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Is Your Pastor A Freemason? Are You?

Posted by Job on September 17, 2007

From Spiritual Pathways Ministries

Is Your Pastor A Freemason? Are You?

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38 Responses to “Is Your Pastor A Freemason? Are You?”

  1. Here is a small list I found of mason pastors:

  2. Eden Hadassah:

    An extensive study of A) the history of the magen David, B) prominent “Christian” pastors that are actually freemasons, and C) prominent “Christian” pastors that are either confederate with the Moonies or the Council on Foreign Relations is on my to – do list. I might have to take a break from my normal posting to pursue it.

  3. Sounds good.
    The link that I gave is pretty straight forward with the churches and where they are. It isn’t an article, but the “pride” of being a “mason messenger.”
    It is very brazen to say the least, and you can see the imagery that they use.

    • I don’t understand,how could be someoeone pride of being a mason messenger? Is the bigest shame of the world. The freemasons are the bigest killers of the history like Bush family, T. Blair,Rockefeller’s, Rothschild’s etc. inSatan’s name. They all are KILLERS !!!

  4. The truth said

    Unbelievable those pastors be longs to secret orders
    You can chek that.





    · Pastor Maurice L. Ford SR MOUNT ZION BAPTIST CHURCH


    · Pastor John C. Hollins TEMPLE BAPTIST CHURCH


    · Rev Patrick J. Key SAINT PAUL C. M. E. CHURCH


    · Rev Darnell L. Montgomery METROPOLITAN A.M.E. CHURCH

    · Bishop Calvin H. Murray P.S.A.L.M. FELLOWSHIP

    · Bishop Calvin H. Murray P.S.A.L.M. FELLOWSHIP



    · Rev. Edmund Sherrill MOUNT ENON BAPTIST CHURCH

    · Bishop Gregory B. Sinkfield SR GREATER NEW MERCY MINISTRIES







    · Rev. Raymond S. Walters STONE SQUARER MINISTRIES


    · Pastor Rocco V. Wellington SR BREAD OF LIFE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST

    · Pastor Catrell D. Whitiker

    • BellezaMaria said

      Interesting…most of these churches are Baptist and Methodist! I wonder about Catholic priests?? And Christian pastors????

      • Allistair said

        It comes as no surprise that so many are Baptist or Methodists, it is there that the truth gets spoken and it would be the greater target for the devil. Catholic priests are either willing or unwilling masons, but it is a given that they are. Christian pastors need to be very weary of their faith and what they believe. Just because some are bad does not mean that all are.

  5. baruch hashem said

    They are the biggest shame of the World

  6. alisha said

    I also heard that TD Jakes, kirk Franklin, and Eddie Long were all freemasons as well. Does anyone know if this is true. To me, being a Pastor and a freemason, is the equivalent of being a witch/warlock and a pastor. Freemasons and secret societies are in direct contrast of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our lors. So how church leaders could be involved in such demonic practices is beyond me-it is disgraceful to say the least. Saints cannot compromise, we have to be in this world but not of it. God is very clear in His Holy Word, you cannot serve 2 masters, and you cannot serve God and Satan. We have these lukewarm people claiming to be saved-NOT!

  7. BellezaMaria said

    I am pretty sure Kirk Franklin is one of them, as he now has a book coming out, titled “The Blueprint”–much in th way Jay-Z had three albums by the same name–and I’m sure we all know Jay-Z is a mason, with his constant usage of masonic symbols and lyrics/backwards messaging speaking against God! (I posted much of this analysis throughout his website, as a means of exposing this man for who he really is!)Of his book, titled “The Blueprint”, he wrote on his website:

    “Kirk Franklin’s life was hardly built on a firm foundation. His father abandoned the family. His mother also abandoned Kirk, and constantly told him he was an unwanted child. He was adopted by his 64 year old Aunt Gertrude at the age of four. His sister became a crack addict. He never saw a black man who was faithful in marriage. Without a blueprint, he struggled mightily yet managed to triumph even more mightily, dedicating his life to helping others find hope during hardship. With The Blueprint, he provides an inspiring blend of God and grit to deliver real-world words of wisdom. The Blueprint delivers an honest new direction, taking faith out of the pews and into the real lives of all who struggle.”

    I am saddened by this possible connection to Kirk Franklin, as I really appreciated some of his work–but I cannot hide this glaring connection right in front of me! Why did he name his book “The Blueprint”? Why not something else, like “The Path to My Salvation”?? Why does it have to be called “The Blueprint”?!! Is it because his heart is not devoted ONE HUNDRED PERCENT to Christianity ALONE, and he is a part of this secret society that has ungodly rituals that compromise the very “Christian” faith they claim to worship whole-heartedly?? Read up on what I am talking about here, and make up your OWN mind! But I will not be listening to Kirk Franklin, or endorsing anything he puts out there. It is truly a shame that he sold out!

    Moreover–as a TRUE Christian, shouldn’t he be speaking of how the BIBLE can help us through troubling times? Why the consistent references to “The Blueprint” as a way to guide your life? He is leading people AWAY from the Bible, with such suggestions!!

    Taking faith out of the pews?! Is he trying to say people shouldn’t go to church?? Is he trying to say that people who struggle have no faith without the Blueprint?? Moreover, why are his eyes covered in so much shadow in the dark and gloomy backdrop of this website? Do his pupils not look like something unnatural? Is he trying to deceive us all? Above all–ask questions! This man is not who he claims he is!!

    • dylan said

      “The Blueprint” is a common way of describing a foundation or architectural plans. I’m not sure why the connection to a 10 year old Jay-Z album is the first thing that pops up in your head. It’d be one thing if he called it “A Hard Knock Life” or “99 Problems” (titles of 2 popular Jay songs), but Blueprint is a common phrase used for centuries. Please don’t tell me that you’re assuming this because they are both black.

    • Carlos said

      I see you all are jugeing these people. When did God die and make you all judge. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. People in glass houses should not throw stones

      • elisabeth said

        I like that statement: “When did God die and make you all judge?” Futher more I do believe in the conspiracy of the Illuminati and the Anti-Christ.against born-again believers. But there seems to be a whole “new religion” going on focusing on the above mentioned (devilish schemes) and neglecting the sovereignity of God. i suggest be filled with the Holy Spirit and the power of His might etc. (Ephesians 6. Ask the Lord for discernment and divine protection, as we all need in these perilous end-time days.

        As the body of Christ we all do need each other, one of Satans tactics could well be, creating lots of suspects & to divide our unity and than rule over those who did not stand the test!!!!

        God bless you all, be strong be courageous!!!

      • max said

        The church is full up to the eyeballs with sinners who never repent because of satanic liars like you who squeel about being judgemental. The body of Christ is commanded to judge what is right and to expose that which is wrong. It is the unwillingness to confront satanic infiltration that has led to the impotent and babylonian state of the modern church. You need to repent. If you were a Christian you would not be attempting to defend this witchcraft anyway.

    • Simon Wainwright said

      I can’t believe all of this “Christian” Condemnation based purely on speculation. The title of a book makes someone a mason? Did Jesus say that”All sins” would be forgiven the son of man except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? Do we condemn people to Hell or does God. Is it our job to preach Jesus and God’s plan of salvation or decide who goes to hell? Can Jesus save a mason or is that too hard for God?

  8. Daniel said

    The pastor of my previous church practices witchcraft, mind control, and astral projection. He has connections with a building called Odd Fellows, which is right near his church, and he is a well-known businessman and “prosperity” preacher. A likely freemason?

    • elisabeth said

      Get out of there as soon as possible!! You might have left d church and d pastor, but did they leave you? I mean did you break soul ties, are you thoroughly cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb and set totaly free of all d practises and spirits involved? Congratulations that you indeed left d so called church!! Well done.

  9. andy gerhold said

    how i know who is mason or not? is there any information about it . iam aking about tv evangelist or mega preacher

  10. john kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    More important the finding out who a free mason is is seeing whether what is preached is in accordance with the Word of God. This requires you learn the scriptures by hard and diligent study.

    Anyone who exists on tv who’s goal is to collect a lot of money have erred. I don’t watch the shows but I would reject all of them.

    As far as being a free mason and a Christian there is a conflict of interest. One must choose between serving God and serving satan.
    Also God requires us to fellowship and meet with Christians.

    I would recommend you check out the Church of Christ. Make sure it is an autonomous group and not the interanational heresy.


    John Kaniecki

  11. Joseph G. Bernard said

    Why are we judging these preachers and influencial leaders of the church? Are we branding bishop T.D.Jakes, Croflo Dollars and others as free mason beacuse they are wealthy and influencial? What makes one a mason? By making a gesture with the hand or by initiation? We should not brand others as mason because they unconsciously make a gesture with their hands once or twice. Before some of you got to know about these sacret societies you unconsciously did their symbols. example is the deaf and dumb way of saying “I love you” is simply a masonic sign. I think the devil is trying to turn most people away from the truth by turning them against great preachers of our time. Beware.

  12. Gizella said

    Ellen G White is a prophet of GOD. The Seventh Day Adventist church is the true church of GOD. May gOD lead you to His truth.

    • Apostolic Believer #1 said

      The Apostolic Faith is the Only TRUTH faith that is still around. It is evident in scripture. God Bless You.

  13. Althian Alexander said

    This is nonsense. Neither Kirk Franklin nor TD Jakles is freemaons

  14. Kings Chukwu said

    am really shocked to be informed that the men we respect over the years were fake.well,keep me posted about this.Thank you very much for this wonderful research as it would go a long way to help the masses to know the truth

    Kings S.C

  15. zinny wilfred said

    Im highly dissapointed at this men of God that belong to this society.MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON THEM.GOD HAS A LOT OF THING TO JUDGE ON THE LAST DAY

  16. Mpange Mfundiso said

    My pastor is not in the freemason. He is preaching gospel of Jesus christ because all those who belong to freemason are going to hell..

  17. Sue said

    I believe you to have a psychiatric diagnosis that may or may not be revealed to us, yet! You are deceived and delusional. Don’t you know in the Word of God, that Jesus is the Judge. If the Lord anoints and appoints someone to be a Pastor…the calling is from God! Ever heard, “Touch not my anointed and do my Prophets no harm.” Meaning…it is between them and God, not you or anyone else. You should be careful of the venom you falsely spew and with accusatory deceptions. It is not your job or your right. You can blog, post or whatever…but that which is given to man by the Lord…is the Lord’s. You are wicked and evil. Repent of your evil ways! Take your eyes off of yourself and place them on Jesus…because he is the One and only True Savior. I leave you to deal with the Lord Himself. Your wicked words sway to deceive. Be careful and Repent!

  18. Shawn-Joseph E. Brown said

    I am a Freemason I am very very proud of that fact, that being said I truthfully believe most of you have no idea what the Freemason are. However far be it from me to ask you to do any actual research from non anti-masonic sources, or take into account that as Christians we are taught to not judge others for only God is to judge mankind. You who took the time to read this thank you those of you who take my advice I tip my hat to you

  19. bygcoolrr said

    we can judge these people but we have to judge rightly. Our Lord allowed us to judge but we have to be very careful. If someone killed someone, you are allowed to judge that that act is evil. If we’re not allowed to judge, then why do we have a court system?

  20. bygcoolrr said

    We are allowed to judge these souls, but we have to judge rightly according our Lord’s precepts. If a person killed another, we say that that person is evil. We are judging that person. If we weren’t allowed to judge then we wouldn’t have a supreme court system.

    • Simon said

      God did not give us the Supreme Court, we made that up ourselves. As far as I know in the last day Christ will judge all of us, and He declared: “I have the judgment and my judgment is true, because I judeg not after my own mind, but after the mind of He who sent Me.” The same CXhrist said “all sins will be forgiven the son of man except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (that is reusing the urging of the Holy Spirit to accept Christ). This blog sound a lot like the Salem Witch Trials where people were condemned because they were accused. I don’t think Christ is scared of freemasonry, if that is a sin HIs blood can cleanse that as well. When did Christianity become this movement of condemnation? I thought we were suppose to be telling the world “every creature” (including freemasons) about the gospel of Christ. It sound to me like the majority of you have decided that Christ can’t save a freemason I don’t get it, who are your pastors and what are they feeding you?

  21. michael Young said

    well I cannot tell really but i suspect he is one.His name Mensah Otabil of ICGC,Ghana

  22. Bryan said

    I’m not sure exactly which pastors in the body of Christ are freemasons, but I know for sure that the majority of our highest governing officials are as well as several of the world leaders we see on tv. I’m also positive that they control the media and that both the 9/11 attacks and the Sandy Hook shooting were all false flags. Obama is scheduled to be going to Israel in March of 2013 and the RDIF chips are set to go into law effectively on March 23. The bible teaches us to pray that the day of the Abomination of Desolation does not come in winter or on the sabbath. It just so happens that March 21 is the last day of winter and March 23 is the sabbath. The Luciferian Freemasons practice babylonian witchcraft and numerology. So what is the meaning of secret society Skull and Bones number 322. Could it stand for March 22? Obama is also a Muslim, so he’s allowed to go into the Dome of the Rock. Will he stand where he ought not, on the temple mound where Abraham is said to have taken Isaac to sacrifice him? Will Obama stand there and blaspheme God? He blasphemed God at the 9/11 memorial by reading Psalm 46. And also Gen 3:22? Who was the cherubim that God set to guard the way to the Tree of Life? Satan is the only Cherubim that I’ve seen in scripture to be standing between man and eternal life in Christ. Why do the highest ranking freemasons call themselves the 33rd degree. Could they represent the 3rd of the angels that fell with Satan? It also just so happens that the pope has declared his resignation and that very same day lightning struck the top of the vatican. Jesus said that he saw Satan fall to the earth like lightning. It also just so happens that the next pope to take the throne at the vatican might actually be the final pope according to a prophecy given by a pope a couple hundred years ago….not sure of his name but you can google it. It also just so happens the Netanyahu in Israel is calling Obama’s visit “Operation Unbreakable Alliance” but in Hebrew it is translated to mean “Covenant of Peoples”. I believe that the world governments are involved in this freemason satanic worship and so is the vatican. The enemy likes to hide in plain site. You can youtube all of this stuff. These aren’t homemade documentaries. These are actual news reals that have been compiled by both believers and unbelievers alike. You think that the Illuminati isn’t real? Do your research! It’s all over youtube. Even Hitler was a freemason! Look it up! The Rothschild family! Look it up on Wikipedia! All of you pastor worshipers in the body of Christ who are bagging on people trying to expose false teachers on TV will be surprised to see that the Rothschild family crest is almost exactly like the TBN crest. What! You think Crouch isn’t a German name. Don’t be surprised. Jesus told us that there would be many false teachers. He told us that people would not endure sound doctrine and store up teachers to themselves (books). He told us that the messengers (angels) of Satan would masquerade as messengers of light. Why are you so shocked to be confronted with the fact that we might just be watching and supporting the fallen angels of God on TV. Have any of you actually seen any of these pastors truly manifest the power of God or has it only been in words that they have ministered to the churches? How many of them have been exposed for getting extremely rich off of the church? Open your eyes bride of Christ! Wake up! The enemy is visibly invisible! And what about the Sabbath Day? Why is it so important to God? It’s the only commandment that does not say “Thou shall not”. It says to remember the Sabbath to keep it holy. The bible teaches that it is for a sign or mark for His people and it shall be upon their right hand and their forehead. It is a defining day of worship for the people of God. We’re not under the law. We’re under grace, but that doesn’t mean that we are to forsake God’s Holy Law. “Sun”day worship is babylonian freemason catholicism. Don’t believe me look it up. The pope also has the right to change the laws of God according to Papal law. Don’t belive me look it up! I used to be Cathoilc until Jesus opened my eyes to Satan’s deceit in the church. For all of you Catholics and Freemasons out there, as well as all of you believers who are caught up in believing everything that comes from the pulpit; do your research and study what the bible says. The Word teaches us to expose those who teach the doctrines of demons.
    If you want to test what I’m saying to be true then try this on for size. The bible teaches that anyone, who claims to be a prophet, declares a thing and it does not come to pass, you should not fear such a man. I am a true prophet in the house of my God Yeshua. See if my words do not come to pass.
    Obama shall make a covenant with many and he will blaspheme God and he will be given power to make war with the saints. He will force everyone to receive that RDIF chip in order to eat and I also believe he will force everyone to practice “Sun”day worship. Those who don’t submit to him will be beheaded using guillotines which have already been distributed throughout every nation. There is no pre-tribulation rapture! Read your bible! All of those who desire to live for Jesus shall suffer persecution for His namesake and be hated by the world, but count it all joy.
    Now I’m not sure on how exactly the pope fits into this, but I do know that he is involved. Whether the pope is the false prophet or Obama is, it’s not quite clear yet, but God is still revealing these things to his prophets to declare in the churches.
    One other thing! If you think Jesus is about to let these false teachers and false prophets in the churches get away with teaching the children of God to love money and save up treasure on earth instead of putting off the old man and stepping into the power of God, you better guess again. The bible says that Satan will make war with the Saints to overcome them and kill them. He may kill us, but it’s gonna suck for him while the two witnesses are calling down Heaven upon the earth and confronting those sons of hell!
    Yeshua is coming! Get ready for great tribulation body of Christ.
    Just so you can get an idea of how bold our illuminate government is watch….

    Open your eyes body of Christ! The enemy is to proud to hide his destruction from you. He knows his time is short!!!!!!!! 3 1/2 years left!

  23. Bryan said

    Remember the 5th seal in Revelation. All of those who had been beheaded for the Lord asked when He would judge those who dwell on the earth. Jesus told them to rest until the number of their brethren who were to be killed as they were was completed. Why all the Guillotines Obama you devil! My God Yeshua is going to destroy you with the brightness of His coming! Every eye shall see Him! Every knee shall bow! Yeshua is Lord!

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