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Study Says: Sexualization Harms Young Girls

Posted by Job on February 20, 2007

Here is yet another study proving what people who read and believe the Bible have been saying for, like, CENTURIES. Oh yeah, sexualization also harms boys too. Not that anyone cares about boys these days, especially the white ones (not that the black, Hispanic, or Asian ones get treated any better). That is, unless they are homosexual. Normally I avoid “shooting fish in a barrel” stories like these, but as it was related to my last post yesterday on Succubus and Incubus, I thought that it was a great way to illustrate that yes, demons are real, including sex and lust demons, to all those who insist on being hard – hearted and unbelieving. Father God YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, we praise you and thank you because you art mighty and wonderful. Please Lord, protect the children from being exposed to the evil of depraved and demeaning sexualization through magazines, books, TV shows, the Internet, in the schools, and from their family and friends. I especially ask you, Lord, to put your shield and covering over boys and girls who are being molested and raped, especially those who are suffering this evil at the hands of their mothers, fathers, church members, and other people who should be helping and supporting them rather than giving themselves over to Satan and trying to destroy them. There is so much evil and wickedness in the world, Lord, that our only hope is you, so may people, regardless of how unfair, dark, and hopeless the situation is, hold fast to you for their victory in this world and the next. People who have sexual devils operating in their lives because of overexposure to sexual images, because of rape or molestation, because of breaking your commandments on fornication/adultery/lust, or because of demons of inheritance or generational curses, in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach I bind and rebuke those demons right now. Father YHVH, please lead people like this, who are in desperate need of help and cannot control themselves and often do not know it, to spiritual deliverance; to someone who will not hate and condemn them, but someone who will tenderly accept them, support them in prayer, show them of God, and lead them to the victory of salvation and spiritual deliverance that Yeshua HaMashiach got them on the cross and with the resurrection. In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, let it be so!


4 Responses to “Study Says: Sexualization Harms Young Girls”

  1. i respect your passion but why do you make your prayers so public. wasnt it jesus who said go into a closet when you pray…that implies privacy but this is the internet anyone in the world can view this sacred conversation. i know that it is not right to condemn you so i dont…i only make suggestions. also i only clicked on this link to see what you had to say about gay marriage and i didnt get that out of this…so please if you would…what do you have to say be very interested to know. i find you a predictable christian…which i think is good…but i suppose going to a highschool of the arts you;re somewhat more exposed to things…if you catch my drift. well ive learned through experience more than what the pastors and politicians say…im just interested when i see christians like myself begin to think on their own…i believe you to be very intelligent and bible oriented…you make me curious.

  2. examicostudent:

    You are right, I probably do need to become more selective about the categories that I put on my posts, but if I do draw people like you here “by accident”, then I don’t mind :-). As for my prayers, context, context, read the Bible in context. When telling people to go pray in private, Jesus Christ was speaking of religious hypocrites making public prayers just to cause everyone to view them as righteous. Back then, the Jewish culture was centered on religion, and being viewed as a devout person garnered you a great bit of esteem, which would not only boost your ego, but also came with a lot of benefits. Further, if you were a member of the Jewish ruling religious classes, then it was in your best interests to be viewed as devout for the purposes of retaining your power, influence, and employment. So, you had a lot of these people making long meaningless prayers in public just so the people would think that they were righteous. These people would never take the time and effort to pray the same prayers in private, because their prayers were not real prayers, not sincere prayers, to begin with! Again, looking at this contextual thing, remember the story of “the widow and the three mites”? You had people going in giving large sums of money, but the poor widow cast in all of the money that she had in this world, three pennies. Does this mean that we should all go empty our checkings and savings accounts, our 401(k)s, and the college savings for our kids? Or does it mean that only the poor should give, and the rich should withhold their money? Of course not. It was another case of the religious crowd making a public example of giving large sums of money so that the people would thereby regard them as righteous as a result, and allow them to remain in power as a result.

    Want more context still? See, the Jews at the time were being brutally subjugated by Rome. A great many of the Jews, who remembered the stories of how God delivered them from the hands of the Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Philistines, etc. wanted to stage a large scale revolt. As a matter of fact, Jesus Christ came along not long after Judas Maccabeus had led a successful revolt against the Greek Empire! But the Jewish leaders, especially the Sadducees, did not want the Jews to throw their lives away rebelling against the most powerful empire that the world had ever seen. It would have been one thing if God had spoken to anyone telling them to rise up against Rome as God had in the days of Moses, Gideon, David, etc. but He had not. God basically stopped dealing with the world through Israel’s religious leaders after He told them through Haggai and some of the other final Old Testament prophets to return to Jerusalem, rebuild the temple, and wait for the Messiah. So, the Jewish leaders assumed that the Messiah would come and liberate them from Rome, and wanted the people to wait for Him, rather than rebel against God’s Will and throw their lives away. So, a big part of keeping the people staging a large scale uprising against Rome was putting on all these great displays of public piety in order to convince the people how holy, devout, and dedicated to God and therefore worthy of being followed they were. And it was basically all that they could do, because though a few of them who were legitimately still lovers of and devoted to God could perform healings, spiritual deliverance, and other miracles, it was not as if they could call fire down from Heaven like Elijah did!

    Jesus Christ was merely telling His people that these public displays of piety that the priests were engaging in had NOTHING to do with loving or getting close to God, and that it was all an act for their benefit. Now that does not apply to me, for I have no office or position, and though I greatly appreciate the loving support that I have gotten from various people, one could hardly believe that I am doing this to get compliments or just to say that I have one of the top – visited blogs around. If I did, I would have indecent pictures of whatever teenage girl that MTV and BET are exploiting right now, not talking about sin and demons. Most of these “Christian” blogs and websites out there are 99% about politics, lifestyles, culture, etc. and MAYBE 1% about JESUS CHRIST. So THAT is why I am on here talking about demons and the behaviors that let them in, and putting a prayer on every post whenever I can remember to; I WANT people to be confronted with the REAL Jesus Christ, and not hide behind this fake religious system that allows them to attend church once a week and sleepwalk through bunch of liturgies and traditions that someone in England or Germany created 600 years ago that they have memorized but don’t even know the true meaning of, go home, and turn on whatever filth that is on cable TV (and allow their kids to watch it too!), let their kids dress like pimps and prostitutes and listen to even worse filth on the radio and on their MP3 players, and consider themselves righteous.

    I want people, especially good church people, to know that what is going on out there is harming people, and that they need to take a stand against it. And this means you. I put these prayers on here so that people like YOU can read them, and people like YOU can repeat them out of a sincere humble loving heart to God your Father if they move you to do so. I believe, no, I KNOW that prayer changes things, and if I can get even three or four people to say these prayers along with me, even if they come across these posts weeks after I have put them up because they were searching Technorati tags or something, then I have faith that it will make a difference, and the reason will not be because I am some great genius or lover of God – for I am not, I am just a sinner saved by grace who still deals with problems like any other Christian – but rather because it was God’s Will for the prayer to be made so the thing could be done, and all I did was let Him use me. That is why the name of this weblog is “Heal The Land With Spiritual Warfare.” That is what praying against sin and demons is doing, spiritual warfare! Jesus Christ told us to war against evil spirits and sin, and showed us how. Paul expounded on what Christ told us when he told us to “put on the whole armor of God.” But religion isn’t doing that these days; they are hiding behind doctrines, interpretations, traditions, institutions, buildings, anything that keeps them from opening their eyes to the spirit realm, because once their eyes are opened, the first thing that they see is the wickedness of their own hearts, and you know what they don’t want to deal with it. And you know what? I don’t blame them! Life is already hard enough, who wants to deal with that stuff? But you know what? Christianity is SUPPOSED to be about doing stuff that you don’t want to do and wouldn’t naturally do. Like love your enemies. Like forgetting about yesterday and not worrying about tomorrow. Like dying a grotesque, brutal, death, as not only Jesus Christ but 11 of the 12 apostles did (only John, who wrote Revelation, died of natural causes, and even then it was not for the lack of attempts on his life, including being exiled to Patmos and boiled in oil).

    So yes, I do often pray in private, shut away in my bedroom, regarding personal things that are not for public consumption. But praying that innocent young people not fall to the destroyer is not something that is a private concern, but rather something that all Christians should challenge Babylon by coming together and praying as often as possible.

  3. Paul said

    I can testify to you that SEXUAL DEMONS do exist! I am graspling with mine for a year now seeking deliverance from the Lord, or any deliverance minister the Lord might lead me to.

    SATAN IS REAL, HIS DEMONS ARE REAL. I have never had a proper sleep for sometime now because of the this evil. People should not take their God given liberty lightly,if they do, they have to face severe consequences. But for the grace of God, I will not be able to WARN you of this.

    Some of you might think I have lost it – well I USED to say almost the same- deceived by the circular, so-called knowledgeable world.

    Want my advice?


    I have been trying to do my assignment but the devils started tormenting me so I started searching for audio deliverance files to download so that I can play it while I do my work. The search brought me to this site. I do not get deliverance when I play gospel/deliverance/sermon audios, however the attach subsides because whoever they are (of cours agents of satan) hate to hear the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus. Many times I try to sleep with the song, “Oh, the blood of Jesus”. Meanwhile I have been to the ff. sight: and found some of the torments in hell similar to mine. The bottom line is, PEOPLE, TRUST AND OBEY GOD. DON’T BE FOOLED BY SATAN.

    PS: Sorry about writing so much, but I wish I am on a platform facing one billion people to tell them my story so that they could repent and stay under God’s protection, now and in the future.

  4. muqabalat said

    Nice post, bookmark it

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