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Time Magazine Covers Abortion Diversion Centers

Posted by Job on February 19, 2007

Looks like there are far more of these than I thought! Here is the Time Magazine article itself. That people would oppose such a thing is grotesque, but they do, proving that the “pro – choice” and “abortion rights” people are actually PRO – ABORTION. Now there is this big political push going on to trick “centrists” on abortion into believing that these folk want to reduce the number of abortions actually performed – the “safe, legal, and rare” sham, but their method of achieving this is with birth control, not with doing all they can to convince women who are considering killing their babies to reconsider. A legitimate argument against the pro – life community is that they were not doing nearly enough to reach out to and support women who are at risk of becoming baby – killers, preferring to condemn people for past sin in the hopes of preventing future sin rather than doing their best to save innocent lives. Their focus was geared way too much on changing the law and behavior rather than changing hearts. (As if a person who enters eternity abstinent but never having accepted Jesus Christ as their personal saviour is somehow better off than the unmarried woman who has 6 kids by 6 men, none of whom she can positively identify, who does accept Christ.) But this is progress, and we should praise God for it. Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ, we thank and praise you for the lives that have been saved through Your mercy and grace, and may many more lives AND souls be saved through the good works of Christians filled with and motivated by your love. Amen.


4 Responses to “Time Magazine Covers Abortion Diversion Centers”

  1. James said

    Are you supporting the guy who opposed the Born Alive Infant protection bill? Is it all, nothing or nuance? Anyone who prays for the unborn should oppose the candidate of death.

  2. James said

    Is being pro-Life consistent with scripture and sound doctrine or a stance that is a toss off in the election booth?

  3. Pro-Life people for centuries have spread the gospel and created thousands of crisis pregnancy centers globally to help out women. Changing behavior? The essence of the church is to help people change their behavior (within the walls of a church, etc.) voluntarily in their lives with the exception of forming a theocracy. It’s just that the mainstream media won’t show that since the majority of the mainstream media is pro-abortion. I think Job said that he doesn’t support McCain or Obama.

  4. James said

    The moral issues are crystal clear within the Catholic church but mainstream Christendom right now seems squishy according the the Pew Research polls. Evangelicals according to their research seems to be holding on a bit tighter. The Catholics do have major errors that I don’t support but their leadership stands firm for life. I don’t agree with transubstantiation, Maryology, single male priests or the papacy. They are strong on the life issue.
    Forming a theocracy is beyond my hopes. According to the Scriptures Jesus Christ will reign. I prefer our democratic republic but I would like to see our country bond strongly to Christ. Isn’t that what we all want?
    Any Christian should be able to understand that some candidates would promise us money in exchange for our moral values. Neither candidate is excellent but one values the life of the unborn and the other doesn’t. This is just one of the moral issues at stake. The war is another. Both candidates are in favor of staying in Afghanistan even though they differ from Iraq. War is a moral issue.
    Back to the issue of abortion. The candidates who supports life shares a common belief with evanglicals. I hope we can all in the church get to that point of agreement.

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