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Why I Hate Black History Month Part I

Posted by Job on February 15, 2007

For the record – and yes it DOES matter – I am black. No, I do not “happen to be black”, but I am a proud black man, and my pride is not in my own identity and existence but in the God Elohim YHVH who predestinated both. I believe that God made the races for a reason, and gave all races special gifts, attributes, and roles. Recall when the late Reggie White stated as such, he was hatefully excoriated by the haters of God and those who allowed themselves to be used by them on this issue. Indeed, the humanists through their zeal to reject Yeshua HaMashiach (for some reason, I feel more power using the Hebrew name in prayer rather than the transliterated English name Jesus Christ) have been hard at work working to deny the very concept of race. They claim that it is just a social construct imposed upon us by racist paternalistic Christians in their desire to create a capitalist class system. They misuse valid science to advance this political/religious agenda by claiming that “the genetic differences between racial groups is so little as to be virtually nonexistent.” Well, it would have to be for us to all be HUMAN. My goodness, the genetic differences between apes (or is it gorillas?) and humans is 1 – 2%! So, if the 1% accounts for the difference between a dumb animal that lacks a soul like an ape and a human created in Elohim’s image, then OF COURSE THE GENETIC DIFFERENCES BETWEEN RACES WOULD HAVE TO BE SMALL. The fact is that the medical and public health community is acutely aware of the differences between racial groups, and as a matter of fact some doctors and medical researchers state that many lives would be saved if the medical, scientific, public health, social scientific, and government communities emphasized racial differences MORE, not less. But make no mistake, the anti – Christs among us wish to erase all distinctions between race and culture to A) prevent God’s plan for each race from coming into fruition and B) make it easier for the beast, the anti – Christ, to rule by reducing the number of distinct groups. Regrettably, left – leaning Christians support this agenda in their well – meaning desire to fight discrimination, poverty, and hate crimes. Right – leaning Christians support this agenda in their well – meaning desire to promote assimilation and adoption of western culture, which they believe will lead to stability, prosperity, and peace. Both groups have also been led to believe that their respective agendas will facilitate the spread of the gospel when in truth departing from the narrow path to the strait gate to the right OR the left hinders the preaching of the true gospel rather than helps it. How sad it is that Christians of all races follow after this anti – Christ system because of a mistaken belief that they should be spared persecution, frustration, humiliation, rejection, etc. Look, if you cannot handle being passed up for a job or promotion because you are black or Hispanic (or not getting into your first choice of college or a government contract because you are white or Asian) then how are you going to handle the real persecution against CHRISTIANS before (and according to many Christians during) the great tribulation? So many people have been deceived because they do not study and believe the Scriptures, and they do not believe that it applies to them. Don’t you remember where Yeshua Ha’Mashiach said that “you must suffer many things” and “in the days preceding my return things will be very evil”? So all of you people sitting around waiting for Jesus Christ to come back, maybe Christ’s return is being delayed by a bunch of whiny self – important Christians who think that they are too good to endure even the slightest indignity (let alone natural disasters, governmental failures, economic collapses, wars, massive plagues, and oh yeah being hunted like dogs and not being able to buy or sell) and that God is waiting for the next generation when HOPEFULLY we will be made of stronger stuff.

Wow, another long introduction. I really do have to get better at this blogging thing, being more pithy and to the point and less self – indulgent. Anyway, when I was a kid growing up not so terribly long ago, we would have these black history programs at school (which was 70% black). Back then, I had a great interest in science, and my dreams were to study engineering and win a Nobel Prize in medicine. (Unfortunately my work ethic never matched my ambition.) So at first I loved reading about the great black scientists, the Benjamin Bannekers, George Washington Carvers (an outstanding Christian!), and the Percy Julians. But then I noticed something: after over 100 years of overcoming against the worst forms of poverty, poor education (George Washington Carver in particular lacked a formal education), segregation, and racism to become great scientists and make huge advances in the field, all of the great accomplishments just, well, stopped. It was explicitly illustrated in these “black history timelines”, where we went from “the first to perform open heart surgery” to “the inventor of the gas masks and traffic signals” to “the guy who helped invent the telephone and the light bulb” to “the inventor of vehicle refrigration” to “the inventor of blood transfusions” to “the inventor of the Super Soaker squirt gun.” All of our great scientific progress just up and stopped right around the time the civil rights movement started. Why? Could it be that perhaps in our zeal to join these leftist subversive movements and joined those who supported communism, gay rights, feminism, abortion, one world government, etc. to “advocate for our rights”, we forgot about God? Funny how all of us Christian blacks who love Martin Luther King, Jr. seem to just ignore the fact that King studied, practiced, and caused many others to practice the devil’s religion of jainism! And just a few decades after the civil rights movement, look at us. Some of us are better off financially, but at what cost? And it is good that the lynchings have stopped and we no longer have to live in fear of the Klu Klux Klan, but far more of us are victims of heinous crimes due to the breakdown in social and civil order and lack of respect and support for legitimate authority than were ever at risk of being lynched. 70% of black children are now being raised by single mothers, and about that same percentage of black females have their first child before they graduate high school (with most of the rest doing so shortly after, and while unmarried). Of course, the bitter fruit of that behavior is AIDS and other venereal diseases wracking our community, and the absence of fathers in the home leads to males not only being absentee dads themselves but turning to crime: 60% of black male either are or have been in jail or on probation due to having been convicted of a crime, and those are just the ones that are caught. Homosexuality and bisexuality are exploding in the black community thanks in large part to the huge prison population and culture and the result of the friction in the community that comes as a result of girls and boys never having seen the model of responsible manhood from a father in the home and therefore do not know how to relate to or treat each other, but instead grow up learning how to act and treat each other like the endless stream of boyfriends, girl friends, baby mammas, baby daddys, and just causal sex partners that their parents are constantly bringing into and kicking out of their lives. Even the black men that do not wind up criminals, homosexuals, or littering the landscape with children that they do not take responsibility for often experience academic failure and professional and financial instability, become hooked on marijuana and other recreational drugs, and go through life in a childlike state (literally spending all their time either playing basketball and video games, going to parties and clubs, or getting high on alcohol and drugs) depending on a network of women (mothers, grandmothers, wives, etc.) to take care of them. And that is just the men! The women have their problems too; I just will not speak of them to an extent greater than I have already because of space, time, and perhaps, alas, chivalry. But the worst part is that we have not yet gotten to the point where these “Baby Boys” (after the John Singleton movie chronicling black men who never leave childhood; I do not recommend it to Christians because of the pervasive explicit sexual content and some of the “actors” who appear in it, even if it does end with a major character converting to Christianity and is one of the few movies out there that actually does deal with an important sensitive issue in an honest way) have not yet reach old age! What is going to happen to them when they reach 40, 50, 60, etc. when their mothers and grandmothers have died, and their girlfriends (or wives) get tired of taking care of them? Again, these are men who lack the capacity to earn a living, manage a budget or household, or take care of themselves! So if the present condition is a bad dream, the future is a feverish nightmare!

I speak not as one who condemns, but rather one who was headed down that same path myself (I mentioned my own lack of work ethic earlier after all) before God saved me out of it. But I wonder how many of these problems in the black community today are due to the fact that the black community individually and collectively turned from the God of our fathers (despite what liars like the Muslims and Alex Haley in “Roots” claim, there were plenty of Christians in Africa before the white slave traders and missionaries arrived, Ethiopia was practicing Christianity while the Romans were still feeding members of the early church to the lions, so if you want to “go back to your African roots” black people, return to true Christianity!) and to idolatry because we lusted after the world and its riches? Are the plagues that God allowed to be inflicted on Israel when they turned after Him to idols now being poured out on America’s blacks? I gotta tell you how depraved America’s blacks are: here we are the richest and most powerful collection of blacks on the globe, and we aren’t doing a thing to help blacks in Africa, the Caribbean (especially Haiti), or Latin America (where in many places they still do “the paper bag test”, meaning that you cannot get anything more than a servile job if the color of your skin is darker than a paper bag). That was probably why George W. Bush in that infamous incident mentioned to the Brazilian President “there are black people in Brazil?” early in his presidency. It was attributed to a person with degrees from Harvard and Yale somehow being stupid, but I honestly believe that it was a subversive reference to Brazil being one of the most racist nations on the globe; a nation that is actually majority black but where blacks are completely absent from the media, government, and corporate boardrooms. But instead of taking what opportunity God gave us to uplift our own race across the globe, all that wealth and political influence and our relations with whites who are more than willing to help the black poor in Africa and elsewhere (even if they are, ahem, less willing to help the black poor over here, but that, while the topic of an excellent movie “The Second Chance” that unlike “Baby Boy” I DO recommend, is another topic for another day), all we do is sit around, beg, and complain … not even being thankful let alone having enough love to help someone else. White right wing conservative Republicans actually do more for blacks in Africa and the rest of the third world than blacks do! So, how can God be pleased with the condition of blacks in America? How can God be pleased that blacks in America are not fulfilling the purpose for which He created our race and the purpose for which He placed us in America? (Yes, slavery was bad for blacks in America, but remember, God placed His own chosen people in even worse slavery in Egypt – remember the “slay all the male children” thing? – so we cannot complain or deny that it was not God’s Will.) Black history month only serves to remind me how blacks in America have so thoroughly turned from God, and that is why I dread its coming each year. If you are black, or no matter your race, I invite you to start fulfilling the purpose for which God created your race and you in it. Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan and be saved through Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ), and thereafter believe, obey, and live the Bible!


4 Responses to “Why I Hate Black History Month Part I”

  1. umm i just wanted to know if you were going to continue to comment on abw blog i just started following it and some of the comments you made were pretty harsh…well just let me know and maybe look for me on there because i left a message for you.

  2. i replied to your comment on your blog and btw my english teacher, hes 23, thinks hes really funny dont pay attn to him… we can correspond through my blog if youd like

  3. Where did you comment on my blog, on which post? I am still new at this blogging thing. I just discovered today that about 6 posts had been trapped in my spam blocker and deleted. Ugh! Oh well …

  4. C said

    Wow. That opened my eyes a bit.

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