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Another Ravening Wolf Seeking To Scatter The Sheep

Posted by Job on February 22, 2007

Looks like this guy put a lot of time into pursuing his master plan. I have to admit, his constitutional rights are being violated; he is experiencing what our courts and laws define as religious discrimination! Which, of course, is yet another reason why Christians should divorce themselves from the wicked world. Not saying that Christians should not vote, seek office, or serve in government, but you must realize that any government that affords equal rights to a Christian and a Wiccan – as we must according to our laws – is NOT going to be able to promote Yeshua HaMashiach. So, Christians need to stop believing that they can take the easy way out by establishing God’s kingdom on earth using politics (whether right wing or left wing) instead of by changing hearts with the gospel.

And preach the gospel this guy did do! This utterly confused fellow was born Catholic, converted to Pentecostalism at a Billy Graham crusade, was “speaking in tongues” and preaching while still in high school, and then going straight home and reading Buddhism. Says that he was always vexed by the “exclusivity” of Christianity, and that he was always a universalist, and he “decided to switch to Wicca when a bomb killed 1200 people while serving in Iraq.” Translation: Christian claims that salvation is only through Yeshua HaMashiach make us no different from Muslim extremists!

This guy is perfectly suited to use in the anti – Christ’s many fronts (media, legal, etc.) against Christianity: a white male who served in the military who is an alleged former Christian but became disaffected because of the “contradictions”, “unanswered questions”, and – of course – “bigotry” in our Bible. And he insists that “I wasn’t trying to start any trouble; I was just being naive” and “just wound up in the center of a huge constitutional lawsuit all by accident.” Uh huh, right. And oh, please do not ignore how this article is just an unpaid advertisement for this religion; how it is so much different and BETTER than Christianity. Well, we know what side the Washington Post is on (as if we didn’t already). The question is … which side are YOU on? Are you on the side of the Lord of the Bible? If so, what are you doing to let people know it?


3 Responses to “Another Ravening Wolf Seeking To Scatter The Sheep”

  1. Jesus did not come to take sides but to take over!

  2. Steve Hayes:

    Aye, but we are not Yeshua HaMashiach. So, we are to choose his side by standing with Him daily.

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