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Is There A Post Abortion Syndrome?

Posted by Job on February 11, 2007

An article asking whether people who murder the innocent have a conscience concerning the sin against God that they have committed. The Biblical answer to that is: if you do, then there is still hope! Repent of your sins, say the salvation prayer! Do not listen to “the experts” who are trying to tell you that your feelings are not real! No matter what you have done, God will forgive you if you ask Him, if you accept salvation through His Son!

Now even though the New York Times ultimately comes down AGAINST Biblical truth (of course, considering the source) the fact that they were forced to acknowledge it is a victory. Christians should realize that there are plenty of women out there hurting because of this issue – and men too! – and this gives us an opportunity to meet the real needs of real people and in the process win them for Jesus Christ. It is an opportunity that should not be wasted.

Is there a point where all hope is lost? Well, the Bible does speak of “being reprobate”, a stage where one who commits sin feels no more remorse. I urgently entreat all sinners, whether the sin is murder of the innocent by abortion or gossip, to repent before you reach that stage and redemption is no longer possible. Why? Because once you reach that stage, you will no longer even have the mind to be able to seek it. True salvation is impossible without Holy Spirit conviction, and if your mind reaches the state where the Holy Spirit cannot or will not convict it, then you are already spiritually dead and awaiting your inevitable fate in the lake of fire. Now the truth is that far more GOSSIPS, LIARS, SLANDERERS, CONFLICT – CAUSERS, ACCUSERS, TEASERS, and OTHERS WHO PRACTICE DEATH AND DESTRUCTION WITH THE TONGUE will “bust hell wide open” than people who receive or perform abortions, and that includes a lot of you “good church folk”, so if the shoe fits, then go ahead and say the salvation prayer before it is too late for you too!

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