their way into christian theology? I think so.
    I think we must stick with the word of God, and not stray into beliefs of the polythestic, gnostic Kabbalah. Has anyone ever wondered where the catholic church gets such “knowledge” of angels or demons?

  18. Charles D. said

    Didn’t know you were back, yet. 🙂

  19. Eden Hadassah said

    Back from where? I get a sneak peek every now and then… 🙂

  20. Glydinger said

    Christianity ITSELF is a mental illness. They accept a slew of delusions as reality. Faith is a synonym of delusion; a belief that isn’t supported by objective evidence. The brain of a christian often resembles that of someone with Schizophrenia. Christians also show many components of OCD such as being obsessed with not sinning. They have some elements of bipolar mania and other elements of paranoid schizophrenia; being chosen one, convinced of being on special mission, grandiose delusions, paranoia delusions (e.g. fixation on devil/satan). Hallucinations are prominent, too, as in the case of hearing voice of god or seeing visions.

    We create god with our brains. He is, therefore, the lord brain. Jesus is an imaginary friend, and therefore, equated with the tooth fairy, santa clause, or buddha. They’re just imaginary friends. Satan and the so-called demons are just imaginary enemies. They are in your head.

    Overall, Christians (aka christ-psychotics) are infecting the nation with christ-psychosis. You christians need to see a neurologist and a psychiatrist.

    Atheists are mentally healthy, and therefore, mentally stable.

    • J.J. said

      You must have a devil in you just for making that comment. I wonder if you will be making that same statement on Judgement Day? Will you be as bold standing in front of the Lord???!

  21. Eden Hadassah said


    You said:

    “Faith is a synonym of delusion; a belief that isn’t supported by objective evidence”

    You cancel yourself out with that one my friend, because it takes more faith to believe what you just said and therefore you must be the master of delusion, right?

  22. Pensive said


    Just came across your testimony among the various opinions and it was touching and I thank God you shared it. I know many people who struggle with the issues you had and its so important to share because some people don’t believe they can be free but that’s not true at all. Your testimony reminds us of how Jesus is still in the business of healing if we only believe. I pray God blesses you for your obedience and continues to give you the courage to share your story and declare the works and words of the Lord in Jesus name!

  23. Anja said

    What a load of @#$%.

  24. Vicki Desmond said

    My son, Kerry, has been experiencing the symtoms of Schizophrenia for over a year. He only had one time where he seemed possessed. I rebuked the evil one and he did not display the negative behavior again. He quit taking his meds about two months ago, and is now in the State Mental Hospital. I feel he under demonic oppression and pray daily for God’s protection for him and for our family. I have prayed over him and annointed him and cast out evil spirits. What more can I do? I have given the Lord my suffering willingly to be of any use for the Kingdom. I know from past miracles in the family thast God can do anything, so I am praying for that miracle. Pax Christi tecum.

  25. Job said

    Vicki Desmond:

    The spiritual deliverance book Pigs In The Parlor has a chapter on schizophrenia.

    Also, to deal with my emotional and mental problems, I would play an audio Bible through headphones all night long. Doing such a thing for your son would tend to reassure the real Kerry with the Word of God, and torment the evil spirits that are causing the false personalities with that same Word. But faith and prayer are the keys, on your part and Kerry’s. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Father YHWH I pray that Kerry be healed, delivered, and set free in a manner that is according Your Sovereign Will and glorifies You. I also pray that his mother be strengthened and encouraged towards this ordeal, that her faith would not weaken, her prayers would not cease, and that she and Kerry will remember to give You praise, glory, and service when the healing is accomplished. Amen.

  26. Benjamin said

    I have a brother who has autism, he didnt mess around with the occult nor did he get stoned on drugs to end up this way. Some of my family suspects the pills the doctos recommended for my older bro when he was little, I’m not sure if it is demons(better not be in this case) or just a result of sin in the world, but either way could u guys pray for him.

  27. Concerned said

    I will say this it is up to the parent(s)of the child to stop making excuses. When your child hurts another person physically the child is doing so because he or she wants to. God has given everyone a free will and most kids exercise that free will with their first yes or no with simple understanding usually at around 1 year to 18 months of age. If you have a child that seems to go against what is right then you have a serious problem. Autism has no known physical test to diagnose it, doctors go by a spectrum of common behaviors. I say this much people can still become demon possessed and when parents in the world let the world raise their children you will have a whole lot of bad things happening to kids. I say when a child is old enough to talk he or she is old enough to learn the name Jesus and let it come out of their mouth. Demons tremble at His name. For those whose kids are autistic and violent I would say pray out loud, speak the Lord’s name, and read The Holy Bible to your child everyday. I would also say there are things in the world that CAN’T be explained by science or doctors and people have gotten so caught up in the modern world they forgot about The Lord and now look to man for all the answers.
    I just, in my mind, don’t see how anyone could think that any child or person period that seems to like hurting others should also have their soul looked at as well as their mind and body. God has not given anyone the spirit of fear and I think that there are a lot of spooked people in the world that break out in a cold sweat when the word devil or demon comes out of someone’s mouth. All of a sudden you are label a weirdo or delusional because you see what others refuse to see. These evil beings are already defeated spirits WHY are you scared of them, they can’t do no more than what a person’s free will invites them to do. Watch your babies, spend time with them, don’t let them slip away because if you do you might can’t get them back if they make a personal choice not to fight. Regardless of what kind of mental issue anyone has that doesn’t make one do hateful acts that comes straight from a person’s heart. Their are plenty of mentally retarded and mentally ill people who try in (their own) capacity to do right, because they CHOOSE to do right. It a (personal free will choice) whether someone wants to believe that or not. God is not a respecter of person’s. He gave us all the same tools in our heart and how one uses them in the end it up to that person.

  28. Jennifer Champeau said

    My brother has been taking asthma medications for most of his life and we grew up with no religion. A few years ago he started acting really strange and as if he were possessed,my family had him put into a mental ward. I at the time had become a new Christian and felt he was possessed so I was afraid that whatever was happening to him he needed to be delivered. Strangley enough I went to see him and brought my bible while we were talking I felt something enter the room, it had a foul odor and had a very bad feel. I started praying and he started seeing demonic things while I viewed the words- Say Nothing, Jen – on the tv screen…I was scarred to death and immediately knew this had to be something demonic that was trying to scare me into leaving and not reading the bible. Because I was new to Chistianity I was not prepared and I did run out of the room fearing….since this time my brother has been committing fraud and his child has autism, my brother left his wife and is spending all his money at strip clubs. I know that the only thing that can cure the problem is the Lord and prayer I am trying to pray but I can feel demons trying to stop me and causing me pain and sickness. Please someone please can you pray and help our family.

    • Zoe said

      I think what you’re saying is DISCUSTING. You say it like it’s the parents fault- LIKE THEY HAVE A CHOICE! I have two autistic syblings and I love them both- more then anything. They are not bad people- they are born with the incapability to not notice what is around them. Both of them love their family- they are only violent when they cannot understand. My brother is 14 and is non verbal, and when people can’t understand him he gets frustrated. You would also get frustrated if you could not speek- and do NOT say you wouldn’t! This whole entire arugment or whatever is pathetic- you are all pathetic. I am a Christian, but I do not believe autistic people have ‘demons’ in them. Because suddenly anyone slightly different from you is wrong- is currupt. Well I say you are all just a waste of air! A waste of time! You obviously understand nothing about autism anyway, so why are you commenting on this?
      Also- it is very rare that an autistic child will hit unless provoked. They are a lot like regular kids- they will defend themselves if need be. They are not just mindless monsters.
      I know you’re going to reply back with some idiotic response like “you must have the devil in you for saying such things.” well, you can veiw it that way- but you’re living in your own little stupid closed up world again!

    • nino said

      HI Jen
      Jesus Christ can help !
      go to the link call them they will pray along with you
      millions of miracles take place in that church
      God bless
      Love is the key to faith

  29. debra said


    A) Demons are different than evil spirits. Demons are fallen angels—that Lucifer took with him.

    B). The bible clearly speaks of spirits of infirmity and heaviness and such—it does not call them ALL demons, so there’s a difference.

    C). Evil spirits can be inherited through generational sin. Their homes are Christians bodies before they accepted Christ. Genetic disorders which can influence or cause mental or physical illness can or cannot be a consequence of generational sin or for that matter, sin such as dabbling with the occult.

    D). How do you tell the difference between the two? The source of the cause? You need a person with spiritual gift of discernment, and words of knowledge. Discernment tells if it is in fact an evil spirit residing, and the word of knowledge and wisdom, given additional information of what type (such as spirit of muteness) and what to do about it (word of wisdom).

    If any readers are wondering about it, they need to find someone in ministry with these gifts, and TEST them, to make sure their word is of the Holy Spirit.

  30. It is real said

    Yes autism is demonic possession. Proof the bible states that there are deaf and dumb spirits that possess people that take away a persons ability to speak.

    Also that when he healed he healed the lame, sick BUT He casted out the evil spirits.

    There was a difinite difference between being of a sick body and a sick mind. Nothing has changed the same today as it was yesterday but people let science tell them different.

    How come there is no physical test know for the symptoms of autism???
    How come with mental retardation there is a finding of a less developed brain.

    The reason is because retardation is physical and autism is not. Autism is demonic. These people don’t like hearing anything about the Lord they will cover their ears when you say Jesus or anything pertaining to Him.

    They also speak an unknown language when they do speak sounds, and they act like they know what they are saying even though we don’t.

    They are lewd, and violent and get worst as they get older and stronger. Most docotrs I believe for years have been secretly putting autistics in with the mentally retarded on purpose just so one couldn’t take time to see the real difference. A real autistic child or person fears Jesus name and that is a fact that most don’t want to acknowledge, in fear of the real issue at hand, demonic possession. If the child allow the demon the childs will can hold it, the child has to fight for freedom from it, period.

    • Pray for Discernment said

      From where do you receive such “insight?” How many hours have you spent with a person with autism? How many persons with autism have you known? The way your comments are worded (“they are”, and “these people”)sound as if perhaps you’ve spent 30 years working in a psychiatric hospital, or perhaps at home taking care of an autistic person 7 days a week for perhaps half of your life? While I will admit that there may certainly be a demonic component or influence to mental illness and autism, SOME is the keyword. Be careful putting groups of people in categories. I have a child with autism and he does not cover his ears when he hears the name of Jesus. Nor does he utter unintelligle language. He does have a speech delay and he has documented allergies and a high heavy metal content in his urine (physical contributors.) Jesus said, “By this will men know that you are my disciples, because you love one another.” He also said to “speak the truth in love.” Your words, though you may believe them to be truth were not spoken in love. You will have a hard time reaching others for Christ without showing more love. Regards.

    • Dee said

      I stumbled across this site tonight, and I am so sorry and sad to read such unloving words of instruction. Could these words come from one who loves the Lord? My heart aches at what many Christians have said in regards to my sons’ as well. I have been told my family is cursed, that demons are present….and I have ached in great sadness over it all. I have two young sons on the autism spectrum. I am so thankful that our Lord told his disciples who had assumed that someone sinned for a man to be born blind, that this was not the case. The man was born with ‘defect’ so that the glory of the Lord could be revealed. I am a mother who loves Jesus with all of my heart, mind, soul, and strength. I have prayed and believed that my sons will be delivered from autism. I will never stop believing in that. My sons pray and say the name of Jesus every day. I have found that ‘Christians’ have cast the greatest judgments on my sons. That is heartbreaking. I am so thankful that my love for Jesus was solid enough to cling to him, and not to his ‘followers’. Jesus was a champion for the downcast and ‘unwanted’…He was disgusted with the self-righteous. Speak the truth in love, and realize when there are areas that you just might not be totally certain about. You might not be speaking any truth at all…..

      • Job said

        Sister Dee:

        “The man was born with ‘defect’ so that the glory of the Lord could be revealed.” That is 100% true as stated in the Gospel of John. I humbly ask for your apology, and also ask that you would please read my revision to the blog entry to which you replied and give me your opinion of it … if it is in need of further revisions or additional information. Thank you.

      • nino said

        i strongly recommend you watching
        i believe demon might be the cause of autism
        however the good news are that i ve seen 1000 people healed in this church
        physical and mental issues
        i have been and visited this church
        yes Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever
        we lack enough faith and love its our problem
        but he loves us !
        i believe your boys will be delivered in Jesus might Name AMEN

    • Jo said

      So u clearly know nothing about autism. Yes, there are physical differences in the brains of those with autism… Too many connections between the right and left brain, larger than usual brain size, and issues with sendory motor system. Please do some research before you spread very hurtful, false information.

      • Jo said

        This is addresses to those claiming autism has no ” physical explanation” so it is likely to be a demon possession.

  31. Diane said

    I am praying that the Lord Jesus save your brother and his family. Don’t be discouraged, keep interceding.


  32. Rob said

    There may be a demonic connection with autism, but I’m more inclined to think that it’s a number of combined factors: environment, diet, and a much larger vaccine dosage at younger ages than any time before. I just looked at the CDC vaccine schedule and compared it with a mere 9 years ago, and the schedule has been amped up so much since then, that I can’t help but wonder if there’s a connection. I’m all for vaccines, but I think the schedule should be made a little easier, and that doctor’s should carefully examine the environmental elements of the child needing the vaccines.

  33. Please watch video about a child who was delivered (demons cast out) and healed of autism. His own mother didn’t know about the reality of demons in people until she saw with her own eyes, her child delivered. Here’s the site where you can watch the video:

  34. anonymous said

    I recently viewed this page below and I will have to say it has some valid points about autism possibly being demonic possession.

  35. Rae said

  36. Hannah said

    So much blather on this blog. A born-again Blood washed Christian’s temple (body) cannot harbor an unclean spirit. However, due to disobedience and backsliding, entities can harass and torment the genuine Christian. Even if a Christian is not backsliding, unclean spirits never give up their attacks. Never. How we handle these attacks is a direct reflection of our spiritual maturity and level of FAITH at any given moment. These factors can fluctuate in even the sttrongest of true Christians. End of that debate.
    Also, I strongly believe that many people professing to be Christians are nothing but lost people parroting whatever bunk they have picked up in church. They know nothing of prophecy or spiritual warfare and have zero faith. I have met “Christians’ who do not even know that Christ was Jewish, or even the basics about Abraham, Sarah, Hagar and Ishmael. Yet they claim to go to church and ‘Bible study’. What are they being taught if they don’t have any idea of the basics of the Scriptures?

    • Mary said

      Grat response! Well said truth!

    • Kirsty said

      Hannah, were you tired when you wrote this? I see the time of your reply. Your whole post was very judgmental and unloving. It’s as though you feel you have all the answers and you have posted here to set everyone straight. I once felt like you did, probably 20 years ago when I was younger and full of myself. Thankfully God has His way of humbling even a fathead like me.

      I noticed something interesting in your opening statement (other than relegating everyone’s input as ‘blather’): you said that a born-again, blood washed Christian cannot harbor an unclean spirit. I’ve believed that at one point myself, until I began to examine that I had no scriptural evidence to back up my belief, other than..well, I just believed it.

      I’m glad you rightly called our body a temple. Something that the Holy Spirit enlightened my understanding to was that the money changers were inside the temple. Jesus drove them out… right, right…but God was already in the Holy of holies – so what were the money changers doing in the outer court?? How could they possibly even BE in the outer court when GOD was in the Holy of holies?

      The people were doing commerce with those from the outside. They brought the outsiders right into the temple, in the outer court (the body). Just like we like to made trade with the world – to get from it and to sell ourselves to it, the money changers are “in the temple.” Not until we surrender our lives entirely to Christ (not just give Him lip service) does He drive them out.

      Another point to ponder: Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” is (in the original Greek) a “sliver” (which we all know is under the skin) which he described as a messenger of Satan, sent from God. Wrap your brain around that one.

      God uses Satan. He uses him to test us, and ultimately to humble us and cause us to surrender to His lordship, crucifying our flesh in the process. He especially does that if we’re fatheads who think we have Him all figured out. (I mean me, or course…) =:O)

      • Chloe said

        Amen and glad to meet a sister in Christ who admits to having been humbled and can admit to being a fathead. I call it thick headed. You are right on and used God’s word to back this up. Thank you for this post.

  37. Trimelda said

    Our church has a ministry to recovering children from drugs, alcohol and sexual abuse. This year we are reaching out to autistic children the same way and it is based upon farming, stability, diet, the Word and prayer. Maybe this will help:

    We are body, soul and spirit. If you realize that then you can see that ANY problem is the result of an interaction or attack on the WHOLE person-body, soul and spirit. That’s why Saint Paul wrote:

    1 Thessalonians 5:23 (New International Version)

    23May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    So, if that’s true, then to cure most problems, we have to take a three fold approach. Autism is often caused by a severe auto immune system reaction to several assaults on a young child’s immune system. If the child has a genetically weakened system then something like multiple vaccines containing mercury or other such chemicals would affect the brain through a massively allergic reaction. That’s the BODY. Now add the soul, which is the psyche or mind/emotions that might be under attack from satan and its demons and you have more problems. The child, already struggling with the inability to communicate caused by the body might then retreat from the world and contact to be harassed further in feelings and thoughts by evil spiritual patterns.
    Since we express our spirits through our bodies and psyches, then the fact both of these are being overshadowed by evil and sickness would cause what we call autism.

    The solution would be three fold: 1) Change the child’s diet and add those supplements that would help support a better autoimmune response. There are many good books on this for Christians. 2) Move the child to a more peaceful, earth based environment where there is order, fresh air, animals and a basic God given rhythm and 3) Get the Word of God into the child with prayers for healing the soul. Do exorcism/deliverance prayers certainly. But stick mostly to regular prayers of blessing and praise, the spoken Word of God in faith and much love for perfect love casts out fear.

    Most of all support and love the parents and the family as they all rally to support and love the child.

    If you are interested in what we are doing and why or want to discuss anything more on this, email us at

    God love you and yours,


  38. Emma said

    Dear Author,

    I’m a girl with Asperger’s Syndrome (a disorder on the autism spectrum). I do not care what your religious beliefs are, and I don’t want to insult them, but I think you should take into account how this talk about autism actually stigmatizes those who live with it. When people say that being an Aspie is a terrible, debilitating thing to be, it only makes people look down on us more. We are only a little different from you, but we have the same potential to be happy and successful and kind as the rest of the human species. I mean it. Really. 🙂


    • Kirsty said

      Dear Emma, you are absolutely right in that you have the same potential to be happy, successful and kind as anyone else. Nobody would deny that. A person with Asperger’s Syndrome is not somehow less than human, and anyone who would think that isn’t worth listening to. However, this subject is about things in the spiritual realm, and not an attack on people who have autism. My son has Asperger’s too. 🙂

      The thing is, most of us are very blind to the reality of the spiritual realm, as we tend to believe only in what we see. For us, we know that our son is sensitive to the spiritual things, and they trouble him in his mind and body. When he is set free of those things, he will be *more* of who he was meant to be, and not less.

      There is something we don’t fully understand yet about autism. We can’t explain all the problems of humanity through what we see – and one doesn’t have to be a super-spiritual nut to believe that.

      Anyway, lots of love to you – and I hope you aren’t wounded by all the silly talk that people say about those on the autism spectrum. You have much to bring to others! Please forgive those who talk badly about people with Asperger’s; they just don’t know what they’re talking about. Focus on those who love and accept you!


  39. Meg said

    Autism is a devlopmental disability,(it also a neurodevelopmental disorder), NOT a mental illness.There are many causes of autism such as:

    Illness such as Prenatal exposure to rubella (congenital rubella syndrome) and rubella- I found most older autistics adults supects that rubella caused them to be autistic. This happen before the devlop the MMR Shot that’s cause more problems linked to autism.

    Gestational Problems such as Leaky gut syndrome

    Premature Birhs

    Immune system Abnormalities


    Vaccines- Mostly The MMR Shot & Thiomersal in most shots

    Family History of Autism- I found that some parents who find out they’re autistic after they found out that their child(ren)are autistic so genetics is a huge factor, (see ). Studies shows that autistics are a higher risk of haveing a autistic child higher than non-autistics.

    Genetics Disorders such as:
    Fragile X syndrome- Is a sex-linked disorder that’s results in a failure to express the protein causes causes interference with normal neural development which is assoicated with autism plus intellectual disability.

    22q13 Deletion Syndrome, (also known as Phelan-McDermid Syndrome)-Is a rare genetic disorder caused by a microdeletion on chromosome # 22 and it’s also associated with autism.

    Rett Syndrome- It’s a rare form of autism, but unlike autism, it’s a also a sexed-link disorder that caused by a mutation in the X chromosome & olny girls have it. Also unlike autism, Rett syndrome is progressive and all functions such as the ability to walk, talk, poor head growth, etc. and it’s never get better. All features of Rett Syndrome are similar to those of autism but it’s mistakenly diagnosed for autism.


    Phenylketonuria (PKU)

    Also, I watched PBS about a show about parents and their autistic child(ren) who where tested to see if autism is a found and the researchers found out that most of the children have a deffect in chromosome # 13 & 15 and both parents are the carriers of the gene that’s cauases autism.

    Autism was throught to be a caused by poor parenting (sometimes called Refrigerator Mothers), by rejecting their bound with their chrildren and caused by them to not interact with them, until mid-late 1960s researchers found out that parents treat their child with love, have no foundings of rejecting their bound with their chrildren and found that is neurodevelopmental disorder.

    I know that demonic possession is real, but there is so much stigma within autistics like myself, and other parents with autistic chrild(ren) who deal with these awful false teachings that’s tells us autism is only caused by demonic possession or parent’s sin are the caused of their child(ren) being autistic and some of you guys break my heart,(I’m not mad at you), by your comments such
    “Most autistic children are: violent, don’t want to hear the name of Jesus, display lewdness, are selfish, manipulative, & act like they own(instead of love) the parent(s). Jesus never said that demons/devils would not inhabit people in this modern day”

    “Yes autism is demonic possession. Proof the bible states that there are deaf and dumb spirits that possess people that take away a persons ability to speak.”

    “well, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are the “evil” spirits. the original mutation is common, undiagnosed and affects the self-other discrimination and the ability for compassion, their social perception is not functional, so they consider them self and others as objects. the ego is imitation of ASD.”

    I belived that autism is possibility of demonic activity, (In some caeses), but some of you guys don’t relized that autism NEVER cause us to sin, and sin is NO EXCUSE for it.

    • Healed ex-autistic said

      Very little of what you said is accurrate. The rate of increase of autism does not support the genetic theory. It is a mental illness. It is not neurodevelopmental. I had it severly–non verbal, spinning, fecal smearing the whole nine yards and I was delivered completely 100% — lost the diagnosis of autism completely by God. And I can remember what it was like in that place.

  40. Kirsty said

    I would recommend to everyone here some newer books which are a testimony of a family’s walk through demonic deliverance of their son.

    For a time I threw out all belief in demonic things because of the excesses of some people I knew. But this cost me dearly, as my own son has been afflicted in his health both physically and mentally for 13 years. Now the Lord is showing us how we can battle against the things which have had access to him.

    What I want to put forth is that each of us must stop looking to our own understanding, the internet or books (lol, even though I am about to recommend some!) and cultivate a relationship with God where we can – through humility and obedience – hear what *He* has to tell us about these matters. And He will. For me, walking in unbelief for so long caused me not to hear His still, small voice. But all the praise to Jesus, He has drawn me out of that state and into a walk of beautiful surrender. Now I know that my Asperger’s Syndrome son can be delivered of his mental problems and his physical illness.

    I do so wish we who are affected by autism could stop being defensive about this subject – particularly if you or a loved one has ASD – and just wait on the Lord about it. If we walk with Him in love and obedience to what He calls us to do, He will show us each where we have let our defenses down, where we have disobeyed Him, and where there are any other inroads to the enemy of our soul. God wants His children to be completely free so we might glorify Him with our lives, and so that we can deliver others out of darkness.

    OK! Here is (finally) the name of the author I hope you will seek out: Retha McPherson. Three books; her first, “A Message from God,” second, “A Message of Faith,” third which is released Dec.1/2010, “A Message of Hope.” Each can be purchased on Amazon or as an e-book from her website.

    May the Lord Jesus make His face shine upon you and set you free from the ties that bind, so you can walk in the Light of the Lord! 🙂

  41. F.Almeida said


  42. C.N. said

    This is stupid.
    Ignorance is bliss.
    Everything is Worthless.
    You are all Worthless.
    Your Misguided faith will not bare you any fruit.
    Anyone who is punished for a false sin is misguided.
    Anyone who is different is not and should not be labeled as Demonic.
    Open your eyes and “see” with them, they were given to you by your parents.
    See for yourself how people with autism are, they are kind and gentle individuals, learn to live with them, not distrust and try to corrupt and change them.

  43. Rachel Lidbeck said

    Beautifully expressed! God honoring!

  44. Meg said

    Please forgive me from the perverous post fefore. I was inorgant at that time. I found out that autism is demonic and I wanted to be deliverance from plus unforgiveness and other things. Pray for me. Also, I watched and read horror stories about how the churches are treating people with autism like outcasts and I know that all churches are not like that. I beleaved that Christian need to show love and compassion to others and each other.

    • nino said

      Yes Mags Christianity is about LOVE
      God can set you free in the name of Jesus
      they have prayer line number call for prayer
      or you can visit the church its in Africa its safe i have 2 times been there
      Awsome its part of Heaven on EARTH indeed
      God bless you

    • Healed ex-autistic said

      Yes, Meg and Nino. You might want to look up the rate of autism in Utah. It’s something like 1 in 32 boys. Can this be because of the Mormonism and the legalism and the evil spirits?

  45. Thanks for some other wonderful post. Where else could anybody get that kind of information in such an ideal manner of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I’m on the look for such info.

  46. nino said

    Hey all
    if yours want to see the BOOK OF ACTS in actions visit the following christian Channel
    i believe this is the only church i be seen and visited my self are in God’s will
    Deliverance and Healing WOW
    God bless you

  47. Godislisteningalways said

    in the earlier parts of the bible it described those that had defects as not being allowed to come NEAR the holy tent, the arc or any thing that was holy. but most of those referred to or about in this instance were the yet still surviving offspring of those that in Gen 6:4 produced corrupt offspring- corrupt here meaning away from God, willingly turned away from God by doing what he expressly said not to do). a miscarriage originally was the result of adultery being tolerated and God never has tolerated it. we humans tend to do what is our OWN will and not from God, so God told (whoever was priest at that time when it wasn’t Aaron’s sons) to do a certain ritual and place a curse on the woman that committed the adultery and for the MAN there was ALSO certain ceremonially sanctifying ways he was required to remain sexually pure through or suffer the consequences. for example through out the entire book of Deut. you hear about the prices one had to pay for committing sexual sins and how their OFFSPRING suffered as a result. In TODAY’s culture and society however, you never hear about people that are healed from these sins and have a fulfilling life because that is becoming taboo as it was in the days of Noah. example is the homosexual that finds out that those in “relationships” especially in the homosexual lifestyle are about 5 times more adulterous and 50 times equally dissatisfied with their “other” as any heterosexual adulterous affair. but in the homosexual lifestyle just like in heterosexual lives, they want a younger and younger model, but the homosexual is favored for the grooming of children or properly called coercion, in order to make sure they HAVE a younger model that no longer has a will of their own due to being groomed by that lifestyle since they were (literally) born. This message will probably get deleted especially when those homosexuals that revert back to heterosexuality get targeted like muslim’s that turn Christian by their own people, the people they trusted end up being compulsive liars and usually involved in the occult but we’re not allowed to reveal that truth. we get censored by those with demonic influence and demonic given powers that want to kill truth. so Yes your child can be healed and you don’t need to subdue them with fancy toys or medication but you definitely have to practice purity of the UTTMOST level and do not live as the pagans do that cast spells every time they open their mouths. Faith really does heal. it’s by God’s GRACE that we are saved and by his MERCY that we were given Jesus Christ to save those that are obedient to him and those that need to hear how God really does love us. what other parent can you tell me about that truly has given their children to save an entire planet……God did but no human can do that. our sacrifices are NOT enough. we are human. our urges are what either bless us (with wisdom, through self control, and forgiveness) or curse us (through rebelling which is why the angels in Genesis freely left heaven and were not kicked out and their offspring through out history of our planet is usually the ones with the most birth defects due to inbreeding which God saw as disgusting and the continued practice of everything God expressly specifically told us NOT to do). be a blessing to your family and ASK God, ASK Jesus Christ if there is something you need to do or someone you need to ask forgiveness from or forgive in order for that curse to be lifted. never be shy spiritually but don’t get arrogant either and fall back into old ways just because you don’t get the answer you want. Garth Brooks: “sometimes I thank God, for UNANSWERED prays”. just because he doesn’t answer doesn’t mean he’s not there. (sometimes what you are praying for is the wrong thing or it is of YOUR desire, YOUR will and not God’s.) I pray that as those in the old days did and as Jesus Prayed before his crucifixion, that GOD’S will be done, not mine, on EARTH as it is in heaven. Thank you Lord, Amen. .

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