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Posted by Job on February 12, 2007

Want to know why I am a Christian? One of the reasons is the existence of the devil, Satan! Not only does evil exist and lurk inside the hearts of men, but there is an opponent of God that uses the evil that lurks inside the heart of men to destroy men, and does not spare the righteous, the young, or the innocent. After being assured of your own eternal salvation and allowing God to use you to lead others to that same assurance, the best benefit of being a true Christian who fully believes, obeys, and follows the Bible willingly through faith rather than by works is that God is able to use such a person against Satan and his works and workers in the battle and ultimate triumph of good over evil. Of what evil do I speak? Evil such as this (follow link). Who can hear of such a grotesque event as a young child disobeying his mother and going into danger, his older sibling trying to rescue them, and they both perish? If that is not the work of Satan, what is?

A lot of people get caught up in focusing on great, large scale evils such as plagues, wars, famines, natural disasters, etc. But what about small scale disasters such as this, the taking of two young lives, one in an act of disobedience, and one in an act of failed love motivated valor? Would it be somehow better or worse for these boys and their loved ones had a dozen or a million perished with them? And who says that people actually have to die for it to be disaster? Imagine the silent pain of chronic depression, fear, loneliness, anxiety, and disease suffered by hundreds of millions (billions?) of people all over the world. What is the cause? What is the answer? What is the hope?

This goes out to first the atheist. Wherein lies hope for such a person? Deliverance? Future? Why should someone suffering from a chronic physical, mental, or emotional condition, or a mother who has lost the two beloved sons and is filled with unbearable grief continue? Why should the homosexual or the racial/ethnic/religious minority who knows that he or she will never achieve acceptance and equal rights in his or her lifetime continue? Or what about the person injured in an accident and is rendered quadriplegic? Why not just end it all and commit suicide? Now of course, there are a lot of people out there who support “the right to die” merely to oppose “the fundamentalists” like me. But these people are hypocrites, because they obviously do not want all of the poor, minority, suffering, grieving, maladjusted people in the world to kill themselves! So I ask you, if something like THIS happens to you, WHY NOT KILL YOURSELF?

I say the same thing to you false Christians, you folks who say that there is no Satan, there is no judgment, there is even no heaven or hell to speak of; it is just allegories and fables to describe philosophies, mind states, and social conditions. Well, if that is what you believe, why should the suffering elderly person continue, to fight through the pain in his arthritic joints, to gasp and struggle to take each breath with emphysemic lungs, through diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, etc., not to mention diminishing mental capacity? Why burden yourself with the trouble? Why burden your children, your family, society with your continued existence? And what is the point of your existence to begin with? Why were you not aborted, as 4,000 fetuses are each day in America? Why were you allowed to live only to be exposed to such pain as you go through live, and so much more pain as your life draws to a conclusion?

The truth is that you atheists, rationalists, deists, skeptics, and even you moderate and liberal Christians have no answer to these questions. Only we Bible thumpers do. We Bible thumpers know that the reason why we exist, and the reason why we must continue to exist is because there is a God in Heaven whose Will must be done, and that there is a Satan, an accuser and deceiver, whose only goal until his inevitable destruction is to oppose the Will of God. When sin came into this world, then was Satan given power to use sin to bring death, destruction, and mayhem upon man. The role of a true Christian is to oppose sin in all forms in order to limit, oppose, and even beat back Satan’s carnage. If that is NOT our role, then why else are we here? To run social programs, to help the poor and agitate for peace? Excuse me, but Jesus Christ said that wars will happen and the poor shall always be! You liberal and moderate Christians do not know such things because you never read your Bibles, because actually reading your Bible means that people are going to start calling you a religious zealot, which to you is absolutely the worst thing to be on the planet. Oh, you will read pseudo – Christian philosophy until the cows come home, but the Bible itself? Please. When you try to read it you cannot even understand it because your heart is hardened because you have not set it to follow after and love God; you are too busy loving yourself in your failed attempt to make the pain go away. That is right, due to the sin that entered into this world, it is the lot of man to experience toil, turmoil, pain, and suffering. It is in Genesis, stated again in Job, and stated again in the New Testament. But none of you, not even you “prosperity” Christians that are supposed to be fundamentalists know that, because you do not read your Bible. The Bible never says that becoming a Christian means to never see sorrow and pain. The Bible instead says that being a Christian means that you can count your sorrow for joy, your loss for gain, in Christ Jesus! Christianity is what makes you UNDERSTAND things like becoming a quadriplegic, being 90 years old with arthritis, a bad hip, and lung cancer, or a mother who loses her young boys, and gives your pain MEANING that is ABOVE AND BEYOND your own pain and your own experience! While suffering through your own loss, you are mindful of the loss of other people just like you. You are mindful of the great loss and humiliation of Jesus Christ, who took on your sin though He never sinned. You are mindful of what God goes through, having to endure the total rebellious and sinful state that His creation has fallen into. And once you start thinking about that, you can start thinking about victory; about Christ’ victory on the cross and in rising again, the coming victory of the redemption and regeneration of God’s creation, and the final victory over Satan and all those who refuse to renounce him and his ways – including a great many Christians, and yes that includes a great many “conservatives”, “evangelicals”, and “fundamentalists.” So yes, the existence of evil and the need to oppose it is why true Christians cannot quit, cannot go hide, and cannot compromise!

And now let us get to the real issue here: the eternal fate of these two boys. A lot of people, including the “Left Behind” contingent, like to tickle the ears with the totally unscriptural nonsense that everyone under a certain age will automatically go to Heaven. That may help people like this grieving mother feel better, but it just isn’t true. God is not some random dice – thrower, my friends. Let me give you an example. Before you can start public school in the United States, you have to be five years old. Period. Even if you turn five the day after school starts, you still have to wait another year, even if school doesn’t start the next year until after you have turned six! And there is no way to resolve this really, because even if you allowed the kids who were 4 years and 183 days to start, the kids who were 4 years and 182 days would complain, and be justified in doing so. Why? Because that is the working of man, and man does the best that he can. But God is not man. God is not going to set up some system where everyone who dies before they reach 12 or 15 or 18 or 21 is automatically saved. Seventeen years, 364 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes? Here is your ticket to a free ride to glory! Die a second later, even if you lived the exact same life and commited the exact same evil as the person who died a second earlier? Well, it stinks to be you! It was nonsense that this that led Andrea Yates to submit to the demons in her telling her to drown her five boys “so they would be guaranteed heaven.” The sad truth is that the demons were acting before the boys would have a chance to be led to Christ, or at least before the boys had a chance to do anything for God through Christ! The Bible says that on the last day EVERYONE, GREAT AND SMALL, WILL BE RESURRECTED AND JUDGED ACCORDING TO THEIR WORKS, AND ALL WHO ARE NOT IN THE BOOK OF LIFE WILL BE CAST IN THE LAKE OF FIRE! It is RIGHT THERE IN REVELATION 20! Now if you do not know or adhere to this, then it is because you are either in a synagogue of Satan that discourages you from reading the Bible, or a synagogue fo Satan that encourages you to read the Bible but reject what it says!

The best theological theory going is that your eternal fate starts to become at stake for an individual when he reaches an age of accountability, and that age varies for each individual. We do not know what the age of accountability was for these two boys, but we do know this: one of these boys – the younger of the two – was fully capable of breaking the Ten Commandments by failing to obey his mother, and he died as a direct consequence of his disobedience! And this boy’s capacity to rebel against his mother was something that clearly came into the world as a result of Adam’s rebellion against God, and of course the notion that this boy did not have to heed his mother’s instructions, that she was trying to keep a good time from him, was no different from how Satan deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden, and was obviously something that some demon was whispering into the ear of the younger boy. So yes, this boy even at his tender age was able to discern good from evil and to choose evil, and anyone who has ever so much as spent time in a preschool knows that children come to know and exercise such things AND know and be able to measure the consequences of their actions while still in preschool.

That is why I so hate this foolish notion, even among so many Christians, about how evangelizing children is so wrong. Even Christians are going after the world with this demonic notion that evangelizing children and causing them to stand for righteousness is child abuse. Part of it is due to the false doctrine that kids are going to be saved if they die before a certain age anyway so why bother, some of it is Calvinistic nonsense about kids cannot understand that they are sinners and what salvation means, but most of it is wanting to be in agreement with the world. People, do you not know that if people who mock and hate God like Richard Dawkins think that it is wrong to evangelize children that IT MUST BE THE RIGHT THING TO DO? We need MORE Jesus Camps, not less.

So reject the comfortable ear tickling lies of the world. Evangelize your own kids (remember, it is a free choice, no compulsion!) and go out and evangelize others. And forget this “make sure you have their parental consent” nonsense. Evangelize them ESPECIALLY if they lack their parental consent! Why? Because if their parents oppose their being evangelized, then it is because the parents aren’t saved, and the evil spirits acting within the parents is working to keep the children from getting saved. Open your eyes, people, that is what is going on! That is why there are so many attempts to take God out of schools and wherever children are, lest saved adults – and children – lead other childen to Jesus Christ! So join the fight. Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan use it to and share the gospel with whatever child that you have the opportunity to so that you can get them to say it too. Do not believe the lie that both Calvinists and atheists agree on! If a child is old enough to sin (and by that I mean break the commandments or anything else in the Bible), then they are old enough to face judgment for it.

This is the hilarious thing: many of the “children” who are supposedly too young to hear and receive the gospel are sexually active. Some of them as young as 10 and 11 years old are fathering and having children out of wedlock. You have girls having multiple children before they become teenagers, people, and I am not talking about in some thirld world country but in the United States of America! And yet you are allowing the devil to tell you that they are too young to accept Jesus Christ and be saved from their sins!

Now I am not going to tell you whether that 8 year old boy who died in disobedience to his mother was old enough to be judged from that sin. I will DEFINITELY tell you, however, that he was old enough to receive Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach, as his Saviour so that he could have been spared that judgment and be saved and go to heaven DESPITE his sin. If you are so in agreement with the world that you would withhold that type of security from a tender child, then you do not have the love of God in you, and you need to be saved yourself.

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4 Responses to “Satan Is Real, And Is AFTER YOUR CHILDREN!”

  1. Ann said


    I am unable to give my comment on your post because of the difficulty of not being able to log onto the links you provided in your post.

    The following links:

    -“Evil such as this (follow link)
    -“Jesus camps”
    -“Say the salvation prayer”

    would lead me to a page that stated the following:

    “The address is not valid. Go back to the previous page.”

    Could you find a way to possibly fix these links, thereby enabling me to fully read your entire post, so I can then give you my thoughts on it.?

  2. Fixed now. Thank you!

  3. Ann said


    I was able to link to two of the links provided (“evil such as this (follow link)), and the third link, (“say the salvation prayer”). I still could not link onto the second link provided, (“Jesus camps”).

    But, I will give you my comments on your post.

    Yes, that Satan/Lucifer is real is whithout a doubt, at least to me. Evil walks among us on a daily basis, constantly dogging our every step. Evil never rests, and must be constantly warred against.

    And nowhere is evil more manifest in how evil in the form of Satan stalks children and young people.

    America has shown time and time again, that she cares very little for her children.

    They have become disposable commodities to her. The media giving licentious messages to young people that, “If it feels good, do it”, a hedonistic, selfish lifestyle, where bling-bling, “Get yours, and to hell with everyone else”, rules the day, that you have no worth [in the sub-standard education that America peddles as good enough for most of her children], that she shows so little faith in children’s capabilites to develop into full, potential adults.

    This callous disregard for her children leaves them open to the wiles of Satan. Satan watches as child after child is thrown to the side, cast away like so much trash, and Satan, ever ready, is there to take the children in under his influence. Satan in the hearts of living men and women, is able to teach lies and half-truths to children and as the great deceiver, he is able to talk to children in a way that they will understand. Seeing children at their weakest: unloved, unappreciated, used and abused, Satan enters them and gives them the time and ear, when no one else will.

    Like so many adults who have been cast aside, many children are ripe for temptation. If we continue to throw away children, and adults, we only add more souls to SATAN’S legion.

    For when Satan sees that there are children no one wants, he will step into their lives and be a guiding factor, entering their lives like a meek and gentle lamb, waiting for the raging lion to come forth and tear the children to pieces.

    Many people think of Satan as some horrible, sinister-looking entity, but, we must remember that Satan was God’s most beautiful angel in heaven, and he will come not to us as some monster that will frighten us off, but, he may come in the guise of the most beautiful, handsome, kindest person person we have seen in our lives, and if no one else is there to help us, or a child, to pick up the pieces of our lives, then Satan is ever ready to lend a hand, albeit, a hand that pulls down the unsuspecting and weak who could have been brought to God, instead of being left to cast about during their moments of weakness, and no where can this be more frightening when a child/young person is at their lowest, at their most vulnerable, when Satan sees this, and closes in for the kill.

    If America continues to write her children off like she is doing, she is merely handing them over into the hands of Satan, and to say that Satan is most happy for this casting the souls of children into hell, is well, an understatemnt.

    Satan does exist.

    Heaven and hell exist. Evil and good do certainly exist.

    For every right, there is a wrong.

    “We Bible thumpers know that the reason why we exist, and the reason why we must continue to exist is because there is a God in Heaven whose Will must be done, and that there is a Satan, an accuser and deceiver, whose only goal until his inevitable destruction is to oppose the Will of God.”

    All things serve the will of God.

    All things.

    Even Satan.

    Satan knows that he has only a certain amount of time alloted to him, and he is making the most that he can of it.

    And any adult who promotes only wrong in a child’s life will pay dearly for such a transgression. Giving children over into the hands of Satan is the worst form of child abuse. A society that tells children it’s okay to sin and transgress, is a society that will pay for this travesty, and already is paying for it.

    -High drop-out rates from school from children
    -High drug use and abuse of alcohol by children
    -High out-of-wedlock rates

    These “evils” are taking their toll on America society, and must be constantly fought against.

    The salvation of children is everyone’s responsibility, not just the parent’s.

    Every adult who sees a child in trouble, and does nothing, and worse, adds to that child’s destruction, in essence, sins against God.

    Sin, and suffering, is the lot of humankind. Poverty is the lot of humankind. Racism, hatred, cruelty is the lot of humankind.

    But, faith in the word of God, humbling oneself to the Will of God, strengthens one against the forces of evil.

    Evil surrounds us, evil shows itself in many varities and, evil must be fought, conquered and overcome.

    Evil may show itself in someone that we may consider the most loving person in the world, but, the face that person shows to others many be a face of evil and cruelty.

    As warriors against evil, we must be prepared to fight against evil in whatever face/form it comes in, even if it is a close loved one. We must be upholder’s of God’s laws and commandments, even if it be against ourselves, our parents our chldren, our neighbors, our co-workers, our fellow countrymen.

    This means standing alone many times in life. And no one wants to be alone, but, many times we will have to be if we cherish our immortal souls.

    We must be prepaed to stand against the wiles of the devil/Satan/Lucifer, for we do wrestle with him and all his minions that seek our destruction, we wrestle against the dark powers, against spiritual wickedness that has become so commonplace, that people have become complacent and apathetic in their lives, not realizing the maelstrom raging in our midsts.

    “Evangelize your own kids (remember, it is a free choice, no compulsion!) and go out and evangelize others. And forget this “make sure you have their parental consent” nonsense. Evangelize them ESPECIALLY if they lack their parental consent! Why? Because if their parents oppose their being evangelized, then it is because the parents aren’t saved, and the evil spirits acting within the parents is working to keep the children from getting saved. Open your eyes, people, that is what is going on! That is why there are so many attempts to take God out of schools and wherever children are, lest saved adults – and children – lead other childen to Jesus Christ! So join the fight.”

    Should I let an innocent child be condemned to a life of torture in the helfires of perdition?


    I belive in dedicating a child’s soul to God. Much works against children in tis world.

    Save the child, save her/his soul. And, I do not consider any child as too young to receive God/Christ’s blessings.

    If more children received God’s blessings, and were instructed in God’s laws and commandments, there would be less child/teen pregnancy, less children using drugs, less children left with feelings of nihilism and despondency.

    I would rather bring the child to God, and instill in her/him to keep God’s commandments, than to leave her/him in the paths of Satan, the destroyer, the deceiver.

    There are too many children who are on their way to hell because so many people do not care anymore about the child’s salvation.

    There are still people who do care.

    Be strong, speak true, and spread God’s word in leading a child to God.

  4. Ann:

    OK, I have a couple more for you here and here as well as a trackback here. But I believe that I can save you time by posing to you this reality: of course blacks have a bad lot in many respects in America. So, what a tragedy it would be to suffer evil in this life, reject Yeshua HaMashiach, and then suffer a greater evil in the next? Is is especially pertinent in how a lot of Muslims and “radicals” are using the treatment of blacks by supposed Christians as excuses to turn blacks away from true Christianity. I honestly believe that only true Christianity can save you, and these people who are mixing Christianity with this or that are playing with fire. And that goes back to Barack Obama’s “empowerment church.” If anything, experiencing racism, sexism, poverty, marginalization, etc. ought to make a person MORE DETERMINED to make it to heaven no matter what. As a matter of fact, that was the very reason why it was mostly the poor that followed Yeshua HaMashiach and mostly the rich (though there were a few exceptions, like Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimethea) rejected Him in the gospels.

    Now racist white people and greedy heartless rich people of all stripes are going to have to stand in judgment for their failure to obey God’s Word and love their neighbor and help the poor. But by the same token, black people are going to have to stand in that same judgment if we are tricked by Satan into thinking that because we are black it is acceptable to hate our enemies, hold onto our anger, and ignore or defile the Bible. Yeshua HaMashiach said that if your eye, your hand, or any other part of your body offended you or hindered your relationship with God, then it would be better to cut it off and enter the Kingdom of Heaven missing a body part than to be cast into the lake of fire whole! I am sincerely concerned for my black brothers and sisters as to whether they would be better off cutting off this “black power” stuff. And if you have been reading my weblog regularly, you can see that I aim the same comments at my white brothers and sisters in Christ, admonishing them concerning how they really need to consider giving up that whole “religious right” stuff. I honestly think that all that stuff is just part of Satan’s plan to trick Christians into helping bring the beast (often incorrectly called the anti – Christ) into power. Suppose the beast is this real slick fellow who goes and promises the white religious right types that he will ban abortion, and then goes and promises black people that he will give us justice, and what is more does it from the pulpit (Revelation is clear that the beast will be a religious figure, and what his more he will have a false prophet to go out before him just as Yeshua HaMashiach had John the Baptist go out before HIM). Will these “black empowerment Christians” go after such a person as that? One of the reasons why I began to sour on T. D. Jakes was because he began mixing “black economics” with the gospel, and then I found out that he is one of those anti – Trinitarian apostolic types who doesn’t believe in the true gospel anyway. And how many people who believe in Trinity are collaborating with Jakes just because he is not only famous, rich, and powerful, but famous, rich, powerful, and BLACK? That is the sort of thing that I am talking about here. Of all the things that white people are doing to people of color in this country and in this world (and what they are also doing to each other, a fact that I tried to get over to Angry Black Woman but she was, well, just a little too angry to receive what I was saying; the truth is that Satan could care two cents about what color you are), none of it is worth throwing your eternal soul away over. That is the whole point that I was making. Sure, a lot of bad things happen to you while you are in this life, especially if you are black, BUT WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU WHEN YOU DIE AND WHEN THIS LIFE IS OVER? And what are we, as a people, doing to get as many people of our race and of all races ready for Judgment day, and what are we doing to remove all the hindrances, all the scales over our eyes and the hardness from our hearts, that prevents us from getting ready?

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