Jesus Christ Is Lord

That every knee should bow and every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father!


Posted by Job on February 11, 2007

This folks, is just the beginning. If you have not gotten serious about making Jesus Christ Lord of your life, do so now by saying, believing, and living this prayer and statement of faith. If you have not yet become an evangelist of the gospel, please start! Time is indeed getting short. I am not saying that Jesus Christ is coming back in the next 5 minutes or anything, but this nation and this world is going to soon become much more hostile to Christianity. Of what am I speaking? The proposed law to make spanking a crime in California. Do not delude yourself: some version of it is going to pass, and Gov. Schwarzennegar, who has already publicly stated that he does not spank his own his, will sign it, just as he signed a bill that will force virtually all Christian colleges in California to either hire homosexuals and adopt a homosexual propaganda curriculum or close last year.

The “Christian right”, feckless as always, is merely opposing this on the grounds of “moral values.” Please. What they are not saying is that this represents the first attempt of a major governmental entity in this nation to make something that the Christian religion SPECIFICALLY REQUIRES illegal. So yes, this law will make being a Christian parent OFFICIALLY ILLEGAL in California. But wait … it does not stop there! Then it will become “out of the mainstream” to be members of “organizations that oppose civil rights and protecting the defenseless.” Which means – you guessed it – CHURCHES! Not the liberal ones, of course. Oh sure, they will raise mild protest at first, but pretty soon they will follow the crowd, the fashionable cutting edge avant garde worldly types who run our government, schools,  media, entertainment, foundations, etc. and in short order will be leading the charge against Bible – believing Christians in this area just like they do everywhere else, including their campaign to force Wal – Mart (of whom I am not a fan) to stop selling “Left Behind” video games. Even if you do not believe in the rapture theology, you have to admit that the forces of Satan have to be mighty certain of their power in order to even ATTEMPT to drive the beliefs of tens of millions of Christians out of the free market. Note that I did not say the GOVERNMENT, but THE FREE MARKET. Of course, they go after something CHRISTIAN, as opposed to trying to do something about, say, hard core pornography. Regarding hard core pornography, they will say that it is protected by the First Amendment, so though they may hate it, they will not oppose it lest the example that it sets is later used to repress speech in other areas. But CHRISTIANITY? Of course there are NO FREE SPEECH PROTECTIONS FOR THAT! 

But the larger point is that if the government is able to get away with violating the religious beliefs of people in their own homes with their own children and throwing anyone who dissents in jail, it will be very easy to start putting preachers and parishioners in jail for having certain beliefs. It will begin by claiming that teachings against homosexuality is wrong because it causes discrimination and hate crimes, move on to abortion on similar grounds, and then it will be illegal to teach that Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven because adhering to such views makes living in a pluralistic society impossible. Of course, having books around that teach such things will be highly problematic, so they will have to be be burned; it will be illegal to possess one. They will say, “Oh, the BIBLE isn’t illegal, just the ones that were INCORRECTLY TRANSLATED will be!” Since virtually all of the new translations deny the divinity and Lordship of Christ, the authority of God and His Word, and the exclusivity of Christianity, it will not be difficult. Oh, and we cannot forget about anti – Semitism! It is officially ILLEGAL to be a Holocaust denier in many nations (some of them also outlaw spanking!); and Jewish groups are already putting pressure on Bible publishers to alter them to “historically and contextually correct translations” to remove anti – Semitism. Of course, Mel Gibson’s “The Passion Of The Christ” movie (which was highly problematic and I do not endorse) was just the beginning of the coming attempts to make traditional Christianity unacceptable in the mainstream. Christians, of course, are not fighting it much; they talk more and more about “values” and less and less about salvation through Christ or going to hell every day, not just in movies or even in the “Christian entertainment” (which often is even less “Christian” than it is “entertaining” … how often do these “Christian movies” even mention Christ, let alone receiving and living for Him?), but on Sunday. And I am not talking about the “liberal” churches, but even the “Bible believing fundamentalist” ones! They are making it very easy for liberal, secular, and atheist Jewish groups like the Anti – Defamation League to bring us to the day where the Bible will be banned as the book that caused the Holocaust.

Soon, it will be illegal to preach or practice Christianity in America because it will be viewed as oppressive, divisive, violent, etc. And the best part is that we will have NO DEFENSE! Now please relate this spanking bill to the gay rights movement. The gay rights movement tried to force homosexuality on the Boy Scouts, a CHRISTIAN group, by claiming that it was a place of public accommodation, which was the Trojan horse created by the civil rights movement that has been used to declare war on Christianity. Had that succeeded, churches would have been declared places of public accommodation, and thereby subject to the same regulations as everything else. But NOW, this anti – spanking bill takes it to the next level. They no longer have to worry about taking God out of public places. This bill will MAKE CHRISTIANITY ILLEGAL IN THE HOME! Once they do this, it will be no big deal to make it illegal everywhere else. Within 10 years, being a true Christian will have a real cost in America just as it does in the Muslim and communist nations. Are you ready?

And do not kid yourself: this bill will pass. Why? Because these folks know there will be no repercussions. California is thoroughly in control by left – liberal Democrats, and they fear no opposition, especially when the opposition is Schwarzennegar, a Republican who supports 90% of what they do. And pretty soon we will have a Republican President, either John McCain or Rudy Giuliani, who will support 90% of what the Democrats do as well! Remember, that notorious left – liberal California federal circuit court is PACKED with Nixon and Ford appointees, and it was Nixon and Bush who gave us two of the four most liberal members. So it is coming! Get ready …




  1. so how do they plan to enforce this law?!! i believe it will pass and fade. people dont feel comfortable spanking in public, i know parents do not, but that is their own manner of discipline, their choice, and God’s choice. i dont know what they plan on suggesting–they wont support grounding because children need social stimulus and such. and in my opinion time out is a huge waste of everyone’s time–let me sit in a corner and as the clock ticks away ill become more and more angry with my mom.i dont know what they suggest or who will back it up but there will be a protest. but this is what i see: “well you threw the first punch trying to outlaw gay marriage–we’re just returning the favor…” well thats all

  2. Interesting theory, but I have some questions:

    1. Where is it ever said in the Bible that Jesus required spanking?

    2. The only “Biblical support” for corporal punishment I’m aware of is interpreted from the Proverbs of Solomon. His son, Rehoboam grew up to be so despised and hated that his own nation divided. Therefore, are we sure that Solomon’s promotion of the “rod” followed by how his son turned out, is not an example of why we should NOT use corporal punishment?

    3. The law only makes it illegal to spank children under two years of age. Why on earth do you need to spank a baby? That is risk of death.

    4. Christians have persecuted followers of other beliefs for centuries. Could it be that the “persecution” you whine about is merely karma for things like the Crusades and the Salem Witch Trials?

  3. To “Satan Is Real And After Your Children III: 4 Year Old Driveby Victim Dies « Heal The Land With Spiritual Warfare”, all I have to ask is, how do you know the shooters were not spanked themselves, or even BEATEN? Despite the propaganda you people like to spread, 70% of adults born as late as 1985 were still spanked at least once, and more than half were spanked regularly. Did you know that Martin Luther King was anti-spanking? Why is it that none of his kids ever turned into criminals? Yet, the shooter at Jonesboro, Arkansas was paddled at school the day before the shooting?

    You like to blame crime on non-spanking, but the problem is that it’s the spanked and beaten children (and yes, I am separating them for you people, because you people like for a difference to be recognized, so fine, there’s a difference between spanking and beating, but they are both still forms of striking.)

    Solomon supported physical punishment as well. Look what it did for Rehoboam.

  4. Kristy W. said

    Spanking is a cop out for parents who choose a “quick fix” for their children’s behavioral problems rather than actually dealing with their children and the larger issues. Sure spanking will result in an immediate result of controlling the undesired behavior, but do you really want your children to behave because they fear you? What happens when they are adults and no longer live where you can continue to spank? Why do we teach our children not to hit each other, yet we engage in this behavior towards our children.

    I was raised in a family who believed in “spanking”, in the beginning it was simple disciplinary spanking but it developed into extension cords, building levels, industrial spatulas and 2×4 framing lumber. No this didn’t turn me into a criminal, but it definitely did not contribute to my adjustment within society. After 2 years of counseling, I am a successful member of society but my relationship with my family is irreparably damaged. Oh yes, did I mention my parents are strict, God-fearing, bible reading Mennonites and that this behavior is very common among these ultra-religious sects. I have since reconnected with many of my early childhood friends only to discover they were subjected to the same abuse. When are we going to wake up and realize there are answers other than violence? But then, what can you expect from a country whose national anthem glorifies war and has raised a “bomb them all” generation.

  5. Job said

    Kristy W:

    “Spanking is a cop out for parents who choose a “quick fix” for their children’s behavioral problems rather than actually dealing with their children and the larger issues.” No, spanking is an effective disciplinary tactic that has been effectively used in Christian homes worldwide for centuries. I am sorry that you were abused as a child, but the overwhelming supermajority of parents who spank are not child abusers, and spanking is far from the only way to abuse a child (and furthermore it is not even the worst way … not even close … emotional abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse are all far worse … far more parents are inflicting emotional abuse and neglect on their kids than physical abuse in our society).

    Corporal punishment is not why our nation is so violent. That is a canard raised by the corporal punishment opponents. The truth is that our nation has become MORE VIOLENT both in terms of street crime and military policy as we have been spanking LESS over the past two generations. No, I am not saying that our criminality and warfare policy is because we are no longer paddling our kids. Instead, I am only informing you as such to debunk your own theory.

  6. Charles said


    I would like to add my 2cents, intentionally splitting your first question. You asked the following:

    “Sure spanking will result in an immediate result of controlling the undesired behavior,”

    Hopefully, the “measured” discipline that you administer to your child will will become unnecessary, at least, for the same offense.

    “but do you really want your children to behave because they fear you?”

    In certain measure, you should desire that your child fear you in the sense that fear is used in the Proverbs. It means reverence, in awe of, respected and good qualities. Take those away and in time, your child will have less respect for you. In any event, it sounds like you want your child to be your friend; and there’s nothing wrong with that, so long as you be your child’s parent..FIRST!, then his/her friend. Society is full of juveniles that do not respect their parents because the parent failed to discipline them.

    “What happens when they are adults and no longer live where you can continue to spank?”

    Ideally, they will remember and rely on the lessons (including spanking) that you imparted to them. Remember this, someone is going to discipline your child. It can be you (upon whose shoulder the responsibility has been placed by God. Or, “the world” will discipline your child. I promise you – your child would rather you discipline him than for the world to do it, because left to the world, the world will kill your child and have no vested interest, emtional attachment, or love attached to the type love that the world will give him/her.

    “Why do we teach our children not to hit each other, yet we engage in this behavior towards our children.”

    Right you are in saying “teach.” A parent is teaching a child what is right and wrong in terms of acceptable behavior. When one child hits another child, then, no such lessons are involved. Rather, it is the lack of home training, respect for others and thier property and then you set the example for your child. Provided you start early enough; I don’t think your child would be the kind of little brat that you can spot almost anywhere in public that hit other children and completely disregard the parent.

    Raising children is not easy and weren’t intended to be. So people have children for the pleasures of doing so. Pleasure (if that is the inly reason)on this side of procreation, reaps pain and regret when full-blown.


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