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Obviously ATHEISTS Have No Problem With Martin Luther King Day

Posted by Job on February 28, 2007

See this link about an atheist blogger who had a great time attending a Martin Luther King ceremony at a “church”. None of that, you know, church state stuff, trying to turn this nation into a “theocracy”, or “trying to impose your values on everyone else” and concerns of that nature seemed to concern this woman. Instead, she proclaimed herself to be INSPIRED by the whole thing. Of course, this was because no one at that “church” or during the ceremony talked about anything like SIN or JUDGMENT. There were no CALLS TO CHRIST during the service. Or anything like that. So, is there any doubt that Martin Luther King Day has NOTHING TO DO WITH YESHUA HAMASHIACH, and instead is in fact ANTI – CHRIST? Now since I live in Atlanta and was made black by the design of God, I do happen to know people who knew and marched with Dr. King, and they profess that he was a devout, dedicated Christian. I personally am concerned with his worshipping Jainism and causing untold numbers to follow after his idolatry, but otherwise will not challenge statements from the people who actually met the man, except perhaps to ask if they knew exactly to which god King was praying to at any given time; the true God Elohim or the jainism false god. But in any event, even if King was a true Christian, the people who are now using his name to press their agenda obviously are not. For instance, have you been to the King Center in Atlanta? If you have not, please do not go. If you have, you may need spiritual deliverance! You might say “Well, why impose upon people by talking about Yeshua HaMashiach? You have to be respectful of other faiths, traditions, beliefs, etc., as it was a Martin Luther King program after all.” Why? Because it was at a CHURCH, that’s why? That is what CHURCHES are there for. CHURCHES are not civic centers. They are not political action centers or social welfare service stations, they are places where people come to hear the gospel, be saved, and fellowship to serve Jesus Christ! See how sick we have gotten? We have fallen so far that we will allow the “secularization” of churches AND accept being told that we cannot bring Christ outside the four walls of the church into the mainstream either! So, if we take Christ out of the mainstream and Christ out of the church, where will Christ be? Certainly not in our hearts if we stand for nonsense like this.

Now this begs the question: why does John Edwards apparently only hire atheist bloggers? And if so, why are “religious right” activists foolishly demanding that such people be fired? John Edwards, who supports homosexuality and abortion, can do what he wants, and I am not surprised. But these religious right people are imitating the left, who can exert mainstream pressure on the media and other institutions to get people who offend them – especially BUT NOT ALWAYS Christians – fired. So the people who acted in this manner are probably jumping up and down bumping their chests glorifying in how they got payback for Jimmy The Greek Snyder and Rush Limbaugh. Please. We do not want to silence these people. We do not want John Edwards to deceive people into thinking that he is a good “moderate” Baptist boy. We want people to find out that Edwards is walking with people who hate our Christ, and how can two or three walk together unless they be agreed? So, if they were interested in furthering the agenda of Christ instead of that of politics and religion and thereby loving the world, they would have let those bloggers mock our God while continuing to work for Edwards, and use that as an example of how if a major Presidential candidate is capable of being so openly hostile to Yeshua HaMashiach and still mount a credible campaign then obviously we all need to get serious about getting saved through Christ ourselves and spreading the gospel so that others can do so as well.

But then again, these religious right folks aren’t going to do that. Why? Because the vast majority of them know that if it comes down to it, they are going to support Mitt Romney and walk in agreement with a man whose religion they know is taking millions to the lake of fire, and their endorsement of them will enable him to lead even more to the lake of fire. So the religious life and the religious left are the same: religious. And religion never has been and never will be about Yeshua HaMashiach. It will always be about this world, which means that it is about anti – Christ. So again, if you are not off the religious right or religious left bandwagon, please get off now before you sell your soul to the one driving it.


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Satan Is Real And Is After Your Children II: Poor Youth Dies From Tooth Infection

Posted by Job on February 28, 2007

There are tons of social, economic, racial, and political issues that can be raised by this tragic case (click on this link). Those certainly will be discussed by far more worthy bloggers than I. There are smarter bloggers out there who will ask if this kid had a father, why did not the mother have a job, whether she made sure her kids practiced good dental hygiene, why she lives in urban Maryland rather than trying to move to a more livable area, and why this nation treats blacks and poor people so horribly. And of course whether the media actually cares about this child, or is merely exploiting him to push the agenda of universal healthcare. Well, I will leave those issues to those people with great intellect and who are skilled in philosophy, debate, and all manners of intellectual contending. But this is what I know about, and this is really all I care about: what happens to this boy now? Oh, we know what will happen to his physical body; it will be buried and ultimately be reduced to dust by natural processes. But is that all there is? Does this boy have a soul, or spirit, that will live forever? If so, is there an eternal reward? And if there is an eternal reward, is there an eternal punishment? And what determines whether this boy receives eternal reward or punishment? What I am getting down to is DID THIS BOY KNOW YESHUA HAMASHIACH AS THE SON OF GOD WHO IS GOD, ASK HIM TO FORGIVE HIS SINS, AND ACCEPT HIM THROUGH FAITH ALONE AS HIS PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOR? Now go back to the first entry in this series about a similar tragedy in the same area. You know the position of this weblog; it is the same position as given in the Bible: the only way to be sure of this child’s eternal fate is if he accepted Yeshua HaMashiach as his savior. Yes, I know that this kid obviously had a hard live. So did the poor man Lazarus in the parable of Yeshua HaMashiach. In that parable, Lazarus was a begger who according to Yeshua HaMashiach suffered only evil in this life, but received good in the next one. I know that the “liberation theologists” and all that use such parables to try to claim that Yeshua HaMashiach was a mere political philosopher who advocated for the poor, but they are missing the point of the parable. The point was, what good is it to suffer good in this life to suffer evil in the next? And if you are already suffering evil in this life, why do you want to suffer a much worse evil forever in the next? Regardless of your station in this life, going to the lake of fire in the next is a terrible fate. If you have not accepted Yeshua HaMashiach as your Lord, your God, and your Savior and are not reconciled with the Father YHVH and have not received the indwelling Ruach Hakadosh through Him, then do so now with The Three Step Salvation Plan. Afterwards, become an evangelist to all men, starting with your own house, and especially with your children. Do not believe the ones who hate and have rejected God and claim that bringing your kids to Yeshua HaMashiach is compulsion, child abuse, etc., and who claim that kids have to make a decision to “choose their religion on their own.” They only feel that way because they do not believe, and desperately hope that your children will join them in their rebellion against God and His Christ. They know that they have constructed a huge education and media complex that will do everything possible to turn your kids away from God. And note that they have no problem “proselytzing” small children on issues like abortion, homosexuality, sexual liberation, socialism, multiculturalism, moral relativism, humanism, evolution, etc. If you ask one of those people to give their true and honest opinion regarding the age which you can tell your child about Yeshua HaMashiach and their need for them to accept the debt that He paid so that they can be saved, their answer will be NEVER! So do not listen to them. Instead, remember horrors like this, and bring your kids to salvation through Yeshua HaMashiach today. Please have them follow The Three Step Salvation Plan!

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Muslims Play On “Blackness” To Recruit In The USA

Posted by Job on February 27, 2007

See link here from the great “Independent Conservative” weblog. This is a concern not only for the blacks that will join a religion that will take them straight to the lake of fire, but whites as well. We have long known that whites have been so filled with self – hate and guilt (demons!) that they allow blacks to define what is acceptable and cool for them. The minds of white people have been so poisoned by the media, the educational system, entertainment moguls, etc. that they literally hate themselves and they hate their culture, traditions, and backgrounds. (Why? Because their culture, traditions, and backgrounds are CHRISTIAN!) So, filled with all those demons of self – rejection, self – hate, guilt, and false burden (you have tons of white college kids whp have never even been in position to oppress black people or deny them blubbering on about how racist they are because they have been brainwashed and received white privilege and whatever), the go out and imitate whatever is “black.” Of course, they do not emulate black lovers of Yeshua HaMashiach (whether American or, you know, African). Nah, blacks like that are “sellouts.” “Uncle Toms.” Not “real black people.” Nope, they emulate the dope smoking pimp slapping downlow black pathology!

Well, here is something to tell you people who are buying into this “Christianity is a slave religion” garbage. Christianity was the first major world religion to declare that slavery was undesirable. It was not a Biblical stand, mind you, but rather a moral stand based on Christian philosophy and interpretations of the teachings of Yeshua HaMashiach. So yes, CHRISTIANITY is why slavery has disappeared from the civilized world. But Islam? Nope. Islam NEVER HAS DECLARED SLAVERY TO BE WRONG. As a matter of fact: MUSLIMS ARE HOLDING CHRISTIANS AS SLAVES TODAY! Let me repeat this: LIGHT SKINNED ARABIC MUSLIMS ARE HOLDING DARK SKINNED AFRICAN CHRISTIANS AS SLAVES RIGHT NOW IN “THE MOTHER LAND”, THE VERY SAME CONTINENT OF AFRICA THAT BLACK AMERICANS COULD TRUTHFULLY NOT CARE LESS ABOUT!

Of course, the media is not talking about this. Why? Because in their interests to cause blacks – and whites – to abandon the crimes that Christians committed long ago, they ignore the crimes that Muslims commit right now! Gotta tell you folks, Satan is busy and will do anything to turn you away from Yeshua HaMashiach. I will say it: I am black, and it absolutely stinks that black people have been put through and still have to endure in this country, in Africa, and all over the world. But does that turn me away from Yeshua HaMashiach? OF COURSE NOT! Why? Because there is NO WAY that I am going to put up with being discriminated against, profiled, mocked, and made sport of in this life ONLY TO BE DESTROYED LAKE OF FIRE IN THE NEXT! I gotta tell you; it makes no sense! Why on earth would you suffer evil in this life AND the next? Why should BOTH your lives end up with you on the short end of the stick? Why finish last in BOTH lives? So, you want be denied employment, housing, educational opportunities, fair police treatment, and proper medical care in this life AND spend eternity being tormented by demons in the lake of fire? Just because you cannot let go of the anger, hate, and resentment against the people who mistreated you in this one?

Wouldn’t it be HILARIOUS if that cop that pulled you over, threw all of your stuff out of your car onto the highway, and fondled your wife while he was at it (I didn’t see the movie “Crash” but stuff like that does happen) gave his life to Yeshua HaMashiach, repented of his sins, and went to Heaven? Wouldn’t it be HILARIOUS if that boss of yours, who didn’t want to hire you but had to in order to fill a quota because, you know, government contracts, and never gave you the good assignments, never gave you a raise, and made SURE that you would be THE FIRST to be let go during downsizing AND WOULDN’T EVEN GIVE YOU A GOOD REFERENCE SO YOU CAN GET ANOTHER JOB were to repent, give his life to Yeshua HaMashiach, and go to heaven while you are burning in the lake of fire because you are mad at him?

Oh, and that’s your problem. That is why you have abandoned true Christianity for Islam. Or for some “black empowerment” false Christianity nonsense. You do not want those people who treated you, your family, your ancestors, etc. so badly to go to Heaven. You want them to pay what they did for you and your people. FOREVER! So, you join a religion that explicitly rejects forgiveness, and instead promotes jihad against your enemies, because all you just want to do is shoot that white devil between the eyes and his mother, daughter, and sister too, don’t you? Just like your hero Denmark Vesey, right? Or maybe you want to join some fake “black Christianity” that promises you heaven on earth, because you regard the white man as too unworthy of the real heaven?

Well, I got news for you. There is nothing special about racism. It is just another sin, just like everything else. No different from murder, rape, lust, gossiping, lying, coveting, blaspheming, you name it. The blood of Yeshua HaMashiach covers that sin just as much as it covers yours. So you had better stop hating God because He made and loves and wants to forgive your white oppressor, and instead open your heart to God and accept His Son so that your sins will be covered and He will forgive and pardon YOU. If you have this hate in you because of racism or whatever else you have experienced, here is your chance to be free right now and for eternity. Do you want to be free, or do you want to stay bound in hate and false religions? If you want to be free, follow The Three Step Salvation Plan!

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Demon Of The Day: Pride

Posted by Job on February 27, 2007

Pride – a high or inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, conduct, etc. Pride usually enters because either people are taught to be proud by their parents or surroundings, or as a defense mechanism in people who have been wounded and either cannot deal with their pain or are fearful of experiencing more pain and use pride as a shield to shut their emotions off. An example of the latter: the “black pride” movement carried on by people who have been victimized by racism, and it turns to the former when parents who have been marginalized, denigrated, and abused because of their race “teach their children black pride” in some attempt to keep their children from experiencing the same hurt that they did.

But consider how this particularly attacks the church: pride in outward religion (circumcision) and pride in works. Now a person who is truly aware of what Yeshua HaMashiach did for them on the cross is going to be extremely humble, because they will know what hopelessly wicked and depraved state they were before, and how they were saved from it through no doing of their own and not deserving it in any least way. But what often happens is that people forget about what they are without Christ, they forget what Christ did for them, and instead focus on how holy and righteous they are through religion and works.

It is not simply a matter of feeling that they are better than people who are still committing outward obvious sins. That does go on, but not to the extent that it used to back when when there was much less intermingling between and knowledge of diverse groups and classes of people. Instead, a church person’s pride manifests itself in almost subversive ways. Some people actually get proud of how humble and pious they consider themselves! One of the major problems with pridefulness among church people is that it is a major reason for the sin of gossip. Why talk about someone else’s shortcomings unless you feel that you lack that shortcoming yourself? This is not a case of the “we are all sinners so we should not consider the sins of others” that heretics and apostates resort to out of their desire to deny “If you love me you will keep my Commandments” that Yeshua HaMashiach gave us. Instead, we should consider that even if we are without sin, we are not that way by our own doing, but only because of what Yeshua HaMashiach did for us.

The best way for a Christian who is prideful in his works to be freed from his pride is to simply stop and do nothing. Nothing is more injurious to a person’s pride is to see that even without his great and mighty efforts and contributions, the world still goes on without him! Once he realizes that, then perhaps he will realize that life went on before he was born, life will go on after he is no more, and the world does not need him. That God does not need him! He will then realize that he is not special because he accepted God, but rather because God accepted him, and the only reason why God accepted him was because Yeshua HaMashiach paid his debt with His own Life to make this person, all persons, acceptable! Only when a person realizes this should he resume his works.

Ultimately, the best antidote for pride is to stop thinking about yourself and to start thinking about God. Not think about how much YOU love God. Not think about the things that YOU have done for God. Not even about what God has done for you necessarily, lest you believe that God did those things for you because you are so great! Instead, think about God Himself. The more a person thinks about God, the less he thinks about himself, and the result will be his pride slowly vanishing away. And how do you increase your thinking about God? By reading your BIBLE. See, the Bible isn’t about you! It’s about God! It is about how great GOD is. It is about how GOD so loved the world. It is about how GOD is righteous. It is about how GOD is powerful. No wonder the prideful cannot suffer the Bible; their pride wants to make it all about them! So rather than read the Bible, they would rather do works, and even when they pray, they pray for God to bless their works and tell God how much they deserve to receive this and that and deserve to be spared trials and tribulations because of their works. In other words, just like Job!

So, prideful Christian, stop your works and go read your Bible. Once you have gotten finished reading your pride away in the Bible, then you will be ready to start doing works for real; things that God has actually told you to do. And once you stop doing the possible out of your own flesh and start doing the impossible in spirit and truth because God’s Hand is with you, then you will REALLY become humble, for you will see that nothing worth doing is possible without God making it be so.

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Young People Leaving Traditional Church

Posted by Job on February 27, 2007

See link here. Is this a positive development, or just another fad? I am certain that God was behind the Azusa Street revival, because A) the people who created it did it totally by accident, B) it recreated (again, by accident) what was done in the early church and C) it pretty much saved Christianity in America from going the way of Christianity in Europe. But look at what it RATHER QUICKLY turned into? Maybe this is the future. I will say one thing: when the government turns its hand against the church, starting with, say, tax – exempt status removed for churches who adhere to a biblical stand on homosexuality, maybe the groundwork will have already been laid by these “emerging churches” and “home churches.” Of course, when that happens, the people who were only into the church thing because of tradition, fear, fame, power, entertainment, and social services will find other things will do with their time. On the other hand, the wolves and goats who find the current church system intimidating will be emboldened to go operate in the new sysem that emerges. Will the new church system be more vigilant in expelling the liars and cheats than the one they replaced? If it is to prosper, it will have to.  

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Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) Tries to Prevent Exodus

Posted by Job on February 27, 2007

See link here. I have a solution to all their problems: start back preaching God’s Word. I am not saying that people won’t stop leaving if you do. Quite the contrary, if you start preaching God’s Word, more people will leave, including the “fundamentalists”, “traditionalists”, and “conservatives.” So how will it benefit you? Well, if you start preaching God’s Word, then you won’t be mindful of those who leave. Instead, you will have faith that God will take care of your needs, the needs of those who stay, and the needs of those who will come. And that will be more than good enough for you, just as it was good enough for Yeshua HaMashiach on the cross when everyone left Him. Forgot abou that, didn’t you? Yes, everyone ran off and left Yeshua HaMashiach when He was arrested, beaten, spit on, mock, and hung on a tree. Yet He remained faithful. Why cannot you?  

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Megachurches Desecrate – Excuse Me – Desegregate Worship

Posted by Job on February 26, 2007

See link here. Oh what a beautiful thing it is that people regardless of color, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, etc. are all coming together holding hands and attending the wrong churches and being fed the wrong doctrine for the wrong reason. You doubt? Here is the telltale quote: “Researchers have found that whites and nonwhites join megachurches for the same reasons: great guitar-and-drum worship bands, strong programs for kids and a message of Bible-based self-betterment.” So they lay it out on the line: going to Heaven,  gaining spiritual maturity, and contending against the enemy are SECONDARY CONCERNS to entertainment and lifestyle concerns. These people are looking for what you can get on Oprah or Dr. Phil, not something that will challenge them to contend for the faith! “And leaders at Grace Chapel and other megachurches where whites remain the majority acknowledge enormous challenges in making minorities feel included so they’ll stay for the long term.” If looking for a place where they will “feel included” is the issue, then let them leave, and go after whoever is looking for a place where the gospel is preached and practiced! This is great: The Rev. David Anderson, founding pastor of Bridgeview Community Church in Columbia, Md., which has about 2,000 members, conducts what he calls the “Wal-Mart test” by driving to malls or Wal-Marts within a 20-mile radius of his church to see who’s shopping. Does he, per chance, preach to or hand out tracts to the many sinners desperate for the love of Yeshua HaMashiach who frequent Wal – Marts looking to buy a little love and happiness? Or is he just looking for more Christians to put money in his offering plate? Anderson’s megachurch is unique in that he started it specifically to be multicultural. Well, there’s your answer! You are supposed to start churches specifically to preach and live the gospel. He also stands out because he is African-American. No he doesn’t. Whites are just as capable of forgetting what their job is as is he. Look at the Episcopal/Anglican mess down the blog.

Anderson, who trained at the prominent Willow Creek megachurch outside Chicago, said whites and blacks want different things from worship — in music and preaching — and “as a result, it doesn’t take too long before people get weary and leave.” I disagree. Whites and blacks both want the same thing: preachers who will preach on anything BUT God and the gospel of His Son. They just want people to be pretend – preachers in different ways. “Anderson believes that could change if prominent white evangelical and black Christian leaders called on their communities to create multiethnic churches. ” I believe things would change if all Christians called on EACH OTHER to preach and live the gospel, whether in church or not. What about you? “Clergy who agree say the biblical imperative is clear — in Acts, which describes a wide variety of national groups in the early church, and the many verses that call for justice, mercy and reconciliation.” No, all they did in Acts was fulfill what Yeshua HaMashiach told them, which was to preach the gospel. They preached the gospel, and all that God drew to them were saved.

David Ting, a physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and a Grace Chapel elder, has seen this firsthand. When he and his wife first joined the megachurch a decade ago, they were “very much in the minority” as Chinese-Americans, he said. But at a recent church Christmas pageant, he realized that the children’s choir had transformed: about a third of the singers were Asian.

“Look,” he told his wife, “this is the future of Grace Chapel.” You mean Asians for whom preaching and singing about the gospel is a secondary concern? Is that good for Asians or anyone else?

I know that this will be an unpopular thing, but if “integration” gives people just another excuse to do something other than “seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven”, then was segregation all that bad? To all you folks who love to say that there isn’t going to be any segregation in Heaven, I respond that the lake of fire is going to be very well integrated too.

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Black Activist Claims That “Prosperity Gospel” Is The Greatest Threat To Black Churches

Posted by Job on February 26, 2007

See link here. Hey, if you are looking for a frequent critic of the “prosperity gospel”, you are reading his weblog, especially when you consider that many of the top prosperity preachers are anti – Trinitarian heretics (T.D Jakes) and Word – Faithers who push such strange doctrines as “everyone who is saved should be able to speak in tongues” and “Yeshua HaMashiach became perfect when He was baptized by John the Baptist and was born again in hell.” But come on: the biggest threat to black churches – and any other church – is SIN. Er, Satan; ever hear of him? The amazing thing is that in that long article, no one ever mentions the existence of a God, let alone how to please Him! Another example of how “the Christian left” and “the civil rights community” cares more about this world than the next – assuming that they even believe in the world to come. This guy sees the black church as just another place to distribute social welfare and to organize politically. The sad thing is that the “Christian right” is no better these days, especially now that they are lining up at the trough for “vouchers”, “charitable choice”, and other “faith – based” nonsense that are nothing more than a plot to get the church hooked on government financial support, which will only cause churches to be regulated by the forces of anti – Christ, the beast.  You doubt? It is happening already. How many Christian colleges will close if they lose accreditation and their students cannot receive federal loans and grants? I will give you a hint: many Christian colleges may close in California because they have to either adopt a homosexual rights – friendly curriculum and hire homosexuals or be kicked out of the California college grant program. Even better: how many churches would close without the tax – exempt status? Even the big – time megachurches with all the land holdings and preachers who make millions a year and live on estates bend over backwards to comply with the government’s regulations that are required for them to retain their tax exempt status. Right now, the IRS regulations are actually one of the main things preventing churches from becoming utterly corrupt (since CHURCH PEOPLE aren’t doing their jobs by refusing to patronize churches that transgress the Word of God or anything radical like that; you know, actually loving God by obeying His Commandments), but in the very near future those regulations are going to be used to try to shut the churches that continue to adhere to God’s Word down. How? The same way that Catholic charities have been driven from providing child adoption services in Massachussetts and other places: requiring all entities that receive government benefits and tax exempt status not discriminate against homosexuals.

And you know what? I am not inclined to disagree with the government’s actions in this regard. Look, the government is the government. They have the right to give or deny government benefits as they see fit. They are allowed to decide who gets to adopt children, and they are allowed to define marriage. The real question is why the church has allowed for so long to allow their existence to be based on the state’s willingness to exempt it from taxes, and why CHURCH PEOPLE have for so long allowed the state to be the sole arbiter of things like marriage status and child custody. The reason: it was convenient to the church religious system (which let us face it, has not been primarily focused with getting more people to have a personal relationship through Yeshua HaMashiach based on knowing for yourself what the Bible actually says in A LONG TIME) to allow the state to wield so much power in areas that should have been defined and controlled by religion alone, because for the vast majority of our history, the state has been very accommodating to – and willing to implement the agenda of – the religious system, which I stated earlier rarely lined up to being the true mission of the church on earth. But now that the state has turned against religion – as anyone who read Revelation, Ezekiel, etc. would have been able to tell you was bound to happen, and by the way has always been the case in states where Christians are a persecuted minority, as was the case when, you know, the New Testament was written – people are just now beginning to see the downside. At least some people are. A lot of them are actually fighting to preserve a cozy church – state system that was never about saving people from their sins and the world in the first place. (And it could not have been, for a sinful world will have little incentive – let alone ability – to save those trapped in it from it.) But this guy will get his wish. In a little while, all of the churches will be required by law to be “empowerment agencies” where the True God will never be mentioned or thought of, just as it is in Muslim Brotherhood Barack Hussein Obama’s church. Or for that matter in a lot of so – called “fundamentalist” and “evangelical” churches.

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Episcopal Church Leader Admits They Have Rejected God’s Authority!

Posted by Job on February 26, 2007

See link here. In this mighty revealing article, these people are actually trying to play the “patriotism” card to as an excuse for abandoning God’s Word. They are claiming that they are following in the true spirit of American revolutionaries, Patrick Henry, Crispus Attucks, and such, in rebelling against authority. So, they aren’t just going to sit around and accept the discipline of the Anglican Communion. No, they are going to subvert, agitate, stir stuff up just like our founding fathers!

Yeah right. Except that America was rebelling against an evil, tyrannical king. Are they saying that GOD, Father YHVH, is evil and tyrannical? Of course they are. Why else would they reject His Word for the imaginations of their own hearts? I have to be honest, the reason is not that they believe God to be evil. The reason why they have rejected God’s Word is that they no longer believe in God. They are pretending to be Christians just so they can use the pulpit and the resources and good name of the Christian community from which to push their radical politics. How many of these liberal seminaries that are producing these “preachers” even require a statement of faith anymore? And since these people do not believe in God – and by that I mean a true God who is righteous and will judge from righteousness – even if they did, they would obviously have no problem with LYING on any statement of faith that is required, and naturally these liberal seminaries would not want to be “intolerant” by discriminating against, well, liars! For all intents and purposes, these people honestly believe that there is no God, and that they stand in the place of God and are gods themselves, what Eve wanted to be when she decided to accept Satan’s challenge and eat of the tree of life. And I am fine with that. It is their choice. What I am not fine with is that they are too cowardly to admit it. And in that respect, their cowardice makes them unfit to claim to be after the manner of our revolutionary founding fathers.

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Eritrea Christian Dies In Military Jail

Posted by Job on February 25, 2007

See link. Father YHVH in the Name of Your Son and Your Word Yeshua HaMashiach, please deliver your people from the designs of the destroyer. Please rescue Your people from persecution and destruction. Please help Your people endure to the end, whatever it might be. Please may Your people who are not facing persecution not be selfish, but instead may they pray for and encourage those who are facing dire circumstances of murder, imprisonment, slavery, torture, rape, warfare, and genocide for the gospel all over the globe. May seeing how so many are suffering for the gospel worldwide be a reminder of how foolish, selfish, spoiled, lazy, and rebellious we are being for choosing to disbelieve, reject, or water down Your Word, and being ashamed to go out and be an active overt witness and evangelist to all men. In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, so let it be.

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Demon Of The Day: Lust

Posted by Job on February 25, 2007

Unfortunately, the word lust is almost always used in conjuction with sexual sin, and that is incorrect. Because of that, the “official” dictionary definition has now taken on its “out of context” meaning, with the original meaning almost lost. Well, realize that the first mention of the sin of lust in the Bible was with Eve desiring the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden; the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life(I John 2:16). Now I am mindful that many allege that the encounter between Eve, Adam, and the forbidden fruit is an allegory for forbidden sexual activity with Satan, and the fact that the Hebrew word “naga”, which according to the Strong’s Concordance means to touch in a sexual manner is used in Genesis 3:3, gives it some support, but we are going to stick to the straight text. Also, recall that when the children of Israel demanded meat in the desert instead of manna, the Bible says that they lusted (Numbers 11:33 – 34, Psalm 106:13 – 15). So, let us instead consider the TRUE meaning of the word, which is “to have a yearning or desire; have a strong or excessive craving.” My working definition is to want anything more than you want to please or obey God, or to want anything in any measure that you should not have. The second part is particularly relevant, especially when you consider the words of Yeshua HaMashiach in the gospels when He said that even to look at a woman or girl in a sexual manner was the same sin as committing adultery with her. Why? Because since that woman or girl is not your wife, wanting her sexually or deriving personal pleasure from looking at or fantasizing about her body (the undressing – or as Holocaust concentration camp survivor Corrie Ten Boom described, the raping – of someone with the eyes, which I suppose IS the sin of “the lust of the eyes” as Eve committed)  or even her company and intimacy (which is a far bigger problem with women; where men desire sex to please physical needs, women desire romance and intimacy to meet emotional ones, but then again that WAS the case before these strange and evil days in which women actually now consume more pornography and are more frequent visitors to the adult shops for the “toys” and such than men) is sinful, not because of anything that you did, but because you wanted something that you should not have and that God has not seen fit to give you.

Oh great, in an essay about how lust should not be viewed in terms of sex, I use nothing but sexual illustrations. Ah well. It must be understood, however, that wanting anything that you are not supposed to have even in any least way, or loving anything more than you love God is a sin. It is an important principle because of the world and culture that we live in. Our culture literally worships and is built around wanting things and ideas, and often not even things that we cannot have but ESPECIALLY things that we cannot have. We even have our own little slogans for them: “Shoot for the stars, reach the moon at minimum” and “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey” that justifies people throwing their lives away on the unattainable.

Now lust should not be confused with the sin of coveting (which also should not be confused with the sin of jealousy). Coveting is wanting something else that another has. So, wanting something that someone else has is immediately the double sin, the sin of coveting PLUS the sin of lust because if it is something that someone else has you are not supposed to desire it, which is a desire for something that you ought not have. And jealousy is actually a sin of hatred; hating someone else because they have something whether you want that thing or not. Now that may often lead to sins of lust and coveting, because your hatred of that person might drive you to to want and try to get something that you would have never even wanted and even disliked until someone else got it and you became jealous of them. But in a culture that teaches people to and rewards them for wanting something that they should not have, Christians should be wary of all three, and flee the temptation associated with all three. In order to do that, we have to hate the world and all that the world values and respects. We have to decide that we do not want what the world wants, and we do not want what the world tells us what we should want, most prominently the approval of the world. The world is telling you to go desiring and chasing after things that God does not want you to have, and regards you crazy if you do not desire and chase those things. What is more, the world expects you to be filled with a burning rage or fear for lack of the things that the world expects you to have. Again, those things can either be tangible possessions, or they can be abstract emotions or concepts. The world will push you not so much to seek these things, but to feel angry or violated because you do not have them. If you proclaim to the world that you do not have need or want of those things, the first thing they will accuse you of is being “controlled”, “oppressed”, or “repressed” by your religion. You should respond, truthfully, that I am set free by Yeshua HaMashiach, but you are the one bound by your demonic lustful desire for something that you should not have, will never have, and moreover will not make you happy even if you do get it, and the only reason why you are this way is because you have allowed your mindset to be cultivated by a bunch of people who have never met you and would have no regard for you if you did to think that you should want these things.

And this opens us up to how it really gets sinister: lust in the church. You have whole church movements, i. e. the Word of Faith movement, that is built on the notion that because we are Christians and God loves us we should have the things that we want. Even worse, this false doctrine tells us that God wants us to have the things that we want, and that the reason why we want them is because God made us to have these wants; He “put them in us”, and that we are to engage in “spiritual warfare” to contend against Satan and demons to “release the things that God has in store for us.” The very sad thing is that, like so many of Satan’s deceptions, this is a perversion of a true spiritual principle. There are things that God has laid up in store for us, and we do have to battle Satan to get them. However, the biggest spiritual battle that we have to overcome to get these things is NOT against Satan so that we can receive them, but rather to conquer our own corrupt selfish worldly fleshly desires – our LUSTS – so that we can clearly perceive what God has given us and wants for us.

The first part in realizing this essential first step on the road of spiritual maturity – and Satan’s biggest fear is not a Christian with many gifts of the spirit but a Christian with strong mature FRUITS of the spirit – is to stop wanting all these different things (even if you tell yourself that they are “things for God”) and to instead realize, be thankful for, and properly use the things that God has given you already. Take the parable of the talents. The ruler (representing God) gave each man 5, 2, and 1 talent according to his ability. If the ones who had been given the 5 and 2 talents had been consumed with lust over the talents that had not been given to them, they would have never done great works using that which God has given you already, and therefore would have been like the 1 person who never multiplied that which he had, and they would have shared the same fate as he. To think that there is a whole spiritual movement designed around hindering people from not lusting through valuing what God has already accomplished within them through Yeshua HaMashiach, and using it to do His Will? This is not to say that God will not give you other things once you have proven yourself profitable with that what He already gave you. Indeed, the person with 5 talents received 10 cities, the person who initially received 2 talents received 4 cities. But you have to overcome the spirit of lust that not only the world but these false doctrinal movements are putting in Christians today. So long as lust is in your heart, causing you to want something that you should not have, you will never be fruitful and multiply, you will always be a dry vine. And you know what the Bible says will happen to that which does not produce fruit, don’t you? It gets chopped down, pruned away, and cast into the unquenchable flame to destroy that which is evil and to create space for those who WILL produce fruit.

Do not let this happen to you. Obey God, be thankful, believe and follow your Bible, and start realizing and using what God has already given to you today in order to keep the lust demons from becoming active in your life.

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Jews Against Jesus (And The Christians That Help Them)

Posted by Job on February 25, 2007

All right, John Hagee and all of you other “Christian Zionists”? What is your take on this one, a “documentary” whose sole purpose is to undermine Christianity by claiming that Yeshua HaMashiach never resurrected (and that He was married to Mary Madgalene, had kids, and other heretical blasphemies)? Now you might ask why is this news, because we have long had these sorts of attacks on Christianity, with the laughable Dan Brown Da Vinci Code nonsense being the most recent and profitable (even if it was also among the worst, so bad that even those who have dedicated their life to disproving the deity and existence of Yeshua HaMashiach hate it because its obvious historical and logical errors “make them look bad.” You know, by exposing that the true motivation for their pursuits is a hatred of Christianity, rather than “a quest for truth, history, and greater understanding.” Indeed, many of these people claim to believe that they are actually “helping Christianity” by reducing it from a religion to a philosophy). So what makes this different? It is the first one whose frontman is Jewish!

And oh, this isn’t a case of someone who “just happens to be someone of Jewish heritage”, either. Check his background: he was the chairperson of the North American Jewish Students’ Network; founded and chaired Network Canada, the country’s national union of Jewish students; founded the Canadian Universities Bureau of the Canadian Zionist Federation and served on the National Executive of the Canadian Jewish Congress, was president of the International Congress of the World Union of Jewish Students. For his Zionist work on North American campuses, in he was awarded the Knesset Medal. He served as special consultant on Nazi war criminals to the Solicitor General of Canada. Co – founder of the Canadian Association for Ethiopian Jews and Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief. President of the Riverdale Jewish Community Centre which he co-founded.

Now the nature of this fellow’s devotion to rabbinic Judaism (i.e. Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, strict, lapsed, etc.) is not known by me, nor is it really important, all that matters is this fellow is very much a part of and dedicated to his people. Who, lest we forget, rejected Yeshua HaMashiach despite their protestations otherwise in public settings, revile Him and all who accept Him as the Moshiach (Messiah). Now while it is obvious and easily provable that Jews in the past have been integral parts behind previous efforts to defame Yeshua HaMashiach and attack Christianity (for instance, “The Last Temptation of Christ” was released by MiraMax, founded by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, and they also distributed the exceptionally anti – Catholic “Priest”), this is notable because it is the first time that a Jew – and especially one with such strong ties to nationalistic Jewish social and political movements – is leading the charge. Heretofore disaffected Christians – especially lapsed Catholics – have been their convenient frontmen.

Now of course, the forces of anti – Christ are just going to eat this up and give it a huge push. Lately, they have been emboldened by the groupthink consensus that it is necessary to oppose true Christianity at all costs because Christianity causes wars,  causes global warming, makes gay teenagers to get AIDS and commit suicide, and murders pregnant women by forcing them to kill their children in backalleys with coathangers. And of course, they will find it very convenient to use the anti – Semitism smear against any Christian who opposes this “scholarship” and the people behind it, so the media attacks on Dan Brown, Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, etc. that kinda sorta worked during the “Da Vinci Code” mess will not be nearly so effective.

In a way, this will be “turnabout is fair play” for the Jewish community. They were forced to be restrained during “The Passion Of The Christ” mess, because the media, the academic crowd, and everyone else who oh so badly wanted to attack the movie did not want to overtly appear to be as they were, which is aggressive enemies of Christ. Ultimately, the need to keep their attempts to destroy Christianity subversive and underground – at least for now – forced even Abraham Foxman of the Anti – Defamation League (which recently joined with liberal “Christians” and Muslim activists to try to pressure Wal – Mart into dropping the “Left Behind” video game) to ultimately defend the movie. Despite the well – known virulent anti – Semitism and Holocaust denying of Mel and Hutton Gibson, and the fact that the movie had much more to do with Catholic tradition than the actual contents of the Bible, Jews had to sit on their hands and just take it while “fundamentalist”, “evangelical” and “traditionalist” Christians of all stripes made this movie into the biggest R rated – and indy subtitled! – movie of all time, showing their rank Biblical ignorance (hilarious that many Jews and others who have rejected Christ know the Bible far better than do most Christians) by declaring “Yep, that’s the way it was! Yep, the movie was a faithful depiction of the Bible!” In other words, fulfilling every “ignorant uneducated bigoted Christian” stereotype there is. 

Well, Christians, now the shoe is going to be on the other foot! It’s payback time! So, just as the Jews had to sit back and suffer silently while the Christians were duped into accepting the demonic fantasies of Anne Catherine Emmerich as Biblical truth BECAUSE THEY NEVER READ THEIR BIBLES are going to have to do the same, because, hey, fair’s fair. We had to sit back and allow you to believe a lie to protect your precious religion, so now you sit back and let us tell our lie to protect ours! And what recourse will we have? In that article that I linked to above, it estimates that EIGHTY PERCENT of that movie was EXTRABIBLICAL! EIGHTY PERCENT!

And we allowed this stuff to happen because of this “religious right family values” nonsense. We were OH SO DESPERATE to “have our values represented and respected” BY THE VERY MAINSTREAM THAT HATES AND HAS REJECTED OUR CHRIST that we swallowed a big lie. Here’s one important one: the horrific beating that Christ took. Look, the prophecy said that Jesus Christ would be beaten 39 times! Believing that movie means rejecting the prophecy of Isaiah, which of course means that Yeshua of Bethehem/Nazareth, son of Mary and Joseph, WAS NOT THE MESSIAH! But oh, who cares about Biblical truth when it comes to using the media and government to impose your agenda on mainstream America? See what taking the easy way out, trying to impose your religion, your culture, and your values on people by coercing the media and trying to take over the government with political and pressure campaigns, leads to? See what happens when you GIVE UP TRYING TO SAVE PEOPLE FROM THIS WICKED WORLD WITH THE GOSPEL?

So, this overt Jewish attack on Christianity is going to have legs, and there isn’t anything that the bunch of people who ran out with their church groups to support “The Passion Of The Christ” can do about it! So the question is: what are you going to do about it, Christian Zionists? International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, what are you going to go? Are you going to take the easy way out? Again? Or are you going to finally start standing up for Yeshua HaMashiach, no matter the cost?

The amazing thing is that some of the biggest critics of how these people do all they can to retain good relationships with the modern – day descendants of the Pharisees (it is true, modern day Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform Judaism is built upon the teachings of the very same Pharisee rabbis that rejected Yeshua HaMashiach, and one of the primary reasons why they hate the gospels is because of how it portrays the Pharisees) are Messianic Jews themselves. Sid Roth, Gary Hedrick, Moshe Laurie, Randy Weiss; people like that are THE FIRST to criticize these “interfaith dialogues”, “ecumenical exchanges”, and other ways Christians accommodate Jewish demands to abandon the gospels, not to evangelize Jews, and start preaching – in one form or another – a “dual covenant” heresy. Of course, such people do their best not to inform, warn, and prepare their charges for the deep antipathy that a great many Jews have towards Christians and Christianity. That Jews regard Christianity as the greatest threat to the existence and future of Judaism, and that Christianity is a pagan religion that directly opposes their own. That Jews have a much bigger tolerance for Islam, Mormonism, and other religions that deny the Trinity of God and deity of Jesus Christ than they do Christianity (the only problem that Jews have with Mormons is their custom of baptizing people as surrogates for dead Jews; never mind that Catholics have a similar tradition only because it originates in the Jewish apocraphal Maccabee books).  And yes, that Jews have been huge backers of a great many of the political, educational, entertainment and media, etc. movements that have attacked Christianity in the west. Socialism? Marxism? Communism? Secularism? Humanism? Rationalism? Atheism? You name it, Jews have decided that even if it transgresses their own religion, so long as it destroys the Christian influence and the faith of individual Christians, it is fine with them! Case in point: that is why Jewish interests are heavily involved in defending evolution being taught in our schools, and sit idly by while Christians are called dumber than the rocks that we allegedly evolved from for believing what is written in the very books that Jews themselves wrote! Only now have Jews gotten involved in the fight – a little – because Richard Dawkins included broad attacks against Judaism in his most recent book. And only now have Jews begun to realize that where before their survival was guaranteed in Christian societies where faith in their God was promoted, valued, and respected, now secularism is a much better threat to their future than Christianity ever supposedly was. Do not get me wrong, Jews have long made great accommodations for secularists, rationalists, atheists, humanists, etc. in their religion, claiming that they can still bring the Messiah back and go to Heaven without even believing in their own God (while Christians who actually fervently believe in the literal truth of their own Torah are “idolators”). But only now are they beginning to see that it has been living in a culture that respects Judeo – Christianity that causes even a secular atheist Jew to care a whit about his kids remaining Jewish. They believed that turning America and the west against Christianity (starting with – get this – black people, as the NAACP was founded and funded by socialist and communist Jews with the sworn enemy of Christ Marxist W. E. B. Du Bois as their frontmen; there was actually this article bemoaning how blacks devastated by Katrina turning to the church instead of to the government for help was evidence of the collapse of “the black – Jewish alliance”) would make for fewer Christians while not having any effect on Jewry, actually the opposite has occurred. There are more Christians in the world than ever before – with most of the growth occuring in nonwestern countries where Jews can do very little to counteract or water it down by promoting liberal/secular/humanist politics – while Jews are very concerned about the future of Judaism even in Israel to the point where they can no longer scapegoat and straw man all of their problems on Christians anymore!

That is why if you REALLY LOVE THE JEWS AND WANT TO STAND UP FOR THEM (as the Bible tells you to by the way!) then a Christian has to be a true one. Stop listening to those syrup – tongued megapreachers who tickle the ears with the new fads that they are pushing. Know that the best way to help the Jewish people is to A) know who ALL the enemies of the gospel are and B) overcome those enemies and the demon forces behind them WITH the gospel. And if it means being called an anti – Semite for the gospel, then so be it. technorati tags:

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Do You Know Your Father? Do You Know Love?

Posted by Job on February 25, 2007

This is from Pastor Charles Stanley of First Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia.

Dear Reader:

I remember well how I learned one of the most important lessons of my life. I’d been a pastor for many years when I realized something wasn’t quite right. I could not figure out what God was saying to me. I would pray and fast, but nothing happened. So one day I called four of my friends and said to them, “I want you to meet with me and help me because somehow, I’m just not hearing what God is saying.” We all got together, and I told them everything I could remember about my life up to that point. We talked until late that night, and started again the next morning. Finally, one of the men said, “Charles, put your head on the table.” I put my head on the table and closed my eyes. Then he said, “Your father just picked you up in his arms and held you. What do you feel?”

Now my father had died when I was just nine months old.  I had no remembrance of him. When my friend asked me that question, I burst out crying – and I cried and cried and cried. Finally, he said, “What did you feel?” I told him that I felt accepted, warm, loved, and secure. And I realized for the first time in my life what had been wrong for all of those years. The problem was this gap between God and me. Not a sinful gap, but an emotional gap. It was an inability on my part to truly receive God’s love because I never had a father figure in my life. Therefore, I never fully learned how to love and be lovd. But that day it call came together in a wonderful way. For the first time in my life, I fully experienced the love of God!

Every time I share this story, people tell me “I know how you feel.” So there are many Christians who also struggle as I did. They don’t know how to really experience the love of God. I want to help you with this today, as a valued friend and partner in this ministry, by sharing four important lessons I have learned, and am still learning, about God’s wonderful, forever love.

Here is the first lesson:  You must learn to receive the love of God. You may say, “Oh, I’ve received the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. Didn’t I receive the love of God?” Well, you received an expression of God’s love. But have you received His love emotionally? The reason I know we are to love God with all our being, including our emotions, is because Jesus said, “You shall love the Lord your God with all our heart, and with all your soul, and wiht all your mind” (Matthew 22:37). When you’re genuinely in love with someone and they love you dearly, you feel it. But oftentimes people will go through their lives and never really feel the wonderful warmth and depth of God’s love for them. I encourage you to embrace His love witih all of your being.

Secondly, you must learn to express your love for God. If I should ask, “How do we show love for God?”, I would probably get many answers. But the Scripture doesn’t leave us to guess. Jesus said, “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments” (John 14:15). And in verse 21, Jesus continues, “He who has Myc ommandments and keeps them is the one who loves Me.” So how do we express our love for God? By obeying Him. I can preach sermons, sing, give, and even read my Bible, but if I genuinely love God I will obey what He says in His Word. So let me encourage you that when you walk obediently before God, you are truly loving Him.

There’s a third lesson I want you to see – which is difficult sometimes. You must learn to love yourself. That seems like a contradiction because it sounds prideful and pompous. But there is a true self – love, because Jesus added these words in Matthew 22: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (v. 39). We must love yourselves to obey this command. The problem is there are two kinds of self – love — the prideful, selfish kind we react against, and a healthy self – love that says we should respect ourselves as children of God who have been saved by His grace and are deeply loved by Him.

Here’s a fourth lesson: You must learn to love others. Jesus said, “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another” (John 13:34). Loving others is not an option.

There are two reasons for this. The first is that God wants us to be compassionate and forgiving towards others, just as He has forgiven us. And a second reason is that loving others – even those who mistreat us – protects us from becoming angry, bitter, hostile, and resentful. Thse negative feelings affect us emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We cannot live with bitterness towards others, then turn around and say to God, “I love You with all my heart.”

I hope these truths will help you deepen your love for God so that you feel its warmth in your innermost being. And when that happens, loving God in return, and loving yourself and others, will be a natural outflow. I pray that this will be your experience today, and every day!

Prayerfuly yours,

Dr. Charles F. Stanley

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